Hot sex with my newly found Kerala sugar mommy

People have weird fantasies. I am a 24-year-old guy who, too, has some naughty fantasies. My fantasy was to be intimately involved with someone beautiful and older than me. More like sugar mommy, but the difference is that I didn’t want her to spend money but to use me as her haven. She could share anything with me and have me whenever she wanted. She can come to me whenever she feels lonely. I would be honest and loyal to her. And I would only make out with her. This was a fantasy that I thought would never happen until I met her.

One day, I went to the hospital for a checkup in Ernakulam, Kerala. A woman was standing next to me. She was beautiful and very elegant. I thought she would be around 28-30. I was filling out the admission form, and she came to me and asked whether I could help her fill out the form as she had a wound in her hand.

I helped her fill out the form. I was gathering information from her and filling it out. And then I was surprised to hear her age, which was 39. I immediately asked, “Really?” She said, smilingly, that it was. I said, “Wow, you look much younger than your age!” She thanked me and left.

After a few minutes, I saw her near the scan department. Since my checkup was complete, I went to her and asked if she was done. She said that she had to take a scan and undergo other procedures. I asked why she was alone. She said she didn’t know anyone here. I wanted to help her, and so I suggested accompanying her. First, she denied, and then she accepted.

Then I accompanied her until all procedures were completed. And finally, we had coffee in the hospital cafeteria. I came to know about her, and she about me. She was in Dubai for a few years, and she was single. Now she was here for work, but she was staying alone. And she would go back to her hometown in a few months.

We were about to leave, and this would have been our last encounter with her. I really liked her and didn’t want to miss the chance. I took my courage and asked for her phone, dialed my number, and called it. I said that as long as she was here in Ernakulam, she could call me. She said, “Ok, bye.”

The next few days, I texted her a lot. We met in person, went shopping, and did a follow-up with the hospital. She took me to restaurants and a movie as well. We became more like friends, and I complimented her from time to time. I was like a bodyguard to her. To be honest, I really liked her. The mallu milf was beautiful, smart, and funny as well.

One day, she stopped by my place to drop me off. I said I wanted to say something. She was listening, and I said, looking at her, that I liked her. I expressed my interest in spending as much time as possible with her during her stay in Ernakulam, however brief it may be. I said she was the most beautiful woman, and I felt like kissing her every day. I also said, I didn’t feel wrong; in fact, I felt happy.

She was astonished, ignored my look, and kept staring forward. I asked her not to say that was wrong. I said, “In the future, when I look back, I will be happy that I spent some time with you.” I apologized if any of that made her uncomfortable. I was about to leave. But I leaned toward her seat and pulled her near me.

Our faces were very close, and our lips were just cm apart. She was looking into me, and I was looking into her eyes. But my gaze turned towards her lip, and I kissed her deeply. One deep peck sucked the air out of it. She ran out of breath and was breathing heavily. I said good night, left and asked her to call me when she reached home.

The next few days, we went shopping, but she never talked about what happened when she dropped me near my place. I thought she didn’t like it. So I didn’t make my move. One day, when she came to meet me, she was in a white saree with a black blouse. She was gorgeous as fuck. We went to a restaurant, had dinner, and then went to the beach, as it was close to our place.

We were standing in front of the car, and I was standing beside her. Our shoulders were touching. The wind was cold, and she was beautiful. It was a private beach, so only a few people were there. I couldn’t control my urge. I went close to her neck and kissed her, and with my left hand, I pulled her closer. I bit her neck, slowly moved her towards her ear, biting it as well, and said that she was gorgeous.

I made her face me and pulled her closer by her waist using my left hand. With my right hand, I touched her neck and pulled her face close to mine. Our noses were touching each other, and I slowly moved my lip towards her forehead and kissed her. Then I kissed her nose, moved towards her lip, and looked into her eyes. She was shy but still looked into mine. I didn’t kiss her lip; I just skipped it and kissed her chin and jaw. She just closed her eyes and was aroused.

