Shy NRI bhabhi’s massage in front of cuck husband

Hello everyone, I am a 35-year-old man living in London for the past 6 years. My family lives in Delhi, so do come to Delhi from time to time.

One of the readers contacted me while enjoying my other story –

We replied to a few emails and found out he had a lovely family of wife and 10-year-old child. His name was Nitin (40), and his wife was Smita (38) and they had a 10-year-old son. They lived on the other side of London (Chigwell) for the last 10 years.

Brother Nitin wanted to try a threesome or cuckold experience with Smita. But as usual, the Indian wife was reluctant about it. Finally, bhabhi agreed to a full body massage and I was at the right place and right time. Luckily, after communicating with me via e-mails and phone calls, Nitin selected me for the good deed.

Now the problem was, as mentioned, Smita was reluctant for a threesome or cuckold. One day, after their son had gone to sleep, Nitin made the phone call between myself and Smita. We spoke for 15 minutes, about life, day to day stuff, and I made her relax on the phone. We didn’t discuss any of the fantasies to avoid giving a first-time impression of horny good for one thing man.

After a few more phone calls, slowly we discussed about the massage. Our call went like this –

Me: Bhabhi, I know how to do a good massage.

Smita: Really, how did you learn that?

Me: My ex-girlfriend showed me.

Smita: How did she know?

Me: She was a physiotherapist and professional massagist.

Smita: Okay, can you do a good massage?

Me: Try once and you will remember the relaxing feeling.

Smita: Okay, let’s try once and your brother will be happy as well.

Me: Really, why will he be happy?

Smita: Did he not discuss giving me a massage?

Me: Yes, he did, we can try once if you are ready.

Smita: I will let Nitin know a suitable time.

Me: I will wait for your message.

Smita: Only ‘massage’, nothing else it will be.

Me: Sure, but there will be a full “massage”.

Smita: We will see.

There was one problem. I had not seen them yet and it could be a scam. We made arrangements to have a video call before the actual meeting and gain some more trust.

The next day around 10 pm once their son had gone to sleep, they gave me a video call. Nitin was an average software engineer (not a bad-looking fella) and he moved the camera toward our heroine Smita. She was fair skin, big boobs, and was curvy.

After a brief video call, he told me to contact him later.

After 15 minutes, I called and informed that Smita was ready for the massage. The next Tuesday at daytime once their son had gone to school, we would execute the plan. She didn’t want the hotel and Nitin would be present during the massage.

I took a half day off from work on Tuesday and I made my way toward the Indian couple’s house. To put a smile on her face, I got some flowers and chocolates.

I knocked and Nitin opened the door. He saw me with flowers and called Smita. The NRI bhabhi came in a saree (nothing sexy). Flowers and chocolates did the trick for her. With a smile on her face, she requested me to sit in the living room.

There was a mattress on the living room floor, pointing that I would massage this chick here. Being a nice Indian lady, she brought some water and offered tea. I mentioned we would have tea after the massage. She got a bit shy and told us that she would be back in 5 minutes.

By then Nitin had closed all windows and curtains down. Then he brought some heated-up oil (don’t want to chill with cold oil in this wintery London weather) and put on some soft massage music (gave him this preparation list a night before to make sure it’s all ready).

Then came our actress Smita, wearing a fitting t-shirt and small shorts. I have to say they complimented his curvy figure really well. We spoke a bit about massage and its benefits. How it was helpful for the body and relaxes the tension in the muscles. She did get impressed with my “bakchodi”.

Nitin then proposed to start the massage. Who I was to delay (Don’t think any of us wanted to wait any longer). Smita lied down on the mattress on her stomach. Then I started pressing the NRI bhabhi’s shoulders and back (without touching her ass), the same for her legs and feet. She started feeling relaxed, with tense muscles easing down.

Now from her feet, I started pressing up on her legs, thighs, and eventually her bums (she started moaning a bit). We started raising the t-shirt from the back, she looked back, and I said, “How can I massage your back and put some oil without removing the t-shirt?”

Then even Nitin started explaining to her the same, while I rolled the t-shirt bit by bit exposing the flesh of her back. By the time Nitin finished explaining to her, she raised her body and I quickly pushed her t-shirt up and removed it. Guess she was expecting that it would happen so soon.

Then I threw that t-shirt on Nitin and he grabbed it like a hungry dog. Now I could see her black bra. Then with oil, I massaged her lower and upper back nicely, and she was enjoying with small moans here and there. With my expert fingers, I unclipped her hooks and used sign language to get her arms out of those good-for-nothing clothes.

The Indian wife still kept it below her boobs. Now my hands with oil were massaging her shoulders, and side boobs (I did try to squeeze my fingers close to her cleavage). She was moaning with long breaths, still having the shyness of an Indian wife.

The next one was her feet and calves. I started massaging there. Now my hands wanted to oil her thighs. The room was getting hot with the heater and 3 of us started sweating a bit. I excused myself to remove my t-shirt. They both agreed and gave me a thumbs up. After doing a fair bit on her legs, we started again on her back, made it nice and oily, and proceeded to push some fingers inside her shorts around her bums.

Seeing my struggle, our savior Nitin commanded us to remove our shorts to make it an effective massage. She raised her bums and her shorts were off in no time, as usual, I threw them at our hungry dog “Nitin”, and he was smiling like 50% work done.

Now I could see the NRI bhabhi’s black panty. It was time to make her bums oily. So I put a fair bit of oil on them and started massaging and squeezing them. She was moaning like crazy, I was sitting between her legs from behind, and I was sure she could feel the hardness.

