Indian housewife mom and cuckold son – Part 1

My name is Annand and I am from West Bengal, India. I live in the district of South 14 Parganas. Currently, I am 19 years old and studying in 1st year with science as my stream.

I live with my parents, my father Bikas (50) is a government employee and my mother is a housewife. My father is a very hardworking person who is always busy with his office job during the day and too tired during the night. He is from a big joint family in the town of Diamond Harbor.

When I was a teen, my grandfather (his father) passed away, and soon there was a feud between brothers for property. My father was forced to move out with a small amount of property. But father was not much worried as he works at a somewhat middle post in his office.

My mother Sonali (40) on the other hand is a middle-aged religious Indian housewife. She is educated but compared to my father, she did not have a certificate to back up her claim. The reason behind this is that when she was in her second year of biology, her father (my maternal grandfather) passed away. With his passing my mother’s studies were put on a halt. Then the relatives and neighbors pressured my grandmother to find a groom for my mother. And thus ,she was married at the age of 20 while my father was 30. Initially, she refused to marry a guy older than her age, but my father had a government job so nobody listened to her.

After my mother’s marriage, her studies came to a full stop as her father-in-law did not allow her to go outside much, instead, he insisted that her mother take up religion as a passion and become a devotee of lord shiva. And so she became one. Offering puja to the God became her weekly activity.

Currently, my mother is 40 years old, but she has maintained her body very well. The genes she comes from are very good and healthy. Let me describe her to you. She is 5’7″ tall, she has a very voluptuous figure of 38-30-34 (I came to know this later). She is slightly brown in color, and her face is very cute. But the most enchanting part of her body is her boobs.

They were the hopes and dreams of any man she met. And the second most beautiful portion of her body was her two giant buttocks. Her ass was just amazing. They used to swing from left to right whenever she used to walk.

Kali Babu (1)

When we were kicked out of our ancestral home by my big uncle, the three of us started living in the town of Sangrampur. My father had to look for a place on short notice. But luckily, one of my father’s colleagues offered to rent his house in Sangrampur. His name was Monty. He lived in Kolkata.

My mother also wanted to live in Kolkata. But my father insisted that Kolkata was not a safe place as people didn’t care about each other, and besides that, the environment of Kolkata was very unhealthy. But in Sangrampur which was mainly a village with a small town surrounding the railway station, it was very calm and quiet.

The house was a big one. It had two floors and a relatively big open space in the front. It also had a pond by its side and there were coconut trees surrounding it. The environment was really good. The entire property was surrounded by a big wall which gave it a sense of security. My father still used to travel to Kolkata for office.

Meanwhile, I was forced to travel by train to get to my college. My college being in Diamond Harbour used to take me 1 hour 20 minutes to travel to every day. Although my father had accepted our fate, I still used to miss my play buddies. And being in a new area, it was very hard for me to make new friends. Also, the passing of my grandfather affected my personality. I used to love my grandfather.

My father had gotten accustomed to his daily life, my mother was trying her best to adapt herself and I was heartbroken. Our house was 15 minutes away from the railway station in a secluded part of the village. There were not many houses near us.

Soon after we moved in, one day our neighbor Kali Babu came to meet us. He was a man in his mid-40s, tall, fat, and dark, and he had a huge tummy. He came on a Sunday and greeted my father.

Kali Babu: So, how did you all end up here?

Father: Family feud! (chuckles)

Kali Babu: Ahh! Well, this place is not bad. It is very calm and quiet, nothing much happens here. So, rest assured there will be no feud going on here. There is nothing here worth fighting for. Hehe. So, when will you introduce me to your family?

Father: Oh right, now! Son, come here and call your mother on the way.

I was in my room upstairs, studying. Once I heard my father’s call, I hurried downstairs, went to the kitchen, and saw my mother preparing to cook. It was a hot summer day and our house didn’t have any AC. So, all the work had made my mother sweat.

I called my mother and went to the living room where I saw the man sitting up straight. My father signaled me to touch his feet to show respect. As soon as I did that, he greeted me with a big smile and said that he also had a son who was just 1 year older than me, and I should become friends with him immediately so I would not feel any loneliness.

Our neighbout also said that his son was also an introvert type like me, he never used to leave the room. He was about to say some more. But at that time, my mother entered the room and as soon as Kali Babu noticed her, he was speechless. Seeing him stop, me and my father also turned around and saw my mother.

She was in a light yellow saree. But due to her sweat, it was now almost transparent. The pallu was fully transparent and the cloth was glued with her massive cleavage. The massive cleavage was clearly visible. The saree was also stuck with her skin near her belly region and even there were droplets of sweat around her navel.

Her hair and face were also flustered due to the heat. She almost looked like a sex bomb, like a sex goddess. I had learned about porn from my college friends and they used to describe women like this only exists in fantasy. But here she was my mother in all her glory. Then my father broke the silence by introducing my mother to the man.

