Maya – Cousin Love – Part 1 (The Beginning)

Hi friends, this story is about cousin love. Life is unpredictable. Life is full of surprises. Life is all about being happy and making others happy. We get one life. We must enjoy it to the fullest.

Happiness can come in different forms and from different people. Sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected. I am narrating one of such unexpected encounters with my loving cousin sister Maya.

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Maya was my favorite and best cousin sister. She was my father’s sister’s daughter. She is 1 year younger than me. They used to stay in Bangalore, and we were in Chennai. We would meet once in a year or so during some functions or family get-togethers.

We shared just a Hi or Bye kind of relationship initially. We came close for the first time during my elder brothers’ marriage. My mom had passed away. So my aunt had taken responsibility for all the marriage work. Maya was around 19 years, and I was 20 years old at that time.

Maya was a beautiful girl, just a happy, easy-going teenage girl. Her boobs were small and were all set to explode as she grew. They had just started to blow up from her chest. They were just firm and round. They looked very inviting. She had long hair, beautiful eyes, and a sweet voice.

She would dress up very well. Her well-shaped ass would swing from one end to the other when she would walk. She had nice juicy lips and exceptionally beautiful deep eyes.

Aunt and Maya came ten days before marriage to help us set up things. Once marriage was finished, they stayed for another one week to help us wind up things. Those 3+ weeks of her stay with us changed our relationship dynamics.

We became so close that we both were in tears when she was about to leave for Bangalore. It’s always good to remember that cousins and their love is forever. The bond between cousins can never be broken. It was something special, sibling love.

Once you know that you have someone so close to you, you start to enjoy and experience that bonding. We started enjoying that bond experience. Then by the time it sunk in. She had to leave to Bangalore. It was sort of heartbreaking for both of us.

Once she left Chennai, we started calling each other regularly. We started to find reasons and excuses to visit Bangalore and Chennai to spend time with each other.

Four years later, fortunately, Maya and her family shifted to Chennai. It was for 2 reasons – one for her higher studies, plus her dad had better business opportunities in Chennai.

By now, Maya had turned into a hot sexy girl. She had a lovely figure. Her boobs had grown considerably from the first time I saw her. Earlier they would hide in her dresses, and now they were popping out from her clothes gloriously.

Her boobs would juggle even when she would laugh or walk. She had shoulder-length hair, lovely eyes, wide lips, and a lovely ass. She had it all style, attitude, and grace. Few of my friends had a huge crush on her. Once they moved to Chennai and settled, we celebrated it in a big way.

Slowly as time passed, my relationship with Maya changed. We both had our own friends circle. But then, in some time, it became our common circle. Maya had an excellent sense of humor. She set the house on fire with her one-liner. Her timing would be impeccable and dialogues short and crisp.

We would meet every weekend, visit beaches, watch movies, hang out with our friends, go for drives together. We were inseparable now. Our families were also happy that we both were best friends. That reassurance, comfort, and trust were always there when she would go out with me.

Sometimes if she got late, she would stay back at our place. They were always confident when she was in my company. We both were very protective of each other. We enjoyed sleeping in each other’s lap and caress each other’s hairs for hours as we would enjoy chatting.

Every year passing, our relationship grew stronger, deeper. Right from our dating, personal shopping, hiding each other’s secrets, protecting each other, we did it all. I would get her blue movies DVDs. Then I would wait outside her room when she would watch those movies along with her friends.

I knew her inner garments measurements being with her when she would shop them. Buying sanitary pads for her, buying monthly periods postponing tablets to safeguarding each other from our parents. We developed so much trust that there was nothing that we would hide from each other.

Sometimes when we stayed together, she would take a bath and come out draped in a towel. Then ask me to go out or ask me to turn around when she wanted to change her clothes. Sometimes in urgency, she would change in front of me, standing in her undergarments.

I have seen her several times in her bra and panties. She would call me in the trail room to show me every piece of clothing she would buy. We would hug, kiss, and even sleep on the same bed, hugging each other. But we never crossed our limits. It was pure sibling love and affection.

Time flew just like that. 5 years later, her parents started looking for a suitable alliance for her. In 2 months, they finalized a boy for her, and Maya got engaged. I was incredibly happy for her.

By now, Maya had again changed, her body had undergone massive changes, she had much more beautiful boobs. They stood majestically on her body. Her ass grew even bigger. She had developed good flesh all-around at the right places.

