Hot bhabhi’s oral revives electric shock victim

This story is based on an episode from Savita Bhabhi comics which you can read

Savita was setting up lights since it was festival time. She always made sure she celebrated in the best possible way. Savita had already decorated the house, and only the lighting was remaining.

But Savita never expected to fuse a bulb while fixing the decorative lights that caused all the lights to turn off. She immediately called an electrician. She didn’t have much time in hand.

The electrician came with an apprentice. He looked like a busy man but showed the courtesy to help Savita within such short notice. Apprentice being a young man, couldn’t take his eyes off the wonderful bosoms of Savita.

“Oh, my. You’re lucky you didn’t burn the house down.” The electrician said, looking at the entangled wires. Apprentice standing with a flashlight missed no chance of pointing it towards Savita to look at her sexy curves.

The electrician had to fetch some equipment and wires from his shop before he could fix anything. The apprentice was his son and was directed to check other outlets at the house to make sure nothing was jammed.

He was actually happy for being left with the sexy hot milf at the house. Walking around the house, pointing the flashlight at Savita’s amazing curves, he made sure he was entertained.

Savita was in the kitchen when the power came back briefly before everything went off with a loud thud. She heard the apprentice scream and rushed to find him unconscious on the floor.

“Oh, no! He’s not breathing! What should I do?” Savita was scared and sweating.

Savita, without thinking much, bent down and locked her lips on his. She was giving him mouth-to-mouth respiration. Her wide lips were pressed against his lips, and she was breathing into his mouth fanatically.

“Come on, kid. Don’t die on me!” Savita said, scared.

She thumped on his chest multiple times before going back to breathing into his mouth. She repeated the same process a couple more times before he started coughing and sighing. He took deep breaths and looked into her eyes.

“You are…alive!?!?” She screamed. Her melons were almost out of her saree and formed a deep cleavage.

“I am now. You brought me back from the dead,” he said, coughing.

The apprentice stood up, slowly holding Savita but his cock hard formed a dent in his pants. Savita grinned at him as she spotted his erection. She pointed at the boner to tell him that he was perfectly fine.

“Oh, no! I can’t…I can’t feel my penis!” he said, staring at his erect cock over the pant, which surprised Savita. Savita rushed to call the paramedics, but there wasn’t enough time for that.

“You’ll have to give mouth-to-mouth to my penis.” He said with an expressionless face. Savita knew that wasn’t a thing, but she would never say ‘No’ to a fully erect cock. “Please, bhabhi, work your magic! I need your help!” He pleaded.

Savita quickly kneeled and unzipped his jeans. She took his cock in her palm and jerked it a few times. He was rock hard with veins throbbing. Savita didn’t kiss it but took it in her mouth gently. She sucked it like a whore making him even harder. His cock was wet with her saliva.

“Well, the good news is that your penis is warm and hard as a rock, so your circulation is fine.” She said as she took a break.

“What if I lose my erection? I’ve got to stay aroused to keep the blood circulating.” He said as if he was about to die. He pleaded again to Savita. He wanted her to show him her melons so that he would remain aroused and erect.

Savita, who felt like an angel who was saving an innocent life, quickly stripped. After all, he would die to save her most favorite thing in the world, a fully erect cock. He placed his cock between her melons and rammed in the cleavage like a wild animal.

He quickly grabbed her and kissed her lips like a teenager and said, “It’s not your mouth that possesses the ability to save a person’s life. It’s inside you. It’s in your soul.”

“But how do I get your penis close to my soul?” Savita asked, feeling like a savior.

“Mouth-to-mouth may not save my penis. But pussy-to-cock resuscitation just might!” He said with a plain face.

Savita was not ready to do that. But she had to watch the apprentice fall backward. His limbs seem to be powerless.

Savita took off her leggings quickly and stripped naked. She then crawled between his legs and took his cock in her hands. She jerked him a couple of times before taking him in a cowgirl position.

Savita started slow and then increased her pace. He had never been fucked like this in his entire life, and he felt like he would unload soon. The apprentice turned her over gently, inserted his cock from behind, and sighed as he pumped her slowly.

“You can feel my pussy?” Savita asked,

The apprentice gradually started increasing his pace. He was actually proud of himself when his cock made Savita moan. She took a break to check on his cock. He had released some pre-cum.

Savita felt like her pussy had magical powers even make a man healthy with just a fuck. Savita’s pussy was getting wet. She believed that her pussy juices were mystical as she felt him grow harder inside her. She asked him to try to drill her faster.

“Jai, I need you to make me orgasm!’ trying to take his cock deeper inside her.

She guided him to rub his cock against her G-spot. As he rammed inside her faster and harder, she used her hands to stimulate her clit. She felt good. Savita wanted to revitalize such an amazing cock. He was so young would penetrate so many pussies and make it wet.

Not able to hold the pleasure any more, he moaned, surprising Savita.  She felt like her magical pussy had given life back to his cock. Savita asked him to drill faster as she was close to her climax. He rammed her like a slut. He took breaks to grab and squeeze her melons.

Savita’s fingers were dripping wet since she was rubbing her clit vigorously. She was close to her orgasm.

“Oh, fuck fuck fuck fuck, cumming feels so good,” Savita moaned loudly as she came. He was close too. He shot his load onto her belly. As he withdrew his cock, and somehow, the power came back exactly when he came.

“I can’t believe it, Jai. We’ve done something mystical together,” Savita said, staring at his fresh warm cum on her belly.

“I was able to bring you back to this world from the land of the dead!. I always thought I was meant for great things. Maybe this is why I was put on Earth?” Savita said, touching his cock once more.

Naked and wet with cum on her belly Savita hadn’t noticed the electrician who had come back. He stared at them for a second and shouted at the apprentice to move out.

“I’m very sorry, sir, and ashamed. But there was this power surge, and then a little ‘pop’ and he wasn’t breathing when I found him.” Savita said, trying to convince him.

“Next time you need some ‘electrical work,’ I’ll leave the boy at home and come along.” Said the electrician as he walked away from naked Savita. She still had his cum stains on her belly.

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