Gayatri fulfills Rahul’s long hair fetish – Part 3

We had very much fun hanging out in the evening. Gayatri had put on her favorite light blue salwar kameez, looking gorgeous. Her hair is done in a thick, silky braid reaching her waist. Kavita was well dressed, with her hair done in a monstrous braid-bun.

Most people don’t even get one girl. Here I was, roaming with two beautiful ladies I was going to fuck in the night. We went to a restaurant for dinner where I could see many people staring at that monstrous bun of Kavita. I didn’t like men staring at her.

But I was happy that I was the lucky man who would enjoy her in the evening.
We returned to our society at around 11 pm. Not a single person was down as we were walking toward our building. Gayatri and Kavita were walking in front, talking with each other.

I was following them, carrying their shopping bags in one hand. Since there was no one around, I got a bit naughty. I just pulled Kavita’s bun loose. All her braid untangled came down, flowing like a waterfall all over her back, finally resting till her knees.

I loved doing it, but Kavita got a little annoyed at me. “What is this, Rahul!” Gayatri, too, stared at me, and I could sense she meant to stop doing this in a public area. They continued to walk. My eyes were glued on Rapunzel walking with their braids swinging like a pendulum with every movement of their hips.

As we waited in the building lobby for the lift, I was not in my control anymore. My sexual urges started growing with every passing second. I stood close behind Kavita while she was waiting for the lift. Catching her shoulders, I planted a kiss on her braid.

With that kiss, Kavita shivered a bit, “Ahh, Rahul! Someone will see.” She even pointed at Gayatri to stop me, or someone may catch us. So I just controlled myself. As soon as we entered the lift and its door closed, I went close to Gayatri and started kissing her.

Even though she didn’t care much, we started kissing in the lift. I was pretty sure that Kavita was also getting aroused by our act. I pulled Gayatri’s braid towards the front and started kissing her cheeks, her neck, then her braid and pressed her boobs.

I could notice Kavita’s hands were now rubbing her pussy over her dress through the mirror behind Gayatri. As soon as the elevator doors opened, we gathered ourselves and entered the lobby. Gayatri opened the door. As soon as we entered the home, I caught Gayatri by her waist.

We both started kissing each other. Kavita joined us while all three were standing in the living room. I was kissing Gayatri and then Kavita one by one. Kavita then stood behind Gayatri and removed her top and bra, setting her boobs free.

I started licking her boobs, and Kavita started rubbing her fingers over Gayatri’s pussy over her bottoms. Gayatri was now completely aroused. She turned around and started kissing Kavita. She undressed Kavita and started licking her boobs.

Meanwhile, I removed Gayatri’s pants. Now, she is standing only with her undies. They both now came close to me. Gayatri pulled my T-shirt, and Kavita sat on her knees and unbuttoned my trouser. Now I was completely in my underwear.

I could see a huge bulge in my undies as my 7 inch dick was in a hurry to be caressed. Kavita, now moving her hands over my underwear, gave me a light press on my dick. “ Let me unleash this monster,” uttered Kavita. Gayatri was still standing, and we were kissing.

Hearing Kavita, she broke the kiss and started staring at my crotch. Kavita slid my undies down, and my cock sprang erect, pointing at her in full glory. Gayatri, too went on her knees and joined Kavita. They both smiled at each other, kissed, and started giving me blowjobs.

Kavita would take my huge dick in her mouth, licking my entire rod from its tip to the end, while Gayatri would suck my balls. After a while, they would switch, and then both of them started licking my rod from either side.

I was playing with their braids, smelling them, pressing them over my face, and kissing those thick braids. I loved holding Kavita’s super long hair braid. I wrapped it over my entire arm and pulled it. Kavita moaned. Now that my dick was erect and completely lubricated, it was time for it to enter pussies.

Kavita: Let’s go to the bedroom now.

Saying this, she wrapped my dick in her braid tightly and asked Gayatri and me to follow her. I felt the softness yet the tight squeeze on my dick. I followed her like an obedient student, with my throbbing erection firmly tied in her hair and my hands on her hips. I pushed Gayatri onto the bed with her back lying down.

Kavita unwrapped my dick from her long hair braids. Kavita now lay on top of her in the missionary position. Both of their vaginas were rubbing up against each other. Gayatri’s braid squeezed between them. Kavita’s braid flowed from her back towards the side, then over the bed.

They were kissing each other, sucking each other’s boobs. Now it was my time to enter Kavita after such a long wait. I touched my wet knob on Kavita’s pussy from the back. She gave a slight moan. She would have felt the saliva dripping from my dick and the warmth of my dick.