She was a sexy bombshell now. She had curves that would make heads turn.
In the next few months, things changed as relationships were reset. I was no more her priority. I felt Chetan (Maya’s fiancé) took the front seat. Now for everything, Chetan was first, and I was next.

Maya and Chetan started to go out together to enjoy their courtship. I somehow did not like it. I felt awfully bad when she would not even inform me about her plans for the weekend. My every weekend plan would be with her for the past 10+ years. But now, as things started to change, I didn’t like it.

She would call me now and then only to give me some other work to surprise Chetan. I was feeling ignored. I hated this feeling. But I kept quiet as Chetan became a new world for her.

The marriage date was announced for next year. I was at the forefront of all the work. Marriage got over; everyone was so happy. She was about to leave for Mumbai in the evening. I was very tired due to the hectic work and was relaxing at home.

I sent her a message, “I will miss you badly, Maya. You have been my best friend/sister and my world. It is going to take time to get over this. Love you.”

She replied. “Same here. Where are you not coming to see me off?”

I replied, “Back pain, little fever, relaxing at home.”

She said, “Oh, you did not tell me, take care.”

I replied, “You are so busy. You have very little time for your brother.”

She did not reply. Surprisingly, Maya and Chetan were at my house 1 hour later to meet me. I felt happy. She sat beside me, holding my hands as we sat chatting. After an hour, they were about to leave.

Maya hugged me tightly. She kissed my cheeks, looked into my eyes affectionally as she hugged me again tightly. It was an emotional farewell as she left to start the journey of her life.

She shifted to Mumbai. She was busy for the initial 3 or 4 months due to her honeymoon, getting used to a new place, rituals, etc. I did not want to disturb her. A few months later, I tried to speak to her once or twice. But she was too busy to spare some time for me. It was heartbreaking for me.

I visited Mumbai for official work twice in the next few years. I would visit her whenever time permitted. She used to be happy, but the spark in our relationship was completely missing.

2 years later, I also got engaged, married, and got settled. Maya and Chetan came to the marriage just for one day. I was disappointed as I thought she would be there for me throughout the marriage.

As time passed, I understood from my other cousins that she and Chetan had a big fight immediately after marriage. The reason was Maya kissing me in front of Chetan. It came to me as a shock and surprise. I understood why Maya was avoiding me all along.

I decided to discuss with Maya at an appropriate time and place, but I could not speak to her on this topic. As time passed, we got busy in our lives. Occasionally we would chat, or we would meet at some family functions.

She became a mother of a beautiful girl. She did not inform me of this. I came to know this thru one of my cousins. I was unhappy that she did not even have time to inform me.

My other cousins were not happy with the way our relationship had turned. During one of the family functions, they insisted that we sit and sort out all our differences. Most of our close circle relatives would say that we were an example of how cousins can be best friends.

We tried to behave that things were fine, but everyone knew that it was not. My wife knew about my bonding with Maya. She also insisted that I speak to Maya and sort out things. She advised me to convey to her whatever I had in my mind.
Finally, we agreed that we would clear the misunderstandings between us. Once the functions for the day were over by evening, we both sat separately in a room close to each other.

We did not speak a word. We were looking here and there or looking at our mobiles. Maya took my mobile from my hand and kept it aside along with her mobile. I looked at Maya very closely.

She was wearing a beautiful designer lehenga choli with a netted dupatta. It was a deep-cut blouse tied up on the back with a matching string. Her lehenga was tied just below her waist. She was looking hot and sexy in that lehenga and blouse.

She asked me, “Vinay, why are you so quiet? We are here for a reason.”

I straight away came to the point, “Why did you not tell me that you had a fight with Chetan because of me?”

She asked me, “What was the use? It was not your mistake, I kissed you, and it was nothing new for us. But it was new for Chetan, and he got offended.”

I asked her, “But we could have discussed it.”

She said, “I did not want my best friend to feel for that fight, and it was a personal fight. I never expected that he would make such a big issue out of it.”

I told her, “You even missed to inform me of the happiest news. I mean your pregnancy also.”

She said, “Yes, I am sorry, I missed that. I should have informed you once we fucked without a condom,” and she started to laugh loudly. I also laughed. I felt very relaxed. There she was. This was the Maya I liked. That one line made up everything between us.

She said, “I can be like this only with you, nobody else, and I have been missing this so badly.”

