Perks, Promotions, And Penises – Part 1

Swati looked at herself in the mirror for one last time before heading out of the dressing room. It was her only chance, and she wanted to grab this opportunity. She breathed hard as she tried to pull down the black transparent gown she was wearing.

Though Swati was short and thin, the gown was a little small and tight for her. It hugged her skinny body tightly and revealed her curves. It was small and stopped just below her ass, revealing her smooth thighs and legs. Also, being transparent and tight, it wasn’t able to hide anything it covered.

Swati’s black bikini, which she wore under the gown, was visible. One could also see her shoulders, collarbone, midriff, and cleavage behind her gown’s thin and transparent material. Being from an orthodox and lower-middle-class family, she had never imagined herself in such a slutty outfit.

In fact, she neither had the means nor the intent to buy anything like this. Yet, there she was, standing in a room of a five-star resort, donning sexy lingerie and waiting to strike the biggest deal of her life. Naturally, she was a bit tensed.
But she couldn’t afford to make any mistakes tonight.

So setting aside her nervousness, she turned around, opened the door, and stepped out of the dressing room. She looked straight at Angad. Angad was lying on the bed and watching TV. He was wearing a red vest and black track pants. He held a glass of wine in one hand and the TV remote in the other.

As the dressing room door opened, Angad saw the 21-year-old Swati shyly dawdling out and standing in front of him. He looked at her from top to bottom in amazement. Swati, the new intern in one of Angad’s sales team, was in a different avatar.

The usually shy and conservatively dressed girl was today looking no less than a model. She looked hot and seductive. Angad saw the sweet and innocent face of Swati, blushing as he stalked her body shamelessly. Her hairs were wet from the bath she just had.

Her body had a sweet smell of soap, which added to her charisma. He then looked at the tight gown and the lingerie beneath it, barely managing to cover the hot chick. It was Angad who gifted her this outfit. He wanted her to wear this for the night.

Considering Swati’s petite body, Angad picked the smallest lingerie he could find. But it seemed he should have picked a size large, as it looked too tight and uncomfortable for Swati. Nevertheless, Angad was satisfied. The tight dress complimented her sexy physique well, and she looked hotter.

Swati also knew that those pieces of cloth wouldn’t be hanging on her for long. So it didn’t bother her much. A student of business studies, Swati always wanted to work in an MNC, make good money, and live a lavish life.

She was ambitious right from her childhood and always tended to do anything to achieve her goals. She studied hard in school to get into a reputed college. Her grades were good, but her family couldn’t afford the fees for a good college. So she had to settle for the college in her hometown.

She repeated her excellent academic performance in college as well. Thanks to her knowledge and aptitude, she bagged a well-deserved internship from a renowned MNC in the last year of her graduation. The salary wasn’t much, but Swati didn’t care about it.

All she wanted was to do well during the internship to get a permanent job there. She was in the good books of her manager Angad due to her ambitious and hard-working nature. But Angad never entertained her queries regarding her future in the company after her internship period got over.

Nevertheless, she left no stone unturned to do the best. Her performance was impressive. Her aptitude, her resilience, and her dedication made her an ideal candidate for the marketing industry. Angad did not need a new employee in any of his teams.

Instead, his seniors were discussing a proposal to relieve or fire a few of their junior employees. The marketing world is rapidly getting digital. Which meant the MNCs don’t need a huge workforce. They need a few skilled and experienced people who can give results.

Swati was smart enough to know all this. Yet, she kept urging Angad to consider her case. She desperately needed a job, not only for her ambitions but also to support her family financially.

Angad had no reason to go against the rulebook for a normal intern until he saw a different quality in Swati. It made her case special and worth considering. Initially, Angad had no feelings for Swati. But gradually, Angad couldn’t help but note how appealing his new intern was.

Swati’s pretty face, her smooth wheatish skin, and the way she carried herself made her stand apart. On top of that, her petite physique, curvy breasts, ass, flat belly, slender arms, thighs, and legs added to her charming personality. “She looked so hot and desirable,” thought Angad.

Angad thought of something, and an evil idea struck him. He was a bit skeptical about his plan as Swati was too precious to lose. The risk was worth taking. So one fine day, Swati was summoned to Angad’s office. His offer was clear. Just for Swati, he had convinced his higher-ups to allow him to hire a secretary.

