Gayatri fulfills Rahul’s long hair fetish – Part 2

Now that my fetish was not hidden from Gayatri anymore, my load of burden was gone. She and I became even closer and used to have sex almost daily. She had become a very close friend to Kavita. At night, Gayatri showed me Kavita’s long hair pictures while she caressed my dick.

I don’t know how she used to manage to get such pics of her, but I was enjoying it very much. Gayatri even used to give me a hairjob most days. She took care of her hair very much after knowing I had a hair fetish. I would massage her head with warm oil on weekends when I had holidays.

Her long hair would be dripping with oil after the oiling session. I used to help her wash, dry her hair, and comb it for her. My mobile is now full of her long hair pics from each weekend. There were even pics of me cumming on her long hair and our many steamy hair jobs.

Gayatri also loved the weekends because she enjoyed herself like a queen that day. Getting my full attention and getting fucked hard hour after hour. Since we were living in a flat alone, we had all the time for both of us. We were the happiest couple.

Kavita also had become our very close friend, except I used to fantasize about her a lot. I used to stare at her and her long hair whenever we met, and Gayatri wouldn’t mind it.

Gayatri and Kavita often hung out on weekends or even after I returned from the office on weekdays. We sometimes went to restaurants, or she used to invite us to her house for dinner. Life was going great.

It was a public holiday on Friday. So I had 3 days straight off from my office. These kinds of holidays are often rare. I thought of making the most out of it. The day before, I had planned to enjoy this mini vacation with Gayatri.

It was Friday morning, and Gayatri came to me in a hurry. She told me she has urgent work with her client regarding her design. So she has to go. She won’t return until evening. I asked her if I could drop her off.

She replied, “No need of it, Rahul. I have asked Kavita to come and make lunch for you. She will be here with you, but please help her with anything she needs. Bye, baby.”

After Gayatri went, I just sat on the couch watching television. After a few minutes, the bell rang. It must be Kavita, I thought. With excitement to see my hair goddess, I ran to the door and opened it. Yes, it was Kavita!

In a beautiful dress, her hair was done in a thick cobra braid, reaching till her knees were put in front of her shoulders. I was watching her in her full glory. “Please make yourself home. Let me get something for you to drink.” I signaled her to sit, my eyes still glued to that beautiful long braid.

I walked into the kitchen to get something to drink. I could see her sitting on the couch from the kitchen. Looking at her long beautiful hair, my dick was leaking its love juice. I made tea for us and sat on the chair opposite the couch. While having the tea, we both talked a lot.

I gathered my courage and told her, “Kavita, you have really beautiful hair. Gayatri is getting a lot inspired by you nowadays.”

“Is it?” she exclaimed.

“Yes, of course. You have such beautiful long hair. Anyone would be inspired to grow their hair as long as yours.”

“Thank you so much, Rahul. That is so nice of you. My husband used to tell me to keep my hair long. He used to like them a lot. I still take care of them now as well because I enjoy them being long.”

Her husband must be a hair fetish as well, I thought. Kavita pointed at our balcony. She told me Gayatri had maintained the balcony well with those beautiful plants and flowers. It looks really beautiful in that natural sunlight. Gayatri was very fond of her plants. She decorated our house very well.

Kavita just requested me to take a photo of hers on the balcony as she liked the background very much. I quickly removed my phone instead of her giving it to me so that I could get her photos on my phone. She gave various poses, and I clicked with her happily as often as she told me.

I then opened the gallery and showed her the photos on the couch next to her. She swiped and swiped after every photo. I just looked at her and her hair. And suddenly. “Oops, I guess there are some personal pics here,” Kavita exclaimed. She handed me the mobile.

She saw the pics of Gayatri giving me a hairjob and cum on her hair! I was embarrassed, and my face turned red. “ Very sorry for that. We do have fun at night. I should have forwarded the photos to you instead.”

Kavita: Ya, it happens, Rahul. No need to be embarrassed. I am your friend anyways. Even me and my husband used to have such fun.”

I exclaimed, “ Did you as well?”

Kavita: Ya, he has a long hair fetish. We met at a family event where he just fell in love with me. I had my hair till here. (Kavita pointing with her hand to her thigh). We married eventually, and over the years, I grew my hair to my knees, then till my calves.”

“Wow, how lucky he must have been,” was my reaction.

Kavita: You like my hair, don’t you? Rahul, I have seen you stare at my hair quite often. Correct me if I am wrong.

Me: Ya, sorry. I just cannot ignore that beautiful hair of yours.

Kavita: Would you like to touch them?

I just couldn’t say anything. I was excited that I was getting this opportunity. I was staring at her with my jaw dropped without uttering a single word, lost in my thoughts. She then just held my hand and placed her braid in my hand. “Don’t be shy. Come on.”

I don’t know why she did this, but I enjoyed it. This woman knew how to turn on a hair lover like me. I caught her braid with both my hands. It was thick. “It’s thick, isn’t it?” she asked while holding it. “It feels even thicker when I am holding it,” was my reply.

She just smiled, and I started to enjoy that braid. Since things have come so far, I just gathered my courage and, without her permission, took the braid close to my nose and smelled it. It was a pleasant aroma of the shampoo. It felt like she had just washed it in the morning.

