Goan Honeymoon Turns Adventurous – Part 1

Hello readers, you all know me from a series of stories titled ““.

Well, I am back here with another story. This story is of my friend whose name is also Rahul and married to a hot girl named Rashika.

Actually, words won’t fit in her to describe my friend’s wife Rashika. She is a beautiful girl of 26 years of age with a perfect stat of 34b-28-34. But being from a conservative Indian family, she was not given much opportunity to explore with guys and was made to study in all-girls school and college.

Within 2 years of completion of her graduation, she was married to my friend Rahul. Rahul was a decent guy with a height of 5 feet 8 inches and had got blessings to increase around 7 inches more. He worked in a telecom company as a manager and was an average kind of person.

Rahul and Rashika were married as per Hindu rituals and were those typical husband and wife who had not even met each other once before the day of marriage. Rashika was from a small town in Karnataka and Rahul was from Bangalore and stayed with his parents.

Let’s get to know Rashika more intimately now. She was a hot village girl whose hair just reached 34” sized boobs. She had an eye-catching figure when seen from the side. Her perfectly sized butt was the main attraction of her body, and her mountains were perfectly round and brown from the top with poking nipples. Her navel was not deep, but very attractive and suited her figure when wore a saree.

Moving down, she always kept her pussy shaved and was wheatish in color with pink lips to attract any guy’s eyes, lips, and tongue. Overall, she was a sexy girl with a virgin pussy which was all for Rahul to explore.

After their marriage, they both settled as a joint family in Bangalore. Rahul had planned a honeymoon in Goa. He too had never been to Goa and had thought over it that he would go there with his wife. Rashika was very shy when Rahul told her about the plan. She at first denied the trip. But then upon Rahul’s continuous persuasion, she agreed with him.

Then they both went shopping. Rahul first showed her some videos on YouTube about Goa. Rashika got very excited about the trip and when Rahul was on the job, she read more about Goa on the internet and also what can be explored there.

And the day came when Rahul and Rashika were ready to board the flight for Goa. Rashika was on the window seat of the flight and Rahul was in the middle seat. In the last moment, a man in his 60s came and sat on the aisle seat. Rahul and Rashika both looked at him. He smiled at them in response and they both smiled.

The flight took off and Rashika was very excited to travel by air for the first time. She was looking outside with her eyes wide open. The old man then broke the silence and introduced himself to Rahul as ‘Jitesh’.

Jitesh: So, you guys are just married?

Rahul: Yes, just a month back.

Jitesh: On honeymoon to Goa?

Rahul: Yeah, and you?

Jitesh: Just an official vacation with friends.

Rahul: Oh, you are not alone.

Jitesh: No, we are 3 friends.

Rahul: And your wives?

Jitesh: They don’t know. They have been told by us that we are off for official work!

Rahul: Oh, I see. Great, enjoy your trip.

Jitesh: You both too (and winked at Rahul).

Rahul got a bit shy and looked at Rashika who was still admiring the clouds. Rashika was wearing a white top and tight denim jeans. Her top was a loose one. They had done all this shopping just a week back. Rahul slept off in his seat.

Rashika was now having a headache. She placed her head on the window side and started to sleep. Jitesh was awake and now was able to see Rashika’s cleavage a bit because of her loose top. He admired this view and adjusted his dick over his pants.

By then, the announcement was done for landing and Rahul woke up. He woke up Rashika and adjusted her top. She blushed and then sat straight for landing.

The flight landed and they straight away headed toward their hotel. They reached a hotel and Rahul started checking in. While at the reception, he saw that the three friends including that old guy Jitesh were also checking into the same hotel.

They all were in their early 40s. Each looked more ugly than the other. Jitesh saw Rahul and smiled at him and said something to his friends and started to laugh. Rahul completed his check-in and reached Rashika. They then started to move to their room.

It was on the 6th floor and at the end of the corridor. They entered the room and Rashika saw the room and was mesmerized by the view outside as well as the standard of the room. Then she jumped on the bed. Rahul looked at her and jumped on her. Rashika got shy and put a pillow in between them.

Rashika: I want to have a shower first.

Rahul: Then, what are you waiting for? Strip, my dear wife.

Rashika: What?! No, not here. Someone will see us.

Rahul: Who is here? We are all alone here. And the windows are closed.

