Unforgettable Sex With A Single Indian Mother

Hello guys, This is coolguy again with another incident. Talking about me, I am 6 ft tall, 29 years of age, brought up in Chennai. In this story, I will be describing a sexual encounter that I had with a lady a few years ago. I hope you all will enjoy it.

The queen of this story is Radhika (name changed), 36 years old and is a doctor by profession. Her figure is 36d-34-38. She has great boobs with big light brown areolas. The best thing l loved in her is her sexy hips with the right amount of fat and her juicy ass. I am sure that any man will get an instant hardon when she walks.

I was working in a public sector bank as an officer and I loved the work over there. There was no routine work and every day was challenging. What made me like the job more was that I was handling new customers which included many women.

We all know that the bank will be less crowded in the afternoon. One day when I was having lunch, I was informed by my office boy that a lady customer was waiting in my cabin for sorting out some issues.

After I finished my lunch, I went to my cabin and found a pretty middle-aged woman. I sat on my seat and enquired about her issues. She explained the issue she was facing in some remittances.

During our conversation, I came to know that she was a doctor and was a single mother. At the end of the conversation, I asked her mobile number so that I can reach out to her regarding the issues she was facing.

Since that day, I was planning to initiate a conversation with her. As days passed on, nothing was materializing. One day I gathered the courage to make a phone call. The phone call went somewhat like this

Me: Is this Radhika? I am so and so from this bank.

Radhika: Yes. Tell me.

Me: I remember that you are a doctor and so I just called you to get a reference as I am suffering from severe pain between my shoulder and neck (I purposefully made this up).

Radhika: Sure, I will give you and how did you get my number?

Me: The day you visited the bank, you gave it to me for reference.

Radhika: I am a bit busy now. I will let you know later today.

My heart skipped a beat after I made this call. Things didn’t go as I wanted and it was hardly a 2 minutes call. After that, she never called me back for 2 days.

After 2 days, she visited the bank. I pretended that I didn’t recognize her. She asked me, “Are you the one who called me regarding the pain?”

I asked her in return, “Are you the doctor?” and said, “Sorry that I couldn’t recognize you.” She said, “its ok” and our conversation started regarding the remittance issue she had and then to my neck ache.

I also gathered the courage to ask about her family. That was when she told me that she was a divorcee and had a 10 years old son. This conversation at my cabin extended for 20-30 minutes. After that, she left the bank. Soon after she left, I texted the following:

Me: Hey sorry for not recognizing you. -_-

Radhika: It’s ok. 😊

Me: By the way, the dress that you were wearing today suited you nicely.

Radhika: Hmmm, thanks.

Since that day, we started to text often and she also started to ask more about my family and personal life. Within a week, the texting became more personal. This included like inquiry about girlfriend, virginity, etc. Since then, we also started to text at night.

These conversations were more intimate and included discussion about the dress and innerwear that we were wearing.

On one Sunday, I got a text from her.

Radhika: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Radhika: I saw the one that you were saying to me yesterday.

I honestly didn’t understand what it was.

Me: What was it?

Radhika: The red hipster panty that you were telling me.

A chillness went throughout my body and I was on cloud nine as this was the moment I was waiting for!

Me: Really?

Radhika: Hmmm.

Me: I wish you are in front of me wearing that.

Since that day, our texts turned into sex chat. I used to make calls often around 10 pm and do roleplay or guide her in fingering or make her wet by telling her what all I will be doing if I were there next to her. These things went on for two more weeks. After that, we decided to have sex as she was deprived of it.

She was living with her mother and father. Due to some marriage function, they decided to leave to their native town and hence she was alone with her son. It was on the last day of January and hence when we decided to meet at her home when they are not available.

We didn’t want to take any risk and hence avoided any outside places like the hotel and thought her home was the best and safe place.

In the morning, I made a call to my manager informing him that I wanted a day off. Radhika told me to visit her home by around 10 am as her son will be at school.

I reached her place around 10 am and parked my bike a bit far away to be safe. I reached her home and knocked on the door. She opened the door and there was my queen wearing a polyester red and black saree. That sight was such a great one, like a wife waiting for her husband.

I quickly entered the home and she latched the door. I sat on the sofa and she went to the kitchen to get me something to drink. She came with a black coffee (as I was a coffee addict).

The single hot mother sat next to me. I was sipping the coffee and I placed one hand on her thigh and was rubbing it. She was feeling a bit shy as he avoided eye contact and was looking at the TV.

After I finished my coffee, I gave her the cup. She took it back to the kitchen and I followed her to the kitchen. When she reached the sink, I was behind her and grabbed her tightly from behind!

I put my hands on her stomach through the saree side and was massaging her beautiful stomach. While massaging it, I started to kiss her neck from behind and she was enjoying the kisses. I could feel her breathing deeply. This passionate kissing continued for 2-3 minutes and then I turned her around and started to kiss her lips.

