How I got fucked by 2 construction boys

Hello, I’m a chubby bottom from Mumbai. This is my story of how I got my ass fucked by two 19-year-old Bihari construction boys.

A little about me. I’m from Mumbai, and I am 25 years old. I’m chubby, so due to my white tone and weight, I got a girlish plump body with big boobs and an ass.

Coming to the story. This happened around 2019. I live on the 6th floor of my building. One day after taking a bath, I came naked into my room, showing my girlish body. As I was drying myself up, I saw two boys staring at me from a building beside me where construction was going on.

I noticed my windows wore open, and they had a complete view of my naked body. They wore looking at me like hungry dogs. I quickly closed the curtains and ignored them. But inside, something happened to me. I felt a bit sexy doing it.

After a few days, whenever I used to go out, both boys used to give me stares. I like the attention but always ignore them. Sometimes I purposely kept my window open to make them see me. It worked well.

Soon during the Ganesh festival, it was Visarjan day. My whole family was out for Visarjan along with society people. So I was all alone in the house. Around 3 pm, I heard a knock on my door. I saw it was Sachin, one of the boys from the construction site.

I quickly wore a thick t-shirt above, opened the door, and asked him what had happened. He said, “Can you help me open the terrace as the latch is tight?” My flat was near the terrace. I said ok, and I started walking towards the terrace. He was giving some horny stares at my ass and boobs. I enjoyed it.

We opened the terrace, and I asked him, “Why did you come to the terrace?” He said, “We wanted to pass the cable wire from this building, that’s why.” I said, “Ok, hurry up quickly and call me.” He said, “Wait here. It’s two minutes only.”

I, too, thought nothing and waited. I asked him his name and where is from, to which he replied. “I am Sachin. I’m from Dhanbad, Bihar.”

I asked him, “What’s your age?  He said, “I’m 19.”

I asked, “Do you study?”

He replied, “No, I’m here to work to earn some money.”

And we had a little talk about each other and some personal details

Then we both saw Shakeel (the other boy), who threw the cable wire from that building. While catching the set of wires, Sachin fell on me and accidentally touched my boobs. I touched his dick. He’s a 19-year-old, but he had a huge cock. He said sorry. I said it’s ok, no problem.

While tying the wire, he asked, “Are you a trans?” I ignored the question. But he asked me again. I replied, “Why are you asking me that?” He said, “You got a girlish body. We never saw a man with such a beautiful aunty-type body.”

I asked, “What do you mean by ‘we’?” He said, “Shakeel and I have seen you coming naked out of the bathroom.”

Now I completely understood that he was giving me signals. But I was afraid to make a move, so I said, “Yes, I know, let’s go now. I have to go out,” and ignored him.

We locked the terrace. As I entered my flat, Sachin asked me for some water. I told him to wait here. I brought some water for him. While he was drinking, I asked him, “What’s your size?”

He said, “What size?”

I said, “You know which size I’m talking about.”

He said, “I don’t know. I never measured it.”

Then, while giving me the glass, he said, “Do you want to see how big it is?”

I stopped for 5 seconds and said, “Yes, come on inside and show.”

He said, “What will I get in return?”

I said, “I’ll show my complete body live in front of you.” To which he gave me an evil smile. He went inside. I locked the door. Before I tried to approach him, he went in the hall and removed his shorts and underwear.

I was shocked to see it! A 19-year-old skinny black boy had a 7 inch big black cock. I was in total shock to see that.

I went near him. I said, “So big it is!” He quickly said, “Remove your t-shirt.” Before I could say anything, he removed my t-shirt, and I saw saliva coming out of his mouth after seeing my naked chest. By the way, I got no hair on my chest.

He asked, “Are you really a boy?” I said yes.

Then he slowly tried to touch my man-boobs. I felt his cock in my hand. I said to him. “Let’s sit on the sofa.” We sat, he started pressing my boobs with both hands, and I moved his cock up and down. Quickly he came near me and licked my lips.

I felt completely horny. I responded to him with a kiss. Our tongues now exchanged saliva. He started licking my neck, and then they grabbed my boobs and started sucking them. Oh god, what a feeling! I was on cloud seven.

He started spitting on my boobs and licking and biting them. I was completely horny by now. I started moaning, “Ah, yes, lick it nicely, Sachin.” I quickly sat on my knees while he was on the sofa.

He asked what I was doing, to which I replied, “It’s my turn now.” I smelled his cock. He had the fragrance of urine, which made him lick his brown top. I started licking his cock like a lollipop. He was very tasty. I never knew the cock tasted so good.

While sucking, I asked him whether he had ever done it with a guy.

He said, “This is my first time.”

I asked, “With a guy?”

He said, “No first, as in first with someone.”

I said, “You never did with a girl?”

