Revenge of a Son – Part 2 (Revenge On Mother)

This is a fictional story. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

usually include gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”e99b8c888dc79a9d869b808c9ad8d0d1d0a9999b869d868784888085c78a8684″>[email protected].

We saw how Ajay had found out about his mom’s affair with her boss Gopal in the previous part. And how he was kicked out of the house due to Mythri and how that screwed Ajay’s life. He then decides to take revenge on everyone, including his mom.

The story continues.

After we had dinner, Mom went and had a shower and walked out of the bathroom in a yellow saree. She was in her room and arranging the bed. The water droplets ran down her neck and waist, magnifying her beauty.

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I walked behind her and pulled her onto me, and started licking the water droplets on her neck while squeezing her waist and belly with my hands. She went into shock, took a couple of minutes to gain her senses, and tried to push me off.

Divya: What the fuck are you doing, Ajay? What is wrong with you?
I held her tight and continued licking her neck and back while fondling her tits over the blouse. She fought to get free.

Divya: Please let me go, Ajay. I am your mother. Don’t do this. Leave me.

After licking her for 5 minutes, I let her go as I couldn’t contain her any longer. She turned towards me and slapped me. She was furious.

Divya: What is wrong with you? Have you gone out of your mind? Have you forgotten that I am your mom?

Me: Of course not. That is why I am being so gentle. Otherwise, I would have forced you by now.

Divya: What? Do you want to have sex with your mom?

Me: Yes. Just the way you fuck that bastard Gopal. With a lot of passion.

Divya: What are you saying? There is nothing like that.

Me: Shut up, bitch. I know everything. I also know that I was sent to the hostel not because I misbehaved with Mythri. But because you two wanted to fuck each other without any disturbance. You didn’t even stop him or ask him not to send me away.

Divya: No, no Beta. It’s not like that. I think there is some misunderstanding.

Me: Stop lying, you slut. Only now everything is clear. I have seen everything with my own eyes.

She would say something, but I pulled out my phone and played the video, and showed it to her. When she realized what the video was about, she was shocked and collapsed on the bed, and tears rolled out of her eyes. She understood she was caught red-handed.

There was nothing much she could do. She pushed away from the phone, closed her eyes with her hands, and started crying.

Me: Do you still want me to believe that I was sent away just because I touched Mythri once and not because you guys wanted to fuck. Dad would go away to work. Mythri would go away to college, and Ashwini would go to her friends.

Me: I was the only one constantly around, and you wanted to get rid of me. Mythri gave that chance, and that bastard Gopal seized it with two hands.

She had no response and continued crying into her hands.

Me: Do you know what I had to go through for your pleasure. I was forced every day in that fucking hostel. And now, I will give it back to all of you and start with you.

Divya: What do you mean? What are you going to do?

Me: I am going to fuck all of you. Whether you like it or not.

Divya: But I am your mom.

Me: The moment you sent me away to have sex with that bastard, you are not my mom anymore. You are a slut, and you will become my slut from today.

Divya: I cannot do it. I cannot have sex with you.

Me: You don’t have an option, bitch. You either do as I say, or I will send this video to everyone, Dad, Ashwini, Mythri and our relatives. I will also upload it on the internet. Then you fuck that bastard Gopal as much as you want.

Divya: Please. I beg you. Don’t do that. Your father and Ashwini will kill me. Please…

Me: Then do as I say. Suck my dick like you sucked that bastard’s dick.

I pulled down my shorts and revealed my huge and thick cock. She gasped, looking at it. I went closer and rubbed her tears with my cock. She leaned backward, moving away from my cock. I took the phone into my hand and told her to take it into her mouth, or I was going to send it.

She hesitatingly took a bit of cock into her mouth. I got hold of her head and pushed the whole cock into her mouth. She choked. She removed my cock and coughed a few times.

Me: Either you suck it, or I will make you suck it, which will be rough.

She hesitatingly took it again and sucked it slowly. But the passion was missing. I decided to arouse her. I pulled her up onto me and licked her tears. I kissed her on her eyes and cheeks, and nose. Then, I kissed a woman on the lips for the first time, and they were my mother’s lips.

That aroused me a lot. I sucked on her lips for a bit. Then, I removed her pallu. Then, as I was unhooking her blouse, she tried to resist. I tore the blouse open aggressively, and her beautiful mango tits popped out. They were bigger and better from up close.

I took both of them into my hands, cupped them, and squeezed them to my heart’s content for 5 minutes. Then, I brushed my fingers against her brownish-pink nipples, erecting with my movement. I kissed her all over her neck and moved on to her milky white tits.

I kissed, licked and sucked on them. I left love bites all over her tits. Then, I took her nipples into my mouth and licked them sensuously while biting them. I could see she was getting aroused by my actions as the expressions on her face changed.

After sucking her tits until I was satisfied, I continued kissing her stomach. I poked my tongue into her belly button. This tickled her, and her body shivered. Then I undid the rest of her saree and petticoat with my mouth. I finally came across the glorious pussy that bought me into this world.

