Owners Pride, Neighbors Envy – Part 12

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The entire night we had sex with regular intervals. We hugged each other and slept in each other’s arms and had a great nights sleep. The next morning I turned to an empty bed beside me. I saw that beauty whom I had sex with last night with my shirt on and nothing underneath sip her cup of tea.

Trust me nothing turns a man on but when the woman you fucked wears your shirt. She is sitting with her hair open and is looking outside with her dreamy eyes and looking like a complete sexual princess. I whistled and she looked at me with a quizzical look.

She said, “So the two most precious people in my life are up and ready is it?” I was just smiling and she got up and walked slowly towards me with her hot cup of tea in her hand. She pulled a chair close to the bed and looked at me and said, “The first time you fucked at my bed, I was really spellbound. But the after morning is what I remember so far.”

I looked at her as she continued, “Today, lover, you will show me how much you value my body. You are going to do what I say. Call it a New Years gift for your sexy neighbor, wont you?” I could just nod in agreement and looked at her. She came close and said, “Lets first start by you worshipping my legs to my head.”

I was spellbound. She never ever ordered me to do anything like this before. But here was a woman who was pretty confident with her own sexuality. She was pretty confident with the needs of her body. I was determined to see how far this plays out and where it leads to.

As I tried to get to her leg, she pulled it back and said, “Till the time I don’t finish my tea, you have to please me. If you fail I shall give you a punishment, which you shall regret.”  She showed me her cup of tea which was just 30% finished.

She went behind a bit and beckoned me with her single finger and like a trained puppy I followed her. The scene was so erotic where she was oozing so much sexiness that no woman cannot ooze. “Get a tub of water with the soap and worship my leg.”

I had no choice but to follow it. I was also enjoying this sudden role reversal where she was taking the lead. I am sure she had thought of something. I had taken a tub filled with warm water, and also some healing aromatic oil. I sat down near her leg.

She was looking at me with her big eyes. I took her left leg and kept in my lap and proceeded to keep her legs in the tub. I took the scrub and washed her leg slowly like a slave would treat the queen of an empire. She was now taking the sips of her tea very slowly.

She was looking at me with her big penetrating eyes and told me, “I don’t see those sexy lips of yours at work lover.” I smiled and got the cue. I first sucked her toes, one by one and she let out a small gasp. I felt her toes like a collection of petals. She was taking an awful lot of time to drink the tea.

I knew she wasn’t going to let me off so quick. As soon as I finished sucking and kissing those slender sexy toes, I slid my lips towards her ankles. She had worn a silver anklet that I had gifted her a long time ago. I played with those sexy ankles and kept giving it little licks.

I was also cleaning her leg with my tongue. That is when I heard a “Hmm” escape her mouth. I knew I was still in the game and she wasn’t winning this so easy. I then moved my attention to the flat part of her leg and slowly moved to the sole.

I started kissing it and massaging it at the same time with my lips and my fingers. She was squirming in delight, but she did not show any sort of pleasure on her face. She did not want to lower her guard so easy. That’s when I amped up this game of sexual cat and mouse.

I sucked her toes and this time I licked between her toes and caught her off guard. Her eyes grew and felt as if her eyeballs were going to pop out at any moment. She said, “Fuck lover, you still ain’t there but you making me a wee bit happy.” I was now getting irritated.

She was still having her tea and am here on my knees and worshipping her leg. The worst was I couldn’t do anything about it. For the fear of what if the punishment was worse than I expect? I slowly made my move to the other leg and brought the sponge.

This time she said more of the same that you did to my other leg, to begin with. I was not going to give up on this I told myself. This time though I started from ankles sucking it like a popsicle with my lips making an impression of a huge B on it. She was really getting excited as she clutched the arm of the chair.

I was now closing her eyes and making really seductive noises. I sensed now I was on top and I wanted to take full advantage of it. I pulled her leg and kept it on my shoulder. I sucked the sole of her feet and kept kissing it and making designs on it with my lips and sucking it slowly.

