Life Of A Pervert – Part 2 (Watching Chacha Chachi Sex)

Hello ISS readers, I am back with the story about my chacha chachi sex.

I am Naveed, living in Bangalore, working as a manager in an IT firm. I am 5.9 inches tall, well built, and happily married. I am married to a very beautiful girl, Ayesha.

This story is mine, a pervert guy who is tall, handsome, well built with thick and long dick (lund). Hereafter I will use the word lund instead of dick and chut instead of pussy which I feel is more erotic and expressible.

My pervert life started in the early 90s when I was a teenager. This was when there were no mobile phones, and the internet was not affordable by all. I was born and brought up in a very conservative Muslim joint family.

We stayed in one big sheet house of 3-bedroom where I stayed with my parents, siblings, and Chacha (uncle). In those days, people use to build toilets and bathrooms outside the house, and both are separate from each other. Guess what” Ours was also the same.

Toilet and bathroom were in our compound, separated by a wall in between. There was a hole in the wall for the tap that was not plastered properly. One could peep through the hole and see who is there in the bathroom. (Anyways, I will come to this bathroom story in the next part.)

We were five siblings, two elder sisters and two younger brothers. I am the family’s eldest son. We all slept in one bedroom (our sisters used to sleep on a cot, and we slept on the floor). Chacha used one bedroom, and my parents were using one bedroom.

Until my Chacha got married, all was going well. I was not exposed to any porn or sexual activity or not seen anyone naked. My Chacha got married, and within a few months, my eldest sister also got married.

One morning around 6 am, I was passing by the window. I heard some weird noise coming from my Chacha’s room. I stopped there and listened carefully. I just wanted to make sure everything is fine. After a few seconds, I heard the voice again. So I decided to check out of curiosity.

I went close to the window and slowly pushed it open slightly. I can see inside the room. I cannot believe my eyes what I saw early in the morning. My Chacha was on his knees, removing his lungi knot. My Chachi was lying on her back with her legs open and knees in the air.

I can see my Chachi’s bare legs. But could not see much as she was facing the other side. My Chacha’s lungi fell, and his hard lund was in 90 degrees pointing towards me. This is the first time I saw a lund which is hard and big.

Chacha spread Chachi’s legs a little further. Then, holding his lund, he slept on her and started pelvic thrusting in a missionary position. At that time, I did not know there is a thing called sex. I was from a conservative family with no mobiles and internet.

I could not see much, but I heard their loud moans for maybe 10 minutes. I had a strange feeling in me. I wanted to see what they were doing. I left the place once their moan stopped. It was in my mind the whole day. I thought about what they two were doing, so I decided to see them from another window.

The same evening all were watching TV. Chacha had not yet come from work. I was playing with a tennis ball, tapping it on the ground. While playing, I made sure I entered their room and accidentally hit the window pane with the ball breaking glass. (I did not break full glass but enough to peep inside).

I got scolded for playing. But deep inside, I was happy that I could see through the window. This time I was very anxious and barely slept that night, thinking about morning. Finally, at 5.30 am, I was at the window peeping. The room was at the corner of the house, so less risk of getting caught.

Both were in a deep sleep. Chacha was topless, and Chachi was sleeping on his side with her hand across his chest. I waited for an hour and a half. Nothing happened. Disheartened, I left the place. I was unaware that most of the time, sex happens at night. A week passed, nothing happened, and I gave up

The next morning, I got up with the alarm at 6 am. I was not interested in peeping that day but convinced myself to give it a last chance. In no time, I was at the window. The bed light was on, and it was giving more than enough brightness in the room.

I could not believe my luck today because the session had just begun. Chacha’s bareback was facing towards the window. He had a blanket till his waist. It seems like they both were kissing lips to lips.

Suddenly Chachi’s hand was on his bareback, moving from down to up and up to down, pushing the blanket a little down further. Chacha’s ass was visible to me. Chachi was pressing his ass cheeks one by one and continuing with their smooch, and a slight moan was escaping her mouth in between.

This continued for a minute, and then Chacha got up on his knees and bent down to suck Chachi’s nipples. I realized that both were naked under the blanket. This was the first time Chachi can be seen clearly, and this was the first time I saw a woman naked.

Her hairs were disheveled. She was wiping her lips with the back of her hand. Her boobs were round with hard brown nipples facing straight to the ceiling, and her stomach was flat. She was breathing heavily. Chacha started playing with her boobs.

He started sucking her right nipple and playing with her left nipple with his hand. His lund was hard and was poking at Chachi’s hip while he was enjoying her boobs. Chachi’s hands were softly moving in his hair.

Now he was sucking her left nipple, and in between was doing a circle with his tongue and pinching the right nipple with thumb and index finger. She was moaning slowly. He was sucking her whole left boob now. She grabbed his lund in her right hand and started stroking.

Chacha responded by sucking vigorously. This was the first time I witnessed something like this, and I was experiencing some strange feelings. My lund was now hard as a rock. This was not the first time I was getting an erection. Before this, I used to get morning erections and usually went soft after peeing.

But this time, it was different, and I felt like pressing my lund. Now Chacha took his hand and inserted two fingers in her mouth. She was sucking his fingers for few seconds. He then took his fingers out and took them straight to her chut and inserted them, to which she skipped a loud moan.

Chacha’s ass was coming in between my view. He was finger fucking her and sucking her nipples one by one at the same time. She was moaning loudly. She was stroking his lund with one hand, and another hand was on his shoulder. Chacha was speeding up his act of finger fucking and sucking.

