Hot Work Friend Or more than that

It was just another routine hectic day at work. I work out of my native state and was looking for a work friend. I had some work on the 9th floor of the office. I noticed someone new. Not a goddess out of Greek tales, but she could turn a few heads her way, that beautiful. I glanced at her a few times while doing my work.

She was fair, almost 5.5 ft, long hair in a single piggy tail till her bums, big eyes, thin upper lip. She had a slightly pouty lower lip, dancing earrings, perfectly fitting kurta showcasing little cute booby bumps, and damn! That’s when her eyes caught me as I slowly rolled my eyes towards her face.

Shit! I didn’t even have an ice breaker conversation with her. But I felt like I killed our hypothetical relationship. I never looked at her again that day. For the next few weeks, I had been ogling at her now and then. Luckily, I didn’t get caught again. I know it’s a silly thing, but we all do it, and we know it.

It has some sense of curiosity and mischief that demands impeccable timing to miss their eyes. Gradually, we had to interact a few dozen times through work, and then it was quite casual. Then slowly, work-related chat messages ensued beyond work hours. It rarely endured into late-night messages on few days.

Soon, messaging daily was the norm, even without my realization. When two random strangers of opposite sex subconsciously are attracted to each other, the topics of conversation soon tread towards relationships, partner preferences, and whatnot. Anyone who had been through such a phase knows what it’s like.

The word is an addiction! Addicted to hearing their voice, see their replies. But not like zombie crazy but in a subtle way of craziness. It’s crazy because neither of the two has loudly told the other how they feel about them. And that sense of someday she is going to ask me about ogling at her had come.

She did. I couldn’t deny it. It accepted it, told her it was embarrassing. Then came the reply, “But you have never caught me.” I froze. I know she must have been looking, and that’s she is interested. Otherwise, why would she spend so much time digitally after work hours with me?

I froze because women being interested in you isn’t shocking. But after due time, if they verbalize that interest out loud, that’s whole another level. That night I knew it was going to be a long night. We spoke for hours on many following days.

Then, at some point, I realized that her affection for me had grown too much. Something needed to be said before anyone got hurt. So, I told her that a viable relationship between us with two different mother tongues isn’t possible. Along-term dreams of togetherness shouldn’t bear down on us.

She understood what I meant. I was truly relieved. It was the down phase for few days. No one likes it. Soon, things were casual as usual. But one night, she texted, “I understand what you mean. But at least, I feel like spending some time with you. Not sure if I miss you, but I kind of feel like hugging in silence.”

I didn’t know what to say, and I tried diverting topics but in vain. It always came back to this. I just wasn’t sure that it was a good idea. The next few days had never been so long because of such awkward chatting. I gave in. We agreed to meet at a cafe.

I mostly spend every day at work, even half a day on Sunday, so only evenings were the only free time I cud spare. She wanted more of my time and suggested we spend a night together with so much hesitation.

On one side, I thought how difficult it must be for her to ask like this. On another side, it sounded like a perfect recipe for disaster. But has any girl lost in such a request? I don’t think so!

The day came. A three-star hotel. Good ambiance. The time was 5.45 pm. She had come in my favorite green dress. She always looked amazing in that. I wore just a t-shirt and jeans. We both checked in. In the lift, we couldn’t take our eyes off of each other.

My mind was in turmoil, “It’s not too late, back off!”

“Are you that mean? Can’t you see she’s suffering?”

“You did not come hundreds of miles away for this?”

“Don’t you have self-control over yourself?”

Our floor had come by then. I held the room door for her and locked it behind me. She sat on one end of the bed facing the big glass window. Thinking about ordering early dinner, I dialed room service and was ordered.

Her hands hugged me from behind. The first time a woman hugs you. Oh, man. It’s so different. I stumbled to gather words to order dinner but managed to do so. She let herself go as I completed the order. I turned around. She came right into my arms.

Then I realized what a hug truly was. I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist. It was as if I was hugging a ball of clouds. Her body felt so fluffy. I tightened my hold to tell her, “I am there. It’s going to be all right.” By doing so, I could also feel her soft bosom crushing against my chest.

She walked about half a feet more into me. Only then I realized only our upper body had been in contact. When she walked into me, our waists touched each other. Now her feet were in between mine. When a woman hugs a guy like this, that’s the fullest emotional display of her affection for him.

