Revenge of a Son – Part 4: (Revenge on Boss Daughter)

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

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We saw how Ajay had found out about his mom’s affair with her boss Gopal in the last part. And how he was kicked out of the house due to Mythri and how that screwed Ajay’s life. He then decides to take revenge on everyone, including his mom.

He then fucks his mom and then fucks Gopal with the help of his mom. He then blackmails Gopal to help him have sex with Ashwini. After fucking Ashwini, he discovers that she has been fucking his dad. Then he decides to teach his dad a lesson too.

The story continues.

I spent the whole day with Gopal and Ashwini. We had a lot of fun together. They realized that this way of life would be a lot more fun. They decided to help me fuck Mythri when she returned from the trip.

Until then, I had to take care of my father. I went home in the night. My dad and mom were watching television. I walked straight to my mom, pulled her onto me, and kissed her on the lips while squeezing her buttocks. Both of them went into a state of shock.

Mom, because I was doing it in front of dad and Dad, I was kissing my mom. It took him a few seconds to regain his senses. He pulled me away from mom and slapped me.

Murali: What the fuck are you doing, Ajay? She is your mom. Have you gone mad?

I slapped him back. He never expected that and was shocked.

Me: I am doing your bloody job, you bastard. You go around fucking that bitch Ashwini and don’t satisfy mom. So, she goes around fucking that asshole Gopal. And because you two are so selfish and want to fuck other people, you decide to join me in that hostel where I get fucked by everyone.

Murali: What rubbish are you talking about?

Me: Oh, cut the crap. I know everything. Ashwini told me everything. How long you have been fucking her. What crazy stuff have you guys do together. How often you fucked in the car, in movie theatres, in Kurnool. How you guys go to other cities just to fuck and not attend any events.

His face turned pale. He was shocked that Ashwini had told me everything. He didn’t understand how or why it happened, but his secret was out. He didn’t know how to respond. He was standing there in silence.

Me: My life is fucked up because you both wanted to fuck others. So, from now on, I will do as I like and decide about all of your lives. You better accept it.

I pulled mom onto me again and started kissing her on the neck while fondling her tits. She tried to resist as dad was right there.

Me: You don’t have to worry about anything, bitch. That bastard is no saint. He should find out about us. Then we can enjoy ourselves openly without being afraid of anything.

Murali: What do you mean? How can you act like that with your mother? Don’t you have any shame?

Me: Didn’t you have shame while going around fucking other married women. I can act in any way I like with my slut. The day you guys shamelessly sent me away so that you could have affairs, you guys ceased to be my parents and turned into sluts. And from the last two days, she turned into my slut.

Murali: What do you mean, your slut?

Me: I caught her having sex with Gopal. And since then, I have been fucking her day and night and turned her into my slut. She loves having sex with me. I will be fucking her every day going forward.

Me: Not just her. I have been fucking Gopal and Ashwini. From today I will even fuck you. But first, you will have to watch me fuck your wife. Only then you will understand the pain I had to go through.

Murali: What? I can’t let that happen in front of me.

Me: You will have to kill me to stop me.

He tried to manhandle me. I overpowered him and tied him to a chair. In front of him, I undressed mom. She was in two minds. She wanted to have sex with me but was afraid that dad was right there.

I didn’t give her an option as I pushed her onto the bed, got naked, and jumped on her. I sucked on her tits for a while and then licked her pussy. Then, I pushed my stiffened cock into her pussy. I was stroking her harder and harder. Her moans got louder and louder and were filling the room. She was enjoying it.

After she orgasmed, I changed her into a doggy position such that they would see each other. I pushed my cock into her pussy again. I stroked even harder, and her moans turned into yelling with pleasure. She begged me to go faster, and I obeyed her.

Our wild action was affecting dad, as I could see a bulge in his lungi. After fucking her for a few more minutes and having another orgasm, I finally cum in her pussy. I removed my cock and rubbed the juices all over dad’s face.

Then, I gave my cock to mom, which she licked and sucked clean. I went and sat next to dad and took hold of his throbbing cock.

Me: Looks like watching your son fuck your wife excited you.

Murali: No. It didn’t.

Me: Don’t lie, you bastard. There is proof here.

I squeezed his cock hard, and he yelled in pain.