While saying this, he started to strip his wife Rashika while she resisted and laughed continuously. Rahul took off her top, getting her in a dark pink normal cloth bra without pad and wire. Her nipples had become hard by the act of Rahul and were seen clearly over the dress. She placed her hands over her nipples to hide them.

Rahul took this opportunity and pulled down her high-waist jeans to get a view of the matching panty. She immediately removed one hand from her boobs and placed it over her pussy.

Rahul removed her hand and got his head down for a bite of her pussy over the panty. As soon as he reached his wife’s pussy, he realized she was already wet with a lot of juice. He removed her panty in one go exposing Rashika’s lower pinkish lips to him. She was still resisting with her hands which Rahul removed by force. He was already hard on the smell of Rashika’s pussy.

He placed his warm tongue on her pussy. Rashika moaned loudly and removed her hand. Then Rahul started to lick her pussy like there was no tomorrow. While licking, he removed his jeans. Rashika was in another world. She was experiencing something new, something amazing, something different, and something hot.

Then Rahul came on top of her and removed her bra. The bra was to be removed from the top and thus, as soon as he lifted the bra, Rashika’s 34b-sized boobs bounced out from it. She had light brown nipples which were right now bouncing along with boobs. Rahul could feel it bouncing in slow motion.

He threw the bra and grabbed those mangoes and started to suck the left one first. Rashika also got involved and pressed his face on her boobs. Rahul placed his fingers on her pussy lips and started to rub.

Rashika: Gently, please. You know that I am still a virgin.

Rahul: But you are not gonna be that for long now.

Saying this, he slowly pushed his middle finger inside his virgin wife’s pussy. Being wet, the finger went inside quickly. He then started to finger her in and out. Rashika kept on moaning heavily. She started to clinch the bedsheets and sometimes clinched Rahul.

Rahul increased the number of fingers to two and increased his speed too. He saw some blood on his fingers and Rashika was in some pain. But she was enjoying the feeling.

Rashika: I want your ‘thing’ inside me, now!

Rahul quickly got up and widened her legs and placed his erect 6 inches on the way. He pushed it slowly inside her damp pussy. Rashika clinched a pillow, placed it over her mouth, and screamed. She just lost her virginity to her husband. Rahul now started to play with her boobs with his dick ramming her pussy. Rashika had started to enjoy the type of pain she was feeling.

Rashika: I want more. Go deep Rahul ji. Go very deep..Ahhhhh..

The honeymoon couple fucked for the next 20 minutes in many positions. Rahul exploded his load on top of her nipples. They both then went to the bathroom for washing up and showering.

Rahul came out first and got himself changed into shorts and a beach t-shirt. He took out a dress for Rashika which they bought for the beach while shopping.

Rashika came out in a white towel and wet hair. She reached out to Rahul for her dress. The dress was a pink one-piece bikini. It was padded for boobs and had cuts in between the tummy area exposing her hot navel. It ended as a V-shape on pussy and being tight, it showed the shape of her vagina. She wore a stole at the bottom while they traveled towards the beach.

The beach was just near the hotel. It had shacks beside the beach and reclining chairs to have full relaxation. As they reached the beach, Rashika removed her stole and ran like a kid to the water. She sat on her knees and started to enjoy the water like a teen girl. She was looking like a showstopper of any bikini fashion show.

Her body assets were fully in shape and were clearly visible in the dress. Rashika then turned and asked Rahul to click some photos. Rahul immediately took out his phone and kept on clicking multiple photos of his wife. Rashika then saw that there were other people in the shack who were also clicking pics of her. She got cautious and told Rahul.

Rashika: Listen, let’s go from here. I don’t find them in good intentions.

Rahul (looked at the people in the shack): They are Jitesh and his friends. Uncle types. I met him on the flight. I think they are also in the same hotel.

Rashika: They look so bad. Let’s leave and hit the restaurant.

They both left from there. Rashika wearing her stole and her sexy pick bikini reached the restaurant and started to have their meal as it was buffet. She sat on the chair while Rahul joined in some time.

Jitesh: Hi Rahul, how is your honeymoon going?

Rahul: Oh, hi Jitesh ji. We are doing good (Rahul looked at Rashika and found she was getting shy).

Jitesh: Meet my friends – Hari and Raman. Mind if we join you guys?