I was in absolute delight. When I think about it, it seems like someone shut down my rational mind. They put my romantic juices into hyperdrive mode and lost the key. It was a solid few minutes of such hugging. Then we let each other go. I removed my shoes and her sandals.

We sat on the bed, resting our backs on the headboard. She put my arm around her shoulder and rested on mine. She was sitting to my right. She took my face close to hers and planted a quick kiss on my right cheek with her right hand. My right hand held her right arm right by now.

We talked for a while. Dinner had come, and we had it together. We sat back on the bed, almost in the same position. She put her right leg over mine and was partially overlying my right half of the body, head lying on my chest. She kissed my hands a few times.

I kissed her head which was easy in the way we were sitting. She looked up and slowly came up and gave a wet lip kiss. That pouty lower lip was so juicy that I was sucking on it when she pulled away from a little. Eyes stared. She turned over to me, our bodies opposite to each other now.

I held her by the neck, and both reached in for the lips and exchanged heat, wet kisses slowly, sucking each other’s lips. Ac fan was set low. The sound of us kissing made us hornier. I tried saying, “We can’t be together forever.” Her kiss did not let me complete that sentence.

She whispered in my ears, “I know, but that doesn’t take away my affection for you now. Today, at least, you are mine, and please make me yours.” These words were coming out of a well-mannered, good-looking, more than a friend. That’s how powerful those words are.

I held her by her waist, pulled and glided her over my thighs close to my thorax. I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, pouty pink lips, slender, thin neck, put my tongue into her ears. She shivered for that. I removed her earrings. Kissed and sucked her earlobes and tongued it to see her shiver again.

I pulled away for breath. She took my right hand and placed it over her left boob. I was waiting for that. Once a girl herself offers her guy their boobs to touch, caress, press, and squeeze, play with it. There’s no joy to a man more than that. At least I felt that way.

Is there anything softer than a young teen’s untouched boobs? I squeezed them both, and she moaned. Wow, moans are powerful aphrodisiacs. I wanted the feel it in the flesh. Lifted her bubbly ass a little, removed her kurta, her slip-on. She was in her black sports bra.

That kurta had been hiding the volumes of her boobs. In her sports bra, she looked full like a 34 with her hot pointy nipples trying to poke through her bra. It jiggled even to the slightest movement on the bed. I loved seeing that. She removed her sports bra

There they were – young, untouched, fresh, warm, juicy, fair pair of boobs. Its pinkish nipple and areola were waiting for me to feast upon. I thoroughly enjoyed eating her boobs. Sucking and swirling tongue around her nipple while still inside my warm mouth made her moan harder.

The nipple grew harder. I bit it slightly. It was damn juicy. She was so turned on right now, just like I was. She removed my t-shirt and vest. She kissed my bare chest and sucked my nipples for a while when I was caressing her bare smooth back. I slowly slid my hands into her tight leggings.

In the office corridors, I have watched her ass cheeks swaying and slapping against each other in a small cute little way. Never did I imagine that I would hold them. We got down from the bed to remove our pants. I slid her leggings down—just the right amount of bubbly ass cheeks and smooth, soft thighs.

My fingers were running across them again and again. She knelt, unbuttoned, and unzipped my jeans, pulled them down to my feet. But she did not remove it as if it was a lock to prevent me from walking away. My dick was already hard, making a tent in my boxers.

She looked up and smiled sexily. “It’s yours,” I said. She pulled down my boxers, freeing my 5′ dick. Her face was amused. She held it with her right hand. She gently started stroking it back and forth while her left hand caressed my right ass cheek.

She pulled my foreskin towards the tip, making sure it covers my dick. Now she put it into her mouth and sucked it few times, making sure it was moist enough. Then while my dick was still inside her mouth, she gently pulled my foreskin back.

My bare pink glans penis (dickhead) was naked for her to lick upon with her tongue. That’s heaven! Her tongue swirled around my glans, along the lower rim of my glans, especially at the bottom part of the glans where the foreskin attaches.

That’s the sweet spot, girls. If you want to please a guy, that’s the spot. She alternated this licking and swirling with sucking. I was on cloud nine. Then she took my balls, gulped them down into her mouth without biting them. She sucked my sac good while my dick was pulsating right at her naughty face.

It was my turn to return the pleasure. I lifted her, removed her panties, slowly gliding through her milky thighs and legs. I asked her to separate her feet a little bit. She obliged. I hugged her as she did earlier in the evening. Now we were butt naked.