He replied, “Who sees us? Also, we don’t have time, but now I have, so I’m happy.”

I said, “This is also my first time with someone.”

I was sucking so nicely he gave a sexy moan. And soon, he filled my mouth with his cum. But as we both were horny,  I said, “Do you want to put that cock in my ass?” He said, “But my dick is not erect.” I said, “I will help you.”

(Reminder – I had always been into gay things and wanted to try out with a guy. But due to fear, I never did. But I know I’m at my happy place.)

I started cleaning his wet dick with my mouth. He again was getting a boner. Sachin stopped and said, “Listen, we had desires to fuck you from the day we saw you naked.” I said, “I know,” and started sucking.

He said, “Can I call my friend Shakeel too? He, too, has horny desires to fuck you.” I stopped immediately and looked toward him. Before I could say anything to him, he called Shakeel and said, “The day has come. I have started. Hurry up, come fast.”

I was afraid that I would get banged by two guys. But felt sexy also that it would be one hell of an experience and started kissing him happily. Soon in a few minutes, I heard the doorbell. I saw it was Shakeel. He saw my naked body at the door and pressed my boob.

I said to come in quickly. As I was closing the door, Shakeel got naked within seconds. I was in total shock because Shakeel had slightly even bigger cock. He was also a virgin, and it was his first time. I quickly went near them, and they kissed me.

I was shaking their dicks. I felt like a whore, but that was the best feeling. I got on my knees and started sucking them. I was licking them like a pro. They were abusing me, saying, “Ek randi ladka hai. Kitne lund chusse hai tune. Ajjj teri gand hamari. Teri to har roz randi banake chodenge.”

I sucked them for 4-5 minutes and said, “Let’s go bedroom.” As I entered the bedroom, I said, “Who’s going to take my ass first?” Shakeel said, “Let us enjoy your body first.” They pushed me into the bed and started licking my body.

Again I was on cloud 7 because my nipples wore being sucked by these boys nicely. Shakeel again abused me saying, “Yeh toh aunty jaise hai maza aa raha hai.” I was enjoying all the licking and abuse. Sachin now turned me into a doggy position. He placed his dick near my ass.

He started to give me a little push. It was not going in. Then he applied some saliva on this dick and ass crack. He started giving some push and a few tries. He gave a hard push, and within a stroke, his full cock was inside me. I shouted, saying, “It’s big. Please remove it. You will destroy my ass.”

He didn’t listen. He started giving me some hard push, and I was in tears. On the other hand, Shakeel was standing and shaking his dick. After 7-8 minutes of fuck my pain in the ass was reducing. I started to get some tickles in my ass which I felt very good.

And soon, the pain was little and tickled more. Then I started enjoying his cock. Now I was moaning like a bitch, “Ah, yes fuck me fuck me more.” Listening to these words, he pulled me behind, held my boobs and gave sexy strokes. It made my moaning even sexier.

After a few minutes of fucking, I felt something warm in my ass. He stopped and fell on me. He loaded huge cum in my ass and removed his dick. It looked like a wet rod. We both were tired.

But I forgot that there was another young cock waiting for me and now an even bigger one. Shakeel said, “Now, my turn.” He placed me in a doggy position again and placed cock near my hole. As my asshole was wet, it became much easier for him to enter the ass.

With one hard stroke, he entered me. But I had no pain, but the enjoyment was at the next level. He started fucking me in the same position. Sachin was going to the bathroom to clean his dick. I called him and said, “Don’t waste that cum. Let me clean your dick.”

Now both my holes wore filled. Soon Sachin got his boner back for the third time. I was shocked to see his stamina. I knew now he’ll fuck me again, which made me happier. Shakeel fucked me around for 7-8 minutes, and he cum heavily in my ass.

He fell on the bed, and Sachin started again to fuck me. Now I was on top of him. We did it in a missionary position. After 30-40 minutes of fucking from both. They gave 3 shots each. We all over tried. We just lay on the bed. I was lying between 2 sexy 19-year-old guys.

I told them to hurry as my family was going to arrive anytime. They told me to come to at 12th floor of the construction building at 11. I obeyed them and sneaked from the house. I went to the 12th floor. I was afraid that if any workers saw us.

I reached there. They both were sitting inside the staff quarters bed naked, waiting for me. As I entered, I asked where are others. They said, “Everyone goes home after work. Only the watchman and his family live on the ground floor, and we are both at the top.”

I was happy to hear that, and then the show began. I quickly got naked and started sucking their dicks. They fucked the full night in different positions. I was happy that my dream of getting banged came true. Both of them cum at least 6-7 times that whole night.

From that onwards, I was being fucked by boys every day for the next 8 months until lockdown. Then they went back to Dhanbad Every day atleast 3-4 times at their construction site or in my flat sometimes, and we also became fuck buddies.

I hope you liked the story of