Swati was offered this new post. But the catch was that apart from assisting Angad in professional matters, she had to take care of his ‘personal needs’ as well. Angad briefly explained to Swati about his personal needs. Swati was smart enough to understand the rest.

And tonight was Swati’s first day as Angad’s secretary. Angad was happy to learn that Swati was bold enough to accept his offer. She was willing to serve him in any manner.

Angad: You’re looking more beautiful than I thought.

Swati was still standing near the dressing room’s door. Angad’s words made her blush. She didn’t say anything and only smiled. Never had she exposed so much of her skin in front of a man and was visibly nervous. The cold AC also made matters worse for her.

Angad sensed her half-naked body shivering in the chilly room. He smiled, looking at her. It was time to make his move.

Angad: You may catch a cold in that dress. Your hairs are wet too. Come here.

Angad had a grin on his face. Swati saw him raising his blanket and rubbing the bed with his hand to tell Swati to sit with him inside his blanket. Swati was anxious, but she had no choice. There was no turning away now. She slowly marched towards the bed. She climbed on the bed and sat beside Angad.

Angad carefully covered her waist and legs with the warm blanket. Swati felt cozy and comfortable. Angad offered her some wine, but Swati politely refused. Angad asked her to sit and take a rest for a while. He was very experienced with women. He knew what to do.

Both of them started watching some movie while sitting in the bed. Angad drank his wine and then made some calls. For some time, he acted as if Swati wasn’t even there sitting with him. Swati was surprised to see him behave so casually. Nevertheless, it gave her the time to calm down.

She, too, started browsing her phone while watching the movie. It went on for some more time. After a few minutes, Swati was engrossed in the movie. The job, Angad, her fear, her doubts she had forgotten everything, and all her attention was towards the TV.

But after a while, something diverted her attention. She felt that Angad had gradually come quite close to her. A minute later, she felt his arm behind her head and neck, and his hand on her arm! Swati froze and didn’t react. She was anxious.

Angad was so close that she could feel his hot breath on her face and neck. She started sweating and breathing hard as she closed her eyes. Angad could notice that his new secretary was getting hot. He could smell the sweet scent of perfume and soap from her.

He carefully examined Swati once again. Somehow she looked hotter in his bed. Angad couldn’t wait anymore. He went forward and kissed her cheek. Swati shivered and then let out a slight moan. Angad’s one hand was on her arm, and the other went inside the blanket to caress her legs.

His lips went down as he started kissing her neck. Angad was amazed to discover how soft Swati’s skin was. Her smooth skin and soft thighs were intoxicating and made him hornier. Swati was tensed, but she enjoyed the attention she was getting.

She was in bed with a man for the first time, and her body was reciprocating very well to Angad’s advances. Angad withdrew his hand from her thighs. He reached for the remote and switched off the TV. He switched off all the lights except for the two small lamps on the side of their bed.

A lavish hotel room, a cozy bed, dim lights, and a beautiful young girl were in his arms. Angad was completely satisfied as he looked at Swati with his lustful eyes. Swati looked back at Angad. She, too, liked the ambiance and was now eagerly looking forward to the night.

Angad sensed her mood well and immediately attacked her lips. Swati responded by kissing him back. Their lips wrestled as Angad held Swati by her waist and made her lie on the bed. He adjusted the pillow under her head and continued kissing her with great passion.

Swati’s back rested on the soft and warm bed as her soft lips were getting mauled by Angad. He knew Swati was turned on when she hugged him. Angad liked it and smooched Swati with more vigor. After a long smooch, he freed Swati from the kiss.

He looked at the beauty lying under him, breathing heavily. Swati’s breasts bounced up and down with her every breath, inviting Angad to feast on them. Angad held the zipper of Swati’s transparent gown. Slowly he pulled down the zip and opened it completely.

Swati moaned with relief as her body was freed from the tight gown. She couldn’t stop a soft but long moan coming out of her mouth as she felt Angad’s hot and wet lips on her cleavage. She bit her lips as Angad held her waist and feasted on her breasts.

Swati’s tight black bra revealed a fair portion of her huge cleavage. Angad kissed the bare cleavage. He could spot her hard and erect nipples under the tight bra and started biting them over the bra. He got up and pulled Swati up to remove her gown. Swati’s gown was now on the floor.

