Hot Happy Nina Gets Fucked Hard

Hi Friends, I hope you are all doing good. Things are getting better and will get even better as time progresses. Life is so unpredictable. We have seen that in the last 2 years. So do not regret anything in life.

Just earn well, eat well and fuck well. What more do we need in life? This is all that we expect from life. Just keep it simple, stay happy and make others happy. Do beautiful things like living a happy sexual life and reading hot and interesting stories on ISS.

This is Vinay from Chennai turned just 40 this year, and I am super excited to be into this fabulous forty. Thank you to each of you who have appreciated till now. Connect on mail or hangouts @ /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#c7b1acf4f7f6f0f087a0aaa6aeabe9a4a8aa”>[email protected].

Men in their forties are so good, calm, and assured of what a woman likes. No limits are set. It is just all about the bodily experience and the sense of adventure. It makes sex and its intensity so much better at this age.

We moved to our new office a few weeks back. Our next-door office was a software, app and web development company. Being on the same floor and our offices opposite glass doors, it is always possible to peep into each other’s offices.

Our office timings differed between 15 to 30 minutes. That office would open early, and we would close late. In a couple of days, I got accustomed to the beautiful HR manager of that company, Nina.

The head office of Nina s office was in another city. So Nina was in charge of the complete operations of the branch. We started exchanging pleasantries, and small conversations started between us. Nina was a joyful lady full of life and fun, projecting positivity.

She was a star and in the center of everything happening in her office. People always wanted to be near her. Nina used to carry the keys to the company. She was the one to open and lock the company. In a couple of weeks, we got closer, and we started to have long conversations over coffee in my office cabin.

Sometimes she would work overtime late at night to complete projects and presentations. Then we would have dinner together. Nina used to stay a few kilometers away from my residence. Nina was a married lady. Her husband worked in some other city.

She would sometimes mention him and how his absence affects her sometimes. This was our routine now. Time passed. We were approaching March’s financial year-end. I was very busy and could hardly spend time with her. At times we would wave Hi and Bye from the door itself.

In mid of March, I started coming much earlier to the office. One fine day I was in the office by around 8.00. I was busy was some work, and by 8.30, Nina had dropped in. She was surprised to see me so early working alone.

Her early morning enthusiasm and beautiful fresh face made me forget everything, including my work. I indulged in chatting with her. We ordered some coffee and snacks. I told her how she made me feel relaxed from all the pressure and workload.

There was a mysterious attraction in her that could not always be explained through any words. I had to accept this hard reality that could be just the tiniest littlest bit interested in her. In her early 30s, Nina was fair-complexioned, chubby and tall. Maybe 5.7, with lovely short hair and a perfectly hot body.

She was the kind of woman who could take control of a man with a simple gesture, a toss of the hair, a single slow whiplash of the eyes or a simple walk across the floor. She had a fabulous pair of boobs and a perfect round ass. Her thighs were just a bit fleshier.

As she walked and looked around, she had eyes that would speak on her behalf. Her measurement would be 34c, 32 and 34. Perfect mouthful and handful body to play and suck. Our respective office staff had already come in and settled in their seats.

She was about to leave. Se picked up her bag and phone and looked at me. She asked me, “Would you be coming early to the office tomorrow also?”

I replied, “Well if you promise to come, I can sleep in the office waiting for you.”

She laughed and replied, “That’s very funny. If you sleep in the office, I will not meet you. I want to see you neat and fresh.”

I replied, “As you wish, I can’t wait to meet a fresh and hot Nina again.”

She laughed and replied, “15 minutes early than today.”

I replied, “I will be here by 7.30. You can join me any time.”

She looked at me and said, “You can meet me only in my bed at 7.30.”

I smiled and replied, “Please invite me. I would love to meet you in your bed.”

I always believe that the more we go with the flow of life, the more fabulous things will start to show up in our life. She looked at me, amused and surprised. I instantly realized that maybe I had crossed the line.

