In The World Of Sex All It Takes Is To Ask

Hello and welcome to in the world of sex. I, Krish, your host, shall take you through another adventure in my life that happened during the covid pandemic. The saga contains multiple encounters, all of which I shall try to pen down, making your dick hard and pussy wet as you make it to the end of the story.

For those who are reading my work for the first time, I’m Krish, a Hyderabadi, currently living in the USA. This story’s heroine is Kiranmayi, aka Kiran, 27 years old, dusky, curvy beauty with oval eyes and a cute smile to die for. While a smile was not the only thing to die for, even her curves were something to ogle.

While she might not be slim but man, her assets were too good to miss out. Carrying a pair of 34D’s weight, she boasts a 37 towards the rear end of her body.

Coming to the story, it all started in May 2020. I had to vacate the house I was living in and move to a different place. My search for a new home over the internet started. One day I came across this ad from a person named Kiran.

So I contacted them, chatted, didn’t speak, and got everything sorted, and I scheduled to move in two weeks. The whole time I have been in contact with Kiran via messages, we became friends. Mind you all this while I was assuming Kiran to be a guy.

Then on the D-day for moving, I go to my new place, and I see a woman around 5’2 – 5’4, ish tall, standing outside waiting for me to invite me inside the house. At first, I was like, damn, Kiran never told me he had a girlfriend, or she is living with him.

Since that’s his private matter, I didn’t think much and got my luggage out and smiled at her as she led the way into the apartment. I look at the room I am allocated and am satisfied with the T, as shown in the pictures.

Then I asked her how many are staying in the apartment as it was a 2bhk apartment. Understanding what my exact concern was, she burst into laughter.

Extending her hand out, she said, “ I’m Kiranmayi, the Kiran you spoke to.” That was a shocker as I wasn’t expecting that. As I shook her hand, she continued, “Well, since many creeps ping on seeing it’s a woman, I generally post under the name Kiran. I hope you are not disappointed,” she winks.

Feeling embarrassed, I shake the hand with an awkward smile, and, shaking my head, I start unpacking my luggage into my room. She was pretty cool about it as people often gender guess based on names. I settled in, and she helped with the food on the first couple of days and kind of acted like the host.

As days went on, our friendship grew, and so did the depth of our conversations. We started to hang out more, cook together, and have fun, just like my previous place where I lived with three other people. It was a happening place.

We discussed a lot about everything but relationships. While it did come up a few times, she always used to get gloomy, so I switched the topic. Slowly as months passed by, we grew close. We had our share of laughs and fights, just like any other relationship would have in them.

I thought it was a nice smooth sail, but all good things must come to an end, as they say. After three months, our landlord one day told us that we have to vacate for some reason not so crucial in this context. He did his part by informing us before six weeks to find a new place.

Now, I was looking for a new place, found a few places, shortlisted them for a virtual tour. I asked Kiran about her plans. She told me she received the offer from the company she recently interviewed.

Kiran’s backstory was that she was actively interviewing for the past three months, and I have helped her with the process. So I knew she was planning for a move, both in and out of the city options. Thus, it was not a surprise to me, but what was a surprise is that they asked her to move local and WFH.

Anyways a week passes by, and Kiran is packing up to move out over the weekend, and our company announced Friday as a paid rest day. We decided to have a farewell party on Thursday night, just the two of us chilling and having fun.

We ordered drinks and food, and around 7.00 pm we started the party. We were in the living room chilling and sipping on our drinks. Maybe after a couple of drinks and shots down, I mustered the courage and spoke up about relationships.

I asked Kiran if she would be interested in having an FWB relationship with me. I knew it was the alcohol that was making me talk and be so bold. The words have left my mouth, and now there was no going back. I was staring at Kiran for an answer as I knew this was a make-or-break moment.

While neither of us sloshed, I know I can still blame it on the alcohol if the situation arises. Also, Kiran will stay for another two days to feel awkward around each other after this conversation. Thinking all this, I went all in.

Sipping on the drink, I waited for her answer, and all I got was a cold shoulder and slam door. Thinking I messed up our existing relationship, too, I returned to my bed.

The following day at 8.28 am, I hear a knock on my door, and I open it to find Kiran standing in front of my room. Confused as to what she might say now and preparing logical reasoning for my behavior for yesterday’s night in my head, I stood there motionless.

The only word that left my mouth was “Hey.” She smiled and greeted me back. I continued,” Listen about last night….” I was interrupted by her statement, “Yeah, so you have condoms, right?”

That one statement made me and my dick be 100% awake and excited. My face’s excitement is visible from the widening smile and dick’s with stiff rock salute to the beauty. Smiling like an idiot, I move towards her and grab her face with my hands and proceed to kiss her.

That’s when she slaps me and says, “Go brush your teeth first.” I rushed to the restroom and quickly brushed and mouthwash, and came back to her sitting on my bed. Seeing Kiran sitting on my bed waiting for me gave me another level of a turn-on.