She was now still sipping her tea, even though it was turning colder by the second. By now she was like to hell with the tea and just enjoy this show of dominance. She was in effect trying to dominate me. But I wasn’t going to let it go so easily. I now trained my eyes on her toes which were crying out for my attention.

I pulled her toes with my lips and sucked them like a hungry toddler for the mother’s milk. She now said, “Still a few sips remaining lover, the tea might be cold but the fire in me isn’t. If you don’t do what I tell you, I am afraid you cannot enter this pussy anymore.”

She then told me, “Let me rest my legs in this water for a while. Why don’t you tend to the rest of my leg?” I got to follow her sweet order. I was sucking her calf muscles and massaging them with my lips. I was making sure that she is utterly satisfied.

That she did not have a cause to complain and I don’t miss out any chance to fuck that amazing pussy ever. While I was doing this, she was really enjoying the warm water. The mixed sensation of her young lover near her legs like a dog who was submitting to her whims and fancies.

I had by then submitted myself to her and she could sense the balance shifting. This time she wasn’t going to break but instead break me. She was now beyond the demure shy housewife she once was. I was now getting aroused beyond the limit.

That’s when she broke the spell and said, “My tea is almost done, but still a few more things to do before I finish this cup for good.” I looked at her quizzically and asked what’s that? She said I want you to eat my pussy while I sit in this chair and yes, I haven’t cleaned myself up.

I was not ready for this. I felt a bit weird. Before even I could protest she had both her legs on my shoulders. She pulled me with her sheer strength and bought my face close to her pussy. The pussy seemed to be enticing me and calling me towards it even though it had been fucked mercilessly last night.

I felt her hands at the back of my head and pull me close to her cunt. She said, “Do it, lover, you wont regret it.” I did not have any cause to question or any more concern. I just dived right into her pussy. I licked the sides of her beautiful fuck hole and snaked my tongue deep.

I felt our juices were mixed in there somewhere. This thought made me harder. I was now pulling my tongue in and out of her pussy. Almost like I would with my dick, and tongue fucking her without any pause. The room was getting steamier. She was starting to moan and used her long fingers on my back.

She was also sipping of what remained of her tea and making me do a number on her pussy. She was now feeling my tongue work her way past her labia and make it to her clit, which now seemed like a small dick. I licked and made a circle on her clit with my tongue. Almost as if I was smooching her clit.

She was now moaning and pulling my hair and was pulling me deeper into her love hole. I was now snaking my tongue in and out with vigor and devouring her love juices slowly. She then felt my tongue hit the spot. She let out a yelp and twisted my ears.

She let out a gasp and a moan. I felt her hot lava-like cum hit my tongue. She told me, “Don’t you dare miss a drop, lover.” I dared not miss a drop of it. Stream after stream she let her womanly juices out. I was sucking and drinking every bit of it.

I was making sure I did not let go any drop go waste. She added, “The last bit don’t drink, just hold it.” I did as I was told. That’s when she bent down and said, “Smooch me.” As soon as I heard this I did not require a second invitation. We were already exploring each other’s mouth.

By virtue of that, we were playing cumball with her cum from each other’s mouth. She was now engrossed in kissing me and playing with my mouth. I was also enjoying this moment. For the first time, she had taken control and now she was melting inside my mouth.

This was a facet of hers which I had not seen or experienced before. We both got tired and were satisfied with our oral ball skills. She pulled away from her eyes closed and told me, “You did everything I asked you to do. Now you have to promise me. There is one more thing I want from you, you better not say no.”

I just nodded and pulled her in an intimate and loving hug. I told her, “Anything for you, Anjana.” She told me now carry me to the bathroom and punish me for being a bad girl. And that’s what I did as I carried her on my shoulders and slapped her ass on the way to the bathroom.

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