I Hooked Up With A Married Women

Hi, I am Alpha, I am a 22-year-old guy living in Bangalore. I am a very sexually active person. Also not to brag but I am 6.6 ft tall, light brown toned and well built. And I wanted to share something that happened a couple of days back.

Just as a back story, I partly own a retail outlet for kitchen hardware. I have 4-6 employees at any given time. So a few days back in an afternoon it was raining and all my employees had taken a break for lunch. The business was kinda dull that day.

So I was just browsing the internet when I came across ISS for the first time. For some reason, I clicked on one of the stories just to see what it was all about. It turned out to be a very hot story which I kinda turned me on a little bit. And I was wearing slim-fit jeans.

So even the slightest of erection would be very visible. All of a sudden, a customer walked in. It was a husband and wife in their early 30’s. I normally never attend any customers personally. But because there was no employee around I had no other choice but to attend them.

I knew I had an erection and that it would be very visible to anyone. But I said screw it and attended them anyways. The husband was a good 5.10 ft or so and was okayish. The wife was slightly shorter and a bit chubby(in a sexy way though) and curvy at the same time. She had a very sexy face and lipstick on.

I went and said ‘Hi’ to the couple. The husband replied back saying ‘Hi’. But the wife immediately noticed my pants and the bulge in it due to the erection. She gave me a snarky smile and said ‘Hi’ after that. For a second there I was embarrassed. But I did not care as she seemed a bit into me.

I showed them the entire place. Finally, they decided they would come back in about 2 days time once their home’s interior decoration was completed. I told them to ask for me when they return to purchase the products and they left. A minute later the wife returned and asked for a business card.

I did not have mine in hand. So I gave her the company’s general card that has the landline number printed on it. She immediately asked me if I could share my name and number too. She wanted to talk to only me the next time she came in. She said this a little flirty way.

The husband was not with her at the moment. I asked for her phone and I entered my contact details into it. I said to her she can call me day or night. She then left. I for some reason even though I knew she was married I was expecting a call or message from her. But I did not receive anything that day.

However the next day, after work when I was relaxing back at my home I received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. So I opened it and there she was, her profile pic was visible to me. So I knew it was her. She had sent a message saying ‘Hi’.

So I replied, ‘Hey you, aren’t you the lady who came over to my showroom couple of days back?’ She said that it was her and that she wanted to let me know she would be coming by alone tomorrow. I said sure no problem. Then she said that her husband had to get to Dubai for a month.

He wouldn’t be able to help her choose all the products. So she needed help with it. I took this as a sign. Even though I was not sure, I asked her if I could drop by at her home tomorrow, to help her decision as to what she might need. For a second she hesitated, I think and said she is not sure.

But immediately she said if I can come tonight she wouldn’t mind. Me being me, I said yes within the second and asked her to send me the location. I reached her place an hour later and rang her doorbell. She opened the door. She was wearing this thin and sexy nightgown that was kinda transparent.

I was getting the feeling that she maybe is really into me. But I wanted to act natural. So I said ‘Hi’ and she called me in and took me into the kitchen. She told me all about why her husband went abroad all of a sudden. He wouldn’t be back for a month and might even take more time.

She lives alone so that is why she hesitated to call me to her home. She showed me a place and asked my opinion. I took about 15 minutes to tell her how she could revamp the whole place. She said she wants to go with my plan and that she wanted me to design her entire place.

She was willing to pay more to make it happen if that wasn’t an option already. I said to her I would love to help her design the place. Then she asked if I wanted to stay a little while longer for dinner as she had already cooked for two. I said why not.

I know this whole thing is lengthy but wait a bit longer the fun part begins now. She asked me to wait in the hall as she made all the preparation in about 10 or so minutes. She called me in and served me dinner. I found it a bit strange that she wanted me a stranger to stay for dinner at her place.

But I went with the flow and we started having our food. Then she asked me if something happened before they came into the store as she noticed something strange. I immediately knew she was talking about my erection from the other day.

I said I did not have any intention of showing up like that but it happened out of nowhere. She said it was okay, and she asked me if it had anything to do with her. I knew this was my chance so I lied and said, “It was kinda due to you.” She said she liked me too, my look, the way I talk.

