Indian Couples And Mixed Doubles In Goa

We are a Gujarati couple from Mumbai aged 32 and 30 respectively. We have been married for seven years and now we seem to be getting the ‘seven-year itch’.

To spice up our sex life, we decided to spend a full week in Goa at a five-star resort to explore our sexuality and be open to fetishes, fantasies and flamboyance.

We got together several sex toys and downloaded porn on our laptop. We were planning on playing sex games, role-play (roles of bhabhi-devar, teacher-student, maid-maalik, boss-secretary, driver-memsaab, etc) and exhibitionist behavior,

In front of the room service boys, my wife would open the door wearing only a bath towel and I would be wearing only my shorts. We loved teasing the waiters and housekeeping staff.

On the 3rd day of our stay, we noticed another couple of our age group during the buffet breakfast and they were seated next to our table. They were both good-looking and my wife found the guy sexy.

We introduced ourselves and came to know that they are a Maharashtrian couple from Pune and will be staying at the resort for 4-5 days. Great!

Men will be men, so we decided to go together to the beach knowing that my wife will dress in her hot bikini and would definitely look attractive to any man. It did not matter to me how his wife dressed on the beach as “mujhe woh chalegi.”

I wanted to wife-swap and knew that my wife would not have an issue with that and also he would love to fuck my wife. (any man would). I told my wife to flirt with him while I try to woo his wife.

To my surprise, she responded well to me and I could feel the fire in all four of us. Now, how to break the ice? Fire – n – ice..

Before a foursome, it would be right for the wives to have a one-on-one with the other’s husband. I took the lead and took the guy to the side and directly asked him if he was keen on wife-swapping, threesome and foursome. To which he said a big yes and said that his wife would also be fine with it.

So easy and quick? We meet only a few hours ago and here we are ready for sexploration. That was just great! We rushed towards the resort and my wife went to his room and his Pune wife came to my room.

I have always found Maharashtrian women sexy and now I have one in my room with full freedom to enjoy her. In the other room, I knew that my wife will give him a superb time, as she was a cock-worshipper.

I hugged the Marathi wife and started to kiss her. She reciprocated with equal lust. My cock started to grow. She was quick to notice that and without wasting a second, she pulled it out and held it in her hand.

Immediately, she knelt and started sucking my erect cock. Oh God, I thought my wife gave great blowjobs but this Maharashtrian woman was an expert. She was licking the tip, sucking the head and taking it all in down to her throat.

I needed to taste her so I pushed her on the bed and reached for her cunt with my mouth. It smelt a bit like dried fish (I love that smell) and tasted like the sea. I licked her till she had a clitorial orgasm. She then made me flat on the bed and started to deep-throat my cock. Soon, I came with all my load in her hot and wet mouth. She swallowed all my cum and locked my cock down.

In the other room, I was sure that my wife would also be sucking the Marathi husband and he would be having a time of his life just like I did with his wife.

The next day, we did a threesome with both men on my wife and then both on his wife. The day after, there was a threesome with both the wives on him and then both on me.

We were all having such a nice time the last few days and now it was time for the foursome sex!

First, both us men stood naked next to each other and my wife started sucking my cock and his wife was sucking his cock. It felt as if the wives were in a competition on who sucks better!

Then, my wife joined his wife and he got a double blowjob. His wife then came to suck my cock while my wife was sucking his. She then came to me and I got a double blowjob. The wives asked both of us as to who sucked the best. To which we both said, “equal”. They were not happy with our answer and demanded a blind test.

They put a scarf over our eyes and said that they will be sucking each of us in turns and we have to then say who did a better blowjob – the first one or the second one.

This was such a fantastic experience as both were trying their best to win the blowjob queen title. I voted for the first one and he voted for his first one.

And guess what? I voted for my wife and he voted for his wife! What a coincidence, huh?

This has been such an awesome holiday that we had all become very good friends and started planning for more trips in the future. We will go to Bangkok and take the special couple massages and go to different sex-shows and explore the world of sex as a person, couple and group.

We even planned a trip with the other’s wife and live out as a couple. I would go north with his Maharashtrian wife and he would go south with my Gujarati wife.

India and Indians are truly sexy in more ways than one. This is an excellent way for us to unite while having the best time with each other.