Groped In Public Bus

Hello all, this is Preeti with a story of being groped in public bus. I am now 30 years old and married with a kid. Currently, my sizes are 34D-28-32. I hope you guys are enjoying This incident happened earlier this year before all the lockdown started. As always, this story, too, has a mix of reality and my fantasies.

Before getting into the story, I wanted to tell this upfront. Not all girls like being touched or groped on a public bus/train. There are very few girls like me who enjoy these things. Even among us, each has our boundaries. Some might let you stare. Some might let you touch.

Some might be crazy like me to play with your cock. Even me, who loves to do all these things, won’t sleep with you – no matter how handsome or how big your dick is. Women need to have an emotional connection to have sex. So, just because some of us allow these things doesn’t mean we want to sleep with you.

Next time if you get a chance to see any one of us, then enjoy the moment and let them go. Please don’t follow them or ask for their phone numbers.

Now back to the story, I had to go to a wedding near my native. I went there a couple of days before with my kid and husband. Since I got there early, I thought maybe I could see my school friends who stayed in a nearby town. It was some 60 km away.

The plan was that my husband would drop me in his car in the morning, and I will come back on the bus in the afternoon. I met my friends, and time flew by so fast. I didn’t realize it’s almost 6 o’clock. I had to rush to the bus stand to catch the return bus to my village.

I had worn a saree. Whenever I wear a saree, I always wear it low, so my belly button will be visible. I love flaunting my lilt tummy and my naval region. I somehow feel that my boobs are seen much smaller in a saree compared to my t-shirts or other tops.

So to make it appear big, I wear padded bras, and that’s what I was wearing today too. I got on the bus in a hurry. It was not crowded, and I got a seat. A couple of stops after that, an older person arrived. So I stood up and gave him my seat.

I didn’t realize that the women’s section was in the front of the bus and the men’s section was at the back. I was in the middle. There was this stop near a school, and many children got in along with their parents. It looks like some school function. The bus got crowded, and I was pushed towards the back.

Thank God one of the main bus stands came, and the bus became less crowded. But I was at the back now. This bus didn’t have a back door, so people generally stayed in the front. In the back, all the seats were taken by men.

I was super tired since it was a long day for me. I was holding one of the bars on the top and was resting my head on my hands. Little did I notice my saree. After the sudden crowd, my dress was no in its proper place.

Just to paint a picture, I was the only girl in the back with all men around. My pallu is only covering my right boob. My left boob had no protection from my pallu. Since the pallu was one-sided, my whole navel region was visible to all, including my belly button.

For some strange reason, the lower half of the saree was very low. So low to a point, my black panty was visible on the backside. This is the reason I don’t wear a saree regularly. First, I don’t know how to tie it properly. Second I have no clue to adjust it in public.

But anyway, I didn’t realize any of this until later. But everyone was enjoying my panty and boob show. Since I didn’t realize this, I was not adjusting it. This, I believe, gave the guys around the idea that I was intentionally showing.

As minutes rolled by, the bus was getting crowded. More men wanted to see my show and moved back. I first realized this only when one guy was staring at my boobs way too long. Normally I enjoy this and might bend and tease him a little more. But today, I was super tired and in no mood for any such things.

I covered it with my pallu. That is when I first realized the state of my saree. I immediately became shy and tried adjusting to it. As the crowd started coming in, now I was surrounded by men. But they all gave me enough space, so I was not worried. After few moments, I started to feel something on my ass.

Something rubbing on my ass, I tried to turn around. One guy in his 40s was standing so close to me. He smiled at me, which I politely smiled back – which I think was a big mistake. After this, I could feel a hand grabbing my ass. I was a little shocked but didn’t worry too much.

This hand was getting braver and braver as it was squeezing it well. Even my husband wouldn’t have squeezed it this much in all these years. So I was enjoying it. Then there was another hand on my other ass cheek. Two hands on my ass!

OMG! That too on a public bus. I started becoming horny. To give them a better feel of my ass, I started bending down as if to see if my stop is coming. As I bend, they could feel the full size of my ass. I loved all the caressing on my ass.
As time passed, the bus started to get crowded.

This caressing was going on for some time with my ass. By this time, I was getting bored. Then there was one more hand on my silky hips. When it first touched, I was getting goosebumps. This hand was now holding my hips and exploring my navel region.

Now I was getting scared since more people are on the bus. What if someone sees this? But my dirty mind wanted this to continue. So I didn’t stop these hands. I boldly took a hand on the belly button and placed it on my left boob. This was like a big green signal to him.

He immediately grabbed my entire left boob. I always love my boobs getting squeezed by rough hands. I was enjoying his groping. He tried to get under my blouse, but it was soo tight he couldn’t. He came near my ears and said, “Remove the blouse.”

I so wanted to but didn’t show it out. I just shook my head as a NO. He came very close to me and was searching the hook for my blouse. The hooks were on the backside. Soon he realized it, and his hands went to the back to remove it.

While he was doing that, the hands caressing my legs are now trying to lift my petticoat. I was getting horny on one side and scared on the other side. Lifting the saree is not that difficult. So they could easily lift it to my thighs. That is when I realized it’s not just a couple of men doing this but a group.

I was scared to look back. But once my saree was lifted, there were some 4 hands on my thighs. My blouse and bra were unhooked by this time, and the guy was playing with my boobs. He took my hand and placed it under his dhoti. I could find his dick. It was some 7-8 inches long. I love cocks.

Immediately I started stroking it. I was very wet now. At this time, a hand grabbed my pussy from underneath. My pussy was soaking wet. They realized it and started removing my panty. I understood they wanted my panty, so I lifted my legs and gave it away.

The moment I gave my panty away, my saree was lifted to my tummy. Which means I am naked all the way down. Few more hands joined, and OMG, the things they did to my pussy! They did all they could in that position from pinching, pulling, rubbing, fingering my ass, pussy.

I was now stroking this guy very fast. He was about to cum. He made sure to be close to me, so all his cum was on me. I didn’t mind. I thought this would be the end of it, and they will let me go. But the guys on the back were just getting started.

For the next 30 minutes, I was fingered in both my pussy and ass holes continuously. There was plenty of spanking. Sometimes it was so rough I screamed. Now I was holding another dick and was stroking it. This went on for some time.

In a bit of an anticlimax, a ticket inspector got in and started asking for tickets. This made everyone aware and made me come back to reality. Till that time, I felt invincible. And this helped me to put on my clothes properly. I started to walk to the front of the bus. I was scared now with all those hands.

Anyway, long story short, I got down and went home safely. Only at home, I realized how many guys cummed on my saree and legs. My legs were soo sticky. I had to take a bath before going into the bedroom. This was an amazing experience. I wished it would happen again.

Thanks for your comments and feedback. I will reply to all of them when I get some time. Do write to me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”34565b47476b5855504d6b44465151405c5d7459555d581a575b59″>[email protected]. I hope you liked this story about how I was style=”color: #3366ff;” href=””>groped on the bus.