Father: Kali Babu, this is my wife Sonali. Sonali, this is Kali Babu, our neighbor and also a member of the panchayat. He is an important man. Listen, I want you to bring something to eat right now.

My mother nodded and went inside the house. Kali Babu was still star-stalked. I noticed his eyes. They were the eyes of a hunter who had spotted its new prey. It was the eyes of a hungry wolf who had just now spotted a rabbit.

After a moment, he came back to his senses and said that she was very pretty and that my father had good taste in women. My father laughed and asked about his family. To this question, Kali Babu became a little quiet. Once the mother came back with some sweets and a glass of sherbet, Kali Babu started.

Kali Babu: I had a wife but she suddenly passed away 3 years ago. Since then, my son has shut himself from the world. I myself am not doing so well. After my wife’s demise, I became lonely. It’s only me, my son, and our maid Mati. Mati takes care of all the house chores while I do my panchayat duties.

Mother: This is very sad. It must be so tough for you and your son. I know the pain of losing someone. Well, no fear from today, you and your son are also a part of our family.

Kali Babu laughed and said: Yes, my son will be glad to have his mother back at least to have someone’s mother figure in his life.

Mother: I was wondering what I shall do around her. But now that I know you well, I will not be bored anymore. Well Kali Babu, do you guys have any Shiva temples nearby?

Kali Babu: Yes we do have one. But it is a little far away. It is opposite to the direction to the train station, about 1.5 km from here. There is a big field and the temple resides just at the side of the field. The priest lives nearby. I will let them know of your visit, madam.

Mother: Thank you! And don’t call me ‘madam’. Call me ‘Sonali’ instead.

Kali Babu: Well, then how about this, Sonali? Why don’t you all come to our house tonight for dinner? We will get to know each other very well and your son will also make a new friend.

Mother: Sure then. 7:30 then?

Kali Babu: Fine by me, well then good day Mr. Bikas and Annand, see you tonight.

After Kali Babu left, my father congratulated my mother on her behavior.

He said: He is a member of the panchayat. So, if we keep him happy, we will also be respected around here. That means nobody will try to mess with us. Good going, Sonali.

Then he turned to me and said: I want you to be a friend of his son as well. If you are with him, then you will also have an easy time here and you will end up with a lot of friends in no time.

At around 7:30, we went to our neighbor’s house. My father and I were dressed in formals whereas my mother was dressed in a blue saree, with a blue blouse and sandals. The saree was very pretty and it really complemented her figure. We went and knocked on their door. After a few seconds, the door was opened by whom I presume was Mati.

Mati was also a beauty in her own right. She was 5’6″ tall with a figure of 32-27-32. But she had dark skin. Her boobs were also big like my mom’s, but her ass was inferior to mom’s. Mati was wearing a red saree. She greeted us and took us to the living room. She told us to sit. Very soon, Kali Babu came and joined us. He was wearing a white panjabi.

Kali Babu: Good evening and welcome to my house. Make yourselves comfortable.

Kali Babu’s house from the outside was not very spectacular. But from the inside, it clearly showed that he was not a middle-class man. He belonged to the upper middle class. I guess the saying that all politicians are corrupt still holds. My father was amazed by the house and so was my mom. They both complimented various things in the room.

While they were doing that, I noticed that Kali Babu was only looking at my mother, as if my father was not even there. After a few more talks, Mati bought beverages from the kitchen and said –

Mati: Well Mr. Bikas, let me give you a house tour. As for you Annand, you should go upstairs and meet my son, maybe you can bring him out of his room.

Soon, I saw my parents follow Mr. Bikas to the inside and I took the stairs upwards.

Alok (1)

Once upstairs, I knocked on the only door which was closed from the inside. As I waited, I heard some noise coming from the inside. It sounded like someone tussling. A moment later, the door opened and a 22-year-old girl came out of the room. She was wearing a green salwar. Her hair was all fuzzy and her breathing was heavy. She bowed to me in respect and went downstairs. Although it was for a few seconds, I managed to get a glimpse of her face. She was not exactly pretty and fair. But she had a good facial structure which was similar to Mati. I also noticed that there was a short curly hair dangling from her lips. As soon as she left, a voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Once I entered the room, I saw a young guy of my age standing in the middle of the room. He greeted me and said, “My name is Alok. Father told me about you.”

I also introduced myself.

Me: My name is Annand. Nice to meet you.

Alok: Nice to meet you. I heard from my father that you and your family were driven away from your home.

Me: Yes. It was unbelievable at first, but now I am starting to accept the fact that our relatives didn’t love us in the first place. The love they showed was superficial in reality they were only after our property.

Alok: Yes, that is the nature of the world these days. You should learn how to adapt and take whatever you want. Otherwise, you will also be left behind.

At this point, I noticed Alok’s room. It was a little bigger than my room. But most importantly, there was a computer and a big music system, and a big LED TV. It had almost everything. But the bed was a bit messy and there was an awkward smell that bothered me.