Rahul: Sure.

They all sat on chairs placed on both sides of Rashika and started talking about casual talks about family and the place they all stay. They also talk about their boring job and why they all came on break for some good stuff and ‘FUN’.

Rahul then said that he would clear the bill and come in a minute to which Jitesh also stood up to clear their bills.

Hari: So Rashika, still feel awkward around us?

Rashika: When did I say that?

Hari: No, you didn’t say, but we felt that way when you left the beach after you saw us looking at you.

Rashika: Oh that, I mean yeah. It was a little awkward the way you all were looking at me.

Raman: We like the way you were jumping in the water. You were like a kid.

Rashika (blushing a bit): Yeah, actually I love playing in the water.

Hari: Then why don’t we hit the beach after this and enjoy it there?

Rashika: I mean yes, we can do that. We all are here for fun only, right?

Raman and Hari: Yeah, totally. We are all here for ‘FUN’.

Saying the word ‘FUN’, they both gave a high-five and laughed which Rashika didn’t understand. She just continued to smile.

Just then Rahul and Jitesh returned. Raman told them the plan. Rahul looked at Rashika and she was happy, so Rahul agreed.

They all went to the beach and as soon as they entered the water, Raman started to throw water on Rashika. She got on her knees and started to do the same with Raman and Jitesh. Hari stood outside and made a video of them playing. Rahul was holding Rashika’s stole and her slippers and thus didn’t enter the water. He was just viewing the actions.

They all were laughing and enjoying themselves. Within no time, Jitesh came and held Rashika with her boobs from behind and pulled her up and threw her into a somewhat deep water area. Before she could hold herself up, Raman jumped on her laughing and shouting, “I will save you.”

They both were touching Rashika here and there. Rahul was looking at them. He was surprised that his wife was not resisting, moreover, she was enjoying it. Rahul looked down to see and felt that he was getting a hard-on by seeing this happening to his wife!

They all had gone a bit deep in the water and the water level was just touching Rashika’s boobs.

Hari also stopped making the video and entered the water. He asked Rahul to join, to which Rahul said he would join in a minute. Then he started to remove his shoes and kept all the stuff he was holding in place. He saw both Jitesh and Raman saying something in Rashika’s ear and then held her hand. Because of the water, he could not see what they were doing. But he was getting a feeling that they were making her feel their dicks.

Rashika was blushing and just kept on smiling. Rahul got an idea to see their intentions. Then he shouted out to Rashika.

Rahul: Come, Rashika, let’s go to the room.

Rashika: Now? So early?

Rahul: Amm..yes.

Raman: What happened, man? Everything ok? You don’t wanna enjoy it?

Jitesh: At least, let Rashika enjoy the beach.

Rashika: Yes, dear. I’m loving it here. Can I come later?

Rahul: OK, let me come after meeting the hotel manager. I had to ask him something. Till then, enjoy. Will get back and then we go.

Rashika: Ok sure (saying this she fell backward in the water).

Rahul moved out of their site, hid behind a bush nearby, and was looking at them. It was nearly late afternoon, so not many of the guests were out on the beach side of the hotel. He didn’t have to wait much for them to take a step ahead. He saw that Hari said something in Rashika’s ear and then pressed her boobs over her pink bikini. She laughed and removed his hand.

Just then, Jitesh got behind her and picked her up in his arms and got her a little bit out of deep water. He then made Rashika sit on her knees. She sat down and all three of them surrounded her. Jitesh looked around and then immediately got his hand in his trunks and took his dick.

Being far, he could see the size of his dick, but it was clearly visible that his dick was diminished inside the hair around. Rahul was astonished by the fact that Rashika was not resisting, but was happily involved. She was stroking his dick by her hand. By then, the other two also took out their dicks and placed them in front of her. Their back were on the side thus obstructing the view of the act.

His wife started to suck Raman’s dick and stroke Jitesh’s dick. After some time, she shifted herself and rotated sucking the other two. Rahul was hard looking at the view of his wife sucking off three ugly-looking oldies with their fat tummy out. He was feeling some itching in his dick.

While he adjusted his dick with his hands, he noticed that Hari picked her up from her knees position and got her bend to keep sucking Jitesh. Hari then slapped Rashika’s 34″ sized wheatish round ass cheeks and put his hand inside her bikini from the side and started to rub her in her pussy. He then removed the bikini to the side exposing Rashika’s pussy to him in the open.