He made her lie on the bed and observed her as he removed his vest and sat shirtless in front of Swati. Swati looked carefully at Angad for the first time. Angad was 35 years old married man. He was fair and had a gym-toned body with ripped muscles, a broad chest, and hot abs.

Swati couldn’t deny the fact that she was getting attracted to Angad. A day before, Angad was just a colleague and her senior. Today she was lying under him on his bed, offering herself to him.

Angad turned Swati around and made her lie on her stomach and her breasts. He found her bra’s straps and unhooked them. Swati’s slim and sexy back was now bare, and Angad couldn’t wait to eat it. His lips landed on her neck and traveled down till her ass.

Swati was wearing a small black thong. The string of the thong was lost between her plump ass, and her ass cheeks were naked. Angad pressed and pinched her ass as he kept licking her smooth back. Swati moaned in pain and pleasure as Angad started biting her delicate skin.

Swati’s back was left wet with Angad’s saliva and his bite marks at the end of it. Her ass, too, had turned red. Satisfied with his performance, Angad once again turned Swati and made her lie on her back. He reached for her bra’s shoulder straps and pulled them down.

Her bra, too, found its way on the floor, revealing a set of two most beautiful boobs Angad had seen in his life. Swati made no effort to hide her boobs. A few minutes ago, she was feeling shy in her gown. But now, she was exposing herself to her boss with no fear or shame.

Angad still had some wine left in his glass. He picked up the glass and poured the wine on her belly. The wine flowed down and filled Swati’s round navel. He poured the rest of it on her nipples and boobs. The feeling of a cold liquid flowing down on her skin made Swati hornier than ever.

She kept moaning and biting her lips. She desperately wanted Angad’s lips back on her naked flesh. Angad didn’t disappoint her. He started with her breasts. He kissed them and licked all the wine on her cleavage and boobs. Her cold and hard light brown nipples were now inside Angad’s hot mouth.

Swati kept moaning and shivering in pleasure. She was in complete control of her boss now. Angad spent a lot of time on her breasts and then reached her belly. Swati saw Angad’s tongue coming out of his mouth. She felt it on her sensitive belly.

Angad licked the wine on her belly like a tiger drinks water to form a rivulet. Swati gave out a series of slutty moans. After Angad tongue-cleaned her belly, she felt his lips circling her navel. Angad put his mouth on her navel and then sucked the wine inside it.

An inevitable moan came out of Swati’s mouth as Angad sucked out the wine from her navel. He inserted his tongue inside her small but deep navel to clean it well. A wet tongue inside her navel was too much for Swati. She jerked and trembled in pleasure as Angad held her tightly and licked her.

He gave few kisses on her belly and navel before heading further. By now Swati was only left with a black thong on her body. This small piece of cloth could barely manage to hide her modesty. Angad could see her pussy lips near the string of her thong.

He inserted his finger inside the string and touched her vaginal opening. Angad was surprised to see how wet this hot little girl was. He started rubbing her vaginal opening under her thong. All this time Swati could feel the wetness between her thighs.

The long foreplay by Angad had made her pussy leak streams of love juices. Her pussy was well lubricated and needed some action. Angad was more than happy to help. Angad now inserted two fingers inside her thong and started rubbing her vagina.

Swati held her pillow tightly with her hands and gave out a loud moan. With his other hand, Angad took hold of the string of her thong. With some effort, he was able to pull it down. At last, his new secretary was lying completely naked under him.

Swati was more than happy to surrender her naked flesh. Never had she felt the same before. She was dying to know that how Angad would attend to her virgin pussy. After teasing Swati’s pussy for a while, Angad tried inserting his finger inside her vagina.

Swati was very tight. It was hard for Angad to insert even a single finger inside her dripping love hole. It was painful for Swati, and she shouted. Angad immediately closed her mouth with his lips. He started smooching her as his finger kept digging her virgin pussy.

With time, Swati’s pussy adjusted to Angad’s finger. Angad moved from her lips to her nipples. Though this time, he wasn’t very gentle. He sucked and bit them hard, making Swati moan louder than ever. Slowly it was getting unbearable for Swati. She jerked and let out a loud grunt.

Soon Angad felt a stream of hot liquid flood his finger. Swati had reached her first orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her face had a long smile and an expression of satisfaction. Yet, there were a lot more things awaiting her. The night was still young!

To be continued.

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