Fuckmania of Nephew & Aunt – Part 1 (Aunt’s version)

Hi everyone, this is Sarita, age 39, happily married to a rich husband of age 47. We have 2 kids – one is in school, and another is in nursery. My stats were 34(c)-28-26. I’m milky in complexion. I have a hot, well-maintained body compared to my age. I was a very conservative lady and followed traditions.

The story involves my husband’s distant relative, nephew. He is 26 years of age, living near our house working in an MNC company. He used to visit our home occasionally. He was a friendly guy whom everyone liked. My kids used to play with him, and they liked him.

One day, my husband had urgent work in his hometown, and he needed to leave us. He came up with the idea to make his nephew stay for 2 days to keep us company and help us. It was Saturday, and he was on holiday, so my husband asked him to come. He came after my husband left.

I had worn a sexy salwar kameez when he rang the doorbell at noon. He was astonished to see me like that and was ogling at my body. I didn’t react much, as it’s common and started working in a kitchen. Then we had lunch and got busy in the kitchen.

He came to the kitchen and started to talk to me on different topics. He started to help me and started to touch my hands and elbows. He came behind my back and started to press his body on my ass. I thought he was doing it unintentionally and didn’t move.

Later, he went to watch TV. I went to nap after finishing my chores. In the evening, I was busy preparing food. He again came to help me and did the same. I did not bother because if I asked, he would feel bad and sad. I asked him to taste the curry.

He quickly came back to me, grabbed me by the waist and touched his cock in between my ass and placed his head over my shoulder and asked for a sip. I gave it to him hesitantly, and he praised it. I got happy and relaxed. His penis was still touching my ass, and his hands were on my waist.

Now, my young son entered the room, and we parted. We started to converse on various topics. Suddenly, he grabbed me and kissed me on the cheek in front of my son. I was shocked by this action and got angry with his behaviour. He suddenly went outside before I could scold him.

At night, my children and I were sleeping in the main bedroom. I felt someone calling me and waking me up. I was stunned to see Maddy. Then I asked, “Maddy! What happened? Why and you here?”

Maddy: I had a bad dream. Can you please come outside? I’m afraid.

He went outside the bedroom, and I followed him.

Maddy: I saw something in my bedroom.

Me: Where?

I slowly went inside the guest bedroom. I heard him locking the door before I could ask. He grabbed me from the back and started to press my boobs. He started to squeeze my boobs hard and kiss my neck.

I started to protest and push him with my hands with all force, but there was no use. He twitched my nipples. I began to cry in pain. I was shouting his name and telling him to leave.

But he pressed me against the wall and lifted my nighty and covered my head with it. Then threw me to the bed and pounced on me. I was hitting and kicking him hard, but he held my fists with his hands. He locked my legs with his foot and lay over me.

Then he started to suck and bite my soft boobs over my bra. It was hurting, and my nipples were erecting due to touch. I started to make sounds and plead due to his actions. I told him to leave me and stop this horror. It told him it was hurting a lot. But he didn’t pay heed to my cries.

It went on for a few more minutes. He quickly removed the nighty force to my mouth to reduce volume. He forcefully tore my bra, holding both my wrists in his hand. I was now half-naked, and my nude boobs were clearly visible to him. He was feasting on my boobs with his eyes.

I could make out from his face that he was wild and mad. He smirked and slowly started to lick and suck and bite my boobs one by one. He started to play with encircling my boobs with mouth and tongue. Slowly, because of the man’s touch, I started to give in to him.

I was months since I had a sexual encounter with my husband. This started to affect me so that I could easily be seduced. But I was horrified.

He made eye contact and said, “Sarita, aunty, I love you. Please understand my feelings. I am in so much pain. I need your love. Please understand my pain and give me your love. I need you. Just once, please, I need your womanly love to release my pain.”

“My body is burning for a woman’s love. Please fulfil my thirst for love and take me to heaven. Relieve me from this sexual desire with your beauty. Give me your love, aunty. Love me.”

He started to kiss my lips, but I was turning her face right and left. So he bit my neck wildly and picked the mangalsutra in his teeth, and pulled its pendent near my right boob. He started to suck my nipple along with mangalsutra. The chain and nipples were full of my saliva.

I was thinking about what kind of an evil monster was living with us. We thought he was a decent and kind guy. So we let him have company as he was alone. But he was always thinking such bad this and now forcing me to do sin. I pleaded with him to stop, but he was on to it.

Then he pressed both my hands on my stomach and pinched my ass. In pain, I lifted my ass. He instantly removed my Panty. I was fully naked in front of a young boy half my age. He went near pussy and smelled it. He was curiously seeing my pussy as it was his first time.

My pussy was clean and pink with little hair, as I usually shave it. He kissed it and began to lick it. I was screaming in pain and pleasure. This went on for a while. I was fully exhausted from fighting and saw him removing his dress and placing me under him.

I could feel his body heat while our naked body touched. I knew he would fuck me now and was expecting it. He made my legs wide with his legs and weight. His super erect cock is touching my pussy. It was way bigger than my husband’s.

He held my face firmly and licked it. Then kept his lips in mine and started kissing my juicy lips and proceeded for lip lock. But I didn’t open my mouth and closed it tightly. He pinched my boobs as I opened my mouth in ache. He inserted my whole tongue inside me and sucked me like a hungry baby.

And the moment came, he positioned cock on the entrance of pussy. Then push cock into the missionary position. He started to enter his monster cock inside my little pussy hole. I moaned loudly in discomfort, “Ahh.” I could feel his cock entering my pussy, but it was too tight.

I could feel my pussy widening and hurting. It was dry. He removed it and pressed it a few more times. His snake was now deep inside my hole.

Now, he also started moaning louder, “Oh, Sarita. I love this feeling. Love me, don’t leave me. I need you. I want to love you. Take me, take me deep inside you and open the gates of heaven to me.”

He was talking bad and dirty about me. I was literally being raped. He again pulled out and pushed his snake completely inside my wet pussy hole. Slowly, he started stroking pussy hole. I was moaning in sexual pain and pleasure. He kept giving strokes slowly and deeper inside my pussy hole.

While moving up and down, he kissed my face and neck. He placed his hand on my face, kissed my lips, pressed my boobs and sucked my nipples. He kept sucking my nipples and biting my husband-tied mangalsutra, pressing my breast and started moving up and down faster.

I widened her legs due to his forcefully pounding and body weight. My breasts got harder while he was sucking them. Seeing this, he increased his speed of thrusts holding his breath and fucked hard. He kept slowing down to catch his breath and again fucked hard in rhythm while holding his breath.

His cock was going in and out of her pussy hole as I slowly started moaning louder. He fucked me hard like a wild animal. This action rocked the bed so hard that it made a loud squeaking sound. The bed rocked very hard and banged the wall, making the sound of hitting like a hammer.

I was seduced full, and I gave in. In action, I locked my legs around him. My boobs were bouncing up and down. It was a treat for him to fuck his aunty. The conservative and religious wife had spread her legs to her husband’s nephew.

I was about to cum after a very long time. All of a sudden, I held my breath, stiffened my body, and rolled my eyeballs up. With a big loud moan, “Ahh,” released an orgasm, hard and long.

Seeing me cum he slowed down his thrust as I loosened up my body. He continued fucking hard, and I moaned loud with each thrust. He was about to cum, so he held his breath and lifted his shoulders. I told him not to cum inside me and make me pregnant, but he didn’t listen.

With a hard stroke, pushed cock deep inside my pussy and moaned loudly. I whimpered due to his behaviour. I could sense the filling of my womb with his blasted cum. He discharged a full load of semen into me. He collapsed on me, exhausted.

We both passed out for a while on the bed naked, and the dick was still inside my pussy.

Part 2 is cumming soon.

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