I held her butt and slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy. She moaned loudly with pain. She must not have had sex for many years now. I could feel her tight pussy clinging to my thick dick as I moved it deeper. I started thrusting my dick back and forth in Kavita.

She was now enjoying the sensation after feeling the pain in a few strokes. Because of my thrusts, Gayatri and Kavita’s pussies were rubbing against each other and moaning loudly. They were kissing each other, sucking each other’s boobs vigorously, and Kavita fingered her pussy.

Finally, within minutes, both came. I could feel their juices on my dick after I removed it from Kavita’s pussy. Some of it was even on my balls. Now it was my turn to enter Gayatri. With Kavita still over Gayatri, I held my dick and inserted it in Gayatri’s pussy.

Gayatri started moaning again, “Fuck me, baby. Ah, deeper, deeper, Rahul.” I was getting even more aroused by the moans of Gayatri that I started to band her more vigorously. Kavita now got up and sat over Gayatri’s face, facing me. Gayatri started licking her pussy.

Kavita was rubbing and licking Gayatri’s pussy, while I was fucking Gayatri. Kavita would spit and move her tongue over the pussy and my dick as I moved it back and forth. She would hold my dick, take it in her mouth, lubricate it, and again put it in Gayatri’s pussy. I enjoyed it very much.

It went on for another 5 minutes, and both finally came. Gayatri and Kavita licked my dick clean after I removed it from the pussy. Now it was time for the hair play session. They both made me lie on the bed. Kavita stood on the bed. Gayatri started to open her thick braid.

My dick was now super erect watching it. Gayatri pulled the rubber band of Kavita’s braid and threw it away. Her hair was so thick that her hair started to untie automatically. Gayatri then fingers through her hair, removing the remaining knots.

I could see Kavita’s loose hair in full glory. She was standing on the bed above me. I was lying between her legs, facing toward the ceiling. I could only see Kavita’s legs below her knees. Her entire body was hidden behind those thick braids of hair. I could not control myself.

I just got up a bit and pulled Kavita down, catching her waist, and she fell over me. Her loose hair was scattered between mine and her body. I could feel her hair all over my body, from my chest to my stomach, my dick, right to my knees. I just kept feeling that hair by digging my face into them.

Kissing her nape, her back. My erect dick was between her thighs, pointing upwards, partially covered by her long hair. Without wasting any time, Gayatri went down between my legs. She put her face between my thighs and started sucking my cock covered in Kavita’s hair. She rubbed her pussy with her hand.

Kavita started moaning. I was enjoying a nice blowjob my wife gave me and playing with Kavita’s hair. Gayatri made Kavita cum again. All her sticky fluids were on my dick and hair. Kavita and I got up. I pulled Gayatri towards me and hugged her.

I started caressing her back and opened her braid, setting her hair free now. I lifted Gayatri’s leg while we were standing, inserted my dick into her pussy, and started thrusting. Kavita went on her knees between us and started licking Gayatri’s vaginal opening as my dick moved.

I kept on thrusting in and out and kissing Gayatri. In no time, I cum inside her. My sticky fluid was now dripping from her pussy which Kavita took in her mouth. Kavita and Gayatri then swapped the cum from each other’s mouths, kissing happily.

We got tired of all this and lay on the bed with me in between them. Kavita and Gayatri were facing me and moving their fingers over my chest, stomach, and thighs, making me feel a ticklish sensation. Kavita pulled her loose hair, put it all over my body, and hugged me.

Her hair covered half of my body, my chest, my dick, and my waist like a blanket. Gayatri also put her hair in the front and hugged me from another side. We then all just passed out and slept naked the whole night. It was around 9 in the morning, and my eyes opened.

Kavita was still sleeping naked on my left. Gayatri was awake, sitting on the bed, resting her back on the headboard, still naked. Her hair covered her boobs, flowing to her pussy. She was reading her book. I also got up and sat beside her.

“Enjoyed last night, didn’t you?” I asked Gayatri. “Yes, it was amazing. I wish my hair were as long as hers. I wanted to give you a really good hair job like her. But never mind, I am growing my hair. The day will come soon when you will enjoy these locks over your dick while fucking my pussy.”

“Don’t you worry dear, I love your hair too. I would love to see your beautiful hair longer and longer,” I replied and kissed Gayatri. “Let’s go and dress now.” Gayatri interrupted me and said, “You forgot. Today is Saturday. What do we do on Saturday (Moving her fingers through her hair, signaling me something).”