Me: There is no point in resisting. I am already fucking your wife, boss, and love, and all of them love to get fucked by me. We are going to have one hell of sex life. You can’t stop us from having sex. So, either you join us and enjoy with us, or you will have to leave all of us and go far away from here. The choice is yours.

Me: Think of it. Your beautiful wife. Your sexy Ashwini. I will even let you fuck that bitch Mythri. And maybe many more people if you decide to join us. Or else you will have to be a poor driver again somewhere else, but this time without your family. But whether you decide to join us or not, I will fuck you. It is just that you have to decide if it will be willingly or not.

We left him tied to the chair while he decided. Mom and I were fooling around next to him. After some time, I asked mom to suck his cock, which she gladly did. As she was sucking his cock, he finally gave in and yelled that he would join us. He begged me to let him go free so that he could fuck mom.

Me: Before you fuck mom, you will have to suck my dick and get fucked by me.

Murali: Please beta. I can’t do that.

Me: Rule is a rule. You have to experience what I went through.

He felt sorry but took hold of my cock and took it into his mouth. He sucked my cock, while mom was sucking his cock. After a few minutes, I decided to fuck him and made him go into a doggy position. I kneeled behind him and slowly pushed my cock into his asshole.

He was shouting in pain. I stroked gently while fingering mom’s pussy, who was lying next to us. After fucking dad and finger fucking mom for a good few minutes, first mom cum, and then I cum in dad’s asshole. I slurped mom’s juices while dad hesitatingly licked and cleaned my cock.

He couldn’t wait any longer and jumped onto mom and started fucking her wildly. I gave my cock to mom to suck. It was an amazing view. Mom is getting fucked by dad while sucking my cock. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought something like this would happen.

After fucking in that position for some time and my cock stiffening up, we got into a position to sandwich mom. Dad was stroking mom in the pussy from below, and I was stroking in her asshole from behind. After a good few minutes, all three of us cum.

Then mom took both our cocks and licked them clean together. After that intense session, all of us slept together, naked.

The next day, I decided it would be a group sex day. In the evening, I took mom and dad to Gopal’s bedroom. Gopal and Ashwini were waiting for us. I ordered that guys would fuck each other and girls would fuck each other.

They were surprised at first, but after realizing I was serious, they got to work. Gopal and Dad got naked immediately. They both got into the 69 position and started sucking each other’s cock. Ashwini and mom also got naked. Mom lay down on the bed.

Ashwini was sucking on mom’s tits while fingering her in the pussy.

They then changed roles, and Mom started sucking Ashwini’s tits while fingering her. They then got into the 69 position and started licking and tongue fucking each other’s pussy. On the other side, Gopal was fucking dad in the asshole.

Looking at all this action, my cock was throbbing and was begging for action. I gave cock to dad for sucking as both the women were busy with each other’s pussy. After a while, when Gopal cum. Gopal and dad changed positions. I make Gopal suck my cock for a while.

During this time, the women were rolling on the bed. They then changed into scissors position and rubbed one pussy with the other.

This excited me, and I gave my cock to mom for sucking. Then, Ashwini sucked for some more time. Then, I started fucking mom while sucking on Ashwini’s tits and fingering her. Within no time, I cum in mom. Ashwini and mom licked my cock clean while Gopal and dad licked my mom’s pussy clean.

It was amazing. We practically moved and lived in the main house. We hardly went to servant quarters. We had wild group sex every day for the next three days. Finally, it was the day Mythri was going to be back home.

When Mythri entered the home, I sat on the couch and watched TV. She was wearing short shorts showing her sexy thighs. A white tight tank top showed the curves of her tits, and a denim jacket wrapped around her waist. She looked very sexy. She was shocked to see me.

Mythri: What the fuck are you doing here?

Me: Can’t you see? I am watching TV.

Mythri: But why the fuck are you watching it here in my home and not in your home.

Me: Because your mom and dad begged me to.

Mythri: I don’t believe that.

Me: Not my problem.

Mythri: Get out of my house right now.

Me: Fuck off.

Mythri: What the fuck did you say?

She rushed towards me to slap me in the face. But I caught her hand, pulled her onto me, and kissed her lips. I let her go after kissing her for good 5 minutes. She was shaken.