I walk towards her, hold her shoulders, lift her, put my hands around her face, and move mine closer to kiss her on her lips. The feeling was subtle and warm as she was getting a tippy-toe to reach my lips. Me bending my back to make her comfortable during the kiss as this is the base for what follows.

I gradually pushed Kiran onto the bed, arching over her as I did that. Finally, our bodies touch the mattress, with her sinking in, while I lay on top of her partially. I start sucking on her lower lip for a while before switching it to the upper lip and continuing.

Throughout which my hands were feeling her back and mainly the ass cheeks softness and shape by running over it and squeezing it. While her hands were running all over my back, hair, the intensity of our kiss started to gain momentum.

Along with the lips, the tongues have also started to participate in the action by crossing the boundaries and entering each other’s space, exploring it. Biting her tongue, I continue exploring her back. All this while pushing my hand into the pants of her pajamas.

I was touching her panty, holding the glory holes, wishing to move my dick in and pat it slightly. I push my hand more towards her bare skin. Her body starts to twist and move a lot more. Feeling her ass cheeks and the crack, I travel towards the vulva, brushing my hand over the wet clitoris.

I move up to be welcomed by some ingrown hair as I exit the pants to the navel. Slowly bringing the hands to her shirt, I start unbuttoning while still kissing her lips and sucking them with even more zeal. Without breaking the kiss, I start moving away from the bed to get her upper body lifted to remove the shirt.

Once the shirt was detached from her body, I resumed kissing with a much deeper intent to bite and pull the lips. While our lips were busy staying attached, my hands started to explore the even more available skin at their disposal.

During one such exploration, my fingers brushed against the exposed naked armpits. Those who know me know I have a big armpit fetish. Now touching such a smooth and clean one turned me on. I slowly started to move away from the lips towards the neck, kissing and licking and biting the flesh.

Her moans and hand gestures accompanied these. I kiss and lick the entire shoulder region, making it wet horizontally across the shoulder lines. I make her sleep straight on the bed and lie beside her. Taking her hand, I placed it on my shorts, which became a tent with my hard dick.

I squeeze my hand. Being a sharp one, she understands my ask and grabs the dick over the short itself. While one hand was busy squeezing my dick over the short, I pulled the other hand overhead. I stared at her armpit for a few seconds before moving close to start kissing.

Each kiss on the armpit made her grip on the dick tighter, a painful yet pleasure-filled moment for the dick. I slowly started licking the armpit and blowing air into it, giving more pain to myself via her grip. In a split second, I transform from kissing to biting the meaty, juicy armpits.

It was making her moan and loosened her grip on my dick and move like a rattlesnake. Smiling at her, I roll over her to the other side to repeat my performance on the other hand. This time to my surprise, she exposed her armpit, inviting me to feast on it.

The happiness of getting what I desire made me pounce on it with more aggression and vigor. As I was indulging in feasting on the armpit, Kiran slowly lowered her other hand into my shorts, giving my dick the first naked feel of her body.

That touch sent a shiver in my body, making me dig my teeth into her armpits, soft and meaty region. The lust was so high that it surpassed the pain. We continued with me moving down to the valley of mangoes. She started to shake and rub the pole.

Kissing the softer region of the exposed boob, I passed through the cleavage with my tongue. I was licking the area and resuming the kissing on the other side.

While the exposed region of the boobs was getting smaller and smaller to kiss, her stroking of my dick was speeding up. I moved my hands towards her back to unhook the bra to release the boobs and have more regions pounce on.

Years of experience helped me in unhooking the bra with a snap. Since Kiran’s hands were busy with my dick, not wanting to disturb the pleasure I was receiving, I just pushed the bra cup. They were revealing the remaining part of the boobs that were hidden till now.

The exposed brown hard nippled surrounded with the black areola was a sight to the eyes. Bending and kissing the nipples with my lips, I started to explore the boobs. Employing one hand and my mouth on the boobs, I moved my other hand down towards her pussy region, retracing the route I came out originally.

I started to rub the vagina over the top of the panty slowly. I started to use my tongue to lick the areola and the hard nipple. My hand started to cross the panty and reach the bare skin, shaved as it didn’t have a sign of hair but a few ingrown only.

I thought someone was well prepared for this and chuckled and continued my work. Occasionally biting the nipples while sucking them, I took turns on both the boobs as my fingers started to rub on her pussy lips, which were wet by now.

I am looking at her face to see what my touches with my tongue and fingers are doing. I push one finger into the vagina and start moving it in and out to measure the wetness. Gradually I increase the count, going two fingers in. I started picking up the pace, clearly visible through her facial expressions.

Increasing my fingers’ speed and movement inside her pussy. I start fingering her intensively, making her moans loud and firmer. Kissing and squeezing her boobs, I move down to kiss her navel and the belly button.

Continuing my way down, I push the pants and panties, making her remove them with some leg work. I made her naked for the first time in front of me. At the same time, I still had my boxers on me with a tent inside them. Smiling at the beauty, I continue downwards, showering kisses on every inch of flesh.

