Gigolo Journey In Bangalore – Part 1 (Pleasuring 3 Girls!)

Hello all, I am a Gigolo with 4 years of experience in Singapore and recently came to India. I tried a lot to find one client and finally, I got a response to my request sent in one of the apps.

Then we had a chat about the requirement. And I mentioned –

Me: I am good in yoni massage, pussy-licking and roleplay. The first time pay as you wish, the second time it’s 3k and a max of 3 girls are allowed. No service if there are 4 girls, as I had a bad experience with that.

They told me they were 3 girls and all of them needed service. They wanted someone who could say no to them.

Me: I am fine with any request.

They: We want individual service and group service as well.

They wanted more licking and tantric massage, which is a yoni massage.

Me: I am good with that.

One of them: I need you to suck my pussy until I say stop. You should be in the nude all the time and obey my orders.

Me: I agree.

They: Let’s meet in xx mall at coffee day at 4 pm. No phone number will be shared. But we will chat in the same app.

Then I reached there at 4 pm. 3 girls were sitting and a vacant chair. Then I messaged them –

Me: I’ve reached the mall.

They said: We are sitting near the corner place.

Then I went near them and waved my hand. They responded and asked me to sit.

Me: Ask me whatever information you need. I can clarify.

They: Are you sure you can handle all the 3?

Me: I already said, that I have experience with 3 girls. But not a good experience with 4 girls. So, 3 is fine.

Then we started our journey and reached their flat. It was a nice flat in a gated community. I went inside and they closed the door and asked me to get nude.

They: Wow! Nice, now whom you will lick first?

Me: Your order, mam.

They: You choose one and start yourself.

Then I started with one girl who was in a skirt. I lifted her skirt and removed her panties. I started slowly rubbing the G-point. I ran my finger at the sidewall of the pussy which was part of the tantric massage. The girl started moaning and the other girls were excited too. Then they asked me to start for them as well.

Me: One girl can be satisfied more at a time. If you want, I can lick one and massage the other 2.

Then they also get naked and sit next to her. After I massaged the sides of the pussy wall, I started licking her and started massaging the other 2 girls. After that, I licked her for 2 minutes. She could not control it and she asked me to come to the room.

The other 2 girls also followed. The first girl started to kiss or should I say eat my lips in a wild way. The other 2 started playing with my body and dick. After she released the lips, the other girl took it and this girl started rubbing my dick at her pussy. Now 3 girls were hugging me from behind and rubbing my chest.

I was trying to talk to the girl, to use a condom. But she did not release my lips! Somehow, I managed to release my lips and asked them to use a condom.

She said: Yes, totally forgot about that.

Then she took the condom and wore it to my dick. After that, she took me to the bed. One girl started fucking my dick. One girl put her pussy wide open in my mouth and the other girl kept my hand inside her pussy.

I was concentrating more on mouth fucking and I was controlling my dick as well. As it should not come out until she was done.

Then they exchanged the positions. The mouth fucking girl requested for dick. The hand fucking girl seemed innocent. She was just enjoying my hand. I was just rubbing her pussy not even yoni’s massage.

Both the girls almost cut at the same time and fell on the bed. The other fire started entering me individually now. We were like newlywed couples and we were hugging, cuddling and moving on the bed with a deep lip lock. I thought she was innocent. But she was clever and enjoyed me properly.

She told me to come on her top and do sensual sex. Then I went to her body and slowly started licking her body starting from the toe.

She got mesmerized the moment I licked her toe. I was slowly licking the toe in a sitting position and she was seeing me as naughty and smiling.

Then I messaged her pussy walls while pressing the g-point and started licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Then she asked me to lick from her ass to pussy in one go.

I cleaned her ass with wet tissue and licked her ass and pussy in one go. She really enjoyed this. She enjoyed it and asked me to start fucking. Then I entered my dick slowly, teasing her and enjoying every moment of satisfying her. Then I asked her if I could try doggy style.

She said: Ok.

And we tried the same. Then I fucked her by pressing her boobs. I tried the same from getting down from the bed. Both my legs were on the ground and our bodies were on the bed.

Then I hold her legs and fucked her while her body was on the bed and legs in my hand and I was on the ground. She asked me-

She: Do it in missionary and finish it.

Then I started missionary and she hugged me tightly. She was moaning like anything and other girls also came from the hall. They both enjoyed the show and I realized that she was about to cum. So, I increased the speed and she came first. After that, I cummed almost in the same minute.

We both fell on each other and cuddled like a newlywed couple. The other 2 girls were telling me to wake up. But the 3rd girl did not allow me.

Later, we had a bath together by rubbing foam on each other. After that, we came out and sat for some time.

Then another girl called me inside. I will share with you what the experience with the other 2 girls was. And still, the fun part is left. I will share it later. Send me your feedback at: