Goan Honeymoon Turns Adventurous – Part 2

Hi readers, we are back with the second part of the honeymoon story of my friend Rahul and his wife Rashika. This story was narrated to my wife by Rashika after they returned from their honeymoon. You all must have read the first part and would be excited for the next.

So, without wasting time, let’s get back from where we left. Guys and girls, get your hands inside your inner wears and be ready to feel yourself or if reading as a couple then get ready to feel each other.

Rahul slept thinking about the night. He woke up with a continuous ringing of a bell on the door of his room. He woke up and wore his shorts and with a bare body, he moved to the door and opened it. It was a room service guy. His nameplate said ‘Freddy’. He said, “Sir, we were trying to reach your room number, but no one responded. So, I had to come to the room. The manager sent to you for the ID card, sir. Due to power loss, we couldn’t get the ID Xeroxed. We are asking for the IDs of all who checked in that time. So sir, if you don’t mind.”

Rahul: Yeah wait, I will get it. Come in so that I can close the door.

Rahul was still sleepy. With half eyes closed, he went to his room and got his and Rashika’s IDs. The guy was standing near the door, waiting. While Rahul was getting the IDs, Rashika woke up. She got up and sat straight with a pillow behind her back. She was also half asleep and didn’t realize that the bed was just in front of the door and the room service guy was having a full view of Rashika’s 34 b-sized boobs with perfectly round brown nipples.

Freddy was admiring Rashika sitting half naked with her boobs facing him with her hair open. He immediately took out his phone and quickly took some snaps of her in bed and then stepped behind the door.

Rashika noticed him clicking pics. She instantly covered her boobs and shouted, “Hey, who are you?” Rahul told her the issue. She looked at the guy. He was looking down now. She ignored and didn’t tell Rahul about the photos. Rahul went and gave IDs to Freddy and he left.

It was 9 pm when they woke up. Rahul asked Rashika if she wanted to have dinner. She replied that Hari said he would order food for all of them. She removed the blanket saying this and stood in front of her bag to look for something to wear.

Rahul went and washed his face and when he was back Rashika wore a purple colored one-piece which they had bought before coming to Goa. The dress had a deep neckline which exposed most of her cleavage. The dress ended just below her hips. When Rahul went near her, he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Rahul: Are you not wearing a bra?

Rashika: This dress has pads at the boobs. No need for a bra, baby.

Rahul: I hope you are wearing a panty.

Rashika: Yes, baby. I am wearing a G-string one (she winks while saying this).

Rahul thought in his mind what was in his wife’s mind. She was getting ready like she wanted to be their feast tonight.

Rahul ignored his thoughts and got ready for the party. Rashika did her makeup and was now fully ready with her open straight hair falling to her boobs, and her deep neck giving ample view of her cleavage.

They both left their room and rang the bell of Hari’s room. As soon as they entered, Rahul shook hands with all three. But Rashika hugged Hari and wished him a ‘Happy Birthday’. Hari took advantage of the moment and felt her ass. Rahul witnessed this scene but didn’t say anything. Hari invited them over and asked for drinks.

Rahul: I would take a beer.

Hari: It’s my birthday. I am turning 50. No one is drinking anything below single malt tonight.

Rashika: Wow, half a century for you. I will then have anything you make for me.

Rahul: Yes, then I too will have the same.

Then Jitesh started to talk to Rahul about his work and asked for his future plan in work. Rahul was telling him while with side eyes, he was looking at Raman who was talking to Rashika. Raman was sometimes touching Rashika’s thighs which Rashika was removing from time to time. Hari was there with the drinks. He handed over both the glasses to them and then sat beside Rashika.

Two fat oldies in their 50s with their stomach popping out were sandwiching sexy slim Rashika on the sofa!

The party started with loud music on the TV. They had ordered pizza which everyone started to have. Then Raman ordered some more pizza from Dominos which was delivered at the reception.

Raman: I will go and get the pizza.

Rahul (nearly drunk): What dude, are you gonna leave the birthday guy and your guest like this for pizzas? Call the reception. They will send it to the room.

Hari: Ya bro, Rahul is so right. We are here to enjoy. How can we leave the room when such beauty is here (everyone laughed).

Raman called reception to deliver the pizza to the room. The bell rang and Raman answered the door for pizza. It was Freddy at the door with pizza. Raman told him to leave the pizzas on the table and went inside the room to get tips for Freddy to get the pizza to the room.

Freddy looked at Rashika sitting on the sofa in that sexy dress with deep cleavage. Rashika was a bit drunk. She smiled at him and in return, Freddy also smiled back and then turned back to get back to the door.

Raman met him at the door and handed him over a 500 note as a compliment. While leaving, Rahul saw that Freddy was saying something in Raman’s ears and then they both moved out of the room. Then Raman entered back after 2 minutes and closed the door. He came and then sat near Rahul as it was Jitesh and Hari sitting on both sides of Rashika, squeezing her body with their fat bodies. Rahul acted a bit more drunk and kept his head down so that he got to know what the plan of these old men was.

Hari got up and asked everyone to dance. Everyone stood up and Jitesh pulled Rashika up and held her waist and started to dance with her. Raman pulled Rahul up and they danced to the latest songs. Rashika’s boobs were bouncing to the beat as she was not wearing any bra. She was fully involved in the drinks and the songs. Rahul acted like vomitting. Everyone stopped and then Jitesh helped him to the bathroom.

Rahul went into the bathroom and acted like he was vomiting and then washed his face and came outside. Rashika asked him if he wanted to go back to the room. Rahul knew she wanted some alone time with these old men.

Rahul sat on the sofa and said that he was fine and would sleep there only for some time. Raman spoke something in Hari’s ears and then Hari went and made another drink and came back.

He gave it to Rashika.

Hari: It’s my birthday, my friend. It’s the last one.

Rashika took the drink and took a sip.

Jitesh: Rahul got out so fast. Our stamina is more than him, it seems.

Rashika: Maybe in drinks. But in bed, he is awesome.

Raman: Oh really. I don’t believe it. You both got married and you came to Goa and it’s we with whom you enjoyed on the beach.

Rashika: I saw some videos of Goa. Here all this is normal, right?

All three of them looked at each other and then laughed. “Yeah-yeah, all this is common here. Even more than this”.

Rahul was witnessing all this with semi-open eyes. He now started to think that his wife was doing all this just because she thought that this was a common practice in Goa. She was so innocent that the intentions of these old guys were not known to her.

Raman: Hey, how about I will show you some clicks of us at the beach today?

Rashika: Hell ya. I wanna see where all you guys went.

Raman connected his phone to the smart TV in the room and opened the gallery to start with the photos. They all commented on each photo and started to laugh. Rashika was sitting on the floor with her back on the sofa. Her legs were a bit open giving a view of her G-string a bit.

Jitesh and Raman were sitting behind her on the sofa enjoying the view of her boobs from the top. And Hari was sitting beside her holding her by her shoulder.

And the next photo came which shocked Rashika. It was her nude pic in which she was sitting on the bed. It was the same pose she was sitting in when Freddy had come for the IDs. Rahul also saw the pic on the TV with semi-closed eyes and was shocked. But seeing his wife’s naked pic in a room full of middle-aged guys and all admiring her boobs and nipples made him bit hard in his pants!

Rashika: Hey, where did you click this pic?

Raman: The waiter gave it to me.

Rashika: He clicked it and is fucking distributing it to others?

Raman: I don’t know about others. But yes, he gave me in return for the tips I gave him.

Hari: Wow Rashika, you look so hot, with no clothes on.

Jitesh: Why don’t you give us a glimpse of your whole naked body too? We just had some at the beach.

Rashika: I think that will be more, dear.

Hari: Hey, what happened to our whole night party plan which we made in the morning?

Rashika: I am sorry, but I am a bit sleepy. And Rahul is also sleeping. I think we should leave.

Hari: Don’t worry, dear. Finish the drink. And we all will manage and sleep here. You and Rahul sleep on the bed. How will you both go now? Sleep here only.

Rashika looked at Rahul thinking of the difficulties of carrying him to the room. She accepted the proposal to sleep in their bedroom. She stood up looking at her naked picture and said, “Close this Raman. I am feeling shy.”

Rashika tried to control her body’s lust and went to the bathroom to piss. Jitesh followed her. Being a transparent glass bathroom door, everyone was able to see what was going on. Rahul was also witnessing the scene. Rashika pulled up her dress, opened her G-string, threw it down on the floor, sat in the bathroom, and peed. She then forgot her panty there, put her dress down, and came out to the bed.

