Hot north Indian girl on Tinder and wonderful sex in Hyderabad

Hello all, this is the first time I am submitting my story here. So, please excuse me if there is any mistake in my story-telling style.

My name is Sandy (obviously, my name changed for my privacy). I am 33 years old and I work in our family’s own construction company. This incident happened in Jan 2023 just before Sankranthi.

I have a girlfriend and she stays in Canada for her masters. I love her a lot and I never had sex with anyone else in the last 6 months after she left for Canada. Due to the long-distance relationship, we had a lot of issues coming up every day. We were having heated arguments and she said she needed a break from everything and left.

I respected my gf’s decision and said I wouldn’t disturb her. I told her to concentrate on her career, and gave her what she wanted.

I was fine for a few days without talking to her, but as days passed, I was becoming restless and was unable to stop thinking about her. As I didn’t have any updates about her, I started calling her. She said she has moved on from our 4 years relationship and asked me to do the same! She said we would be in touch as good friends and hung up the call. That shattered me.

As days passed, I was unable to come out of it and then one of my cousins suggested that I should go on blind dates and asked me to install Tinder.

Now as it had been many months since I had sex, I was frustrated with everything that happened around me. I was desiring within myself for sex. This desire was growing more and more day by day. I had a couple of sexual relationships in the past before getting into the relationship. So I decided to use Tinder to find a sex partner.

I created my profile there and wrote a clear bio mentioning that I was looking only for sex and not for any relationship. I also mentioned that I was very good at providing sensual secret messages. (Actually, I am good at giving massages. I had learned a lot of massage tricks to make my ex happy by watching videos and I always wanted to give a sensual massage to make her happy.)

One girl swiped right and we ended up matching. Let’s call her ‘Divya’ in this story. I started the conversation and confirmed that Divya had read my bio and we were on the same page.

After exchanging basic info about each other, Divya agreed to meet me. She said she wanted a massage. We decided we would have sex only if we both felt like having it during the massage. But she told me to keep the condom ready in case required.

In the chat, she enquired about my massage style and service details as I had mentioned in my Tinder bio that I was giving paid massage service. This was because I wanted the girl to feel comfortable and they should be sure that I won’t go behind them for relationship, etc. Then I explained to Divya all my massage details and we agreed to meet.

The next day, she came in a taxi to my address. I had asked her to come near AMB mall which was about 15 minutes drive from my house. We decided to meet in my house as I stayed alone in my rented flat in a high-rise gated community in the financial district of Hyderabad. She called me as soon as she reached. I went in my car and picked her up.

The girl from Tinder was looking very sexy. She was around 5 feet 4 tall, with a perfect figure that was a little curvy as well (my favorite). I did not expect that she was that beautiful when she explained in our chat conversation that I would meet such a beauty. Divya had fairly milky skin. Just wow!

She was 28 years old and was from the north, but migrated with her parents decades back.

(By the way, I have a good-looking and well-built body as I work out every day and keep my body fit with 5’10”, 80 kg, wheatish brown. My tool is around 6 to 7 inches in length.)

We met in a coffee shop which was on the ground floor and we both liked each other. Then we had a coffee with a good conversation where the hot north Indian girl became a bit comfortable. Then she said that it was getting late as she stayed with her parents. So we decided to go to my place.

Once we reached my house, we spoke for a while. I offered her some drinks and snacks. Then we walked into my bedroom. I told the sexy girl Divya to feel comfortable and not to worry about anything. Then I told her to lie down on the bed and I started some sensual light music and lit a scented candle. Then I sat next to her.

Slowly, I held her hand and gently started massaging her hand. I continued to have general conversations while I was massaging her. I wanted her to be totally comfortable.

I continued massaging the beautiful north Indian girl’s arms, shoulders, neck, and legs on top of her dress. As time passed, we both started feeling relaxed and we started enjoying ourselves. I wanted to take it slow, so I asked her to turn over and sleep on her stomach. She followed my instructions.

Then I started massaging her back. I touched her butts. They were perfectly in shape. By then, I had already got my boner. My dick was already hard. I was in track pants and a t-shirt. I slowly removed Divya’s t-shirt and started applying gel on her back. I had bought a 2-in-1 lubricant. I used the same for the massage. Slowly, I applied this lube all over her back and continued massaging.

Then I made her sleep on her back and saw her beautiful melons in a bra. It was simply, wow. I started massaging her belly. I rolled my fingers on her wet (with gel) belly button looking at that shiny silky skin which was glowing and was making me crazy. In between, Divya was moaning lightly.

Then I slowly started massaging her armpit. In the process, I was also touching the sideline of her boobs. I then removed her jeans and started massaging her legs. Her thighs were so beautiful.

Slowly, I removed her bra and touched her cute firm whitish boobs. They were simply perfect in shape. By then, there was no conversation and she had submitted herself to me. I teased her a lot with my sensual touch. It took a long time to touch her pink color tits. Then I applied the gel and rolled my fingers on her tits gently. We both were horny by then.

Slowly, I applied more pressure and started pressing the sexy north Indian girl’s boobs harder. She looked at me, giving me a signal to suck her boobs. So I slowly started kissing her boobs first. I was rolling my tongue gently around her tits and slowly sucked her tits. Divya started moaning a little loudly. I started biting her tits with my teeth and she was moaning in pain and enjoying it.

