Helping village women turned to benefits

I am Viraj. My family is well settled and we have our business. The story began when one of my friends couldn’t find any source to reach her hometown for her family function as she was busy completing her project deadline.

Then she asked me to drop her a favor. It almost takes 9 hours to reach her home town and to come back it takes 9 hours again, and a complete 18 hours of non-stop car driving. As she was my close friend, I couldn’t say no to her. It was also her family function.

This journey completely changed my lifestyle. This part is about how I met them and had sex with a beauty goddess.

So, we reached their hometown early in the morning and everyone was busy with the arrangements. I am well known to her family and her relatives. They insisted on staying and leaving tomorrow. I was also very tired because of the night driving. I was feeling drowsy and I needed to rest for at least a couple of hours to go back by driving my car.

Then I went directly to my friend’s room and had a nap. Later I got up and freshened up and had lunch. My friend’s hometown was a remote village, and most people lived through farming. (Now, many of the village people were moving to other state metro cities and Dubai for earning.)

Anyway, here started the turning point of my life. I went to see the village and near one house, two ladies were crying and asking the man to give them some time. I enquired what had happened. The two ladies were cousin sisters. The elder sister’s name was Madhavi and the younger sister was Vani. Vani was the daughter of Madhavi’s mother’s own sister. They were so poor and married to this village brothers of the same family. Madhavi had such fair and attractive eyes.

Madhavi was married first and her husband’s name was Raju. He was a good man and their livelihood was farming. She was living a happy life and seeing her, Vani’s parents fixed her marriage with Madhavi’s husband’s brother Ravi. Vani was not as fair as Madhavi but had a good figure and charming face and a sexy smile.

Madhavi’s husband always wanted a son, but Madhavi gave birth to daughters. He was upset and started drinking and scolding her and the children every day. Because of his habit, their debts increased. His younger brother Ravi never liked Vani, and due to pressure from his brother, he married Vani.

Ravi always wanted to marry a beautiful lady who looked like Madhavi and wanted to enjoy his life in cities. He always wanted to leave the village and had no interest in farming. Seeing his brother’s condition, Ravi took this chance and convinced his brother to leave this village and ladies and move to Dubai for job and after settling there, they could marry other women. And his brother could also have a son with his new wife.

Raju and Ravi took a hand loan from the villagers and moved to Dubai. Initially, they used to call their wives once a week and later decreased the calls to once a month, and now they stopped calling completely. Vani and Madhavi understood the situation that their husbands were never going to come back and they started doing small chores along with farming in their village. Now they had a debt of around 35 lacs made by both brothers in the village.

It had been more than a year and even the villagers came to know that Ravi and Raju were not contacting the family and not sending any money to their wives. So, the villagers took the decision of taking their house and a small portion of land they had. Now Madhavi with two kids and Vani with one kid had no shelter. They were pleading with the villagers to grant some more time.

My friend said both were good women and were working hard to pay the money. Knowing the true faces of Raju and Ravi, the villagers thought to take the properties instead of waiting long. Still, they had to pay more than 20 lacs. They gave 2 months to clear the remaining amount, as their house and land were not worth of that huge amount. Seeing their faces, I felt pity.

At that time, we were looking for loyal people to take care of our house chores and reaming work. I went straight to Madhavi and Vani told them I was willing to clear their debts. Madhavi and Vani were shocked and had confused faces.

Then Madhavi asked: Why do you want to help us? You are not even from this village and never knew us when the whole village had turned back on us for such a huge amount.

I replied: I am not giving this for free. You both sisters now require money and shelter. I need loyal people to work for us. For this favor, you need to work in our house.

They were not ready to accept my offer.

I said: You are going to get a salary and rooms and the food also will be free. Till you work in our house, there will be no interest in the money for clearing your loans.

My friend after listening to all this, said to Madhavi at the moment: This is a huge help. You should accept take it.

Madhavi and Vani said: We don’t know him. How can we trust a stranger when our own husband betrayed us?

Madhavi said: I have known him for a very long time. You can trust him. Also, there is no other option.

They agreed and I paid their debt and asked them to get only the required luggage. Then the road trip started to drop my friend and ended with two ladies and 3 kids.

Both the ladies sat silently. Now they were relaxed but with confused faces. In between, we had food and they felt happy as I treated them and their kids very well. Still, they were confused about their future.

We reached our house at midnight. I already informed my parents about all the things that happened. My parents were not so happy about spending so much money without knowing anything about 2 women with no husbands.

Then we gave them rooms on the second floor. My parents lived on the ground floor, and my brother and kids lived on the first floor. I and both ladies stayed on the second floor.

They got mingled into our family and took all the work into their hands. My parents were relaxed and happy. They gained trust from my parents too within 3 months. Madhavi used to talk less than Vani. Vani had a 1-year-old child and she used to feed breastmilk to her baby. Madhavi used to feed her younger daughter her milk. Madhavi became more comfortable and friendly with me.

One day, Vani slipped from the steps and her leg got fractured and needed to rest. Then Madhavi had to do her and Vani’s work. All my family members went on a short vacation. Madhavi was so tired and only my room was left to clean. So, she laid herself on the bed for a short time and without knowing, she fell asleep. When I came into the room and saw her sleeping, I went to shower without disturbing her.

Then Madhavi woke up and noticed I was back in the room and she started to do her work. I came out and noticed she was tired and told her to take rest and clean the room the next day.

Madhavi said: Vani is taking rest along with the kids.

I asked her to rest in my room as I was going out. Madhavi was not ready, but due to no rest for 2 days, she stayed in the room and I left for work. Then I came back in the afternoon and saw Madhavi still sleeping. I was about to leave the room. Then my eyes caught Madhavi’s waist. Her fair skin tone made me to check out her body. Her saree on her legs had moved to the knees and her pallu had moved a little bit. The mole on her breast was visible and I was unable to take off my eyes. The black mole was shining on her fair body.

Then I went close to the sleeping village maid and touched on the mole. Her sleep was disturbed, so she turned around. Now I touched her thighs and kissed on the waist. She never had sex after the issues with Raju and my touch woke up her feelings even in the sleep and she slowly moaned.

Then I turned toward her. She was half asleep and she held my hand tightly and said my name, “Viraj” in a slow voice. Her voice made me horny! I lifted her, holding her back and kissed her on the neck by hugging her. Madhavi’s feelings turned on and she came out of sleep and saw me hugging her and licking her neck.

She pushed me away and moved out of bed. I held her hand and dragged her towards me and held her waist. This move made her more horny and she was cooperating and also wanted to stop it. Then I slowly said, “Madhavi, are you okay?”

The village maid’s breath increased and she was not speaking anything. In a lower tone, she said, “I am not such a woman.”

So I loosened my grip on her waist and said, “I never thought we would be in such a scene.”

Madhavi used to be more friendly and she understood her and my present situation and said, “Let’s stop this here” in a lower voice.

I said, “Okay, I respect your decision.”

My hands were still on her waist and my chest was feeling her warm breath. Madhavi stood silently without moving away even after 2 minutes. That made me realized she didn’t really want this to end like this. Then I lost control and hugged tightly and started licking her neck. Madhavi was making small sounds and she hugged me more tightly. I lifted her head and kissed her forehead, moved to her lips, and started kissing her most beautiful lips.

She did not need any lipstick, her lips were light pinkish in color and could make any man horny. While kissing her, I held her ass and pressed toward my dick. This move made her more horny and started biting my lips. The kiss continued for a few minutes.

The day I saw her in the village, her lips aroused me more and made me help her. Today, the same lips were biting my tongue.

To be continued.