I started licking her neck, gave her love bites, and moved towards the collarbone. Then there was a small cleavage near her bra, so I dug in using my mouth and kissed it. She started moaning a lot.

Also, it started drizzling along with a strong wind, which made her shiver. I slowly moved along her neckline, finally came near her lip, and stopped. She saw me, and I saw her. Then we soon gave in, and I kissed her. I pressed my body tightly against her and started kissing her lips intensely. She was old-school, so she was just giving a deep lip kiss with a millisecond gap.

She wasn’t opening her mouth, but I opened my mouth wide enough to suck her saliva as well as her mouth inside me. She soon understood, opened her mouth, and stared, enclosing it with mine. We were sucking each other’s mouths and, from time to time, grasping for breath alternately. Soon her knee gave in, and she melted into mine. Then we hugged each other tightly, but soon it started raining heavily, so we went inside the car. I didn’t continue, but I asked her to take me to her place.

She parked her vehicle, and we got into the lift. Her home was on the 10th floor. Soon after we got into the lift, I started kissing her again, but she was afraid that people might see if the lift stopped in the middle. But I said that I would stop if the lift stopped. Then the lift opened only on the 10th floor, and I held her hand until the door. She opened it and went inside. I locked it and waited for a minute. I stood there and watched her, and she too watched me. Our eyes were filled with lust.

I rushed towards her, kissed her, and she kissed me and dragged me near her bedroom, where I fell back into the bed. I asked her to undress me. She unbuttoned my shirt, stood, and removed it. Then she sat back again. I took my hip near her face. The mallu milf was too shy to remove it. I took her hand and placed it on my hard cock above my pants. She was shy, resisted at first, and avoided looking at me. Then she started removing my pants, and I tossed them aside. Now she just looked away, but I took her face and made me look, and I also took her hand and placed it above my inner on top of my cock and said, “It’s yours now.”

She touched it and was going to remove my inner, but I took her hand, fell above her, and pinned both her hands above her head in the bed. I kissed her lip and started eating her lips. Then I slowly moved towards her boobs and removed her saree, which was covering them. I undid her hook and bra and tossed them aside. She tried to cover her bare boobs with her hand, but I took and locked her hands with mine.

I slowly lowered my head and licked her nipples with my tongue. Her body jerked, and she held my hand tightly. Then I started sucking them hard and licked every part of both her boobs, and she released my hands and kept them around my head. I started pressing her boobs and pulled her nipples with my hand. She was aroused, was rolling her eyes, and was arching her back.

I moved my head towards her navel and kissed it. I removed her saree from the hip and also removed the gown inside it. Then she was only in her panties. I lifted her legs, started sucking her toes, and then her calf, and then slowly moved toward her thighs. I made small bites in the inner thigh and also gave sloppy kisses with it. Slowly, I approached her pussy, and she started moaning a lot.

The room was filled with her sounds and her smell. As I was approaching her pussy, I started smelling her pussy aroma. It made me horny as fuck.

I kissed her pussy on top of her panties. I didn’t remove her panties, but I moved slightly aside and licked her labia. She moaned a lot more like a scream, pulled me closer, and said not to do that as it was dirty and no one ever kissed her pussy. I said, “Nothing that makes you aroused is dirty. Indeed, it is the most beautiful thing right now. I would lick and kiss every part of your body. Do not resist, and just trust me and give in. Let me worship you.”

Saying that, I started kissing her lips and pressed my cock on top of her pussy. We were in a missionary position, but we were humping on top of our inners. Then I came back to her left breast and started kissing it. I was basically on top of her, with my head near her boobs and my right hand near her mouth. I touched her mouth with my fingers and inserted them in her mouth to make my fingers wet. Then I dragged it along the neck, then the boobs, and towards the navel, reaching the top of her panties. Then I reduced my pace and slowly moved my fingers. I could feel her hair below, and then I finally touched it.

