Hot Mom and her daughters – Part 1

Hey, this is Pratap Kumar came to you with another story.

This happened to me last week. I came across an ID on social media. She introduced herself by her name, i.e. Likitha. We chatted a little. She said that her Mom is alone now, and her dad passed away long ago.

Her mother took the whole responsibility to make Likitha and her sister educated and married into a good family. Likitha is not married yet. But her sister Mounika got married into a conservative family.

So now Likitha wants to make her mother happy. Not just happy. She wanted her Mom to satisfy her sexual urges, too. So she asked me to help her and fuck her Mom.

In the beginning, I thought she was joking, so I didn’t take that so seriously. But she was constantly asking for that. So, I asked her to share some pics of her Mom. And she did.

Likitha’s Mom’s name is Pallavi. She looks fair with Indian colour complexity. But she doesn’t look so old as she has a married elder daughter and a younger daughter of at least 24 years of age. Her tits look firm too. So, I agreed.

Likitha said that she would decide on the venue and let me know. But she made a condition that they like to watch her Mom getting fucked.

“How many of you want to watch?” I asked.

“Me and my elder sis,” she replied.

I said, “OK.”

About 2 days after our conversation, they gave me the venue details. It is near to Hyderabad. Likitha informed that her sister Mounika’s hubby went on a business trip. After completing his trip, he will come to pick her up. So this has to happen before that.

I said, “I am starting immediately,” and reached Hyderabad and her venue. I found the villa and rang the bell. Likitha came to unlock the door, asking, “Who are you?” I said, “Pratap.”

“Hey, how was your journey?” She asked. “It was good,” I replied.

“Mom and Mouni, Pratap is here,” she shouted.

“When will your bro-in-law return?” I asked.

“Maybe in 2 days,” she replied.

“Where is my hot pack? ” I asked her about her Mom. “She is in her room,” Mouni came to me and said in a low voice. Her perfume intoxicated me.
“She doesn’t know that you are going to fuck her,” she said.

“What!” I exclaimed, “OK, what should I do now?” I asked in confusion

Mouni kept her hand on my shoulder and said, “You have to awaken her sleeping desire for sex and fuck her.”

Her fair skin below her neck made me more hot. At that instant, I felt like I should fuck this fucking hot Mouni too! For that instance, I controlled my desire and said, “OK.”

“Where should I keep my bag now?” I asked. Mouni said, “You can use my room,” and went away. She is literally hot. I love married women in my bed, but I desire for this woman.

Likitha took me to the room, where I kept my bag and went for a shower. That shower made me think of many things. I dressed myself after showering and saw Pallavi. She is arranging for our dinner.

We sat at the dining table for dinner. My eyes were on Mouni. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She just had her dinner and went off to her room, where we needed to discuss our plan. After completing my meal, I and Likitha also went into her room.

“What is the plan?” she asked me.

I said, “Nothing. She knows what I’m here for?” I enquired.

“No!” Likitha said.

“Then you guys need to explain a plan,” I said.

“OK,” they nodded.

“Our Mom will sleep by 9:30. She takes some medicine, which makes her sleepy. That’s the time you need to utilize,” Mouni said.

I checked for time. “It is already 9.”

Likitha gave Mom her medicine, and her Mom went to bed.

Mouni continued, “After 20 minutes, you need to get into her bed and start making her horny. You can fuck her however you want and till the time you want. But she must be satisfied. We both will be there enjoying a live session,” she said, smiling. I smiled at her, saying, OK.

At 9:20, Mouni said let’s go. Likitha and I went along with her. I’m in my shorts and tees, Mouni in a saree and Likitha in her Barbie-doll-type nightwear.

When I entered Pallavi’s room, she was in a saree. I felt like she was half asleep. Her saree was a little down, exposing her navel. And her pallu is moving along with the air. I carefully entered her bed and moved her hair behind her ears. And kissed her earlobe.

Mouni and Likitha came into the room and locked the door. I slowly slid my fingers into her petticoat and checked for its nada. She tied her nada very tight. Somehow, I managed to reach there and pulled it underneath her saree. Now, her petticoat is allowed to slide my hand in.

In the meanwhile, she moved a little, like my hand got pulled and sandwiched between her hot body and bed. My chest came over her back, and my fingers went into her panties. Mouni smiled at me. Likitha slid her hand into her panty.

Pallavi’s pussy is so soft and not much used. I held it with my palm and started squeezing. Ahh, the sound came. We checked ourselves from where it came. I squeezed it again. No sound now. I tried again and again, and then Likitha said, “Mom!”

“Mom has not yet slept. Look at her lips.” Then we saw her lips getting pressed hard by herself, not to make a sound. Then I said in her ears, “Aunty, enjoy, don’t hold moans and screams.” Then she released her lips and said, “Aah!”

Then I slid my fingers into her pussy and started rubbing it and making her moan more. While I’m sucking her earlobes. She got her moans freely, holding my hair and pulling me towards her.

Mouni got her own hands over her tits, pressing. Likitha was already on her pussy.

I started fingering Pallavi’s pussy, while my other hand pressed her tits. She is near to 48 in her age, but her tits are still firm and hand full. This is the reason I said OK when Likitha asked me to fuck her Mom.

