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I was staying over at my sister’s flat. She had just gotten married. My sister and her husband invited me and my cousin sister Shreya over to stay with them soon after. I was excited because my cousin was hot as fuck!

Shreya was sitting on the couch wearing a tight revealing top. She ran over to hug me when she saw me and I felt her soft tits squeeze into me. Fuck, it felt good!

I didn’t hesitate to grab my cousin’s waist and squeeze before I let go. She didn’t seem to mind.

The four of us hung out all day. My sister and her husband snuck off in between. My cousin and I couldn’t find them, so we searched the house. We heard sounds coming from their room and looked through the crack. My sister’s husband had her pinned against the wall and they were making out hard. My cousin and I looked at each other and Shreya blushed softly as we walked away.

Shreya and I were supposed to share a room and she started gossiping. The conversation got naughty as we started talking about sex and relationships.

Her: You ever had SEX?

Me: Yeah, when I was with my ex-gf, we fucked all the time.

Her: What happened?

Me: It was getting too serious.

Her: Oh, really? You ever eat her pussy?

Me: Why ask that?!

Her: I don’t know…guess I thought it only happens in porn.

Me: Nah. I’ve done it. It was pretty fun…eating pussy.

Her: Fuck…Good for you. Sounds nice.

My hot cousin started looking around aimlessly then abruptly said that she was heading to the bed. I headed to the bathroom, but when I came back, the lights were off and I heard moans!😮 There was movements underneath the blanket. I slid in next to her and she stopped. So, I pretended to fall asleep and she started again.

This time, I let my cousin do it for a bit, and her moans got louder. She pulled her panties off and rubbed herself. My dick got hard when I felt her breath on me.

Shreya (whispering to herself): I hope he doesn’t wake up!

I heard the wet, sloppy sound of my cousin fingering her pussy. She turned around and I pretended to be asleep as I moved gently toward her. I put my arm around her and she stopped abruptly with a soft gasp! I breathed softly and kept my eyes shut, listening to my hot cousin masturbate.

Shreya must have figured I was asleep again. She pulled her straps to the side and took her gorgeous tits out. She put my hand on her tit as she touched herself.

Her: Fuck! It feels good to feel someone else’s skin!

I gently cupped her tit and she gasped again in surprise. I opened my eyes and twirled her nipple in my hand.

Me: Don’t stop now…

Her: I wasn’t planning on it…

I brought my face closer to hers. She breathed on me heavily as I squeezed harder.

Her: This is just a one time thing…

Me (getting closer to her face): I know…

Shreya kissed me softly and breathed heavily as I reached down for her pussy. She opened her legs for me as I licked her njpples and got on top of her. I pulled my boxers down and she sighed.

Her: Oh fuck! This is actually happening! I’m scared.

Me: We can go slow…

Her: Ok…

I kissed her deeply and laid on top of her as my cock teased her pussy. She moaned softly as I almost entered inside her, but I stopped and looked her dead in the eyes. She pulled me in for another deep kiss.

Her: We’re doing this?

Me: We almost have now…

Her: Ok…I’m still scared.😰

Me: I can fix that…

Her: How?

I went down on her and licked my cousin’s clit gently. I split her pussy lips and felt the juices flow into my mouth as she moaned louder and arched her back. She grabbed onto my face and came into my mouth. She kissed me and moaned. I laid on top of her again.

Her: Ok fine….

Me: What?

Her: Let’s fuck…

I put my cock inside my sexy cousin. She grabbed onto me tightly. I felt her juicy tits squeeze into my chest as I thrust deep into her soft, dripping pussy. She moaned into my ear. I could feel myself getting closer and I grunted trying not to cum inside my cousin.

Me: FUCK!! I’m too close.

Her: Oh, fuck! Put it in my mouth! Pull out!

I pulled out and she sucked my cock. She stroked me fast and made eye contact. I felt my load coming, so I pushed my cock down her throat and burst inside her mouth. Shreya pulled my cock out and my cum dripped out of her mouth. She wiped it down and kissed me.

We fucked two more times that night before she left from my sister’s house.

I haven’t seen her since that incident and I masturbated a lot to this scenario. It was not going well.

One day, I was looking for bedroom masturbation videos when I found a link to a site called “Delhi sex chat”.

There was a hot Delhi girl there who looked like my hot cousin Shreya. Her name was Anushree. I wanted Anushree to recreate and roleplay my and my cousin’s recent bedroom masturbation. So I made an account on this site and purchased some credits through my bank card to spend on her.

We talked about it and Anushree agreed.

We started a private session. Anushree’s room was dark, but I could see her body in front of the camera. She was wearing a tight black tank top and no panties in the dim light.

She touched herself softly and smiled into the cam.

Anushree: Cousin bhai, I am all wet for you..

Me: Oh, wow. That pussy looks so good.

Anushree: Oh, yea?

She sat up and opened her legs and split the lips of her pussy open for me. Her cunt was pink and glistening in the dim light. I pulled out my cock and she licked her fingers.

Anushree: Yeahhh! Stroke that cock with me!

She put her middle and ring finger inside her pussy. Her fingers sounded wet as they went in and out of her. I stroked slowly as she let the straps of her tight top fall to the sides.

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Me: Fuck! Let me see that nipple.

Anushree: You’re so naughty, baby.

She pulled out one tit and left the other in her tight top as she rubbed her pussy juice on it. She teased her nipple as she finger-fucked herself ferociously. What a SLUT!

Anushree threw her hips up and down as she looked at my cock. Her hair fell into her face as she squeezed her tit hard. Anushree’s hips lifted off her bed. She dropped on all fours with and thrust her ass in the air as she stood in doggy position. Her ass showed in the mirror behind her. She fingered her asshole as she leaned forward and rubbed her clit with the other.

Anushree: Oh, fuck! I feel so horny! Yessss! (loud moan). Watch me fuck myself (rub, rub, rub). Stroke that cock!

I stroked harder as I watched her. I could feel my cock throb. She pushed her hips forward like she was getting fucked by the air as her body twitched and cum ran down her thighs.

Me: Take off your shirt and play with those sweaty tits.

She did as I asked. Anushree touched her wet pussy and rubbed the cum that oozed out of it all over her sweaty chest. She squeezed her soft breasts together for me. I stroked faster as I felt my cock throb.

Me: Oh fuck, I’m close!

Anushree: Yes! Cum on me! Cum on my tits you naughty, dirty boy!

I came hard as she felt herself up. After I came to my senses, I stroked my cock slowly as she touched her wild, toned body. Then I said my farewell to my slutty model and went back to missing my hot cousin.

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