With guilt in my eyes, I apologized, “Sorry, sorry that just come in the flow.” Before she could speak something, I again profusely apologized to her, “Sorry, Nina, that came out of nowhere.”

I looked into Nina’s eyes. In her eyes, she had the look of the cat who inspires a desire to caress but does not express. She was the one who never responded to the impulses immediately.

I again asked her, “Are we meeting tomorrow?”

She said, “Yes, but not at 7.30, that’s too early for me. Maybe I will try to catch up by 8.”

I could not resist asking her, “You want me to pick you up from your bed?”

Her body language changed, and she turned a little uncomfortable and said,” No thanks, I will manage.”

She left for her office, and I tried to get back to work. I could not concentrate. Nina was on my mind, all over my mind. I wanted to message her to apologize, but I did not want to connect with her on the same topic. The day passed away very difficultly. In the evening, by around 6.30, Nina again dropped in.

She asked me, “So sure you are coming early tomorrow?”

I said, “Yes, I am sure. Why have you invited me and I will not come? How can that happen.”

She again asked me, “So what time do you want me to come? I don’t want to disturb you if you are busy.”

I replied, “Nina, you know very well, speaking with you helps me relax, so it’s never disturbing.”

She said, “Yes, same here. I will catch you asap tomorrow.”

There was a brief pause as I looked in her eyes, onto her boobs, and again a second look at her boobs. No words were spoken. It was an as uneasy silence. I knew that look of Nina. What was she thinking?

I feel that this is the most unsaid, unexplained declaration of attraction. The whole world has an itch for sex. It is just a matter of time before someone scratches it. Once the itching gets intense, there is no stopping. All barriers are broken, and new boundaries are built.

She was still watching me. I was still staring at her boobs relentlessly. It was awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a beautiful hot lady so close, you cannot resist it.

As said earlier, I replied, “I will be here by 7.30.”

She said, “Ok, I will try to join you as soon as possible.”

I looked into her eyes and asked, “You want me to get something for you?”

Probably for the first time, I got a small hint. She said, “I don’t need anything. Maybe you can get something for yourself.”

I wondered well if she was talking about a condom. I replied, “Ok, I will buy it tonight itself. Stores will not open so early in the morning.”

Her face turned red, and she stumbled and asked me, “So what are you going to buy.”

I said, “Nothing, it’s something for my use only. Maybe I will let you know tomorrow.”

She shook her head in disbelief and said, “Ok, see you tomorrow.”

The slightest hint is what a man expects, and he builds his own around that hint. Nina left, but she left a million questions behind me. I instantly went to the Med store and picked up a few condoms. I kept them in my drawer, I was not sure what would happen, but I wanted to be prepared.

Nina was a woman who deserved flowers during the day and hard fucks at night. She was hot, intelligent, bold and inviting. On the other side, I am not a great fan of using condoms. I prefer it to be raw. It has to be just meat to meat. Else it’s like incomplete.

I could barely sleep. I woke by 6.00 and checked her status. She had logged 15 minutes before me. In this, she was already up and awake, getting ready. By 7.00, I was almost ready. I munched on a few slices of bread, dry fruits and fruits.

I sent a message to Nina, “GM, what time.”

Instantly she replied, “Ready, can reach in next 10 to 15 minutes.”

Wow, she was ready 15 minutes earlier than when she would not wake up. What a beautiful madness it is. We would go to any extent to explore the darkness in one’s soul. To find joy in unearthing such wicked thoughts from someone else.

I sent her a confusing message, “You want to ride with me.”

I could see her type and then not send a message for a few minutes. Well, my plan worked. In the same message, I again asked her, “I mean, you want me to pick you up from your place?”

She shot back instantly, “Yes, I want to ride with you.” She replied in the same message, “You can pick me.”

I wish she would have made a typo error and sent a message as, “You can fuck me.”

I replied, “Reaching in 10 minutes.”

She again asked me, “You wanted to buy something. Did you buy?”

I replied, “Yes, yesterday night itself, it’s in the office.”

