Slutty side of my so-called innocent girlfriend

Hey guys, I have been a reader of ISS for so long and now I have finally decided to post my experiences in my life. The following story is 80% true with my imagination and enhancements of about 20%.

Let’s start with the character introductions. I am Aadhi, a mid-looking college student with an okayish build tall and fair looking. My girlfriend’s name is Roshini (name changed for obvious reasons). We have been in the same college for 4 years and doing our PG in the same college. My girlfriend has a best friend named Arjun who has a nice build, and dark complexion but fair enough to make any girl have a crush on him.

Now about my girlfriend, I am not sure about her measurements, but she is white, medium tall, medium boobs but bigger ass compared to her boobs, with curly hair, and wears Mia Khalifa-type glasses. I do not know how she does that but her assets look even bigger when she is nude. Her bestie has been with her since schooling and leads me with the time they have been together for 7 years. We have been in a relationship for 3 years.

I was staying in a PG and my gf was staying on her own with 2 friends in a rented house and her bestie was staying by himself in another rented house. We 3 were from different places and were studying in the same city.

Myself and my gf go out often on dates to malls, theaters, cafes, etc. She and her bestie do not go out much often, but they do now and then. She sometimes shares about her outing and sometimes doesn’t but always shares if I ask her.

This happened in the second year of our relationship and the sixth year of their relationship. Surprisingly, myself and Aadhi have the same birthday in October and the same date. Every birthday, my girlfriend celebrates with me by going out or cutting cake and then visits her bestie for his birthday. I didn’t mind because, of course, I did not want to interfere in her personal space since I thought it would be toxic.

In 2022, 2 days before my birthday, Roshini told me that her family had planned to attend a function in their native village, and told me that she felt bad not being with me on my birthday. I felt bad but had no choice since she never missed my birthday even once. So I said okay and to have fun (not knowing what kind of fun she was going to have).

The day before my birthday at evening about 8, my friend who was staying a bit close to where Arjun stayed called me and said that he saw my gf near his home. I was a bit shocked and convinced myself that Roshini would have visited him to wish Arjun in advance. Also, she had said that she would be leaving by 10 pm and since Arjun’s house was near the railway station, it would have been easy for my girlfriend to visit him. I told the same to my friend but I also lied saying that Roshini had told me about her visit (but she didn’t) because I did not want him to have any wrong ideas.

My friends visited my place by 10 pm and we enjoyed ourselves for some time and had the cake cut exactly at midnight. They stayed at my PG for the night (my warden permitted that since she was a kind and friendly woman) and everyone was asleep at around 12.30 am. But I could not sleep since my mind was bugging me about why my girlfriend did not tell me about her visit to her friend. But I could not bring myself to call her and ask since it would portray me as if I was spying on her.

But at the same time, I couldn’t get my mind over it. So I had an idea, I took my friend’s bike without waking him and went to my girlfriend’s friend Arjun’s house. It was locked from the inside but the lights were on. So I thought maybe he was partying with his friends. It was not so loud but I heard sounds like 2 persons speaking.

I gathered my courage and went to the side of his house his bedroom window and lights were on. I peeped through a small ridge. I saw a table near the bed that had a cake. It wasn’t cut and it seemed like someone ate the cake without cutting it.

On the floor, there were clothes. I saw a man’s underwear, a t-shirt and trousers. To my surprise, I saw a bright pink colored bra and a black slip. Thoughts were confusing me.

I opened the window a bit and suddenly, I heard a loud moan after opening the window because the windows were soundproof. It was a familiar voice loudly moaning, “Aaaahh Arjun yesssss.. deeperrr..that’s it..” (translated: “Aaahh arjunn yesss apdi thannn innum deep ahhh)

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw my gf’s glasses near the bed with cum on it! Her curly hair was hanging down the bed. Moving a little bit, I got the full view. My girlfriend was lying on her back, her bestie was on top of her with his hands hugging her tightly with biting and sucking her neck. His dick was deep enough to touch her womb, and her legs wrapped around his back, preventing him from any chances of pulling out. He was going at full speed and clap sounds were all over the room.

Upon looking keenly, I was able to see he had no condom on. She was moaning at the top of her lungs with her eyes rolled back. He was pumping her like a sex-deprived nymphomaniac.

Decoding the stuff that was there, I was able to tell that my girlfriend and her friend guy were fucking for so long, might be from the time my friend called me telling me about her visit. They cut the cake at midnight and resumed fucking. I was able to tell because I saw a lot of cum on her glasses and face which meant she sucked him not once, but more than that! Her pussy was already flooding with her juices meaning this wasn’t the first round. They had cake on their bodies but not on their clothes which proved they undressed before cutting the cake, cut the cake when they were already fucking, and resumed fucking after eating it off each other’s bodies.

Now the most surprising part happened. Any guy in this situation would have barged in and caused chaos, But I was rock hard, never been that hard even when we had sex! (My girlfriend was not a virgin when we started our relationship, and she had told me that she had an ex. But the sight proved to me it wasn’t her ex.)

Without realizing it, I already lowered my shorts and I was stroking so fast. He was about to cum and told her, but she tightly wrapped her legs around him and asked him to cum inside. But he however pulled out and made her drink and showered her face and boobs. That was when I saw her neck and boobs, they were full of love bites. Seeing that, I released a huge load!

After that, I was guilty of doing so and left without interfering with their session.


Thanks for reading my story. Comment below if you want a continuation of what happened from there.