Gayatri fulfills Rahul’s long hair fetish – Part 1

Hello Readers. My name is Rahul. And I live in Mumbai, Maharashtra, from a typical Marathi middle-class family. I am 28 years, and life was going great until 2020 happened.

I have a beautiful wife, the love of my life Gayatri. Gayatri and I were childhood friends from school when I had a huge crush on her. It was love at first sight when I saw her. We dated for a few years after completing our Bachelor’s degree and married a few years later.

We reside in a good society with 3 buildings and a nice garden for recreational activities. My wife has a great figure. She’s 5 feet 6 with a great set of boobs (my favorite). She is slim and gorgeous. She has thick silky, and wavy hair which reaches to her waist. They are just gorgeous.

I am 5 feet 8 tall and have maintained a good physique. I work out regularly with my beautiful wife. I work in an MNC, and my wife is a part-time designer. She mostly goes for her site visits once a week. We share a good romantic life. Every evening, we stroll in our society garden and enjoy our time together.

We sit on the couch at night, discuss our day, and cuddle each other. Our sex life is also great! We have sex almost 3-4 times a week. And a lot of cuddling every night while sleeping. I can never forget that Saturday evening that came into my life.

I had my weekend off from work. Gayatri and I were walking in the garden as usual in the evening. Gayatri told me a new family was shifted into our building on the above floor. She told me that a family named Kulkarni had come to stay and had shifted today afternoon.

Usually, in cities like Mumbai, every day, you will hear that every other person is shifting or relocating. But something special was going to happen, which life had planned my way.

While strolling, I saw a lady walk past me with a bag full of groceries. She was fair, a little shorter than Gayatri and had a good slim physique. Her hair was brownish when I saw her from the front. As soon as she crossed us, I just turned to take a look at that beautiful lady.

I was shocked. I saw one of the longest braids in my life! I was thick as my wrist and reached the lady’s knees. That day my long-hidden fetish was again aroused. From my childhood, being surrounded by long hair women in my house, I had created a fetish for long hair women.

I loved to play with the braids of my grandmother and my mom when they used to sleep. Whenever I used to go to my Aunt during my teenage years, I used to sleep beside my Aunt. I would smell her braid when she fell asleep beside me.

As I grew old, I had to keep my fantasies aside and focus on my career. But now, when I saw that beautiful lady, my love for long-haired women aroused. Gayatri and I kept walking, and I was all lost in the thoughts of the long-haired lady.

Gayatri (poking my arm): Where are you lost? Did you even listen to what I was saying?

Me: Sorry! I was thinking about something. What did you say?

Gayatri: I was saying that we should meet our new neighbor upstairs. Let’s greet them. We’ll visit them on the way home after our walk.

Me: Ya sure, darling.

While returning home, Gayatri and I went upstairs to meet the new neighbors. I rang the bell. I didn’t know what plans God had for me. The same lady happened to open the door! I was blanked straight out, and my heartbeats shot up.

Gayatri greeted the lady, “Hello, we stay in the apartment downstairs. We came to know you have shifted here today, so we thought we would meet our new neighbor.”

The lady was quite friendly. She offered to come in for a cup of tea. Her name was Kavita. Gayatri and I sat on the sofa, and Kavita went into the kitchen to make us tea. Her hair was tied into a huge loose bun covering her nape. I was pretty excited about these things unfolding so quickly.

The home was clean with few boxes as the family had just shifted in the morning. While looking around, I saw a photo frame. It had Kavita, along with an old guy and a young boy. I suppose it was her husband and son.

Kavita returned with our tea and sat on the opposite couch. We just had a general chat. Gayatri and I discussed our professions, society, the weather, etc. I learned that she had a son who had gone to the USA a year back and was going to settle there.

But I was curious about the second person in the frame. So I asked her who that second guy was, pointing at the frame. She became emotional and told us that it was her husband. He had passed away when her son was just in 4th standard. She missed him, and he loved her very much. He died of a heart attack.

Gayatri and I were sad about the news and consoled her. Gayatri went off the topic to cheer her up and started chit-chatting about our neighbors. I was gazing around the house and listening.

Gayatri: By the way, Kavita, you have got nice hair! They are very long. I was just amazed when I saw you down while walking in the evening.