When I did that, her juicy boobs were crushing against my bare chest. My hands were holding her voluptuous ass. My dick was sliding beneath her pussy. Oh man, it was dripping wet. As soon as I hugged, my dick could tell me that. Her juices spilled onto my dick when I hugged her close.

I put her on the bed now and bent her knees, and held them apart. The inner thighs are the 3rd softest spot on a girl. Kissed it, bit it well, leaving too many reddish bites, and reached the gates of her pussy. Usually, they say women don’t smell good down there, but she did not seem like that.

I kissed her outer lips and sucked at them. Slowly swirling my tongue along the inner margins of her pussy lips, reached the clit. It was like a small button. The moans and shivering a girl gets on licking the clit and sucking at it is such a beautiful sight. It made her look helpless.

When I was busy sucking and licking her clit her left hand pushed my head in. Her right hand took my left hand and placed it on her right boob. I squeezed her right boob hard and pulled at her nipple. My right hand’s middle finger was gently fingering her pussy.

My right thumb caressing just above the clit and my tongue licking the clit, and its clit zone. This made her back arch and moaning louder. Her juices were flowing well onto my right middle finger. Her breath sounds grew louder and faster.

Her right hand clenched the bedsheets as tight as she could and left my hair. There is no sound like it to a man that conveys satisfaction! I did this for few good minutes. Soon, she shivered and cummed onto my fingers and face. It was watery, slightly sticky.

I did not stop anything, squeezing the right boob, gentle fingering, licking the clit, and slowly spread her juices all over her pussy and then took my head away. Then, naughtily spread her dripping wet pussy lips with my fingers side to side and slapped on it that gave a unique wet sloppy sound.

That slithery sound made me horny, and I dig right in and clean licked her pussy juices flowing out and sucked her pussy lips clean. She loved it. I could tell by the way she was caressing my hair. I went on top of her, took left boob in my slippery mouth, and ate it well while squeezing the other.

Then I kissed her on the lips and sucked each other’s tongues for God knows how long. Then I lay on her super soft boobs for a while to regain our strength back. Now she rose and tied her hair. The sight of my girl tying her hair in a bun while her boobs jiggle told me that my dick was in for some awesome blowing.

She sucked it like a fucking lollipop that’s going to disappear soon. She asked me in between, “Do you like this? Huh? Hmm?” When I was about to cum, I stopped her. I made her lie on the bed and licked her clit and fingered her pussy a bit faster for a while, then stopped.

I placed my dick on top of her clit. Slowly glided it up and down, sandwiched between her pussy lips. I was teasing her. After a while, She looked at me like, “Put it inside and fuck me already!” That was the moment, now when I glided it down from the clit, thrust it into the wet pussy gently. She winced a bit.

I withdrew a bit and pushed more of my dick with each time than I did previously. Then my full dick was inside her. Her eyes were fully open. Her hands were clenching her hair and bedsheets. Her mouth was wide open in that painful and horny sensation of an absolute full invasion of her body.

I gently rocked my dick in and out of her pussy, making sure I don’t pull it out completely. We were coming into a rhythm. When I thrust in, she raised her hip to take in more of my dick inside her. When I thrust out, she rested her hip back on the bed.

This created a flesh-slapping sound when my balls and thighs hit her juicy ass cheeks. That sound, coupled with her rhythmic moaning, is super erotic and almost makes you an animal. I rode her for few minutes, knew both were going to cum as her back was also arching.

I slowed it and went over her, held her neck by the left hand. She sucked the life out of her lips while squeezing her left boob like hell. She enjoyed it every bit. When I broke off from her lips, she pulled me closer. She whispered, “Fuck me! Fuck me harder, make this pussy yours!”

I started picking pace. She was super horny now by all these pussy poundings, boob squeezing, lip sucking, lovemaking. My dick was getting easy to glide in and out, meaning our precum was released. I lifted her hip and drilled her pinky pussy while slapping against her ass cheeks.

Soon she cum, arching more. Then a few seconds later, I finally came inside her, releasing a huge cumload which was dripping out of her pussy. I slowly paced down and fell on her soft boobies. She caressed my head and said, “Give it to me.”

I pulled it out quickly and sat on her stomach. My dick was oozing with cum from the orifice. It was fully coated, glistening with both our juices. She put it inside her mouth and sucked it squeaky clean till it became unrigid. Then I licked every bit of her pussy, taking all the time in the world.

While doing so, we both became horny again after about 20 minutes. I went up and whispered, “I want you again!” said, “Take me!”