I push my boxers down to make myself naked and reveal my rock-hard dick with pre-cum. Once naked, I stand, showing my dick to her, swinging with the body movement. Kiran was moving her head to the left in shyness. After witnessing my raging hard-on, I jumped onto the bed.

I resume my kissing, with the only addition being fingers interlocked, my dick rubbing on her bare body. With the pre-cum oozing and rubbing onto her body Kiran pushes me aside and gets up from the bed. Sitting perpendicular to me as I lay flat on the bed.

She gives me a stare and gets on top of me with her ass facing my mouth and she facing my dick. Understanding her intention, I grab her ass. I pull it to position my mouth under her pussy. I start kissing the wet clitoris and the vaginal walls.

I started initially by kissing the wet lips.  I am slowly moving onto, sucking them one after another before involving the tongue. Once the tongue got involved, Kiran’s jumping and biting my dick took a considerable increase.

Grabbing the ass and keeping her in place, I continued using my tongue to give her maximum pleasure. The juices started to flow. I began to push the tongue deep into her vulva and explore the untouched territories. I was twisting, rolling, and making my tongue as deep as possible.

I tried to explore every inch of the insides. The moans started to get louder. Kiran started to bite quite often, making it a pain-filled pleasure blowjob I ever received. Understanding the disadvantage of a 69 position, I pushed Kiran aside and looked straight into her eyes.

I tell her, “Let’s seal the deal,” with a broad smile on my face. Kiran lies flat on the bed for the final act. Her legs pointing towards me and spread wide, inviting me to enter the tunnel with my train.

Slowly positioning myself between her legs, I look at her. Her legs are placed on my shoulders for the butterfly position. I am wearing a condom for folks wondering. Always be protected, folks, better safe than sorry.

Looking dead into her eyes, I slowly push my dick into her vagina. Driving through the walls causing it to expand and take the real grit of my dick as I enter into its queendom. I push my entire dick inside her. She moans and gasps, holding on to my hands with closed eyes.

Her body and mainly her pussy adjust to my dick inside it. I start thumping and making movements. Starting it slow and gradually picking the pace, I go in and out of her vagina. The moans pick up the loudness as the thumping picks up pace.

I slowly get into the rhythm and keep moving my hips while holding onto her legs resting on my shoulders. Occasionally kissing the inner thighs, I keep moving in and out of her. Now with her eyes open, Kiran starts enjoying the thrusts and moves her body accordingly to get the most out of it.

Enjoying her cooperation, I continue driving and tune my rhythm with her movement. This newfound sync of ours set the boobs in motion. She was swinging as I thrust my dick inside her. Biting and kissing her inner thighs, I slowly changed into a semi missionary position.

Bending over her, I start kissing her lips again. I move my hips thrusting. I am making my way to her boobs and squeezing them, and biting and sucking them all at once. I remove my dick and ask her to get on her four for the doggy-style finish. Smiling at my request, she turns, facing her ass towards me.

I bend, kiss the ass, push my dick once again into her wet vagina. I start thumping while giving a smack here and there to the ass cheeks, which wiggle as I smack. I hold her hips and start pushing deeper and faster while she moans louder and louder.

Slowly I bend and grab her boobs from behind and start turning them like knobs. It made me go wild and rough and fuck faster and deeper, falling over her. I hold the boobs tighter, making her shout in pain and ecstasy.

After a couple of minutes of thrusting, I sensed I would discharge soon and told her the same. Tilting her head back, she asks me to continue and not stop as she reaches her climax. Feeling enthralled, I charge like a mad bull. I continue fucking her from behind with more vigor and passion.

Holding her hair, smacking the ass cheeks, groping the boobs, and pulling her head for a wild kiss, I was having the time of my life. Finally, I came. I came gushing, falling on her with a massive moan. I poured every last drop out of my body into the condom.

Slowly my dick started to get placid and come out of her pussy. I understood she hasn’t cum yet. Being the type of guy I am, I went down on her and licked her. I fingered her for some more time, making her have an orgasm too.

Once we both had our share of orgasms, we slept on the bed, hugging and kissing each other into sleep. After we woke up, we had a great conversation and another round which is for another time. Then we made the most out of our time together.

Luckily her travel got postponed for another 3 weeks, and we had great fun. Though we left each other on a sad note, we did have a great time while it lasted. It was a sweet memory during these crazy chaotic times and it helped to style=”color: #3366ff;” href=””>lessen the lockdown frustrations.

That’s all, folks. Thank you for reading it till the end. For comments, feedback, or any other thing, please contact me at /cdn-cgi/l/email-protection” class=”__cf_email__” data-cfemail=”bbd2d6d0c9d2c8d3dac9c2dafbdcd6dad2d795d8d4d6″>[email protected]. Please don’t contact me for a pic or number or any further personal details. I shall not be sharing them