Hot Mom and her daughters – Part 3

After a while, it was lunchtime. Pallavi asked Likita and Mouni to serve us lunch. Pallavi and Likita are already nude. The only one with her clothes on was Mouni.

Pallavi gave a sign for me to look after Mouni. So I went into the kitchen behind Mouni. I must say that her ass was really hot, and the swing off her ass is making my dick hard again. Likita and Pallavi are smiling by looking at my dick raising for ass swings.

I hugged Mouni from behind and kissed her shoulder. My dick was hard and rubbing her ass. She didn’t respond much. But she remained calm. I adjusted her hair and started kissing her neck and back from behind.

I slid my right hand into her petticoat through the saree. And I slid my other hand into her pallu and started pressing her tits. Her breath is increasing now as mine.

“Pratap, if you want lunch, you must make her nude as well,” Likita said in a loud voice. It made my hand press her tits in a rough and jerky way. “Aah,” she screamed. Then I slid my hand into her pussy crack and started feeling it.

My lips were working over her shoulder to unlock her pallu. Both of our whiffs were getting heavy. I took her pallu pin by my teeth and made her pallu dropdown. There, I could see the best view of the time her cleavage.

She purposefully wore a beautiful deep neck blouse that was hotly portraying her beautiful assets. I turned her towards me. She immediately took my lower lip between her lips and started sucking my lips.

“Wow, beta,” Pallavi screamed, looking at Mouni’s response. I replied in the same phase our lips are competing with each other. My heart was making more noise with joy as it was happening.

After about 5 minutes of the lips and tongue war, I started kissing her cheeks, chin, and neck like I was eating them. Then I turned her around and started kissing her back. Meanwhile, my hands were pressing her tits over her blouse.

There were hooks behind, so I started unhooking her blouse hooks while pressing her tits. I must say that she has a handful of tits, soft and lactating. She started screaming. “Uff, Pratap, ahh, unhook them to bite them off.”

I was playing with her tits as they are soft, and I like to feel them more and more. I removed every hook after a series of her moans and screams. She left with her bra on then. I turned her towards me and started kissing her navel.

I pulled her petticoat nada in one go. Her saree fell, exposing her panty. She turned towards me as she didn’t expect it. Now she was in a bra and panty. My dream goddess stood in front of me with her bra and panty only. She shyly started covering her bra and panty with her hands.

Then Pallavi came and held both her hands behind, allowing me to see her thoroughly. I felt happy by her act and kissed Pallavi once. And started biting Mouni’s erect nipples over her bra. And started going down.

Mouni loosened herself, allowing me to eat her. I kissed her navel and pulled her panties off. Likita came and parted Mouni’s leg and said, “We are hungry.” I teasingly pushed Likita away and started kissing Mouni’s pussy.

She started moaning loudly. “Aah, Pratap, eat me!” These are the sounds coming out of her mouth. Likita came to me and unhooked Mouni’s bra. Her melons got freedom. Now, all four of us were nude, but still, I needed much more.

So I took her pussy lip into my lips and started sucking them one after another. Pallavi relieved Mouni’s hand as she was getting horny and wanna finger her pussy. Mouni slid her fingers into my hair and started pushing my face into her pussy.

I pushed my tongue to cover the entrance of her glory hole and started to circle it with my tongue.  My lips are sucking her pussy lips. My tongue is licking her glory hole. Then I inserted my point finger into her pussy and started making in-and-out movements.

“Aah, Pratap, eat me uff hmm aah!” She was screaming like the room was filled with her screams. Those screams are making me crazy. I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and started pushing it in and out.

She is choking my breath by pushing more into her pussy. I bite her clit to take a breath. Likita came to her sister and started pinching her nipples. Pallavi is ramming her pussy by herself, looking at her daughter scream. I’m literally enjoying her screams.

“Aah, eat me, Pratap!” I loved the way she did it. But then I realized she was tightening her tight muscles. It was making me press more hard. Then she increased her scream volume and cum. “

My mouth and fingers are filled with her cum. I tasted it and felt good. So I took a whole and collected cum from her pussy with my tongue and ate it. Then I lifted her into my hands and took her to the dining table. I made her sit over my lap as my dick came in between her thighs.

“Feed him with your milk,” Pallavi said to Mouni. Mouni looked at me as a sign to carry on. I took her tits into my mouth and started sucking them. She is a good milf.

I started sucking my taking one after another into my mouth. The remaining pressed by my right hand while pinching her nipples. Her nipples secreted milk, and I love sucking it. My dick got hard again while sucking her nipples.

Likita and Pallavi were observing the same. So they want me to fuck Mouni. But she is not ready to take it in as she already cum recently. I need to give her my milk through my dick.

“Like to suck his dick?” Pallavi asked Mouni.

“Well, I don’t take my hubby’s dick in my mouth, but I feel I want to take this dick in my mouth.”

She kissed me and sat on her knees in front of my dick with her hand over my dick, stroking.

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