I even brushed the loose end of the braid on my face and enjoyed the softness. I was here enjoying her braid and watching her play without speaking. And below, my dick was now completely erect, which was quite visible on my loose pants.

“Someone’s got excited holding the braid,” whispered Kavita. Bringing me to my senses, pointing towards my boner with her eyes. I was embarrassed. I was about to get up and leave the couch to go to the bedroom. But she just held my arm.

“Even my husband used to get this every day watching my hair loose. He used to love it when I used to wrap my hair around his dick and lick it. I miss getting myself and my hair fucked,” told Kavita while she started to run her hand on my thighs near my crotch.

It gave me goosebumps. “Look what this thick, heavy mass of my hair has done to you! I am sure even if I touch it, you will start dripping. Let me see, ” she whispered. She touched my bulge and gave it a light squeeze without even waiting for me to say anything.

True to what she had said, I burst out all sticky and wet in my underwear and pants. “This even happened to my husband when he saw my hair in its full glory the first time,” she smiled and came close to me. She planted a soft kiss on my lips. I, who wanted to fuck this beauty, couldn’t control much.

I responded to her kiss without caring about cheating on my wife with her friend. We kissed for over 5 minutes while she sat on my lap. Her long braid was touching the floor while she sat on me. She removed my t-shirt, and I removed her top and unbuttoned her bra.

Her soft breasts were now for me to suck. I circled my tongue over her nipples, which aroused her more. It was evident that she desired sexual pleasure for years after her husband died. My dick was again erect in my pants and felt it touching between her thighs. She was moaning with pleasure.

I caught her hair from behind and planted kisses on her neck, cheeks, nape and all over her face. She then stood up in front of me half naked and took all her braid over her shoulder to the front. She sat on her knees in front of me. I was still sitting on the couch with my shirt off.

She pulled my pants to reveal the huge bulge inside my undies. Kavita caressed it with her hands over the thin wet cloth. Caressing her head, I asked her to take it out. Kavita slipped my undies down, and my 7 inch sprang up in full glory. She held my dick in her right hand and planted a soft kiss on the tip of my dick.

She started to circle her tongue around my knob. I was feeling pleasure. She spat on my dick and stroked it while sucking my balls. With every stroke of her soft hands on my dick, it was getting harder and harder. “ Ahh, Kavita, I am loving it,” I moaned.

She pulled her long hair braid towards the front and wrapped it around my long dick. Finally, my fantasy of fucking Kavita’s hair came true. Her braid was so thick that even my long and thick cock was half covered by a single turn of her braid over it. She started to move her braid up and down over my dick.

It was feeling even softer than her hands. She stood up and leaned forward, rubbing my dick more vigorously with her braid. I caught her head with my hands and kissed her. I kissed her like that for over a minute. While doing so, I pressed her boobs and nipples, and she enjoyed it.

I was about to cum because Kavita was rubbing her hair over a minute vigorously on my dick now. So I had to signal her, and she stopped. She then rewrapped her braid around my dick and pulled it from both ends tightly around my 7 inch mass.

“Don’t you cum now, dear? Contain your precious fluid. I want you to release it inside my pussy.” It was difficult to control those sexy words coming into her mouth, but I didn’t want to spoil my chance. I somehow managed to control my leaking semen thanks to kegel exercise, which I practice daily.

“ I won’t cum until I fuck every hole of that beautiful braid and your pussy,” I replied to her. I could see her face turn red. She then brushed her open-hair end of braid on my face, smiling, “As you wish.” She held my hand and made me stand from the couch.

We were standing facing each other now. Kavita was naked above her waist, and I was completely naked now. I was enjoying this beauty with my eyes. I was staring at her braid flowing from her shoulder, over her boob, her waist straight till her knees. I went close to her and pulled her close to me.

Her breasts were now rubbing my chest. My erect cock was rubbing against her stomach. I hugged and pressed her ass with my hands while kissing her neck. She held my dick with her right hand, squeezed it tight, and put it in her braid hole.

I could feel her hair strands of loose ends tickling my balls while my dick entangled in her soft braid. She put both her hands on my shoulders. We again smoothed. But I now heard some noise on my door. It was coming from my door lock. It was in no time that the door opened. It was Gayatri!

She opened the door with the keys. I was shocked to see her come back so early. Kavita and I were standing almost naked in front of her with my dick in Kavita’s braid. In those microseconds, my mind was thinking about how to face my wife. Would she ever forgive me for cheating on her? I was sweating.

I could see Gayatri’s face turn red in anger. The first thing she did was close the door. I was not able to face my wife. I just put my head down. She came close and stood right before us with her hands crossed. I was standing embarrassed with a clear sign of guilt on my face.

“How could I do this to her!” my inner voice was yelling at me.

“How could you cheat on me, Rahul? I thought you loved me. One day, when I leave you with another lady, you are like fuck our marriage? Didn’t you think once?” Gayatri lashed out at me.

I was sitting on the sofa (of course, naked), resting my forehead on both hands, regretting. I was about to cry loudly, and Gayatri said, “Kavita, I thought you were my friend. I told you to wait until I come. You already made him naked!”