She screamed my name. I started encircling it near her clitoral area and then started rubbing her clitoral area with my thumb. She was moaning a lot and pulled me and made me kiss her. We were kissing intensely, and I stopped rubbing and pushed my finger inside her vagina. The minute I inserted it, she moaned into my mouth. It was wet, and I did the “come to me” gesture using my two fingers.

She stopped kissing and was just moaning and screaming. I had enough; I wanted to taste her pussy, so I removed the panties and took my face near her pussy.

I smelled her pussy and then licked the labia, which caused her body to tremble. Then I started eating her pussy wild and licked it up and down using my tongue. I sucked the clit using my lips, and while sucking it, I also rubbed it with my tongue. She was in heaven. She didn’t want it at first, but once I kissed it, I made her lose everything around her and made her focus on cumming. She was screaming and was about to cum. So I removed my lip from her pussy. She wanted to cum so badly, but there I was edging her to make her squirt.

She didn’t understand when I withdrew my licking. I went again and kissed around her pussy. There is a sweet spot between pussy and anus for women. I kissed her there, and she was enjoying it. Then I licked her anus. It was dirty and foul, but I was lost in my desire. I was seducing her to cum, and when she was about to cum, I stopped it. I touched her anus softly and started licking her clit again.

Then I pushed my tongue inside the vagina, licking it inside. With my left hand, I rubbed her clit, and with my right hand, I touched her anus and inserted slightly. She started screaming a lot, and I sensed that she was about to cum. Then, instead of stopping it, I increased my pressure and intensity, which caused her to squirt. She started squirting a lot and started screaming my name, and her body was trembling and shaking till every drop came out.

My face was full of her squirt and was wet, and the room smelled only of her aroma. She was tired and passed out in bed. It was already 1 in the morning, so I didn’t disturb her, even though I wanted to fuck her badly. I woke up early at 6 because I wanted to finish what I started. I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, made coffee for her, and woke her up.

She was surprised and pulled bedsheets to cover her. I gave her coffee. She was shy but was smiling. She also said that it had never been as intense as yesterday. She drank her coffee and asked me to get a dress from the cupboard.

I stood up, but instead of going near the cupboard, I removed my inners, showed her my hard cock, and said that it had been waiting for her since last night. Before she could say anything, I jumped into bed, removed the sheet that was covering her, and went on top of her. I went to kiss her lips, but she moved her face and said she hadn’t brushed yet. I said that I didn’t care. I started eating her lips, and our bodies pressed against each other, and my cock was rubbing against her pussy. Her morning breath, mixed with the smell of coffee, made me even hornier. I couldn’t control it anymore, so I moved my cock near her mouth and asked her to suck it.

She sucked and made it wet. It was too hot and made me horny as fuck. So before I cum in her mouth, I stopped, and then we went back to the missionary position, and I started fucking her roughly. She was already wet, and we were moaning and screaming. She started kissing me intensely and also started moving her hips. She then stopped me, pushed me down, and sat on top of me in the cowgirl position. She started slowly and kissed my lips while riding me. It was too hot, and then there she was fucking me like I was her slut. She was moving her hips so intensely like she was going to break my cock.

I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I pushed her down, and I was back on top. Our bodies were fully enclosed with each other, and my mouth was near her mouth. I was fucking intensely and said that I was going to cum. She started moaning a lot and moved her hips in synchrony with mine, and then there I was, cumming deep inside her and breathing heavily in her mouth, and she too came with me. I was on top of her, and she was breathing into my mouth, but she also kissed me.

We were just lying on top of each other and kissing softly.


I hope you all loved my story. This is my third and final story. This is indeed a fictional story, but the fantasy is true. I mean, who doesn’t have these fantasies? I’m a 24-year-old guy in Cochin and someone who has never been with a woman. How awesome would it be if it really happened? Someone beautiful and older than you. There is no judgment, and there are no strings attached. Desire to be wanted is awesome.

My email is , and I would love your feedback. Any Cochin woman who wants to have me can text me as well.