Chachi had closed her eyes. Her chest got tightened, nipples were harder than before. She had straightened her legs, and her moaning was uncontrollable. She was on the verge of her orgasm. Chacha was doing his job perfectly, and within a second, her whole body was jerking.

Her head was in the air, and she was moaning. I can now imagine the intensity of her orgasm. Chachi was breathless. He had now stopped what he was doing and was watching her settle down a bit. Chachi opened her eyes slowly and saw him looking at her. She pulled his head to smooch him.

They both kissed for few seconds. Then Chacha got up and went in between her legs, spread her legs, and bent down. He started licking her chut with his tongue. I cannot see her chut from this view. But I could make out that she has huge hairs there. I could see her pubic mound with many hairs.

He started licking her chut, but Chachi could not take it any longer. Her body was getting shocking sensations, and she was jerking with every lick

Chachi: Jaan! (Not able to control) Enough I am not able to handle it. (He was still licking). Jaan! Aah, enough, I want your lund in my chut, please jaan fuck me. Put your fat lund inside me. I want to feel it now, please.

Listening to this, Chacha got up, spat some saliva on his palm, and started stroking his lund. She adjusted herself and opened her legs a little wide. With the support of his hand, Chacha pointed his lund on her chut and started rubbing it from top to bottom.

After doing so, he pushed his lund in. It slipped in easily as her chut was well lubricated with her cum and Chacha’s saliva. His lund was fully inside her. Both their pubic hairs were touching each other. He slept on her with his lund inside. His chest was pressing her boobs, and they started kissing.

Then he started his motion back, removing his lund slowly. Then again, he pushed it hard. ‘Aaah’ was the sudden moan that escaped from Chachi. Chacha was slowly penetrating her. I could not see his lund going in and coming out as Chachi’s leg was blocking my view.

Slowly he was increasing his speed. Within seconds, he was at full speed. And the room was filled with Chachi’s moans and penetrating noises. He was in full speed, and she wrapped her legs around his ass. She was kissing Chacha on his shoulder.

It was like a dream for me watching them fucking. I forgot I am peeping and someone could see me there. My hand was in my underwear, pressing my lund.

While in full speed, Chacha whispered something in her ears which she was not agreeing. Suddenly Chacha took out his lund and was on his knees holding his lund in one of his hands

Chachi: Jaan, please fuck me.

Chacha: No. Kutti ban (be a dog)

Chachi: Please…

Chacha was adamant. Chachi reluctantly got up, and she was on her four. Oh my god, she is a sex goddess. Her boobs were hanging with hard nipples. Her curvy shape was making both me and Chacha drool over her uncontrollably

Chacha started penetrating in doggy style with full force. His lund was going deep inside. He was pulling her hair while penetrating. I can see his lund vanishing in her chut. While moaning, she turned her face back to see Chacha, and Chacha spanked her ass cheek

Chachi: Aah! It is hurting.

Chacha again spanked her, and while fucking, he bent little and got hold of her nipples. He was playing with nipples, and they were getting stretched with his motions. After few minutes, they both were back in missionary position, and again he started penetrating her at full speed.

After few thrusts, Chacha was ready to burst in her chut. Both were moaning and sweating like hell. The time came when Chacha forcefully pushed his lund deep inside her chut

Chacha: Aaa, aaah, aah.

His body was straight, and he pulled her head backward. He was jerking and emptied his cum in her chut. I was unknown of the proceeding but was enjoying what I was witnessing. Chacha fell on Chachi with heavy breathing. Both were sweating profusely

They both lay in the same position for a minute. Then Chacha kissed her lips one last time before getting up. His lund came out of her chut. It was soft, cum drops were dripping from his lund, and it was shining. He lay next to her with heavy panting

Chachi lifted both her legs straight in the air. Her both hands were supporting her legs. She was in that position for maybe 5 minutes. I did not understand what she was trying to do. But later, I got to know that she was trying to get pregnant with this kind of exercise.

She came back to normal position and turned towards Chacha, and started kissing again. After that, Chacha got up, searching his lungi.

I slowly, without making noise, left the place. The impact of their fucking was there with me forever. It was the first time I had seen something like that. For the first time, I felt like I want to touch my lund while watching.

Till that time, I did not know about masturbating. Whenever I thought about that episode, my lund used to get erect, and I started rubbing it

From then it was my routine to check them through that window. I was lucky a couple of times. But never saw her chut close-up. At any cost, I wanted to have a look at that chut closely and touch it with my hands and do what Chacha had done to her

One night, the thought of their fucking came to my mind. In no time, my lund was hard, and I started to stroke inside my underwear. Suddenly I felt like current running in my body and coming to my lund. Still stroking, I felt like peeing. Before I could react, my lund spurt out loads of cum in my underwear.

I was afraid that I peed in my underwear or maybe my lund is bleeding due to excessive rubbing. I got up and rushed to the bathroom, removed my underwear. I saw a thick white sticky fluid patch on my underwear.

Later I came to know that it is called sperm. It had become a routine for me to masturbate daily at night, thinking of my Chachi. Sometimes I used to masturbate more than three times a night.

Later as time flies, I started masturbating, removing my underwear, started using oil. I was so involved in masturbating that I forgot that my elder sister and younger brothers were sleeping in the same room. I was becoming bolder day by day and

I will carry on with my pervert life in my next part.