Hari placed his dick over the pink lips of Rashika’s pussy and put it inside in one go and continued to ram it inside. Rahul could not hear what was on, but he could see that all three old men were fully involved and enjoying his wife Rashika on that open beach.

Jitesh was getting his dick sucked. Hari was fucking her pussy from behind and Raman got on his knees and placed his mouth on Rashika’s boobs which he exposed by removing onside of the top strap.

Jitesh then picked her face up and said something in her ears again. They all stopped and adjusted their clothes. And again continued saying and laughing at something.

Rahul knew that their quickie was over. He stood up and adjusted his dick and started to move toward them.

He saw a waiter had come to the beach for some work and thus they had stopped so that they didn’t get caught. Then Rahul reached out to them and called Rashika. She came and hugged Rahul. She was all wet by the sea water.

Rahul: So, done with the fun?

Rashika: Yes, for now. Let’s go and change.

Rahul and Rashika left the place and entered their room.

Rahul: What was Jitesh telling in your ears?

Rashika: When?

Rahul: At the time, when you all were in the deep water?

Rashika: Amm..nothing. I don’t remember.

Rahul looked at her and asked again. She again denied it and said she wanted to freshen up by taking a shower. Then she walked toward the bathroom and started to strip her bikini from the top strap in style. She slowly removed it exposing her round ass to her husband.

Rahul forgot all that was in his mind to ask his wife. He stared at her ass cheeks bouncing while she walked into the bathroom. Rahul also stripped and joined her in the bathroom. She got shy and said –

Rashika: Are you going to shower right now with me?

Rahul: Why not? We are on honeymoon. We should enjoy it like these modern couples.

Rashika: I have never thought of it.

Rahul: Then don’t think. just feel it (saying this he kissed her on the lips).

Rahul started to feel Rashika’s boobs and then put one hand on her pussy and started to rub. Rashika started to moan and in that feel she opened the shower. The water started to pour down from her head to her boobs and then following the tummy it reached her pussy, where Rahul’s hand was gently rubbing her weak spot. She put her head back on his shoulder, bit his ear gently, and said in her lusty voice –

Rashika: I saw this in the videos online in Bangalore.

Rahul smiled and increased the speed of his fingers. Rashika then held Rahul’s dick by her right hand and started to stroke it. The hot shower was turning more steamy now with both facing each other and having a lip lock. Rahul ejaculated the load in full force on Rashika’s hand and some splashed on her tummy.

Rahul finished his shower, moved out with a towel, and sat on the bed.

It was 5 pm and Rashika also joined him wearing only a towel around her body. Her wet hair was falling on the towel. Her hair was still her boobs which could give an instant feel to any guy. She was wearing her wedding bangles the whole time with Mehndi still sparkling on her hand. They both hugged each other and placed themselves on the bed.

Rashika: You wanted to know what Jitesh was saying to me?

Rahul: Yes, if you don’t mind telling it to me.

Rashika: He and his friends were inviting us over to their room tonight. It is Hari’s birthday tomorrow and they wanted to have a small party over there. So they invited us over. I told them I would not promise till I asked you.

Rahul: But, we are here for our honeymoon. Why should we go to a stranger’s party? Won’t that ruin our plan to enjoy together?

Rashika: We have so many days here. It’s just the first night. They all will also go back and we have the whole week in Goa. We can enjoy it anytime.

Rahul: So, you wish to join them?

Rashika: They all seem nice. I don’t mind joining.

Rahul: Ok, then we will go.

Rashika kissed Rahul in joy and then jumped off to the other side of the bed to sleep for some time. She removed her towel and pulled the blanket over herself to sleep naked.

Rahul looked at her and thought, there must something in the air of Goa. His wife was such a shy girl and within one day they reached here, she had turned so modern. But now Rahul’s mind was more thinking of the fact that why had Jitesh and others invited them over. Was there something in their mind? Are they planning on something?

With these things in his mind, he also laid back on the pillow to have a nap.

What is the plan of those ugly oldies? Is there really a Birthday Party in the room? Or is it only an excuse to get Rashika laid? What will happen next will only be exposed to all readers in the next part.

So, stay with us and read the next part which will be uploaded soon.

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