My height charmed her over and said that was the reason she invited me over. I wanted to take the conversation to the next level. So I sarcastically asked her if she liked me enough to cheat on her husband with me. I was not expecting her to say yes, but out of nowhere, she said yes.

And boy did it get silent for a minute back there. I asked if she was really serious and she replied by saying yes. She and her husband have been going through a rough patch in their marriage. She had to release some of that steam in her.

For the first time, she could not hold back when she saw me at my shop the other day. I asked her if she wants to continue the dinner or if she wants to do something fun for a change. And the answer was, as you may have guessed, was to skip dinner.

I got up and went close to her. She got up to, and we started making out intensely. We quite literally did not let go of lip lock for a few minutes. I picked her up while kissing her. (She surprising was not heavy at all for how she looked), and asked her where is the bed.

She pointed to a room I carried her all the way there while continuing the kissing spree. I kind of am a hardcore guy but I like soft fun too. But she seemed like someone who liked a bit of both. So I quite literally tore her gown apart and she started taking out my pants and shirt.

She was wearing a pink bra and thong underneath. I did not remove it because I knew sex with a stranger when being married might be a new thing to her. So I let it be until she got comfortable. I started kissing her whole body. She then slowly took her hand down my underwear.

I knew she was ready. So I slowly unbuttoned her bra and pulled her thong off. And let me be frank, I have been with a couple of married women before. But I had met them from dating apps or in a club. Married women are never a disappointment.

But this lady she was great looking I mean perfect curves, hot boobs, a well-groomed vagina. She was an awesome kisser so far. By the way, till this point, I didn’t ask her name. So not to continue to be rude I asked her two things what’s her name and if she wanted condoms.

She said her name was Sunaina and I replied I was Alpha. And then she said she doesn’t want condoms. That she has a perfect bill of health. But if I did not feel comfortable I could use one nonetheless. I was pretty sure I was her first after marriage. So I said I would love to not use a condom.

She got excited and asked me to stand on the floor. She got down on her knee and started stroking me and my dick. (just to let you know I have a pretty big dick, after all, I am 6.6ft tall) She started saying her husband has a micropenis. It was never fun even touching it, but she was loving mine.

I said if she wanted she can kiss and suck my dick. Man, did she just jump into just sucking my dick. She kinda bit into my dick couple of times but gently so I did not mind it. She gave me a blowjob for about 15 or so minutes. I knew she would not mind continuing.

But I knew like all women she also liked to be a bit of center of attention when it comes to sex. So I asked her to stand up and then pushed her onto the bed. I jumped on top of her and started kissing her from the head. I slowly made my way down to her vagina.

Then slowly I stroked it with my hand then started kissing and licking it. In a few minutes, I started putting my tongue all the way into her vagina. She started moaning loudly. I did not stop until she asked me to and the whole time she was just moaning.

I was down there for almost 30 minutes. Then I asked if she was okay to continue. When she said yes, I got on top of her again and slowly let her navigate my dick into her vagina. Initially, she just made a hissing sound as if she was feeling a bit of pain but was licking it.

But when I started pounding her with a lot of force she started shouting and moaning. And after just 15 minutes she said this was her first sex that had lasted more than 15 minutes after marriage. Just as a side note, I am a very active person and I have a lot of stamina.

So I can last a lot of hours in bed. I and Sunaina we kept it going for almost 4+ hours with 2 or 3 breaks of 5-10 minutes. The next day she got up early and brought breakfast to my bed. I knew where this was heading( I was guessing she wanted me to stay).

But I didn’t mind as she was good. I was sure she would be open to trying out new things and would not disappoint even if I stayed with her till her husband returned. I stayed till afternoon that day and we had another go for about 2 hours.

She has actually asked me to come today too. I think I am going to ask her today if she would like to try out new and exotic stuff like having one more lady or guy join us the next time. Anyways I will surely update you, folks, if she says yes.

Anyways if you wanna talk to me or if you are lady or couple from Bangalore and wanna hang out with me you can message me at .