“Ya, it’s your hair oiling day! How could I forget that?” I replied.

Gayatri: You know what, over the past few days, you have made me have a hair fetish too. (she laughed) I just loved watching you so much when you were fucking her. She must have had a ball of a time. Look how tired she is.

Me: Your friend is now ours. We will fuck her so much that she will never miss her husband again. I am in love with her as well now.

Gayatri held my head with her hand and brought my face close to hers “ But don’t you forget your wife, Rahul.” And kissed me. We kissed, and Gayatri got up and went to the kitchen to make coffee for all of us. She didn’t even wear any clothes!

I got a hint that we would roam naked in the house. Meanwhile, Kavita also got up. She gathered all her hair and put it into a massive bun. I went close to her, kissed her, held her arm, and we waited for Gayatri to bring us coffee.

“I enjoyed it very much yesterday,” said Kavita. “It was even more fun when we all three were there. Even better than what I used to have with my husband,” she added. “He did not have that big dick as yours,” she pointed at my dick.

I was really happy to hear that. “Even this dick feels small when wrapped in your hair,” I complimented her. She blushed and said, “ He (my dick) will be enjoying even more, today!”(holding my dick)

I could not believe she was still not tired from so much fucking last night. Finally, Gayatri came with coffee for all of us. She handed the cup to Kavita and me and sat next to me. We were enjoying our time, having a discussion, and sipping coffee.

After having coffee, Gayatri brought hair oil. “It’s a hair-oiling session! Now you are going to have a real task, Rahul oiling both of us!” she laughed.

“I won’t get tired of oiling your beautiful hair,” I added. “Don’t worry, I will help you while oiling Kavita’s hair,” said Gayatri. Gayatri sat on the edge of our bed. I sat behind her with the oil bottle. Kavita also joined me and sat next to me.

I ran my hand through Gayatri’s open hair from her scalp to the end of her waist. Kavita picked up the bottle and signaled me to pour the oil into my palm. I then moved my hand through Gayatri’s head, giving her a good massage. She was enjoying it very much with her eyes closed.

I was circling my fingers over her scalp. Meanwhile, Kavita stood up and opened her bun. All her mass of hair fell to her knees, and she sat next to me again. She collected her hair and spread it on my lap. I knew what was coming next. I was massaging Gayatri, and Kavita was now giving me a nice hairjob.

Kavita kept wrapping her hair around my erect dick. With just two rounds, my dick was completely hidden in her tresses. Holding the hair over my dick, she moved her hand up and down. She even took the dick in her mouth with her hair wrapped! I was completely going wild watching it.

She would kiss the tip of my dick, which was slightly visible at the top. Already I could feel the pre-cum oozing out of my dick. She kept on stroking the dick slowly and slowly while watching me massage my wife’s hair. Came a time when I felt that I would cum.

Kavita understood that and stopped. She then got up and went on her knees in front of the bed’s edge where Gayatri was sitting. She then started licking her pussy. Gayatri now started moaning loudly. The whole room was full of Gayatri’s moans and the fragrance of the oil I was applying to her hair.

I had poured so much oil that some was now dripping from her hair onto her lap and butt and near her pussy. Kavita made her cum twice till I massaged her. Now it was going to be Kavita’s turn. “I want you to fuck me before you massage me,” said Kavita. She got up from the floor and stood in front of me.

She pulled her hair towards the front. Gayatri also got up from the bed. I went and hugged Kavita now. I could feel her hair touching my erect dick, and we kissed. Gayatri sucked my cock and lubricated it, so it was ready to enter Kavita’s pussy. I turned Kavita so that her back faced me.

I was going to fuck her in a doggy style. She flipped her hair towards the back, which rolled overflowing from her back to her waist and finally covering her entire ass to her thighs. I caught her hair with one hand and her hips with another and guided my dick into her pussy.

I started thrusting in and out, gripping her long hair and pulling them to fuck her even harder. She was moaning like anything. Meanwhile Gayatri was sitting and watching me fuck Kavita rubbing her pussy. Then I heard Kavita saying, “ Put them in….Ahhh.. put them in.”

I was a bit confused. I asked her, “What?” She said, “The hair… put the hair in.” I removed my cock from her pussy. She brought the mass of her hair over her vaginal opening and massaged her pussy with her hair. She asked me to insert it now with her hair still on pussy.

Without hesitation, I wrapped her hair around my cock and inserted my dick, with her hair entangled all over my cock into her pussy. It was an out-of-the-world experience. My love, the hair on my cock, fucking a pussy. I could not have asked her more.