Mythri: How dare you kiss me in my own house? You are dead. Let me get my dad.

She rushed into the room and walked out with her parents.

Mythri: Dad. This bastard kissed me in our house. Kill him, Dad.

Me: Gopal. Ask that bitch to shut the fuck up.

Gopal: Okay, Sir. I will

She was shocked at the reaction of her dad. She looked at her mom, surprised. Then I asked Ashwini to come and sit next to me. She did as I ordered. Ashwini was wearing a blue sleeveless long dress. I pulled Ashwini onto me with one hand and kissed her on the lips, and with another hand, I fondled her tits.

This blew away Mythri’s mind. She never expected her mother to kiss someone else right before her dad, and her dad did nothing about it. She stood motionless for a while and then shouted at the top of her voice.

Mythri: What the fuck is happening in this house?

Me: I will tell you. Rather show you.

I cast my phone onto the 55-inch television and played a video. It was a 5-minute video that showed me fucking Gopal. Theen the threesome of me, Gopal and Ashwini, and then group sex, including my parents.

After watching this, Mythri’s head started spinning, and her legs shook. She collapsed onto the sofa. It was only after a couple of minutes that she regained her senses. She looked at me angrily as if she was going to kill me.

Me: So listen to me carefully, you spoilt bitch. Because of you, my life had become a mess. I was raped by many cocks and had to suck many more. So I am here to take my revenge.

Me: Now, you have two options. Either join us and enjoy sex and life and this shit load of money your family has, or leave everything and go away.

Me: Even if you decide to go away, I will force you before you go, and your parents will help me with that. If you try to create any scene, this video will go to everyone you know and on the internet, and you will become homeless and penniless. Now, you decide what you want to do.

She was stunned to hear this. She looked at her parents in shock, and they were silent. She understood I wasn’t lying. She was lost in thoughts. She never thought that her life would change so much in one week.

Me: What do you think about so much? I know you are a sex craving slut. I tried to protect you. You screwed up my life because I was a poor driver’s son. I am sure you would have reacted otherwise if I was rich. I know you went on this trip to have wild sex with your rich friends. Now, it is time for you to learn a lesson.

Mythri: I am sorry for everything that happened. I didn’t think that it would turn out like that.

Me: I don’t need your bloody sorry. I need you. I need your sexy thighs. Perky boobs. Round ass. I will fuck you so badly that you will remember it for the rest of your life.

Ashwini: Say yes, beta. He is good at sex, and he will show you heaven. He is the best I ever had.

Mythri: What are you saying, mom? You ask your daughter to have sex with the person you fucked. Are you crazy?

Ashwini: He made us crazy. And once you fuck him, you will go crazy for him too.

Mythri: As if I have any other choice. Okay. You can fuck me, but I have a condition of mine too.

Me: What is it?

Mythri: You have to make me happy. If you can’t, you will have to delete everything and go away.

Me: Okay, done. Do a striptease for me.

Mythri: What? Here?

Me: Yes. I am going to fuck you in front of both our families.

Mythri: Okay. As you wish.

She slowly started dancing, removed her top, and threw it on me. I was right. She was wearing a push-up bra to make her boobs appear bigger. Then, she unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down. Then, while dancing, she unhooked her bra and threw it on me.

I rushed towards her, lifted her in my hands, and kissed her perky boobs. Her brown nipples were poking. I put her on the couch, kissed her lips, and sucked them dry. Then, I played with her medium-sized boobs and sucked and licked on her nipples. This aroused her a lot. Then I pulled down her panty.

Everyone around us was aroused by this and was helping themselves. Even her dad was watching us without batting an eyelid. Her cleanly shaven brown lips were oozing juices and were begging me to explore them. I pushed my fingers in and fought with her muscles.

Then, I smelled and tasted her juices which aroused me more. I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her until she orgasmed. Then, I licked all her juices. Then, I removed my shorts and put my throbbing cock in front of her face. She gasped, looking at the size of it.

She looked at me with a question mark if her tiny pussy would take such a huge rod in. I decided to clarify her doubt by performing a practical. I pulled her both legs and hugged them, and supported my shoulders. Then, I pushed my rod into her pussy.

I fucked her for a few minutes, then lifted her and pushed her against a wall. She wrapped her legs around me. Then I fucked her in that position for a few more minutes. Then, I took her to a table, laid her down, and fucked her for a few more minutes.

