Married woman reader taken to bed

A warm welcome to all ISS readers. This is Kumar from Bangalore writing once again. Many readers have given me positive feedback. It keeps writers like me inspired to share the stories and present them in an engaging style. So, I would appreciate the support and encouragement from the readers.

I frequently receive hangout requests and emails from strangers. I soon became aware of one such hangout message which Victoria sent. I didn’t think it was a real account at first. Many people text for a few days but are not genuine. So, I kept things light with her.

We had a decent conversation, which was followed by some sexting. I discovered she is a 36-year-old working woman. She was an architect who was settled in her life. After a couple of days, we had another conversation. She appeared to be a genuine person.

I made it clear to her that speaking online and without experiencing the pleasure in person would be a waste of time. To which she just said, “OK, bye.” I didn’t bother much when she said, ‘Bye,’ because I assumed she wouldn’t contact me back.

But after almost a month, I received another message from Victoria. She appeared to want to move things along this time. I was also really excited because I prefer older women. After all, they have a higher sex drive. I gladly agreed to meet in a famous mall. It was a convenient location for both of us.

The day arrived, and as planned, I was waiting for her in the mall’s coffee shop. I kept texting her, but she kept replying, claiming she was on her way and might take some time. It had been over 30 minutes. I had the impression that this lady was pulling a prank on me.

She was curious about what I was wearing and where I was seated. I had no idea she was stalking me from outside the whole time, checking to see whether I was safe enough to be with.

Then, I wanted to leave the coffee shop with frustration. Then she instructed me to come to the parking lot and gave me her vehicle number as I was about to leave. I got into her car, and I said hello to her. Despite my frustration, I remained calm since I needed to show her the storm in bed.

After a bit of driving, Victoria stated, “Let’s go to my place.” We drove to her house, which was a posh apartment. When we entered, I grabbed her, embraced her, and continued to soothe her. I rubbed my hands all over her back, keeping my face close to her neck and shoulder.

I carefully removed my tongue from my mouth, placed it on her neck, and began licking it. She began to groan. Now, I understood it was my responsibility to provide her with whatever she needed. After all of my experience, I’ve realized that it’s not just about me having fun in bed.

I owe it to the woman I sleep with, and I should also have fun. So, I knew just what to do in bed with her. She led me to her bedroom and closed the door behind us. I softly placed my lips over her lips after closing the door, and she responded passionately.

I started to kiss her. I gripped her chin and kissed her passionately, as any lover would on their first kiss. I moved my hands over her butt and boobs, slightly squeezing them. I asked her if she enjoyed it, and she said she did. I chose not to lift my tongue from her body after removing it from her lips.

I had my tongue lick across her body, filling every inch and satisfying her desire. I stroked my tongue over her neck like a paintbrush, then to her earlobes, and offered a slight erotic bite.

I undressed her while she was still wearing her bra and brushed my tongue across her chest. I licked her like a dog. My tongue was getting filthy and making her skin wet all over. I took off her bra and began sucking her delicious 36-size melons.

Victoria kept moaning, “I love it. Keep going on, baby.” Then I moved my tongue over her navel and licked gently all over. I removed her pants then she was going to remove her panties. I told her no because I wanted to do it my way.

I pressed my tongue and teeth against the edge of her underwear. Then pulled down her panty with my tongue. And I touched her pussy with my hands. I then began to play with her inner thighs. After about 15 minutes, I went for her pussy again and gently stroked her pussy lips with my tongue.

Her juices were gushing out. I then parted her legs, and she told me that I might taste her pussy for as long as I wanted. I quickened my pace and put my tongue inside. I began moving my tongue in every direction possible. She was now fully aroused to take me inside.

She was erotically moaning and pleading, “Fuck me now, baby, Fuck me now.” I removed my dick and placed it into her pussy. I stroked her gently. At the same time, I went for lips and kissed them while my hand squeezed her tits. For a few minutes, I fucked her passionately in a missionary position.

After that, I told her to change to doggy style. Because that is my strength, and I can fuck as much as I want in that position. We stood on the bed’s edge, and she sat on the legs. I slid my dick inside her pussy and began banging her from behind. I snatched her hair and began riding her back and forth.

Victoria was overjoyed when she saw how I was drilling her. In the mirror, she could see how I was fucking her from behind. She was biting her lips and teeth in pleasure, and she really wanted it. I fucked her nonstop for a long time. Then she told me to shoot my juices in her pussy as we had the protection in place.

We both fell on the bed as we got a bit tired, and she started playing with my dick after a few minutes to make it harder. She wanted to return the favour and gave me an amazing blowjob. She took all of my juices without spilling a drop.

I pushed her to the bed after that and began wildly kissing her. I slipped my fingers into her pussy and finger-fucked her until she was completely exhausted. I left her house after several rounds of amazing sex and kissed her goodbye. We are still in touch and met a few more times.

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