I thrust cock too and fro with the hair covering it, and she loved it. Gayatri, too got excited watching us and started rubbing her pussy harder. Gayatri and Kavita both came. I could see all their pussy and thighs wet with the fluid. Our bed was in a state of mess with oil, cum and hair scattered all over it.

I removed my wet cock from Kavita’s pussy. I could see her wrapped hair on my dick wet because of her ejaculation. She turned towards me, grabbed my dick, removed the hair over it and licked it clean. My dick was throbbing, and I wanted to cum now.

Then I heard Gayatri say, “It’s my turn now. I, too, want to enjoy Kavita’s hair wrapped on your dick in my pussy!” Kavita was very happy to hear this from Gayatri. She pulled Gayatri towards her and kissed her. She made her lie on the bed and sat on her face in the 69 position.

She rubbed her hair all over her pussy and started licking her pussy. Kavita now asked me to come closer and took hold of my dick in one hand, licked it and spat on it. She took heavy strands of her hair, wrapped them around my dick, and placed a few hairs covering Kavita’s pussy.

She asked me, “Insert your dick now, Rahul. I want to hear those moans out of your wife while she enjoys my soft hair in her pussy!” Without wasting time, I pushed my erect dick, covered with her hair, into Gayatri’s pussy.

She moaned with pleasure, “ Ah, Kavita. It feels even better with your hair.” I was turned on now. I wanted to ejaculate my semen on my wife now. I started thrusting my dick to and fro slowly so that Gayatri could enjoy every moment of this. I could see her pinching her nipples and moaning with pleasure.

She even started to lick Kavita’s pussy. Here Kavita was sucking my balls and licking Gayatri’s pussy as I was fucking her. As I knew Gayatri was about to cum, I increased my pace. I could feel my precum flowing out of my dick. Within no time, Gayatri and I came together.

“Ah, I love you both very much, my angels,” I said and caught Kavita’s head, kissing her while I ejaculated heavily inside Gayatri. Even Kavita cum with us, and I could see her wet Gayatri’s face. All my cum was flowing out of Gayatri’s pussy and sticking on Kavita’s hair surrounding it.

I removed my dick slowly, still giving spurts of semen that fell on Gayatri’s stomach. Kavita licked all of it happily. We all got up and sat on the bed, smiling at each other. “It was the best fucking I ever had,” I said, and they agreed too.

Now I still had the task of oiling Kavita’s long hair. I made her sit on the edge of the bed. I picked up the brush from my table and combed her long knee-length hair. I combed it carefully so I won’t hurt my long hair angel while combing her hair.

I could feel Gayatri must be jealous about Kavita getting so much of my attention, So I even asked Gayatri to sit beside Kavita, and I started to comb her hair as well. I was in seventh heaven! I could easily comb Gayatri’s hair in one stroke as they were till her waist, which was heavily oiled.

But Kavita’s hair was so long that while she was sitting, the hair was flowing all over the bead till 2 feet! I had to first comb the hair over her back. Then pick up the heavy mass of hair lying down on the bed and glide the cob through it. It took me nearly 1 hour to comb both of their hair.

I made a center partition of Kavita’s long hair, took the oil bottle, and poured some oil at the center of the scalp. I sat close behind her to massage her properly with her in between my legs. Her hair was on my lap now. My dick was now touching her butt crack with her hair flowing all over it.

I started massaging her scalp with both hands, and she was enjoying it. “ I am getting a massage after ages. I am enjoying it,” she said in pleasure. Gayatri helped me pour oil into my hands whenever I asked her to.

After massaging her scalp, I started flowing my hand through her tresses, holding them in one hand and applying oil over the length with the other. My entire chest, stomach, and crotch had become greasy as I was in contact with her hair as I massaged them.

I even massaged Gayatri in between with one hand while massaging Kavita. I was pleased to watch them enjoying the massage session. Finally, when the massage was over, I asked Kavita, “When are we washing your hair then?”

She looked at Gayatri and asked, “I think we should wash it in the afternoon after lunch, maybe. What do you suggest, Gayatri?” Gayatri agreed to it. Kavita was now going to make her hair into a bun, but I stopped her “ Please don’t make a bun. Braid your hair instead. They look even sexier.”

She blushed hearing those words of mine. I asked her if she could teach me how to make braids. I want to braid both Gayatri and her hair. So all three of us sat on the bed next to each other. Both of them taught me how to make braids, and I made braids of their hair happily.

Both of them went to the kitchen to make lunch (of course, naked), and meanwhile, I slept on the bed naked to take a nap.

To be continued.