Neighbours – Part 3

A couple of days after that incident, Raj’s eyes caught Priya’s towel drying her hair on the balcony. One of the reasons why men like Raj would prefer Rashmi over any woman of their age is, that she was at her sexual peak combined with her experience and obedience in the bedroom. Not only that, but it was more beautiful than most women who were in their 30s. Even though Priya was never a part of the plan, she had her mother’s looks and curves which had Raj thinking.

The following evening, Raj called up Vijay on his cellphone. It was an unknown number for Vijay, but he answered.

“Hi Vijay”, Raj greeted. Still, not over the incident from two days ago, Vijay did not know how to answer. He sighed loudly on the phone and said, “Hi”.

“I have another task for you”, Raj instructed. Since Raj now had very prominent proof of Vijay’s infidelity to his wife, he could get almost anything done through him.

Raj had asked him to convince Rashmi to have a threesome with them. Even though Rashmi was extremely reluctant to even give it a thought, it was nothing she had not already done for Vijay while they were back in college, so she agreed. Vijay called him back to let him know that Rashmi was on board with it.

Raj could see his goals getting closer. All he had to do was wait for that moment. He would lay awake in his bed at night thinking about all sorts of things he would want to do to her. It would still be a few days until Vijay revisits. He would often stand in his balcony glancing at Rashmi through her bedroom window.

A few days later, he got a call from Vijay.

“Meet me at Rashmi’s in half an hour and pretend you don’t know anything about what we discussed.”

Rashmi was under the influence that Raj was getting victimized as she had to seduce him to engage with her. Half an hour later, Raj showed up at Rashmi’s. Vijay was sitting right next to her. Rashmi was clearly nervous as she was not the same woman she was back in college who would get pimped out by Vijay and still be okay with it.

She got up and left for her bedroom hurriedly. Puzzled, Vijay followed her back to her room after a while. Raj could hear them talk over something, but only in whispers that were indecipherable to him. He went straight toward Rashmi’s bedroom and discreetly stood behind her while she was talking to Vijay. He kept getting closer to her from behind until she could feel his breath on her neck.

“I can’t do this, Vijay!”, Rashmi muttered.

“Sure you can. Don’t worry! We will take good care of you”, Vijay tried to sway her.

Raj lifted her kurti and started sliding his hands through her belly. It would have been miraculous for him to even wait a minute. His bulge was showing through his Bermuda. Before she could say anything more, Vijay started kissing her.

She was totally pressed against Raj who then grabbed the collar of her kurti and started tearing it open. One by one, the buttons of her kurti came off and fell to the ground and soon, her kurti was torn in half. She was not wearing a bra so her immense succulent breasts were now hanging brazenly.

While Vijay was kissing her on her lips, Raj feebly clasped one of her breasts and slid his other hand down in her panty all the while kissing her on her neck. She was now at the mercy of two men crowding her from both sides and playing with her. Vijay got rid of her remaining clothes and stood back watching her shiver as Raj enveloped her breasts with one hand while fingering her with the other.

After a while, Rashmi placed one of her hands on Raj’s enormous tent and started fondling it. Vijay came close and pulled her down on her knees. Raj and Vijay got themselves undressed while Rashmi sat there looking up at two men stroking their massive dicks over her face. Vijay took the charge and shoved his dick down her throat.

After a minute, she got comfortable and started stroking Raj’s dick while sucking on Vijay. Both of them took turns fucking her face for about 20 minutes. Rashmi’s pussy was craving for a dick now. She spontaneously got up and dragged both men to the bed holding their dicks. Then she pushed Vijay onto the bed and started sucking his dick while allowing Raj access to her soaked pussy.

“Come Raj, I know you had been wanting to fuck me for a while, don’t disappoint your aunt now.”

“You whore! I will take my time with you.”

Rashmi laughed while sucking Vijay’s dick. Raj lodged his dick in her pussy and started fucking her in doggy style.

The bed was squeaking as it was old and not of a very sturdy construction. It was certainly not meant to withstand what was going on, but it held on somehow. Raj’s fantasies had come true. He was enjoying it to the core. He pulled her hair tightly to make it easier for him to ride her.

Her wavering motion made it strenuous for her to suck Vijay so he got up on his knees. The harder that Raj hammered her, the deeper Vijay’s dick slithered down her throat. Raj made sure that he did not get carried away with his emotions because he wanted to last a very long time. He wanted to fuck her in every position possible before he was done with her for the time being. So he turned her over to lay her on her back and switched places with Vijay.

Now Vijay was enjoying her front hole when Raj was having his dick sucked while playing with her boobs. Raj took this opportunity to capture several more videos and snaps of her laying there compliantly getting ravaged by two men. He even got her to pose for some of them.

“Turn around, bitch. I want your ass now”, Raj said.

“What! No! I don’t do that.”

“I’m not asking for your permission”, said Raj in a demanding tone while he lifted her to turn her ass towards him. He lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders and tried to slide his dick in her ass. Rashmi had never done it before and her asshole was very tight. Raj kept forcing it in which was causing her hole to stretch out to make way for his thick dick.

“It’s not going in, Raj. Just fuck me in my front hole”, Rashmi pleaded while being exposed to pain.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch”, Raj said with a stern voice, “and stop wiggling so much”.

Vijay shoved his dick in her mouth to make her shut up. Raj tried to lubricate her ass with her pussy fluid and gave it a brawny push inside her asshole. His dick had gone in. Rashmi tried to squirm in pain, but it was harder to hear from her due to Vijay’s dick deep down in her throat. The only visible changes in her expression were her dilated pupils and wide-open eyes that were telling the story.

