‘Reunion’ with hot college professor Vidhya – Part 1

Hi ISS readers, this is Raj with my first sex story experience. Let me introduce myself to you, I am 5 foot 11 in tall with a tool of 6 inches and from Mumbai.

Now, let’s move to the story. Vidhya was my college professor who was in her mid-30s with boobs and ass of 32. She had very appealing lips. I had a crush on her since day 1 of college, but I never dared to check out her.

After college was completed, I joined an IT firm and was completely focused on my work. I had a girlfriend whose name was Pratima and I was happy with her till I met Vidhya again.

One fine day while I was updating my LinkedIn profile, I came across many of my college friends and along with it, I found my college professor Vidhya’s profile. I did send a connect request. The very next day, I got a notification of the request being accepted. I opened LinkedIn and found that Vidhya has accepted my request.

I was working in Mindspace. To people who don’t know about Mindspace, it is a kind of IT hub for many companies. As Vidhya accepted my request, I tried to check out her profile and found that she had left college work and joined an IT firm which was located in the same Mindspace compound where I was working.

The very next day, I texted her. There started our conversation.

Me: Hey Vidhya mam, how are you? (I got a reply after 3 days)

Vidhya: Hey, I remember you. You were in batch 2018, right?

I checked the message late as I was working and after a couple of hours, I replied to her.

Me: Yes Vidhya mam, your guess is correct. Well, how are you? Seems you have left the college.

Vidhya: Yes, Raj. Actually, I got a better opportunity in IT, so I joined. How are you? You seem to be working near me.

Me: Yes mam, I think we both are in the same Mindspace compound. I am working here as a quality analyst.

Vidhya: That’s great, I joined here as a manager and have been working here for the last 3 years now. Anyway, I need to leave now. Nice talking with you, buh bye.

After she left the conversation, I dropped a message, “Hope to see and talk with you soon.” She saw it but didn’t reply.

After a couple of days, I was busy with office work and while driving to the office, I saw Vidhya entering the Mindspace compound. She was wearing a black saree. It was Diwali time. Even she noticed me while there was a formal security check at the gate and smiled at me. I took it as an opportunity and slowed my car near her and offered to drop her at her office building to which she accepted.

While driving within the compound, I saw the sex goddess after 5 years and to my luck. she had improved a lot in her figure and assets. My eyes kept staring at my college professor for which she just gave a smile.

It was a short drive of 2-3 minutes. I found her office building was just nearby me. While leaving the car, she thanked me for the lift. But before she left, I inquired about her office timing and came to know that her timing was the same as mine. As soon as I reached the office, I parked my car and texted her complimenting her beauty.

Me: Mam, sorry but you were looking damn hot today. My eyes got the best pleasure after so many years.

I didn’t get any reply for the next few days, so I apologized to her a couple of times. After 4 days, I got a reply from her that she was too busy and also lost her phone and so she couldn’t check the messages. I asked her if she liked my comment and she replied, “Hmm, flirting, huh?”

I instantly replied to her, “Yes, as thought by you, mam.”

The next few days, we kept talking and I asked her where she stayed. She said she stayed in Mulund and traveled by train.

To my luck, I was staying in Thane and it was too close to her place. I offered her that she can travel along with me to save time and she agreed. The next day, I texted her to ask where should I wait as I knew she was married and didn’t want to create any problems in her family.

She replied to wait a few km away from the station from where I could pick her up which was a quiet place. I reached there by 1 pm and waited for her. Within the next 10 minutes, she came and to my luck, she was again wearing a saree which had a low-cut blouse.

I opened the door and she got inside the car. Before we started the journey, I asked her to put on the seat belt. She said she was not able to and also asked me to help her adjust the seat. I got up and took the seat belt. But while doing so, my hands brushed on her boobs! But we acted as if nothing happened.

When we started the journey, she kept adjusting her saree and fixing the pallu using a pin. But she wasn’t able to do so and she asked me if I could help her.

This was a golden opportunity for me and I slowed down the car and parked at the roadside on the service road of the highway. I again raised myself and took the pin in my hand. While fitting her pallu, the pin dropped accidentally and the pallu slid from her shoulder! That was the moment when I saw my hot college professor’s huge melons popping out of her blouse. My eyes were constantly staring at her boobs with a feeling to eat them up! Vidhya somehow searched and found the pin and handed it to me, distracting my vision saying, “Netra sukh hogaya ho to thoda kaam bhi karlo.”

I smiled and fixed her pallu. While moving toward her office, I again complimented her on her assets for which she just blushed. We reached the office and she left thanking me.

This pickup service continued for days and after a couple of weeks, while we were going toward the office, she asked me if I could help her to teach driving. I instantly accepted her request and said we could start it from now on as she could help me by shifting the gears.

Even on that day, she was wearing a low-cut blouse and saree. Her huge melons were clearly visible through the saree. I slowed the car and showed her how to shift the gears. While we were driving slowly, I asked her to shift the gear. She tried but wasn’t able to. While her hands were on the gear, I placed my hand over it after slowing the car. She didn’t resist. This was a kind of green signal for me and I decided to take it further.

I knew my car gears were a bit tight and she won’t be able to do it in the first go.

I informed Vidhya again to shift the gears, but again she wasn’t able to do it. I took it as an opportunity and stopped the car and placed my hand over her on the gear. Even this time, her hands didn’t move. I started moving my hand over her gently. Initially, she thought it happened by mistake. But I continued it for the next 2 minutes and she understood my intentions.

She was about the move her hand while our eyes met. Both of us were staring continuously while my hands doing their job over her. I got turned on and thought to take a chance. I pulled her over me while one of my hands was placed on her navel. My hands were continuously roaming freely on my married college professor’s navel and starting to move up toward her boobs. Within no time, one of my hands reached the lower part of her boob and started playing with it. She was confused about whether to enjoy or to stop.

My eyes were constantly focused on her juicy lips. And to add the cherry on the top, my left hand took over her right boob and started pressing it over her blouse. There was a soft moan from her, “Ouch.”

I came to know that she was enjoying this. So I pulled her over and gave her a hard smooch. Her juicy lips were meeting my lips and I was in 7th heaven. At first, she didn’t open herself but with my constant push, she opened herself and responded.

At first, I sucked the upper part of my lips, followed by the lower part. I got that thing which I badly wanted for the last 7 years. We exchanged a lot of saliva and kept smooching for 10 more minutes.

After some time, my left hand had already opened the buttons of her blouse and entered the boobs, passing her black bra. Her nipples were erect and I could easily feel through the blouse. I kept pinching the nipples for the next couple of minutes while smooching her.

Meanwhile, I was hard now and had a bulge. I took Vidhya’s hand and placed it over my bulge and in no time, she started enjoying it by rubbing my dick over my pants. She held my hair and was enjoying the moment. But it seemed destiny didn’t want us to enjoy it for a long time. Suddenly, her phone rang and it was her husband. She regained her senses and pushed me back.

She hurriedly adjusted herself and within no time, she got out of my car and took a cab to the office.

What happened to her? Why did she leave? Did she connect with me? What did she feel? All things will be revealed in the next part.

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