Rashika then kissed all three and sat on the bed. All 3 of the oldies were just standing like a statue and witnessing her acts. Now to their amazement, Rashika lifted her dress and removed it fully.

Rashika: Oops, I forgot I didn’t wear a bra. Now I am so nude in front of you, uncles, hahaha.

Jitesh: Oh, don’t worry dear. We will cover you up.

Jitesh went and placed his hand on her nipples and started to squeeze her boobs. By then, Raman and Hari took their clothes off and jumped the other side of the bed. Jitesh pushed Rashika down on the bed and held her boobs. Rashika was smiling the whole time.

Then Hari took over Rashika’s boobs and started to squeeze them softly and suck them. Rashika started to moan. Jitesh then removed his clothes and lay naked beside her. Now Rashika was naked in between 4 men out of which one was her husband Rahul who was sleeping full dressed and 3 naked oldies who were sucking Rashika’s whole body.

Hari and Jitesh took one boob each for sucking and Raman moved down to lick Rashik’s pussy. She was already wet with their acts and was enjoying it to the fullest.

All 3 of them were now licking all over Rashika on the bed beside her husband. Raman stood up and pulled Rashika towards him and placed his dick on her pussy. He with his one stroke put his 5 and half inches inside her. She felt something and uttered a moan.

Raman kept on fucking Rashika for the next 10 minutes while the others were playing with her boobs and navel.

Hari then put his dick in Rashika’s mouth and she started to suck it like a lollipop. Jitesh kept his mouth on her boobs and bit her nipples. Rashika made a loud moan. Rahul was witnessing her wife being fucked by 3 oldies in their 50s! He could see the fat body with hairs on their chest and tummy, fucking his sexy wife with a clean shaved pussy.

Raman then changed position with Hari and then he started to fuck Rashika wildly. He fucked her with his 6 inches dick which was thick enough to make Rashika ask for more deep. Hari rammed her for the next 15 minutes and ejaculated inside her pussy. He then went and put his dick in Rashika’s mouth to clean his dick. Rashika in full mood sucked it and licked it clean.

Now it was Jitesh’s turn. He came down from the bed. Jitesh was a bit better in the body than the other three. But he too had a hairy chest with some amount of tummy exploding out. He was blessed with a 7 Inches dick. He picked up Rashika in his arms and all three held her in the air. Then Jitesh put his dick inside Rashika’s pussy.

After some ramming of dick in her, they let her legs down. Now Rashika was on one leg and the other leg was in Jitesh’s hand and he was fucking Rashika from behind. Raman put his dick in her mouth and made her suck him. Rashika was enjoying the fuck to the fullest and started to suck like a pro. Raman exploded his sperm in Rashika’s mouth.

Now, it was Jitesh all alone fucking her in a standing position. Then he made her put her hand on the bed. Rashika was now facing her sleeping hubby Rahul and was being fucked by Jitesh from behind. Her boobs were swinging like hanging mangoes on a tree. Her hairs were adding to the beauty of her being fucked from behind.

Rahul could not resist anymore seeing her wife already being fucked by 3 guys out of which two had already climaxed inside his wife. He woke up and stood beside the bed! All of them stopped their actions in shock. Rashika also stood naked beside Jitesh and started to hide her boobs and pussy. She was in all the senses now and she was enjoying being fucked by these 3 oldies.

Rahul: Why did you guys stop? I see you guys all the time. Do you all mind if the original owner of the lady joins you guys?

They all laughed and Jitesh held Rashika and threw her on the bed toward Rahul. Rahul removed his clothes and gave his 7 inches dick in Rashika’s mouth. Rashika started to suck him while Jitesh continued to fuck her from behind. After some time, they swapped the position and fucked her for more than 15 minutes in all positions.

Raman and Hari made videos of them both fucking Rashika. Rahul got down on the bed and made Rashika sit on top of him to ride him. She followed him and started to jump like riding a horse and kept on laying with her boobs and hair.

Hari and Raman started to masturbate to this act again and explode their sperm again. Jitesh stood on the bed and gave Rashika his dick to suck. Both Rahul and Jitesh exploded at the same time inside Rashika. One inside her mouth and one inside her pussy.

All four of them then got to bed tired and with window planes open for the fresh cool sea breeze. All four guys slept naked with Rashika in between the three oldies. Rahul on one side giving her to the oldies for tonight.


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