I said, “But you completely stopped communicating with me, I felt so ignored. It is such a bad feeling.”

She turned toward me and said, “Vinay, you have to understand that I avoided certain things only because Chetan did not like it. I also do not like his attitude and being moody, somewhere I had to make some compromises.”

I did not speak anything, just looked at her. She held my hand and rested her head on my shoulder. She said in a low voice, “Just think how bad I would have felt to make you feel like this and how bad I am feeling now.”

I wrapped her in my arms and said, “Just an affectionate kiss between cousins has caused so much pain.” She did not say anything as she made herself comfortable in my arms. She wrapped her hands around me as she hugged me tightly.

Maya said, “I have been missing this hug for years now. I love you, Vinay.”

I replied, “I love you, Maya. I am sorry for everything.”

She did not speak a word. She held my face in her hands and kissed both my cheeks. She looked into my eyes and kissed my lips. She removed the dupatta from her shoulders. She kept the dupatta aside and pushed my head down to bury my head between her neck and her boobs.

This was quite different, a hugely different feeling as she kissed my head few times. She again lifted my head to look into my eyes. This time she sucked my lips gently for few seconds and again buried my head in the same spot. I did not know what to do. I just hugged her as I got aroused.

I could feel my dick waking up. I could smell her lovely body. I could feel that her body was burning hot after kissing me. She felt my pain as her own. I also wanted to touch her, feel her, reach inside her fractured heart, and pull out all the love she buried inside.

The sudden madness of lust wanted me to kiss every inch of her skin. I wanted to feel her brokenness against mine. Like if we held each other hard enough, something within each of us would finally heal. I started breathing on her cleavage as I pushed my hands on her back to hug her tightly.

Her hands moved to my hair as she moved her fingers in my hair slowly and smoothly. Her gentle stroking in my hair with her magical fingers made me hotter and aroused. I was feeling very horny. I felt the heat of her body also raise a notch higher.

Her skin was burning, and her breathing turned heavy as she held me in her grip. I freed myself from her hold. I looked at her and kept my hands on her cheeks. We kissed again, this time a little longer and a little deeper. We gently sucked each other lips very delicately.

I moved my hands on her back feeling her open back. I moved my hands to her beautiful tender waist. I moved my hands back on her blouse as I rolled my fingers on her bra lines. Neither she resisted nor we broke the kiss. We gently sucked each other’s lips.

I moved my hands along her bra lines, and my fingers moved to her lovely boobs. I kept my hands on them to feel them. We both were breathing heavily. We both had turned extremely hot and aroused. Her deep moans rumbled through the air. Maya sucked my lower lip through her teeth.

Maya said in a low tone, “Vinay, I love you so much, don’t stop.”

I would murder someone to hear that voice whisper dirty things in my ear. She broke from the kiss. For the third time, she pushed me between her neck and boobs. She started to roll her fingers on my back and head. I kissed her cleavage.

I pushed my head down to kiss on her boobs from the top of her blouse. She gently pushed my head from one boob to the other. I kissed her one boob and squeezed the other one. I moved up to kiss her neck. I kissed her neck from one end to the other. I moved up to kiss her ears and lick them gently.

That soft sensual licking on her ears triggered her as she wrapped me tightly in her arms. She moved my head back to her neck and pushed me down to her boobs. I squeezed both her boobs a little harder this time.

Suddenly she had a wild thrill such as she had never known; joy, fear, madness, excitement, surrender to arms that were too strong, lips too bruising. The fate that moved too fast between us, destroying all our morals and conscience.

She moaned, “Ah, Vinay.”

I traced my nose to her shoulder. I came back to where my lips had begun. I whispered, “Turn around, Maya.”

I had developed a massive erection by now, and Maya had turned super-hot. I untied the knot of her blouse. She rolled her hand on my dick, feeling its full length from the top of my pant.

Maya has corrupted my imagination and inflamed my blood. Her sensuality was not a sexual invitation. It was a depth invitation that I could not resist. Then suddenly, I asked her to stop. I got up, I said, “Sorry Maya, really sorry.”She also got up and adjusted herself as she came back to her senses. She said, “Why are you sorry? It just happened.”

I again said, “Sorry Maya, already you had a fight with Chetan for this.”

She said, “There is a difference between what I did that day and what we did today. I do not regret that or this. It’s fine. I am happy this happened between us today.”

To be continued.

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