Garima And Nuzla Make James A Public Spectacle

James sat on the ground, his butt throbbing with pain and red hot as if it was on fire. His mouth was wide open in disbelieving shock. His brain sizzled with uncertainty as his mind was blown beyond all imagination.

He was frozen, speechless by a staggering level of extreme embarrassment. James had been thoroughly embarrassed by Garima and Nuzla more times than he could count.

But this level of embarrassment had never been achieved by any human in the history of the world. As Garima and Nuzla laughed, his eyes crossed, and he fainted. James laid on the floor wearing only a tiny stringy thong panty. The girls took this opportunity to extend his complete embarrassment.

When James regained consciousness, he was tied over a railing in a public park. He was still wearing only his little purple panties with red hearts on them. Garima delivered 400 firm and authoritative spanks to James’ butt cheeks.

His cheeks were bright red and very sore. He rolled his eyes and blushed as he whimpered in submissive helplessness.

James was a public spectacle. Dozens of people saw him and laughed at his predicament. Dev arrived on the scene to laugh with the girls at James, the publicly blushing slut. Dev then fed his huge cock to James right in front of everyone.

Dev pumped his hips to fuck James’ throat. James sucked and slurped and demonstrated his extreme desire for cocks in his mouth. Dev erupted in James’ mouth and filled his mouth with cum three times. James guzzled down every drop while moaning in pleasure.

Garima and Nuzla giggled at how pathetic James looked as he begged for more cocks to suck. It was astonishing to see such slutty whorish behavior brazenly on display.

“Please, please, pretty please, feed me more cocks! I want to suck cocks so so much!” a blushing James begged.

“Oh my god! You are the cock-whore of India!” commented Nuzla.

“Yes, he is, a total cumslut!” smiled Garima.

“If sucking cocks were an Olympic sport, this stupid fucker would easily win the gold!” laughed Dev.

“Yes, he would! Bring home the gold in cock-sucking!” giggled Nuzla.

“Awww, you make America so proud, James. You are the gold medal winner in sucking cock!” chuckled Garima.

James just rolled his eyes and blushed and then continued to beg for more cocks to suck. No one sucked as many cocks as James had sucked. He was an international sensation in fellatio. Stories were told about how James had sucked so many cocks that at times his lips became frozen into an “O” position.

The girls told James that they would make sure he had plenty of cocks to suck, but he had to do something for them first. Garima and Nuzla took James to a local sorority. Wearing only his tiny thong panty, James was required to wash the cars of each girl in the sorority.

Most of the girls in the sorority, and many of their female friends, gathered to watch James. Everyone agreed that James ass was very fine and that he must have the smallest dick in the world. Even though his panties were tiny, no sign of his cock or balls could be seen.

Before James was done washing all of the cars, the guys that were called started showing up. When the car wash was completed, 65 guys were awaiting James to suck them off. He gladly started slurping and sucking. Like a dutiful cock-whore, James sucked all 65 guys.

By that time, another 26 guys arrived, and James sucked them all off. Garima and Nuzla took James back to his place, where they arranged for another 48 guys to be waiting. James blushed with embarrassment but excitedly dropped to his knees and sucked all those guys clean.

Some of those guys delivered such hardcore brutal face-fuckings. It was purely entertaining for Garima and Nuzla. The face-fucking was so intensely deep and hard. The girls just looked at each other with wide eyes and whispered, “Dahaaaam!” They then giggled about it.

When every cock had been sucked, and every drop of cum gulped down, James sat on the floor with his eyes spinning and his tongue hanging out. He had been face-fucked into a stupified dizzy brain mush. James could not speak and was frozen in intense humiliation.

“Bounce on those little panties, you dumbass slut!” demanded Garima.

James immediately began bouncing up and down on his butt. His little butt cheeks slapped firmly against the hard floor. He bounced until his butt was sore. He blushed and bounced as the girls giggled at him. Then he blushed and bounced some more.

Garima and Nuzla laughed until they had tears in their eyes. They both very much enjoyed it when James was embarrassed, and his butt hurt. As James’ butt slapped against the floor, his mouth formed an ‘O’ as he whimpered, “Woooo.”

His eyes crossed and blinked with each firm bounce. He was a hilarious sight to see. Garima finally told James that he could stop bouncing. James grunted and kicked his feet in a humiliating little tantrum.

He pounded his fists on the floor as he closed his eyes and grunted again. He murmured through clenched teeth, “I’m so so so embarrassed! This is so embarrassing! So embarrassing!”

Nuzla reached down and grabbed James’ nose, and pulled him to his feet. She then led him to the sofa and had him bend over it. He looked back over his shoulder and whispered, “Spanky.”

Nuzla obliged by swinging a large wooden paddle and pounding James’ ass cheeks until he whimpered for mercy. Garima then grabbed James’ thong panty and administered a thong wedgie.

Nuzla then loudly declared, “And one last swat for our ///”>Girl Power!

Garima clapped and laughed as the paddle smacked James’ red sore bottom with a POP! James let out a sissy cry as he bit his fist. Nuzla dropped the paddle and gave high-fives with Garima. The two girls walked out of the room laughing together. James pouted and rubbed his sore bottom.

Just then, there was a knock at the door. James went to the door and found 38 Indian guys there. All 38 of those guys came in and fed James their cocks. James slurped and sucked every one of those guys dry. James had sucked off 178 cocks that day.