Fucked My Team Leader at the Call Center

Hello, Everyone. I’m Vikarn, a 36-year-old, well-settled guy from Delhi. I’m a big fan of ISS, and I have been reading stories about ISS for the last 5 years.

Today, I gained some courage and thought to pen down my experience and share it with everyone. It’s a proper story, so I’ll not be jumping directly to the fun part.

So, let’s begin. This is the story about my sex experience at 21 at my first job in a call centre with my Team leader. It happened when I was working in one of the call centres in Delhi.

I live with my family, who are very orthodox. Belonging to an orthodox family, I had very little chance to enjoy my life or watch some good stuff at home. Somehow, I finished my graduation and got selected for a call centre for my first job.

The next day, which was Monday, was my joining date. The office where I got recruited was located in South Delhi near the airport. My team leader was Mrs. Shruti Sharma.

She is a beautiful woman who was around 33 years old. She was 5’4” tall with a nice body. She had a sexy face and was always dressed in sarees. She was married, but she never mentioned her husband’s name. I was really happy to get selected by her.

After joining her team, on the first day, she asked me some questions.

Shruti ma’am: What are your qualifications?

Me: I have done B. E.

Shruti ma’am: Oh OK, now come, let us see what you can do. You will be trained by me and then by other senior members of our team.

Me: OK, sure, ma’am.

The next day after my joining, I was introduced to all the team members. They were all very friendly. After the introduction, I was told to go to the training room. In the training room, many people were sitting on chairs and tables and also on the floor.

Shruti ma’am: Vikarn, sit here and listen to me carefully. First, you will learn the basics, and then after 2 weeks, I’ll share more knowledge.

Me: Sure, ma’am.

Shruti ma’am: By the end of the training, you will be able to handle any customer, and also you will be able to answer any question thrown at you.

Me: Sure, ma’am, I’m excited.

After the training, she showed me the place where I would work. About 30 people were working there. Most of them were females. So the first 10 days of the training went very well. I also started taking calls with the help of Shruti Ma’am.

But there was one problem. I could not concentrate on the work due to the fact that I had never been exposed to such a kind of environment. There were more girls than boys in the team. I was getting attracted to every girl because all of them were equally beautiful as Shruti Ma’am.

I started to fantasize about my teammates a lot, and I was attracted to everyone. I used to look at them. Even though I didn’t say anything to them, I still felt that they were looking at me. I used to feel uncomfortable whenever I looked at them.

One day, Shruti ma’am came to my desk and said.

Shruti ma’am: Vikarn,  I want to show you something.

Me: Yes, ma’am, sure.

She took out a mobile phone from her bag and said.

Shruti ma’am: See this video. What do you think you are doing here?

Me: Ma’am, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to do it.

Shruti ma’am: I have been noticing you, and the way you look at other girls and your teammates is not appropriate. You know, if anyone complains, you might get terminated immediately.

Me: Yes, ma’am, I understand. It won’t happen again.

After that conversation, I went back to my seat and started working. After my shift, I left for home, afraid. The next day, as soon as I reached the office, Shruti ma’am called me to her seat and asked.

Shruti ma’am: Are you comfortable with doing the night shift?

Me: Yes, ma’am,  I’m fine with night shifts.

Shruti ma’am: OK, then I’ll put you in the 3rd shift, which is 10:30 pm to 7 am and Saturday and Sunday week off from 1st November onwards.

Me: OK, ma’am.

Everything thing went well, and I got my salary on time. I was happy that there were no escalations on me.

So November started, and I was all set for my first night shift. I went to the office and reached at 10:30 pm to see a shock waiting for me. Only 3 people from my team, including me,  Shruti Ma’am and one more guy, were there in the shift.

The other guy named Akash left early because of some personal emergency. Now, only Shruti Ma’am and I were left to cover the entire shift. Since it was an Indian call centre, we didn’t have much work that night. So I thought to take a break and asked Shruti ma’am for it, and she said OK.

She came with me and asked me what I would eat. I said I only wanted to smoke since I already had dinner. After smoking, I went inside and took my laptop. I sat beside her desk, and we started talking.

Openly, I said that I liked her, accepting that whatever can happen now. Shruti ma’am looked at me and said,

Shruti ma’am: I knew it, Vikarn, and I guessed by your looks. But do you know I’m married?

Me: Yes, ma’am, but…

She stopped me there and asked me to come to the meeting room to discuss further. She booked a meeting room on the second floor where no one was there. She took me to the meeting room.

We both sat down, and she said,

Shruti ma’am: So tell me what you want now. You know that I’m married, right?

Me: Yes, I know that. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said it.

Shruti ma’am: No, it’s OK. I know you’re not like that, but I know how you feel.

Me: Ma’am, I just needed a hug from you, and I promise I will forget whatever I said.

Shruti ma’am: OK, fine, but don’t tell this to anyone, please.

Me: Sure, ma’am.

She opened her arms. I went into her arms and hugged her so tightly. She asked, “So this is how much you like me?” I said, “Yes,” and I whispered in her ears, “Shruti ma’am, I badly want you.”

Shruti ma’am: OK, I didn’t expect that, but anyways, I like your hug. It’s been a while since I felt so good and warm.

Me: Thank you, Shruti ma’am.

I kissed her lips softly. To my surprise, she didn’t pull back but kissed me so deep with her tongue. She said, “OK, Vik, I wanted to do this for so long and was waiting for you to make the move.

Me: Well, I did make the move, and you were very receptive.

She smiled and kissed me harder, took my hand, and kept it on her stomach. It was slightly visible inside her pallu. I started rubbing her soft skin and played with her beautiful navel. I made her lie down on the conference table.

Then I removed her pallu and started kissing her navel. I held her erect nipples from her blouse and ran my tongue over her stomach and navel. She was breathing hard and lightly moaning.

She moaned and said, “Vik, Vik, Vik,” and she grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards her. And started sucking my lips. I moved my hands from her belly to her breasts and played with them.

I then removed her bra and took her boobs in my hands. I started massaging them and playing with them. She was moaning. She grabbed my head and pushed it towards her cleavage.  I licked her cleavage and sucked her nipples. She was moaning loudly.

Then I moved my hands to her waist, undid her saree and removed it completely. She was wearing a petticoat underneath, which I removed as well. Now she was in her panty only, and she was looking like a sex god and very hot. I could clearly see her panty was wet already.

I then went near her pussy and kissed it. I put my fingers in her pussy and started fingering her pussy. She was moaning and saying, “ Vik, come eat it. It’s yours, darling, come on.”

I then put my face between her legs and licked her pussy and her clit. She cum hard on my face. She said, “Vik, baby, please fuck me, fuck me hard.” I then got up and removed my pants and boxer, and put my dick inside her pussy.

I started fucking her. I was fucking her hard and fast, and she was enjoying it. I was fucking her for almost 15 minutes when I came inside her pussy. We both rested for some time. Then we dressed up, and I asked her, “Shruti ma’am, are you OK now?”

Shruti ma’am: Yeah, Vik, I feel much better now.

Then I sucked her lips and hugged her from behind, and slowly started spooning her. I was kissing her neck and said, “Shruti ma’am, I love you. I want you every day, please.” She whispered, “ I lust for you, Vik.” Then we left the room and went back to our seats.

This is the end of the first part, friends. Thank you, everyone, for reading this story. Do give me feedback on how it was and if you want me to make any changes. You can send your feedback to .