Gay doctor uncle’s hot Randi

Hi, I am Pranali. My real name is Pranav. But all my lovers call me Pranali. I was just a college boy when I started exploring my gay side.

This all started when I saw our family doctor fucking my best friend inside his clinic. It made me curious and also jealous. My best friend always used to bring expensive things. He always told me he works the night shift in a clinic nearby. That’s where he gets money for all his stuff.

He also convinced his parents to do a job at Doctor Anand’s clinic. As Anand sir is a very famous doctor, his parents did not bother. So he used to work at the clinic till early morning and was getting paid nicely.

One day, I felt curious about what kind of job he was doing. So I asked him to take me along. But he refused, saying it was very risky and I would not be able to do it. This made me angry. So, without his knowledge, I went to the clinic around 9.30 pm.

There was no one in there as it wasn’t a big clinic. Hardly 5 to 6 beds and Dr. Anand runs it all on his own with few nurses and staff boys. But mainly the hospital is empty at night as ours is a small town and people don’t get that much sick.

So I went, but the main door was closed from inside. I wanted to see what was really going on, so I somehow managed to look inside from the slightly open backside window. I got the shock of my life.

My friend Ninad was lying on the bed, completely naked. His legs were on Dr. Anand’s shoulder, and Dr. Anand was fucking him real hard and deep. And Ninad was moaning. There was another man with a camera who was Anand’s friend. He was standing aside and stroking his hard erect cock.

He gave into Ninad’s mouth and started to face fucking Ninad. I was in shock but also excited by the sight. I quietly got down from the window and went home without saying anything.

The next day, when I met Ninad, he had a brand new watch in his hand. I asked him about his watch, and he said he got an extra tip last night. I smiled and said, “I saw that you had two tips inside you.” Ninad understood what I meant.

He started begging me not to say this to anyone else in return for anything I wished. I was excited already. I said, “I also want to make money.”

He said, “I will give you everything I have.”

I said, “No. I want to make the same amount of money, so you have to make me part of your job.”

He smiled in relaxation and said ok. He will discuss this with Dr. Anand. That night, Ninad took me with him to the clinic and introduced me to Dr.Anand. Anand was in his 70s but looked atleast 55years young. He maintained himself well and was a regular gym member.

Plus, he is a doctor, so he knows what supplements to take. Ninad told him that I saw everything last night, and I also wanted to be a part of it. Anand ordered Ninad to close the door. As soon as Ninad closed the doors, Anand slapped me real hard and gave a hard kick to my nuts. It pained me a lot.

All I remember is when I woke up, I saw Ninad riding Anand’s cock. I was getting fucked by a random man. My hands were tied to the bed, and my legs were in the air. Another person was filming the act. I looked around in confusion.

Ninad saw me, and while moaning, he said, “Randi, I already told them everything before bringing you here. Now forget money, just be a good bitch and give pleasure to all of us.” The man who was fucking me got more excited when I woke up.

He started fucking me even more furiously as I looked in his eyes. Surprisingly, I was not feeling any pain and was rather enjoying the act. I started moaning in pleasure and biting my lips as he fucked me. His cock was going deep inside my ass. I could feel my rectum fully open, and his cock was thrusting my anus.

He fucked me for like half an hour or more, and with a huge stroke, he started cumming inside me. He came in loads. He atleast kept cumming for like 2 minutes. While cumming, he was giving even harder strokes. His cum spray was going further deep in my ass.

I was enjoying the warm liquid getting sprayed everywhere in my ass. After he finished, he pulled his limp cock out of me. I was so excited that I kept lifting my waist. My ass was contracting like a real pussy, and all the cum was dripping out from my asshole on my inner asscheeks.

As soon as he was done, he took over the camera. The third guy came over to me, and straight away, he pushed his long hard cock in my ass in just one stroke. I again moaned in pleasure as I was loving it and wanted to get fucked more.

This was the first time I experienced getting fucked in the ass. Still, surprisingly, it was all more pleasurable than painful. Now the guy who had fucked me before went to Ninad. Ninad took his limp cock in his mouth and sucked it dry. He was still riding Anand’s cock and moaning loudly in pleasure.

Now the guy who was fucking me started giving harder strokes. His cock was even larger than the previous guy, as I could feel it deeper in my ass than before. He again kept fucking me for another hour.

I was enjoying all this, but my legs were now starting to lose sensation because of being in the air for so long. So while I was still getting fucked hard, I said in that shaky voice, “Let me ride you. I can’t feel my legs.”

Anand shouted from there, “Let this randi do what she wants. She is our bitch now.” Saying this, he slapped Ninad’s ass real hard. Ninad moaned even louder.

The guy untied me while still keeping his cock inside me. And just leaned back, lifting me by holding my armpits. Now, I was on top of him. He was excited and started spanking my ass hard, saying, “Bad randi. Now give daddy the real pleasure.”

I started riding him, but my legs were tired. So he leaned me forward and started kissing my lips and gave long, hard strokes from underneath. I was in seventh heaven. I was enjoying the deep kissing at the same time. My ass was getting banged.

Now the guy with a camera had enough rest, and his cock also started getting hard. So he put down the camera at such an angle that it was still filming all this. I did not even notice when he came behind me. He started pushing his cock in my ass while there was already one cock fucking me furiously.

He somehow managed to get the tip of his cock in my ass. The guy underneath me paused for a second. Suddenly they pushed both of their cocks in my ass at once. I moaned even louder as it pained. But they were in no mood to stop. So now I was getting fucked in the ass by two cocks at the same time.

After a while, I got used to it and started enjoying it. I couldn’t believe how these people managed to fuck us for nearly 3 hours. They kept and kept fucking us till around 3 in the midnight. But it wasn’t the end yet. After fucking Ninad for like 4 hours, Anand finally came in Ninad’s mouth.

Ninad showed it to me. I saw Anand’s entire cum in Ninad’s mouth, and without wasting any drop, Ninad completely swallowed it. This was, again, something new. So I said, “I also want this.”

After fucking me for like 3 hours, both the guys pulled their cocks out of my ass and got up. Now they turned me on my back. Sat on the bed with their cocks close to my lips and ordered me to open my mouth wide. I did so, and they each pushed their cocks in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

Their cocks were going really deep in my throat, and I was gagging. So to limit their length, I held half of their cocks in each of my hands. I started getting my mouth fucked by the remaining half.

After fucking my mouth for another 20 minutes, they grabbed my head. They started pushing my face further on their cocks till their balls. With 2 to 3 hard strokes, they finally cum in my mouth. OMG! They cum in litres. They ejaculated so much sperm that I was finding it difficult to keep it in my mouth.

I started gulping it as much as possible, and the rest was falling all over my face. Our fuck session lasted for many hours. And finally, I was set free. They again fucked me that night. I slept with two limp cocks in my ass and my face and ass full of cum.

On another bed, Ninad was sleeping under Anand with Anand’s cock in his ass. We were all naked. The camera had filmed all of it.

In the morning, while me and Ninad were leaving, Anand gave each of us 5000 rs. I was happy and loved everything that happened.  I told Ninad, “If he is giving 5000 rs every night just for fucking us, then I am already loving this job.”

To which Ninad replied, “You dumbass, he is not giving us money just for fucking. He earns in crores by selling the movies which he makes while fucking us.”