The lip kisses started to become intense and started to feel each other’s tongue and biting lips. Radhika was moaning, “AAAH..UMMH..UFFF..”

Then I asked her where the bedroom was. She walked in front of me guiding me to the bedroom. After we entered the bedroom, I latched the door (I don’t know for what reason) and went close to her. She was standing near the bed.

I placed my hand on her shoulder and slowly dropped her pallu. Now I was able to get a clear view of the divorced sexy Indian doctor’s big melons which were inside the blouse. I was excited and just grabbed her boobs and started squeezing them hard.

Then I pushed her onto the bed and I climbed on top of her. Now I was kissing her neck and squeezing her boobs with my hands. This made me horny and I removed her blouse and bra. Radhika was now lying on the bed showing her bare boobs. It was a glorious view. S

he had the perfect nipple placement and it was big and brown. Like a mad dog, I jumped again on top of her and started to squeeze and suck her boobs hard. She was making sounds like, “YES..AAAH..GOD…SQUEEZE IT HARD..” and this made me go crazy. At this point, I was so horny and I removed my clothes, her petticoat, and panty.

Now we both were naked. Again I jumped on top of her, started to kiss her lips and squeeze her boobs. I used my tongue to tickly her brown areolas and suck the nipples. Also, I fingered her nipples to give her more pleasure.

After a few minutes, I moved to her side and told her to spread her legs which she obliged. I got a glorious view of the sexy lady doctor’s pussy. It had little hairs and was wet with her juices.

I inserted my fingers and started to finger-fuck her. I also fingered her clits hard. This made her feel heavenly. She was burying her head on the bed and was making loud noises and shouting, “AAAAHA…DO IT HARD…PLEASE DON’T STOP…”.

I made her cum 2-3 times and she was breathing heavily. I moved out of the bed and went to the nearby wardrobe to get a shawl. Then I told her to lie down on the bed and to raise both the hands above her head. With the help of a shawl, I tied both her hands.

I climbed on top of her and gave her a wink. She smiled in return acknowledging that she was ready for this. I went to her armpits and started to lick them. This gave her a tickling sensation and she started to laugh. Taking turns, I licked both her armpits and it was filled with her sweat which I enjoyed.

Now I asked her whether can I insert it inside her. She nodded “yes”. But I was concerned whether it will make her pregnant as I didn’t have any condoms. She said that some 14th day was over which I didn’t understand. She then affirmed that it was safe if I come inside her.

I moved below and spread her beautiful legs and inserted my dick inside the horny single Indian mother’s pussy. OMG!!! It was the best feeling a man can get, entering his woman skin to skin.

I was so horny that I started to pump the lady doctor hard. She closed her eyes and was rhythmically moving her body to match my humps. After 5-7 minutes of intense fucking, I came inside her. It was a burst of cum inside her pussy and she said that she could feel the hot fluid inside her.

I collapsed on the side and we were tired after our very first session. After that, we cleaned ourselves. We returned to the bed and were hugging each other. She was rubbing her hands over my chest. I took it and placed it over my dick and told her to stroke my dick. Like a wife, she obliged and started to stroke it slow and smooth. (She was an expert in that). This made my dick hard.

I asked her to give me a blowjob. At first, she resisted but after a bit of cajoling, she agreed.

I told her to get down on the floor and I moved to the corner of the bed. I held her hair and thrust my dick inside her mouth. It was a heavenly feeling! The sex-starved single mom Radhika started to suck my dick hard. I also pushed my dick a bit harder to gag her and her saliva was dripping on my dick and balls.

Then she took my dick out and rubbing the tip of my dick with her tongue. It was out of the world feeling and I was ready to cum again. I lifted her and pushed her on the bed and told her to lie upside down.

I jumped on top of her and inserted my dick in her ass crack and started to fuck her. While fucking Radhika, I was pulling her hair and kissing her neck from behind. This was an intense fucking and after few minutes, I came on her ass. It was wonderful to see her sexy ass sprayed with my cum.

The time was around 1 pm noon and we both were exhausted. We decided to clean ourselves and take a bath. In the bathroom, we applied soap to each other and I massaged her boobs hard and gave her a soapy fingering. This made her cum 2 times again in the bathroom.

After the bath, we put on our dresses and had lunch together. She fed me with her hands while I was massaging her boobs over her blouse.

Around 3 pm, I decided to leave her home as her son will be coming back from school. Before leaving, Radhika said that she had the best sex ever. Her ex-husband was not so active in sex and just used to treat her like a lump of meat. He tried only missionary and would cum soon, put on his dress and move on and leaving her in limbo.

Radhika kissed me on my cheek and I kissed her on her forehead. Since then, we often had sex. As a bank officer who gets transfers often, I was also transferred from that location. Since then, we couldn’t meet but we are in constant touch as great friends.

As her sex life was lit up, she started feeling much better and happier now.

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