Garima And Nuzla Embarrass James Again

A blushing James was so so embarrassed. He was lying on his back on a bed wearing only a tiny thong panty. His legs were pulled up as he revealed his adorable butt cheeks to everyone in the room. Naksh was straddling James’ chest and had his humongous Indian cock down James’ throat.

Naksh bounced up and down, fucking James’ throat with such unbridled authority. James’ eyes watered as he took the tonsil pounding of the year. Garima, Nuzla, and Racine all watched and laughed at James. This throat banging would leave pitifully pathetic James blushing for a week.

As Naksh began cumming down James’ slutty throat, it was like drinking from a fire hose. Naksh emptied 5 gallons of cum into James’ mouth. James slurped and guzzled every drop. Naksh pulled out, and a shell-shocked James sat up snd whimpered, “Sheesh!” The girls laughed so hard.

Garima then commanded James and roll over and pooch his ass in the air. Nuzla used a large wooden sorority paddle to whap his ass checks into a glowing bright red. James was, once again, being female-dominated by Nuzla. After 250 swats, she paused and had James get off of the bed and curtsy for her.

Nuzla and Garima then led James into the next room, where 45 Indian men waited. James was commanded to do his thing. He dropped to his knees and gave every one of those Indian men a very thorough sloppy blowjob. He guzzled mouthful after mouthful of Indian cum.

Although incredibly embarrassing, James enjoyed every second. Garima and Nuzla just giggled at him and his cock-whore behavior.

James sat on his little thong panties in the middle of the room and tried to gathered his shattered composure. He had completely lost any shred of dignity and thoroughly lost any tiny amount of masculinity. He had proven himself to be totally effeminate and the blushing sissy bitch of India.

“Hey James, do you remember when we had you suck 100 cocks a day for 100 consecutive days?” teased Nuzla.

James blushed and rolled his eyes, “Yes! I remember it well!”

“We all remember it well – 10,000 cocks sucked in about 3 months. Holy shit!” giggled Nuzla.

James blushed a bright red and admitted, “I know I am such a sissy cock-slurper!”

Garima laughed as she added, “Don’t forget cum-guzzling slut and panty boi!”

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Naksh had called many of his friends, and there were 27 guys at the door to feed James their cocks. As the guys poured into the room, James reacted in embarrassed surprise. He put his hands on his hips and declared, “Well! I never!”

Naksh immediately replied, “That is a damn lie! You have sucked my cock dry hundreds of times!”

The room erupted with laughter as James glared and blushed at being openly exposed. Garima, still laughing, commanded James to drop to his knees. He complied as Naksh stepped forward and stuffed his monster cock deep into James’ throat.

James’ throat clicked and bucked as he fought through a gag reflex. He slurped and sucked Naksh’s cock with passion. As Naksh pumped his hips, his cock slammed James’ throat like he was a slutty rag doll. It was a brutal face-fucking.

His blushing face was red, and his eyes rolled back in his head as his throat made loud slurping noises. It was an intensive and punishing cock feeding. Garima, Nuzla, and Racine laughed at James.

After Naksh loaded James full of cum, the next Indian guy stepped forward and taught James that being the sissy bitch of India was an extremely embarrassing reality. James blushed as he sucked and slurped. It was so very embarrassing that he get light-headed and dizzy with incomparable humiliation.

Garima and Nuzla were accustomed to embarrassing James. As soon as James had sucked off all 27 guys, he sat whimpering in disbelief at what had just happened. He licked his cum-drenched lips and panted to catch his breath. The strong taste of cum was in his mouth. But he was very used to that taste.

No one had more cocks explode in their mouth than James had. No one had gulped down more gallons of cum than James had. Both Garima and Nuzla knew very well that James was the cock-whore of the year. And James was very happy to have cocks in his mouth non-stop, even if it was embarrassing.

Garima received a phone call from Dev. He wanted to feed James his cock in public. So Garima and Nuzla took James to a local park, and they all went behind the bushes. James stripped down to his tiny thong panty and dropped to his knees.

Dev slid his gigantic Indian cock into James’ throat. Dev pumped his hips so hard and fast. The superior masculinity of Dev had feminized James.

James was the slutty sissy bitch of India. He craved Indian cocks in his mouth and the taste of Indian cum. It was wildly entertaining for Garima and Nuzla, who saw this as another opportunity to humiliate James and put him in his place. A very, very embarrassed James could only slurp cock and blush.

While guzzling Dev’s cum, James hummed with approval. In the bushes, they were all surprised as a police officer came through the bushes to see what the noise was. Dev, Garima, and Nuzla ran. James was frozen on his knees as he finished swallowing cum. So James was arrested, wearing only thong panties.

When James was placed in jail with 74 other guys, he was still wearing only a thong panty. It took about four hours for all 74 of those guys to feed James their cocks. About 50 of the guys then decided to face-fuck James a second time and cum on his face.

James surrendered to an extreme bukkake. He sat in the corner, seeing stars because he was, so tonsil banged. James was glazed with several inches of cum all over his slutty face.

Garima and Nuzla heard what happened to James. They both laughed so hard that they fell to the ground and rolled around in hysterics. They convinced James to plead not guilty so he would stay in jail for a whole week.

He was covered in cum repeatedly as his throat became the pleasure center for dozens of cocks. Every second he was in jail, he hard cock in his mouth, day or night.

When James was sentenced for community service, he was released, and Garima and Nuzla were there to pick him up. They laughed at James for his humiliating predicament. They took him home so he could take a shower in his shower.

When he got out of the shower, Dev was there to face-fuck James again. James shared how his bottom was very sore. He explained that while in jail, he would be taken to the shower room. The cock would be ramrod down his throat while another cock was being pile-driven up his ass.

James was a cock sandwich. This information was too hilarious for anyone in the room to take standing up. Everyone was lying on the floor and laughing until they cried. James huffed and blushed as he glared and rolled his eyes.

“It just doesn’t get any more embarrassing than this!” whimpered a blushing James.