I turned her towards me and pulled her pallu off. She was still pretending like she was asleep, so I pinched her nipples over her blouse. I said, “Your daughters are looking at you, and they know that you are pretending.”

She slowly opened her eyes and found no pallu covering her and covered herself with her two hands. Then I went over to her and started sucking her lips. Firstly, she was a little hesitant, but slowly, she was responding well.

I started sucking them hot, and they were so soft like jelly. Meanwhile, our tongues fought with each other.

“Wow, mom,” Mouni said, looking at her Mom sucking my lips. Pallavi took a break and smiled at Mouni. I started kissing her neck and licking and sucking her every inch coming down. I reached her above tits area and started biting it. Now I want to remove her blouse.

She held me with her fingers in my hair and pushed onto her. I started pressing her tits over her blouse. She is moaning as hell. Mouni’s fingers went into her petticoat. I can sense heat building in her while I am eating her Mom. On the other side, Likitha is tasting her own pussy juices.

I am removing one after the other of Pallavi’s blouse hooks and kissing the exposed space. And she was holding me between her tits. Finally, I released all her blouse hooks, and she wore no bra inside her blouse. I slapped her tits once. “Aaah,” was the sound I heard from 3 of them.

I just laughed at once. Pallavi got her cheeks red in shyness. She covered her tits with her hands. I pulled her hands off and started sucking her right tit while pressing her left tit with my left hand. I took her nipples into my mouth and started sucking them and sometimes biting them.

She is responding with her moans and screams. The whole room was full of her moans. I slowly started coming down and made her stand up. Her petticoat, along with her saree, fell, exposing her panties. This time, she covered her eyes, leaving her body to me. I pinched her nipples.

Likitha came to me in the meanwhile, and she wanted to undress my shorts off. Even after Mouni’s warning, she just pulled my shorts down. My fully hardened dick slapped her face. Got red over there.

I asked Likitha to wait and pulled her Mom’s panties. I put her Mom in bed as my mouth reached her pussy. I adjusted Likitha on the side edge of the bed so that she could suck my dick.

I laid over the bed, holding Pallavi’s thighs on my shoulders and her pussy into my mouth and started eating. At my bottom, at the edge of the bed, Likitha is stroking my dick and sucking. Mouni was looking at us with lusty eyes.

I was taking her pussy lips one after another into my mouth, sucking. My tongue was licking her pussy juices. While my dick was in Likitha ‘s mouth, moving to and fro.

Pallavi was pushing my face into her pussy by sliding my hands into my hair. Screaming hard, “Ah, suck me, eat me, that is yours, eat me eat me.” I inserted my two fingers into her glory hole at once and started moving them in and out.

She jerked at once. I held her pussy lip with my teeth then. She was just like, “Aah.” Likitha is sucking my balls. She may not be a pro, but she is sucking good. I don’t know how she got to know how to suck them.

But with Pallavi’s jerk, I pushed my whole dick into her throat. It made her feel hard to breathe. I released her after she tapped on my thigh. “Pratap, fuck me yaar fuck your aunty fuck your slutty aunty,” Pallavi was screaming.

I thought fucking her with my dick. So I adjusted her to the edge of the bed and aroused a little by tapping my dick at her pussy. She couldn’t hold, so she took my dick into her hands and pointed it into her pussy. I pushed my dick into her pussy in one go, but only half of it went in.

She screamed like hell. I pulled back and pushed again. In 5 pushes, the whole of my dick went in. I started moving my dick in and out and slowly increased the phase. She is screaming like hell. Pallavi looks pro in operating her pussy muscles.

I am sucking and biting her nipples while I fuck her and sucking her lips to control her screams. Mouni and Likitha were amazed by the slutty looking side of her Mom. And that room filled with her moans.

After continuing fucking for about 12 minutes in missionary, she tightened her muscles and said,” I am going to cum.” Her sexy voice made me mad, so I fucked her in my high pitch. After a few minutes, she cum by releasing a scream.

“Do you want to taste your own cum, my slut?” I asked Pallavi.

“Not your Highness, but I want to taste your dick,” she said with a smile.

Immediately I pulled her by her hair and made her sit on her knees as my dick would reach her lips to suck.

“Mom, do you like to su…” Mouni stopped her sentence in between. Her Mom nodded, saying yes. And opened her mouth. I slid my dick into her mouth, holding her head to move it to and fro. You wouldn’t believe me. She is a pro at sucking.

Her pussy is still dripping. Likitha is looking at her face while sucking my dick and trying to get breathing. I choke her by keeping my dick across her throat. After a while, I cum my juices into her mouth.

Likitha pushed me back and started sucking her Mom’s lips to suck my cum out of her Mom’s mouth and tasted it.

We slept there in Pallavi’s room. I can try another session with her at night. But as I travelled a long while to get here, I slept easily. After a little, I feel like someone is pulling my shorts down. I felt it was a dream. I felt like it was OK. But after a while, I started feeling that as real, someone is sucking me.

That’s it, friends. I will continue this in the next part. Please ping me at for your suggestions and comments.