I was just confused. What the fuck did I listen to? I turned my head up and saw both of them smiling.

Kavita: Gayatri why now.You could have just waited!

Gayatri: Just look at him. My baby would have started crying if I could not have told.”

“What am I missing here? Can anyone explain to me wtf this is happening?” I spoke out loud out of frustration.

Gayatri just came close to me on the sofa and sat next to me. “All this, me going out and inviting Kavita home, was my plan, but this idiot just spoiled it. I told her to wait for me to join. I already see you naked here! I want my darling to explore his fetish.

I confessed to Kavita that you were flat on her the next day you told me. All those pics of Kavita I used to show you were Kavita’s idea. Listening to Gayatri, my mood changed 180 degrees from being sad to extremely happy and thankful to my wife for this amazing gift.

Before I could say anything, Kavita interrupted, saying, “Now enough of talking, come to Gayatri, let me teach you how to give a hairjob to your lovely husband. You want to learn it from me, don’t you?”

“Hmmm,” said Gayatri with a naughty smile, and holding my hand, she asked me to stand up. Both the women were now on their knees, caressing my dick which was now completely erect.

“Did you like this huge monster of my husband?” asked Gayatri, holding my dick in her hand. “Very much,” was her reply. Now both of them started sucking my cock one after the other. When Gayatri had my dick in her mouth, Kavita would have my balls in hers.

They were playing with it just like what I used to watch in porn. I was getting hornier and hornier. Now both were sliding their lips on my erect cock on either side. I enjoyed watching them and the pleasurable sensation I felt on my rod. And eventually, both of them started kissing each other.

Gayatri and Kavita were now in each other’s arms, lying on the floor, kissing each other. And I was now watching them while I sat on the sofa stroking my dick. I was enjoying my wifey doing lesbian with her friend. To arouse me more, Gayatri held Kavita’s braid on her back.

While they hugged, they removed the hair band holding that monstrous braid together. I could see Kavita’s hair unfold slowly with every movement of her head while they were kissing. Gayatri also removed the hairband from her ponytail.

Now I could see my long-haired angels with completely loose hair rubbing each other’s pussy. Gayatri made her stand up to face me. She started rubbing Kavita’s pussy with Kavita’s hair with one hand and pressing her boob with the other while standing behind her.

Kavita was moaning like anything and cum after a few minutes. They again started scissoring each other like crazy. Gayatri was lying on the floor. Kavita was on top of her, and Kavita’s loose hair was all over their body. I could see their swollen clits (pussies) rubbing against each other.

Both of them moaned loudly with pleasure. Eventually, they both came and started licking the fluid leaking from each other’s pussy and smiling at each other. They even swapped the cum from each other’s mouths 3-4 times and kissed each other, after which Kavita drank them all!

It was a sight worth watching. Kavita then started licking Gayatri’s juicy boobs. Her hair was all over Gayatri’s body. She licked her boobs over that hair which turned me on more and more. For me, it was fascinating to see my wife indulging in hair play and intercourse with another long hair lady.

They finally set each other free and kissed each other. And turned their head toward me, smiling. In my mind, I was like, “Friday hai aaj. I am fucking these ladies the whole weekend.” They both came crawling towards me on hands and knees.

Kavita’s hair completely swept the floor. Gayatri’s long hair had come in front, covering both her boobs. It was like two hair goddesses coming toward me. I stopped stroking my dick and removed my hand from it. I caught both my girls by their heads from each hand.

I kissed Gayatri and then Kavita. They were now sitting beside me and me sitting in the middle. “Rahul, I would love to see to fucking, Kavita and me at the same time,” told Gayatri in her beautiful voice. I got goosebumps hearing those words from her mouth.

“I want my dear hubby to enjoy this long-haired beauty. But not now! After having lunch,” added Gayatri. With this, both of them laughed. I was smiling and seeing both my beauties happy.

Kavita: But Gayatri, what about this erect monster (holding my dick in one hand)? Don’t we have to make him sleep for now? He’s got pretty excited while watching us play.”

With this, Kavita wrapped strands of her loose hair around my dick. Both held my dick over her hair and started moving their hands up and down. I started moaning with pleasure. “This is just the beginning, Rahul. You have to wait till the evening for more,” whispered Gayatri in my ears.

I unloaded my cum finally, listening to those sexy words from Gayatri. I came so heavy that Kavita’s hair and hands were full of my fluid which they both licked happily.

All three of us kissed. Went to the bedroom and changed our clothes. Gayatri and I helped Kavita to braid her hair. Both of them prepared lunch, and I enjoyed watching my long-haired ladies while they were in the kitchen. We all had our lunch and gossiped a lot.

Kavita told us how she and her husband used to enjoy hair play and what kinky stuff she used to do while fucking. I was really happy with my situation here. Now I could only imagine what was coming up for me in the evening. All of us planned to go to a movie in the afternoon.

I was eagerly waiting to fuck my wife and her friend.

To be continued.

Hope you liked the story. Stay tuned for the next part, and let me know in the comments if you liked the story, especially long-hair lovers.