My hands here rubbed from her cleavage to her shoulder, around side boobs, on her lower back to her bums. Soon, I put one finger inside her bum crack, massaging it, and rubbed her bum hole. She shivered with a squeal, cummed with her panty got soaking wet. Good result of the first 30 minutes of hard work.

It was time for her to turn around and lie down on her back. But due to the orgasm, she regained some of her senses and started feeling shy again.

Then Smita turned around, lied down on her back, and used her loose bra to cover her boobs. As it was getting super hot and exciting, I asked, “What if I take my trousers off?” Both of them agreed.

Soon, I was in V-shape underwear which was displaying my decent size bulge. It was time for a quick sip of water for all 3 of us before starting round 2.

Then I applied a handful of oil on her feet, and legs (from the front) and started massaging again. She closed her eyes with relaxation, while Nitin started to undress. He was sitting bare nude, started stroking himself (we made it clear to each other, that I was straight, didn’t bother trying with me or would land a punch on his face), and was aware of our conversation.

From the legs again, I started moving toward the desi bhabhi’s thighs. I could hear some moans from her again. My fingers were rubbing her panty again while massaging her thighs, which were leaking liquids. Nitin interrupted and requested to finish the top part massage before we proceeded down, not a bad idea.

Then I started again on her shoulders, neck, and arms and made her relax (her stiff muscles were easing up). Her bra was moving again and again every time I massaged her shoulder, arms which she was putting in the right place to hide her modesty. Then I moved down to her stomach and could see some clothes fluff on her navel. I asked her if I can clean the fluff and she agreed with sign language from her eyes.

As my hands were oily, I used my tongue to remove the fluff from her navel and kissed her navel a few times (I got big moans for that). I started oiling the NRI bhabhi’s stomach area, massaging from under her boobs to her panties. Sometimes my fingers will slip under her bra and sometimes inside her panties. She was breathing heavily again with moans.

Nitin again reminded me to finish the upper part first. So I started massaging around her boobs while the bra was still covering her nipples. She opened her eyes and we both were looking at each other. I asked her sensually, “Should I remove the bra?”

She replied, “Please ask, Nitin.”

Nitin looked at both of us, smiled, and removed the bra with both hands. He started stroking himself with the bra.

Then I started massaging her boobs with both hands, they were big and a handful. The NRI bhabhi seemed to have very sensitive nipples and every time I pinched her nipple, she would moan even more. Finally, my control gave up and brought my head down on her boobs, and started sucking her nipples. I was sucking both nipples, one by one, pinching them and squeezing her boobs.

Then I looked into her eyes and she brought her lips to my lips. We were kissing like passionate lovers. My hands were roaming on her back. I was kissing her neck and pinching her nipples. She got really stiff again, shivered, and cummed.

This time, she didn’t regain her senses. With her sexually intoxicated eyes, she was insisting I do more.

Time for the last attack. I started massaging her thighs again and moved her legs apart. Her panty was soaking wet. I looked into her eyes and said, “Smita, I am going to remove your panty” (more of a command than a request).

She raised her ass to comply with the command. I pulled her panty off in a second and threw it again towards Nitin, who gladly accepted, and started sniffing and licking that panty.

Now I could see her cleanly shaved wet “chut” (pussy). removed my underwear and came between her legs. I didn’t know how, but she still remembered and mentioned, “No sex, please!”

I was rubbing and rolling my fingers over the NRI bhabhi pussy. She started going crazy. Suddenly, Nitin stood up and started kissing Smita. They both were having long french kisses and I bent down and started licking her wet pussy. It was wet. I was licking her labia, pussy, playing with the clit and rubbing her ass hole. Then I started pushing my fingers inside her while licking her out.

Nitin was still kissing her and pinching her nipples. The abroad-living Indian wife was not ready for that much attack. After a few minutes of madness, she got stiff, shivered and cummed once again. Not bad for 1 hour of hard work, I thought.

Nitin left the room on the ground to clean himself. Now, it was only her and me in the room.

She said: It’s enough, can we stop?

I pointed toward my hard dick, “What about that?” I asked her if I could fuck her for some time and she said, “No please, I can’t cheat on Nitin and will not do sex with any other man.”

Then I requested her to give me a handjob or blowjob, to which that nice lady agreed.

I sat on a chair and she sat in front of me, looked at my cock said, “Nice cock” and started giving me a handjob. Then she switched from handjob to blowjob, which was heavenly. I started pinching her nipples once again. After some time, she was getting really excited. But she wanted to control, so asked me to finish quickly. I said let me stand up and started fucking her mouth while she was rubbing her pussy again.

She was moaning. I told her to stand up. As soon she stood up, I took her in my arms and made her go upside down. I was standing and her legs were wrapped around my head. So I could lick her pussy and my hands were holding her tightly. The NRI wife started giving me my blowjob and said it was the first time for her in this position. (Finally, all the hard work in the gym paid off).

We both were too excited, she started cumming again in my mouth and I cummed deep in her throat. We all were satisfied and exhausted.

Then we all cleaned ourselves separately and got ready. She already had prepared sandwiches, which we had with coffee – while we spoke about a few different things.

Smita didn’t want to talk about our experience in front of me.

I left their place with great joy but questioned if it would go any further. Nitin video called me again after their son went to sleep. Nitin and Smita thanked me for coming. We all three thanked each other for making it a special day.

We have not made any plans to meet anytime soon, as I am waiting for them to digest what happened today, and make themselves comfortable before we meet again.

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