She asked me, “What is it ?”

I wanted to clarify my wish to her, “When you ride with me, you will know.”

She replied, “Ok, waiting for you, let’s ride.”

This was probably the most open and firm message from her side that made my conviction firmer. I left my car behind and took my bike out. I reached her place, and she was surprised to see me on a bike.

She looked hot and sexy black strapless single-piece dress with a matching tiny orange shrug on it. It could see her tattoo just above her delicious, delicate boobs.

She curiously asked me, “Where is your car?”

I asked her, “You don’t like a bike.”

She replied, “It’s fine. Long time not been riding bikes.”

She hopped on the back seat, keeping her hands on my shoulders. She sat single side. I requested her to sit double side. She asked, “Why double side.”

I said, “I will get a full feel of you when you sit double side.”

She did not reply but just sat double side keeping her laptop bag in between. I took her bag in front of the petrol tank. She kept quiet and moved a few inches closer to me.

It was early morning, roads were free of traffic, and the cool breeze made it a perfect setting. I started my bike. She moved closer to me, wrapping her hands around my waist on the pretext of holding the bag.

Her chin was almost on my shoulder. I could smell her lovely body. She smelt so good I lost my senses. I could feel her boobs brushing on my back as we headed towards the office. She did not speak anything, but I could feel the heat of her body going up as she sat so close to me.

In a few minutes, she left the bag and wrapped her hands around my body. She now pressed her boobs on my back. I could feel the soft hot flesh oozing from her body.

She brought her lips near my ears and whispered, “What did you buy yesterday night, Vinay.”

I asked her, “Why are you so curious?”

I could feel little wetness on my ear, and a sudden sensation rocked my whole body. Oh boy, she was licking my ears. She again asked me in a sexier tone, “Tell me, Vinay.”

My voice trembled as I replied, “You guess.”

Her hands moved from holding my chest to my thighs as she gently rubbed her lips on my neck. Her hands moved slowly on my thighs; I got an instant hard. She whispered in my ears, “The medic store where you went yesterday, that girl is close to me.”

I was stunned. I asked her, “How do you know I went to the medic store?”

She replied, “More important is what you shopped yesterday, that girl told me.”

She was into this; it was just such amazing and unbelievable. I asked her, “You have your spy agents everywhere, and you know what it is.”

She kept working on my thighs and nibbling my ears and asked me, “Is it Ultrathin Vinay? I am sure you will break it if it is Ultrathin.”

Her hands move closer and closer to my hardened dick. She crushed her boobs on my back as I decreased the speed of my bike. I enjoyed this ride. Nina had this mastered art of waking up a dick by doing nothing. Her face was close to my face as she sat holding me tightly.

Her soft licks on my ears and kisses on my neck made me mad. Her soft boobs on my back and her slow stroking on my thighs triggered my passion to fuck her. It was reaching fevered desire. I could not wait to tear her pussy with my dick, feast on her sexy body, and fuck her hard on a soft bed.

I replied, “If you are sure it’s gonna break, I don’t want to waste it.”

Her voice was now loaded with soft moans, “I want you to break something else today, Vinay.”

I kept my hands on her thighs and replied, “Anything you wish is my command. Before breaking, it would need a lot of lubrication.”

She replied, “It’s all yours, anything you wish.”

We reached our parking lot. She got down from the bike as we rushed to her office, holding each other’s hands tightly. We could barely hold back as we kissed in the lift. She held my hand and dragged me to her office. She turned off the card access device and used the keys to lock the door from inside.

She held my hand and led to me a small room inside. It was a private relaxing room with 2 sofas, a few books on a shelf and a private attached bathroom. She pulled out one sofa and pushed back the backrest. It was converted into a bed.

She kept her bad aside and stood in front of me, almost touching her boobs on my chest and looking in my eyes. The lust in her deep eyes was maddening. Flames of her sexual desires were engulfing her body. I could feel the heat from her body.

I hope you like this part of the story. To be continued.