Then, I made her go into a doggy position on the floor and fucked her wildly until I cum in her pussy. As I removed my cock from her pussy, she turned around and licked it clean. I understood that she liked it.

Mythri: Woah. That was amazing. Mom wasn’t lying after all. You are really good. I was having sex the whole of last week, and even two guys back to back couldn’t fuck me for so long and give me so many orgasms. I wish rather than complaining about you. I fucked you right then.

Me: So, did I meet your condition?

Mythri: Of course. You excelled at it. From today, I am all yours. You can fuck me whenever you want, however you want and wherever you want.

Me: Good. You are going to be my slut number 3. You are going to do as I order you to. I want you to go and suck your dad’s cock.

Mythri: How can I do that? He is my dad.

Me: Who was stroking his cock, looking at you getting fucked?

She hesitatingly moved towards him, took his cock in her mouth, and started sucking it. While she was sucking her dad’s cock, I asked Ashwini and Mom to suck my cock. They both started licking my cock on either side.

Then, Ashwini started sucking my balls while mom took my cock in her mouth and sucked on it. They sucked on it for a few minutes, and my cock was rock solid again. While I enjoyed the two women, I asked dad to go and fuck Mythri.

He got into position under her, pushed his cock into her pussy, and started fucking her. I enjoyed watching it. The arrogant and egoistic Mythri sucking her dad’s cock while being fucked by my dad’s cock. The only missing thing was my cock in her bloody tiny asshole.

I went behind her, got into position behind her, and pushed my long thick cock into her tiny asshole. It was tight and hard to go in, but I kept pushing in. It hurt her, but she couldn’t yell as there was cock in her mouth. So she bit it hard, and her dad shouted for her.

After a few minutes of getting pumped in all her holes, Gopal cum in her mouth first and then Dad in her pussy. I continued fucking for a lot longer. Finally. I cum in her asshole. As I removed my cock, I slapped on her buttock, leaving my red imprint.

She was hesitant to take my cock in her mouth as it was in her asshole, but I pushed it in her mouth. She licked it clean.

Me: So, do you have a boyfriend?

Mythri: Not anymore. I am your slut and will be forever.

Me: And how many cocks did you fuck?

Mythri: Around 15.

Me: Didn’t I tell you, Gopal, that your daughter is a sex craving slut. She is almost double the count of her mother already. And you thrashed me for just touching her.

We rested for a while, talking about general topics and sexual experiences. Mythri told us about all the crazy stuff she did. Her threesomes, places where she had sex, people she had sex with. Even Ashwini opened up about her sexual experiences and the people she fucked behind Gopal’s back.

After hearing all those crazy stories, I got into the mood again. I wanted to see some family action. I ordered Gopal to fuck his daughter while she would eat her mom’s pussy. They obliged, and Mythri lay down on the bed.

Ashwini sat on her daughter’s face giving her access to her pussy, while Gopal pushed his tiny cock into Mythri’s pussy. Gopal fondled his daughter’s tits with one hand and with the other, his wife’s tits. They continued fucking for a few minutes, and I loved watching them.

The family that caused me so much pain finally fucking each other. That got me aroused. I started fucking my mom while watching them. My dad wanted to join, but I signalled him to go to Ashwini.

She gladly accepted his cock and sucked it. Gopal cum in his daughter, and my dad cum in Ashwini’s mouth within no time. Ashwini and Mythri got into 69 position to lick each other’s juices. Dad and Gopal got into 69 position and licked each other’s cocks clean.

I fucked my mom even harder and cum in her pussy, looking at all the action. She then licked my cock clean. Then I ordered Mythri and Ashwini to lick my mom’s pussy clean. They gladly jumped onto her and licked the mixture of our juices.

From that day, our lives changed completely. We all started living in the main house only. Most of the time, we would be naked, and I would fuck whoever whenever I wanted. We even got another maid in the servant quarters. I fucked her too.

After a few months, Mythri and I got married for official reasons and the outside world. We started living in the same house as a family. For the outside world, Mythri was my wife. But for me, Mythri, Ashwini and Divya were my three sluts who would help me fuck their friends and relatives as well.

Let me know if you want to know more about those stories.