Kavita: I like them long, and my husband also loved me with my long hair. They were on the ankle a few months back, but I trimmed them last week to my knees.

“Wow!” was my reaction. I was getting my hard-on. But I managed to cover it up by crossing my legs in front of them. Gayatri invited her for dinner since her home was still not arranged properly because of the shifting. Kavita accepted her invitation.

I was going crazy that Kavita would come for dinner tonight. I would be able to behold that beautiful hair and enjoy them at night.

Gayatri and I went home. After returning home, Gayatri started preparing dinner. I just enjoyed watching television on the living room couch. After preparing dinner, Gayatri joined me on the couch. We sat next to each other, with Gayatri resting her head on my shoulder.

Mentally I was still thinking about Kavita. I would love to hold her braid, her bun and fuck her. It would be my most loving fantasy to fuck Kavita. My dick started erecting, and Gayatri noticed that. She asked what had happened and why I was excited suddenly.

I was about to confess to her, but at the same time, our doorbell rang. I went into the bedroom to adjust my crotch, and Gayatri opened the door. It was Kavita who had come for dinner. She had her hair in a braid on her front side, reaching her knees.

The braid was so long that I was looking at it, staring at it. I felt a chill going through my spine. I showed her the couch and signaled her to sit. My eyes were still glued to that beautiful silky hair.

I was so lost in watching her hair that Gayatri had to intervene, “What are you waiting for, Rahul? Let’s sit down for dinner.” I was embarrassed that they might have noticed me staring at Kavita’s hair. This was the first time after our marriage I was turned on by someone other than my wife.

Throughout the dinner, I could barely concentrate on eating. I was staring at Kavita. Both Gayatri and Kavita were busy chit-chatting. They had become very close friends so fast. After dinner, Kavita left for her home. She and Gayatri already planned to hang out tomorrow.

I returned to my bedroom, and Gayatri joined me on the bed. I got so excited that my boner returned. Gayatri was just surprised that why was I getting so excited so often today. Gayatri just came close and whispered, “I think someone is really in the mood today.” (keeping her hand on my crotch over my pants).

She pulled my dick out from my trousers and stroked it while sitting beside me. I went close to her, and we kissed. She spat on my dick and started to give me a blowjob. I closed my eyes and enjoyed every moment of it. I felt the pleasure as her hand went up and down over my wet dick.

The thoughts of Kavita excited me even more. I wanted to kiss her all over her body, her hair. I wanted Kavitas braid wrapped around my 7 inch long dick and to fuck every hole of her braid. I was on the verge of cumming. Gayatri started to stroke my dick even faster. I finally came. This was the heaviest I ever cum.

Covering her head in my love juice. My dick was still giving small spurts of semen, which Gayatri drank happily and licked my dick clean. Before she could go to the bathroom to clean herself up, I pulled her close to me. I was frightened to say this, but I gathered my courage and confessed.

“Gayatri, I want to tell you something. From childhood, I have had a fantasy. Call it a fetish, maybe. I am fascinated by the long hair of women, or maybe say not the women but their long hair. Every woman in my family had long hair, and I used to get aroused by it.”

“I felt I got over this fantasy, but today when I saw Kavita, I couldn’t control it. Her long braid appears in front of my eyes as soon as I close my eyes. My dick gets hard for it. I am sure even if her heavy mass of hair touch my dick, it will start dripping.”

“I feel like fucking her hair in a bun, then with her hair in a braid and then with hair loose, all over the bed. I cannot control my mind. But then I feel guilty about betraying you. I love you so much, Gayatri, and I don’t know how these thoughts of my past fantasies are just crowding my mind since the evening!”

“I am sorry, baby, if I have hurt your feelings. But please be sure I love you and will never cheat on you.” This was it. I had gathered all my courage to confess this to my wife. I just thought I had made a mistake telling her. Have I just ruined our marriage? I was about to have a breakdown.

My eyes were full of water. But I felt good to have relieved myself of my thoughts in front of my best friend. I was just absent in my emotions and felt Gayatri’s hand coming towards me.

She held my head with her soft hands and looked into my eyes. “Rahul, listen here. No need to cry, baby. I can understand your feelings. I know you will never hurt me. You care for me. It’s okay, Rahul,” She added “ I understand your fantasy. Everyone has one, and it’s okay.”