It was bushy with brown lips. It was beautiful and inviting. I pushed her onto the bed and jumped on to her. I pushed my fingers into her pussy. It was already wet. My fingers explored every inch of her pussy for a few minutes. She was lightly moaning from the pleasure. I could see she loved it.

I removed my fingers and licked one side of it. I placed the other side near her mouth, and she licked without hesitating. Then, I pushed my tongue into her pussy and tongue fucked her until she cum. I licked all her juices. As soon as she orgasmed, she yelled in joy.

I felt she was ready, and with one jerk, I pushed my thick cock into her pussy. She shouted in pain. I stroked gently initially and increased my pace gradually. She was responding to my strokes by moving her hip. I fucked her for a good few minutes until she orgasmed.

Then, I gave her rest for a minute and got her into a doggy position. I fucked her for a few more minutes until both of us orgasmed. I cum in her pussy. By the time I was done fucking her, she was done being my mother and turned into my slut.

As soon as I removed my cock, she turned around, took it into her mouth, and licked and sucked it clean. I was surprised at the change in her. Both of us were a little tired and collapsed on the bed. She was silent.

Me: Looks like you liked it, bitch.

Divya: Umm…

Me: Common. You can open up. You are my slut now.

Divya: I wouldn’t mind turning into a slut for sex like that beta. That was amazing. The best sex I ever had. Your father has been fucking me for 20+ years and that bastard Gopal for 7+ years. But they would hardly give me a single orgasm.

Divya: They never placed their tongue near my pussy. Only I had to suck their cocks. 99% of the time, it was just about them. They never cared if they had an orgasm or not. But today, I had three orgasms.

Divya: If only I knew you would fuck me so well, I would turn into your slut long ago. I am glad you fucked me and opened my eyes. I don’t care that we are mother and son. I want you to fuck me like that every day.

Divya: If only it went my way, I would tell every mother to fuck their son to know the true meaning of sex and passion. I never saw the passion with which you fucked me today in my husband or anyone. Mother-son sex shouldn’t be a taboo but be celebrated.

Me: I am glad you loved it, mom. I will fuck you like this every day and fulfill all your desires.

Divya: I can’t wait for it, son. I am all yours from today. I love you.

Me: I love you too, mom. But I don’t like that you fuck that bastard Gopal. Tell me, why do you have sex with him?

Divya: For the money, son. He gave us a lot of money as a loan. We couldn’t pay it back. So he offered to reduce the amount if I had sex with him. So I started having sex with him. Later, your father got very busy and was hard fucking me. So I continued having sex to fulfil my desires and get expensive gifts from him.

Me: That bastard. Don’t worry, mom. I will take revenge on him for both of us.

Divya: What? How beta?

Me: When did he ask you to come again?

Divya: Tomorrow morning.

Me: Ok. When you go tomorrow morning, leave the door open when you are having sex. I will take care of the rest.

Divya: Ok, beta. But be careful. He is a monster.

Me: I am here to control that monster. Anyways forget about that bastard for now. I want you to ride me as you rode him in the morning.

Divya: Anything for you, beta.

She sat next to me, took my cock into her hands, and rubbed it. Then gently took it into her mouth. She was licking my cock head with her tongue. That aroused me a lot, and my cock was throbbing. She sucked on it for a good few minutes with a lot of passion.

She then proceeded to sit on me in a cowgirl position and placed her pussy over my cock. I pushed my cock into her pussy. She started riding gently and increased her pace. As she increased her pace, her milky white tits were jiggling like crazy. I took both of them into my hands and cupped them.

She rode me for a good few minutes and then collapsed on me. I rolled her onto the bed and made her go into doggy style. She was expecting me to fuck her in the pussy, but I placed my cock on her asshole.

Divya: No, no. Not there. It hurts a lot. Especially with your big cock. That bastard Gopal also likes to fuck in the asshole, and I can’t take his small dick. Your dick will tear open my asshole.

Me: Don’t worry, mom. I will be gentle and you will get used to it. You have such a lovely ass, and it is begging me to fuck you in the asshole.

I bit and licked her on the buttocks and played with them for a minute. Then, I pushed my cock in slowly. She was shouting in pain. After a lot of work, it went in. I stroked gently and increased the pace slowly. After a good few minutes, I cum in her asshole. I removed my cock and signaled her to lick it.

Divya: No, no. I am not doing it after it has been in my asshole.

Me: Ok, Mom. Don’t worry. We will make that bastard Gopal do it.

We were tired after a long and tiring fucking session and fell asleep naked. When I woke up in the morning, mom attended to her chores. I went to her, still naked, and kissed her on the neck. I was undressing her when she stopped me.

Me: What happened? I want to fuck you.

Divya: Not now. Gopal called. He asked me to come to his room in 10 mins.

Me: Ok. Do you remember what I said last night? Leave the door open.

Divya: Ok. I will do it. But be careful and handle it well.

