Hot Indian Intern Girl And Sex Hungry Boys

Hi, I am Soniya. It was after finishing college when I joined a company as an intern. I was attending a training of 3 months. There were 9 boys and 6 girls including me.

On the first day of training, we introduced ourselves. During the lunch break that day, I was sitting in the cafeteria alone. Then 3 boys from training came and sat at the table where I was seated.

They introduced themselves again as Jovin, Aditya, and Jordan. Jovin age 24, was about 5.11 feet tall and had a gym body, with 14″ biceps. Aditya was 23, around 5.8 feet tall, and was of athletic built. Jordon was 6.2 feet tall and was the most handsome guy among the whole batch.

Jordan was also 24 years old. I was 20, 5.2 feet tall, and had a 32C-26-34 figure. I had an instant crush on Jovin. He had the cutest smile.

Then we chatted and after lunch, I sat with them. It did not take long for us to become best friends. Soon, we started to hang out after 6 pm office hours. Since Jordan was living alone, we usually visited his place and leave by 7:30 pm.

Since Jovin lived closer to my home, he used to drop me home. He used to drive very fast, so I had to hold him tight. My boobs got crushed on his back. I didn’t mind at all. Sometimes he used to keep his hands on my thighs while riding his bike. I was enjoying his advances.

With every passing day, my colleague Jovin found new ways to touch my thighs and pretend that it was accidental. Once Jordan noticed Jovin’s hand on my thighs and he too started doing the same. Aditya also joined them soon.

I was enjoying all the advances and attention that they were giving me. I too started wearing revealing clothes to seduce them.

One day, it was Jordan’s birthday and we decided to celebrate it. That day, I wore a loose top that gave a full view of my boobs whenever I bend down, and a mini skirt that ended mid-thigh. The 3 colleague boys could not keep their eyes and hands off me.

After cutting the cake, I applied some on Jordan’s face which Aditya and Jovin also applied. Now Jordan also started applying cake to Aditya and Jovin. I was sitting on the couch and watching. Suddenly, Jordan came towards me. I tried to run, but Aditya caught me from behind. Now Jordan applied cake to my face and neck. Then Jovin also came to apply, but I tried to get out of Aditya’s grip.

In this process, Jovin’s hand went on my cleavage. He did not move his hand and kept applying cake on my bare skin above my bra. Then I somehow got out of Aditya’s grip and ran to the bathroom.

I cleaned myself and came out, and I didn’t say anything. I just sat down on the sofa. All the boys had apologetic looks on their faces. Then Jordan asked me to have a drink. “I’ll have a beer”, I said.

We all started drinking and soon things became normal. It was 9 pm. By then, I had two beers. I was half drunk. Then Jovin played some music and asked me for a dance. I gave him my hand and we started dancing. His hands were on my waist and mine were on his shoulder. Soon Jordan joined us, followed by Aditya. They all took turns dancing with me.

After a while, we sat down and Jordan offered me another beer. I was drinking slowly as I didn’t want to get drunk so early.

I was sitting on the sofa between Jovin and Aditya. Both were touching my thighs and sometimes my boobs. I didn’t mind. Now Jovin put his hand around my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek, and said –

Jovin: You are the best girl in our life.

I said: Thank you.

Then Aditya also kissed my other cheek. I playfully slapped his shoulder. Jordan got up and asked me for a dance. We started dancing, but I could hardly stand it. My head was resting on his shoulder. His hands were on my waist. Slowly he started to go down to my bum.

He started caressing my ass so slowly. Soon, Jordan started to grab my ass. Seeing this Jovin came behind me and started caressing my back. Aditya was watching and he adjusted his erection. Jordan held me by the waist and pulled me close to him. I could feel his erection on my stomach.

My boobs were crushed on his hard chest. Jovin was holding my shoulders and kissing my neck. Jovin’s hard rod was between my ass cheeks.

Then I felt a hand caressing my hair. This hand then turned my head and kissed my lips. It was Aditya. I was so aroused by what was happening to me. Jordan was now pressing my right boob.

Jovin had pulled up my skirt and was kissing my ass above my panty. Then I broke the kiss and turned to Jordan. Jordan started to smooch me while Jovin was kissing and pressing my ass.

Aditya opened the zip of his pants and guided my hand inside. I was now getting my lips and my ass sucked while stroking Aditya from above his underwear. I didn’t realize when Jovin pealed off my panty. He held my panty up and said –

Jovin: Guys, this Soniya’s panty is soaked. Look.

Aditya said: That’s so awesome. She is good with her hands too.

Jordan: Let’s move to the bed.

Then Aditya asked: Do you want to move to the bedroom, Soniya?

I just gave him a lusty smile and licked my lips. Aditya just grabbed my hair and gave me a quick smooch. He lifted me to the bed. He just threw me on the bed and in no time all three of them got naked.

“I can’t wait guys”, said Jovin and came over to me. He lifted my legs and positioned his cock at my pussy. He rubbed it for a while and looked at me as if asking for permission. All I did was say “yes” nodding my head.

Then he slowly pushed his thick cock into me. I screamed as his cock was sliding into me. It was very big for my tight cunt.

Jordan brought his underwear and put it in my mouth to muffle my scream. Jovin started to pound my pussy like an animal. Tears were coming from my eyes. Slowly, I got used to his thick and throbbing 7.5-inch cock.

My legs were on Jovin’s shoulder and he was fucking me at full speed. Jordan now came near my face. He replaced the underwear in my mouth with his cock. Then Aditya tore my top and bra. He was now squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples occasionally. I was drowned in mixed emotions of pain, pleasure, and ecstasy.

The pounding Jovin was giving my tight pussy was like hell, but the pleasure all three were giving me was like heaven.

After fucking my pussy for about 15 minutes, Jovin removed his cock and came to my mouth. Then Jordan asked me to ride him. I, like a good slut, climbed on top of him and took his cock in my now sore pussy.

Then Jovin put his cock in my mouth. I was blowing Jovin while Jordan held my waist and hammered his cock in me from below. Aditya came behind me and spanked my ass hard.

Then he asked: You like this, Soniya?

I moaned with Jovin’s cock in my mouth. They all understood that I was loving this. So, Jordan spanked my ass followed by Jovin.

Jovin came into my mouth while Jordan was still fucking my cunt. Jovin fell flat on the bed and Aditya replaced him. By then, I had cummed 4 times. Aditya and Jordan showed no mercy fucking my mouth and my pussy.

Then Jordan asked me to get in a doggy position and Aditya held my head and was fucking my mouth. Jordan was now squeezing my boobs and pinching and pulling my nipples. He fucked me for about 10 minutes in this position.

When he was about to cum, he asked Aditya to replace him. Aditya had a cock about 7 inches, but thicker than Jovin and Jordan.

Jordan’s cock was longer than both Aditya and Jovin. Both fucked my mouth and pussy for another 15 minutes and came in me. First Jordan in my mouth followed by Aditya in my pussy.

I was very exhausted. So, Jovin lifted me in his arms and took me to the bathroom. There he cleaned me and himself. When we came out, he wiped my body dry. Then I fell on the bed and fell asleep. I was tired of all the pounding my pussy got. My pussy was sore now. It was 11 pm.

This is not the end. I will soon post the next part. Till then, have fun. And please give your suggestions. Bye.