Gayatri comforted me. She hugged me as we slept on the bed. I just put my head on her breasts, and she held my head from behind and comforted me. It was not soon enough till I slept.

The next morning, on Sunday, I got up late, having the best deep sleep of my life. It was around 11:30 in the morning. My head felt heavy, and it took me a while to come to my senses. I walked to the kitchen, and Gayatri was standing there.

“So you got up, baby. I hope you had a nice sleep at night. I am making tea for you. Go sit on the couch. I will join you there.” I just listened to what she said, went to the living room, and sat on the couch. She came and sat beside me on the left, keeping the cup of tea on the table in front.

She kept her right hand on my left thigh and moved her soft hand around my thigh, “You know what? I just came from the grocery store, and whom do you think I must have gone with? (Thoughts ran through my mind) Ya, it was my dear friend Kavita.”

Gayatri smiled, looking straight into my eyes. It made me very nervous. “We also strolled in the garden for a while and returned. You must be very curious. So let me tell you that She was in a beautiful light blue dress. I know it is your favorite color. Such a coincidence.”

“What an aroma she had when I met her in the building lobby. It was coming from her hair. She must have washed it in the morning. Ya, and the most important thing that you particularly would like me to tell is neither had she put her hair in her big thick bun nor put it in a braid.”

“It was all open and kept together with a small center clip. It was heaven to watch, my darling. Everyone in the park would turn around to watch her beautiful hair.  I wish you were there, honey.”

With those words coming from my wife’s mouth, I was getting turned on and shocked. My dick got harder and harder with every word she described Kavita.

“Look who’s getting aroused. Let that little monster be in the cage, getting desperate to be let out for my soft hand to caress it! And by the way, I have something to show you, baby.”

With that, Gayatri pulled out her phone and opened her camera photos. She showed me the latest pictures, which she clicked in the morning. It was of Kavita and her hair. “I know. You like what you see, don’t you?” I just nodded. Gayatri slipped my trousers and took my throbbing dick out of my underpants.

“I know what you like, my dear husband.” She started scrolling through the pictures one by one with her phone in her left hand, showing me and caressing my dick with her right. She spat on it, kissed the tip of my dick, took it in her mouth, and started giving me the best blowjob.

Once she scrolled through all the photos, she stopped. My dick was hard and erect as if it had grown ½ inch taller. She then put the phone aside and stood in front of me. She undressed and took her beautiful thick hair in front over her right shoulder. She made a beautiful, monstrous braid of her hair.

She came close to me while I was half-naked on the couch. She then wrapped my dick around my cock and started moving it up and down.

“This is what you want, right, my lovely husband? You are surely enjoying this treatment, aren’t you? Now I want you to fucking cum harder while I rub my braid on your rod. Would you do that for me, dear?”

With this, she started to move her braid wrapped around my monstrous cock more vigorously with her hand. I could not withstand this. The softness of her silky hair on my dick. My long-lost fantasy, which I was living. I cum, I cum hard.  It all came on the braid, and some of it even got sprayed on her mouth.

Me: I love you, Gayatri. Ahhhh!

I moaned in pleasure. Gayatri then wasted no time cleaning my dick with her tongue and sat beside me. Holding her braid and showing her cum on it, she even licked the cum on her braid. It was such a sexy feeling seeing my wife like this.

Gayatri: Rahul, I have another surprise for you. I am not cutting them.

Me: What? I cannot understand, darling.

Gayatri: I mean, I will grow my hair as you like. I will grow them so long that you won’t imagine, baby.

I was feeling very, very happy. I couldn’t imagine that one evening could turn my life into heaven. I was so happy and aroused that my dick again stood hard. I just lifted Gayatri in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I fucked her the whole afternoon.

We kissed, and I made her cum thrice. She gave me a good hairjob, even better than the previous one. I kissed her hair, and her braid even fucked her bun. I kissed her all over her body. It was such an intense session that we just passed out.

We slept for another 2 hours, all naked on the bed. I was holding her waist from behind and digging my face through her hair onto her nape the whole afternoon.

To be continued.

Hope you all enjoyed this story, especially the long-hair lovers. More parts of this story will be available soon. I hope to see a good response to the story. It motivates me to bring even more stories in the future. Thank you.