Then I saw her panty which had already started showing signs of wetness. I continued this play for about 10 minutes. Then I played with her boobs by pressing, massaging, sucking, licking, and kissing them. In between, she held my head pulled up, and kissed me passionately. We locked our tongues and kissed passionately. This went on for more than 15 minutes.

After that, I moved my hands down and started touching the areas around her pussy. I used my fingers to rub the edges of her V-shape. My entire focus was on giving her all the pleasure. That was what I was always fascinated by.

Slowly, we faced each other sideways and kissed. I put my hand behind her and massaged her bums. Then I put my hand inside her panty from behind and pressed her bums. Eventually, I touched her butthole and she made an, “Ahhh” sound loud! I moved my fingers deeper. In between, I could feel her pussy. Her pussy was all wet and I could feel it.

My finger soon became wet. I took my wet finger out, showed it to her, and licked it. She became shy and smiled.

Then I pulled her panties down with my teeth. Now Divya was all naked. Believe me guys, I was on cloud 9.

Then I started gently rubbing the north Indian girl’s pussy. She was dripping with love juice. I continued rubbing her clitoris and after a few minutes, I went down and kissed her pussy. The sweet smell from her dripping pussy hit me hard. I started licking her pussy outer lips. It felt so good.

Slowly, I slid my middle finger inside and started moving it. With my thumb, I continued caressing her clitoris. In between, I went down and kissed her pussy. I also massaged her clitoris by rolling my tongue around it and then continued fingering.

After some time, the hot girl from Tinder started shivering and moaning loudly. The room was filled with her moans. I knew she was about to cum. Suddenly, she held my hands tightly and stretched her body. But I continued fingering her. Then the moment came and she started squirting! It came on my face. She squirted for more than 20 seconds. Then she looked relaxed. I cleaned every drop and made it dry.

After that, I went up and we hugged while sleeping. The fully aroused North Indian girl kissed me and asked if I had a condom. I said, Yes. She said that she wanted to do it. I gave her a condom packet and told her to do whatever she wanted.

Divya undressed me, took my dick in her mouth and sucked it for about 5 minutes. That was the best blowjob I ever got! I said I was about to come and then she stopped it all of a sudden. She came up and we kissed for a few minutes. Then she put on the condom and came on top.

Slowly, she slid my dick inside her pussy. It was very tight. With a light moan, it went all in as she sat on my dick. Divya relaxed for a minute and started grinding. While moving her ass in circles, she was moaning, “Ummmmm!” with half-closed eyes looking at the ceiling while I was pressing her boobs.

Looking at her like that, I felt she was an angel. It was too good! Since I didn’t have sex for a long time, I felt like cumming after 3-4 minutes. I told her to stop and then I played with her boobs and pussy again for a while.

We then came to the missionary position and I started fucking the hot north Indian girl. In the next 3 or 4 minutes, I felt like cumming and told her the same. And I took out my dick and kissed her for another 5 minutes. Then she took my dick and placed it at the entrance of her pink pussy and I gave a slight push. It just slid inside softly by separating her pussy lips just like a knife slice a red velvet cake.

Soon, I was fucking her in missionary pose. She locked her legs on my back and was making sounds with pleasure. She started shouting, “Baby..don’t stop it.. I want you to fuck me really hard.”

Listening to her words gave me instant energy and I started fucking her with more energy. The room was filled with the clapping sound coming from our hips when our bodies touched each other while fucking. She was pressing her boobs and pinching her pink nipples. While fucking her with hard pushes, my dick slipped out from her wet dripping hole. So she guided my dick and brought it back to the entrance of her pussy. While I was about to push inside, she just removed the condom. Without noticing it, I pushed inside her pussy.

Without a condom, my dick felt the heat inside her pussy and the feeling was of the next level. While I started fucking her again, within a minute she locked my hips with her legs. Then she hugged me tightly where her pussy walls were squashing my dick. I could feel here that she was getting a second orgasm.

I did not stop fucking and within seconds, she squirted. Now I could feel the hot liquid pressure on my dick and then I said, “Baby, I am about to come”, and was like shouting. Then She said that she wanted me to cum in her mouth. So I removed my dick and she came on top and sat between my legs and took my dick toward her lips.

The Divya held it in her hand and started sucking it. She tried to insert her tongue in my dick slit and she was sucking it while stroking it. Her other hand was holding my balls, and It was on cloud 9. Soon, I said, “Babyyy..I am cumminggg..”

The north Indian babe increased the speed of stroking my dick and then I cummed in her mouth. She took all the love juice of my dick in her mouth. She licked every drop of it. After cleaning my dick with her tongue, she came up and kissed me. I could taste my own cum for the first time.

We were tired and slept like that for some time. We had a wonderful experience.

Later she woke me up and said she was getting late. We took a shower together and got freshened up before she left.


I hope you all enjoyed my real story. Sorry if it was too long. Please give your feedback. If any girls, married women, or aunties in Hyderabad or via (my native) want to have a similar experience, please contact me at my email ID