Hot & Vulnerable Neighbor Aunty Navya Seduced – Part 1

My story begins during my summer break. I am a very energetic boy growing up. I grew up in the same neighborhood, so I knew everyone in my area. And I still remember the day when Navya aunty shifted to next door first-time.

After going to college, I don’t go out of the home too often. But as with every other summer break, I enjoy playing cricket in the streets with my buddies. Sham was one of them, who is Navya’s son. He is a bit younger than me and we are like 2 brothers.

Like always, I went to my neighbour aunty’s house to invite sham for a match. It turned out he was not at home. But Navya aunt needed help with the water can, so she asked me to put that on top of the filter.

Usually, I don’t put water can at my home. So, I didn’t know the right way and messed up and I got wet from that. While helping me clean up, Navya aunty’s saree fell from her shoulder and her boobs were visible without knowing. My dick got very hard seeing that.

Navya aunty realized the situation and quickly covered herself. Then I excused myself and went back home. From that day onward, I couldn’t stop thinking about my neighbour aunty’s body. Till then, I never saw her in that way. But now, whenever I masturbated, I was thinking about her boobs!

After a few days, I overheard a conversation between Navya aunty and her husband. I couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying, but they both were arguing very loudly.

Suddenly, aunty burst through the door and her husband was shouting –

Her husband: I can’t handle you anymore. Sham will stay with me now and you can go back to your mother’s house.

I quickly went downstairs. Navya aunty came to my house directly. My mother took her in. Navya aunt was crying so badly. That night, my mom gave my room to Navya aunty and told me to sleep on the sofa for a night. I agreed to that.

That day, I was not getting any sleep. I went to the fridge and drank some water and while going back to the sofa, I wanted to take a quick peek at what my neighbour aunty was doing. I knew if someone saw me, I would be in trouble. But I dared and went.

I slowly opened the door and went inside. Aunty was sleeping in her nighty. It was a summer night and a very hot night. So, she must have opened her nighty buttons and slept.

I got naughty thoughts again. Slowly, I went near her bedside kneeling and gently poked her boob. She didn’t react and so, I poked it a few more times. My neighbour aunty’s nipples got hard and were visible in her cloth.

I couldn’t stop myself and took out my dick and started jerking off. She was sleeping on the side. My bed was very small, so she was at the edge of it. After a few minutes, my precum started dripping from the top. I slowly brushed the tip of my dick on my neighbour aunty’s lips. They were so soft.

Then I rubbed my tip a few times there and her breathing pattern changed as if she started to wake up. I swiftly went out of the room and back to the sofa and tried to get some sleep.

The next day, I was writing the college work and got stuck on a question. As aunty was educated, I thought she would know how to solve it. So I went to her room and barged in.

Me: Excuse me aunty, do you know how to solve this question?

I was so shocked by what was in front of me. My neighbour aunty was completely naked! She had just stepped out of the shower. Aunty was about to scream and I didn’t know what to do.

Then I quickly stepped toward her and covered her mouth with my left hand, while my right hand was behind her hip. She was just looking into my eyes while I was so scared at the moment. Then I told her –

Me: Navya aunty, this is a big misunderstanding. I didn’t mean to peek while you are naked. And I don’t know what I’m doing.

She slowly removed my hand which was covering her mouth and said –

She: I also don’t understand. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Then I took a breath of relief, knowing she was cool now.

She: I was awake yesterday night while you were… You know what I mean, right?

Me: What the…

I was speechless for a moment.

She: I know boys of your age need special care. And I know you don’t have a girlfriend to ease you up.

Me: I’m not a lucky guy, I guess.

She: But it is your lucky day. From now on, whenever you feel like tended up, come and see me.

I was looking at my pants.

She: Now (and she laughed)? Ok-ok, but only a handjob.

Me (nodded): Yes!

Then my neighbour aunty took my dick out and started rubbing. It didn’t take long to erect and she started to rub it. After a few minutes, I said –

Me: It’s not working, aunty. I won’t cum this way.

Then she licked the tip of my dick and I cummed instantly. My cum was all over her face.

She: It’s quite a load!

Me: Thanks, aunty.

She: Now go back before anyone suspects something.

Then I left the room. That night, I couldn’t believe my fate. I was a virgin till a week ago. And now I got a shot at the hottest aunty in the block. Then I again went to her room and called her –

Me: Aunty, are you awake?

She opened her eyes slowly and got up. Then she said –

She: Ohh, you startled me. What happened?

Me: Nothing, I just wanted to see you again.

She: Do you need more ‘relief’?

Me: Yes!

Without wasting a moment, I took off my pants and lay on my back. Navya aunty got on top of me in 69 poses. Then I tasted a pussy for the first time in my life that day.

While my neighbour aunty sucked my dick, I was eating her pussy. Thanks to the knowledge from watching porn. Because of it, I was able to make her cum first.

Navya aunty sucked my dick again this time. I couldn’t help but push her head deep. Then I cummed! Aunty drank all the cum like a pro. She didn’t even complain about it. Then she said –

She: You like it rough, I see.

Me: Yeah, aunty.

My dick got small and I went back to the sofa and slept happily.


What happened next? Will I be able to sleep with my neighbour aunty or not. Find out in the next part of the story.