I waited for 15 minutes after my mom went into his room. I got closer to the door and heard that they had started having sex. My mom was moaning at the top of her voice as a signal for me. I pushed the door open and entered in. He was stunned when he saw me as the door opened.

Gopal: What the fuck are you doing here? Why did you enter my house? Get out from here.

Me: I will as soon as you tell me what the fuck is happening here.

Gopal: Why do I need to tell you? This is my house, and I can do anything I want!

Me: Oh. Just because this is your house, it doesn’t mean you can force my mom as you wish!

Gopal: I am not forcing your mom. She is here of her own will.

Me: But I don’t think she thinks it that way.

Gopal: I don’t care what you guys think.

Me: Oh really? Then tell me you feel the same way even after watching this video.
I took out my phone and played their sex video. His face turned pale. The anger on his face disappeared. He tried to snatch the phone, and I pushed him away.

Me: Do you think I am still the same Ajay from years ago? I can easily thrash your left and right now for fucking my mom. And also, there are multiple copies of the video. No use snatching the phone.

Gopal: I am sorry. Please delete that video. I will give you anything you ask.

Me: Are you sure?

Gopal: Yes. I will give you anything you want. Tell me how much money you want or do you want a flat in the new building we are constructing?

Me: Do you think you can buy me with money like you lured my mom?

Gopal: Then what do you want?

Me: I want revenge for everything I had to go through because you wanted to fuck my mom.

Gopal: What do you mean?

Me: I want you to suck my cock as my mom sucked yours.

Gopal: No. I cannot do that. How will I suck a cock? I have never touched another cock.

Me: There is always a first time. Do you know how many cocks I had to suck in that bloody hostel you sent me to? 15. So you have to make up for that.

Gopal: No. I cannot do that.

Me: Either that or this video will be sent to everyone you know. It will go on the internet as well. Then you can do whatever you want.

Gopal: Please, I beg you.

I let go of my shorts, and my stiffened cock stood up. I signaled towards my cock. Realizing that he had no other option, he hesitatingly took hold of my cock with his hands. He then kneeled and took cock into his mouth. As soon as he took it in, he immediately took it out.

Me: Don’t worry, you will get used to it.

He took it in his mouth again. I pushed it in harder. He sucked on it for a few minutes. He was really bad at it. But I enjoyed the fact that my cock was in his mouth. After letting him suck on it for a few minutes, I asked him to get up and go onto the bed. He did as I ordered.

Me: Now, get into doggy style.

Gopal: What? Why?

Me: You will have to feel the pain that my mom feels when you fuck her in the asshole.

Gopal: No, no. Please don’t do it.

Me: Bastard. Do as I say, and don’t get me angry. Else I will force you here like I was forced.

He did as ordered and got into the doggy position. I took my position behind him and pushed my cock into his asshole with one jerk. He shouted at the top of his voice. Unlike when I fucked mom, I fucked him hard and aggressively. I stroked at a rapid pace, and he kept yelling.

After fucking him roughly for a few minutes, I cum in his asshole. Then, I removed my cock, but he was still doggy because his asshole was hurting. I went to his face and gave him my cock to clean. He was repulsed by it. I stared at him furiously.

Having no other option, he took my cock in his mouth and licked it clean. He was lying on the bed as he couldn’t move as his asshole was hurting like crazy. Unknowing him, my mom recorded the entire episode on my phone. I showed him the video, and he was shocked that even this was recorded.

Gopal: Why did you record this video? I did everything you asked me to.

Me: You thought this would end with such a small thing. This is just the beginning. You have a lot more to do.

Gopal: What? What more do you want from me?

Me: Everything. Your wife who encouraged you to thrash me. Your daughter who started all of this. I want my revenge on your entire family.

Gopal: No, no. Please don’t involve them. I will do everything else you say. Just leave them out of this.

Me: Ok. I will leave them alone after sending them these videos.

Gopal: No. Please. I will do as you say.

Me: Ok. Good. I will tell you the plan after your wife is here. For now, I will teach you something.

Gopal: What?

Me: How to make a woman happy!

I pulled my mom onto the bed and kissed her on the lips. We were sitting next to him. He was shocked to see me making out with my mom. His jaw dropped in shock.

Gopal: What are you doing? Are you kissing your mom?

Me: I didn’t leave my mom. So you better be prepared that I will not leave your family.

I continued licking and sucking mom’s boobs for a few minutes. Then, I made her sit near his face and pushed my tongue into her pussy. He had a clear view of everything. After tongue fucking her for a while, I stopped and asked him to continue.

He followed my orders like an obedient student and tongue fucked mom until she cum. He licked all her juices as he was already aware of the drill. Then in front of him, I pushed my cock into her pussy and fucked her for a while until she orgasmed.

Then I made her go into a doggy position and fucked her asshole until I cum. He took my cock and licked it clean and then licked my mom’s pussy and asshole clean of our cum. His cock was throbbing with all the action in front of him. I let him fuck my mom as I had a lot of plans for him in the future.

For the next two days, until Dad and Ashwini returned, we pretty much lived in his room fucking each other.