Initially, it was very hard for Raj to budge his massive dick in her ass because it was very tight. But it soon got smoother and Rashmi’s pain faded away. This was a totally new experience for her. As much as she was scared in the beginning, she was now enjoying it more than she had ever thought.

“It feels so good Raj”, she uttered in between her moments of relief when she was sucking Vijay’s balls.

Raj lifted Rashmi to make her sit on his dick.

“Have a taste of her ass, Vijay. I will fuck her pussy for a while now”, Raj said. While Rashmi was inserting Raj’s dick in her pussy, Vijay grabbed her ass from behind and started pounding her. Both of Rashmi’s holes were in action now. She felt the kind of sensation she had never felt in her life before.

Then she closed her eyes and let the two men devour her to their hearts’ content. Vijay gripped her hair from behind riding her like a horse. The clapping sound of Vijay against Rashmi’s ass and the screeching of the bed muffled Rashmi’s loud moans to a more pleasing tone. Raj seized her bouncing melons and pinched her hard nipples.

Both men swapped for her holes several times before they filled her up with their juices. They played with her for some more time and got her to suck clean their dicks before they decided to leave. Rashmi was too tired and was feeling a slight discomfort in her ass so she laid back in her bed while leaking from both her holes.

Raj and Vijay got dressed and soon left; closing the door of her house behind them. It was still some time before Priya would be back home so until that happened, Rashmi just slept in her bed undraped and soiled.

Raj woke up the next morning with a weird presupposition. There was no stopping him now. Vijay would not be back for another week and it was out of the question whether Raj could administer his hedonistic desires for that long.

He went over to Rashmi’s to see her again. To his surprise, Priya was home that day.

“Oh! Hi! I thought you would have already left for office”, Raj stuttered a bit.

“I usually leave by this time, but I decided to work from home today. Come on in.”

Priya was a relatively tall woman with very smooth skin. She was wearing a tank top that accented her ample bosoms with high and tight shorts that exhibited most of her lower body. She wore spectacles with a messy bun and the way she walked would stir any man’s loins.

“So, how are you?”, Priya asked.

“I’m doing quite well actually. My dad’s business has expanded to Indore now, so they are probably going to be away for some more time. What about you? I heard you are doing quite well at your job.”

“Come on Raj, don’t make fun of me. I have a job. A job! The word itself is self-explanatory as to how good or bad it is. I sit there for 8 hours just wanting to get back home and indulge in something worthwhile.”

“It can’t be that bad.”

“It is. And you know how I know that? I’m going to go to my room now and sit in front of a laptop working while you can sit on this comfortable sofa and probably watch TV if you want and not worry about such things. Anyway, mom’s taking a shower so you are welcome to wait if you want. I have some work I need to finish so I’ll be in my room. If you need anything, just let me know.”

As she walked back to her room, Raj couldn’t help but notice her big wobbly ass that he would have loved to lay his hands on. He went to her room where she was sitting at the study table working. Her room was kind of a mess.

Her clothes, makeup, books, and everything in the room looked like they had been in one hell of a storm to be in a state they were in. She noticed Raj was at the door of her room looking around, probably trying to find a place to sit or even stand if it was possible.

“Oh, I’m so sorry Raj. Let me just clear it all up. I don’t get a lot of visitors, especially in my bedroom”, Priya tried to justify her room’s condition.

“It’s alright. Considering everything else, I thought your lap might be the safest place here”, Raj tried to flirt in a rather cheesy way.

“You are funny. just give me a minute to sort all of it.”

Raj checked her out from top to bottom while she was busy straightening out her room. Every time she would bend down, be it her back or front, they both provided a rather enticing sight for him.

“Could you do me a favor”, Raj asked.

“Yeah, sure. What is it?”, Priya enquired.

“I’m having a weird sensation in my stomach. Could you get me some medicine from the nearby store?”

“Okay. Why don’t you sit for now and I’ll be back in 10 minutes.”


Priya dressed up and left for the nearby medical store. Raj locked the main door and went straight to Rashmi’s bedroom. She was in the shower. As the house was occupied by only women, there was no need for Rashmi to keep her room locked. Strangely enough, when Raj twisted the bathroom door, it opened up as it was not locked from the inside.

Rashmi was behind the shower curtain so she thought it must be Priya in her bathroom. Raj took off his clothes and threw them on her bed. He then went straight behind the curtain to where Rashmi was lathering herself. She could not see clearly until she rinsed off her face.

“Raj! What are you doing here? How did you come inside?”, Rashmi clamored.

“Calm down”, Raj grabbed her by her waist and pinned her against the wall, “I came here to see you”, and started biting her neck.

“You should leave Raj, Priya is home, we will get into trouble if she finds out.”

“She is not at home. I sent her on an errand. She won’t be back for some time”, Raj said while caressing her boobs and kissing her.

“Still, we could get into trouble, and haven’t you fucked me enough yesterday?”, Rashmi’s voice dialed down to a less compelling tone.

“Enough? Oh, I could never have had enough of you. Get on your knees.”, Raj smirked at her.

Rashmi had little to no power over him. She got down on her knees. She knew what she had to do, so instead of wasting any more time talking about it and risking Priya finding out, she started sucking his dick.

Raj felt good about the fact that he now had control over one of his neighbors. He was going to use her well. Then he clutched Rashmi’s hair and started to deepthroat her. He had her suck his dick for a good amount of time before he decided that he now wanted to fuck her. But the bathtub was slippery.

He brought her out to her bedroom, laid her on her back, and spread her legs wide. Just as he was about to put his dick in her, the doorbell rang. It was Priya at the door.