All the windows of the room were also shut. So, it was also hot inside. Alok sensed that and opened the windows and then invited me to check out his computer.

Alok: Wanna check out some games? I have my computer full of it.

Me: Sure.

For the next 15 minutes, we just browsed through his Steam and Epic game store libraries. This mesmerized me. There were games worth a lot of rupees. I also noticed that Alok even had a PS-3 and Xbox 360. His computer was also an expensive one.

Me: Your computer and games are impressive. I wish I had such things.

Alok: Consider that it is yours. My father has told me to befriend you, make you comfortable, and treat you like my own little brother.

Me: I am jealous of you Alok, you have all this luxury as well as a very understanding dad.

Alok: You are right about the first one. But the second one you got it wrong. My father only befriends people if he sees that they are of any use to him. He is a politician.

Me: What do you mean? He seems like a nice guy.

Alok: Don’t they all? Besides, I am more jealous of you, you still have a caring mother. Mine died 3 years ago.

Me: I am sorry for your loss. But yes, my mother is very caring, and I love her very much.

Alok’s room was overseeing their backyard. At this point, Kali Babu and my parents came out in the backyard, and they were talking. I noticed Kali Babu was standing very close to my mother. Alok saw that and said, “Indeed she is a good one, worth the effort”.

Me: I am sorry?

Alok: Your mom, she is very pretty with a very good body. I haven’t seen anyone like her. You are one lucky guy you get to see her all the time.

Me: What do you mean?!

Alok looked at me and said, “Are you kidding me? Bro, she is hot as fuck! Don’t tell me that you haven’t noticed it yet?”

I was a little shocked by his comment and said, “Well, don’t know about that.”

Alok: Bro, please! Do you not know about sex? Or have you not watched porn?

Me: I know about sex and I have seen some porn. But my own mother?!

Alok: Why not? Everyone knows that a mother is the first love of a guy. Besides, she is very attractive, so she will attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Me: Anyway, who was the woman who left when I entered your room?

Alok: That was Damri, Mati’s eldest daughter. She also works here like her mother. She is especially here to look after me and my needs.

Me: You even have a personal maid assigned to you?

Alok: She is not just a maid. She is more than that.

At this point, suddenly the door was knocked. I turned around and saw Damri standing. She was head bent looking at the floor. She in a very soft voice said that dinner was ready to be served and whether Alok wanted to have his dinner in his room. Alok said no and told me to go to the dining room.

Once I reached the dining hall, I was mesmerized by the amount of food on the table. The table was full of food starting from sukto to mutton. My parents along with Kali Babu also entered the room and now even they were shocked.

Dad: Kali babu, what have you done?! This is too much!

Kali Babu: This is nothing. It was on short notice, so I couldn’t arrange anything special.

Here I must mention that because of our financial condition, we have not had a feast in quite a while. Mother particularly was fond of fests. She again thanked Kali Babu for all this and we started eating.

Soon after, we were joined by Alok. Seeing him, Kali Babu was very happy. He congratulated me for saving his son and said –

Kali Babu: Now that you two are friends, you should spend more time together.

We all were having small talks and Mati and Damri were serving the food to us. Damri also introduced herself as one of the maids and Mati’s daughter to us. While eating, I noticed Kali Babu was looking at my mother from the corner of his eye. I also noticed that mom’s pallu had slightly moved to one side and because of that her cleavage line was slightly visible.

Looking at Alok, I was also shocked. Alok was sitting beside me and opposite mom. He was also looking at mom and with his left hand was gently rubbing his crotch. I noticed that there was a huge bulge in his pants. After a few moments, he stopped and rushed his food. Then he said that he was finished and went to wash his hands. The maid Damri also followed him.

Kali Babu: Please ignore my son’s manners. He still feels awkward near strangers.

My parents said: No problem.

My mother added that she felt sorry for him. After almost 10 minutes, he returned. We were about to get up. He came back and apologized and said –

Alok: I had a great time and am looking forward to hanging out with Annand.

And then he went upstairs. Right then, Damri also entered the room and noticed that her condition was similar to the first time I met her. After dinner, we chatted for a few more minutes. Then my father declared that we must leave now. My mother said that she wanted to talk to Alok for once. So I accompanied her to Alok’s room.

Alok opened the door, saw my mom, and immediately gave her access to his room. My mother went in and asked him how he was doing and all. I got bored, got out of the room, and came to the passageway. There I saw another room with the door unlocked. It was locked previously.

The light was coming from that room. Curious, I went toward it and slightly peeked through the gap. It was also a bedroom, but instead of a bed, there was just a mattress on the ground. The walls of that room also were cushioned. I also noticed some buckets on the floor. I thought that it was a store room and came back to Alok’s room. As I was about to enter it, I heard parts of conversation between my mother and Alok.

Mother: I know that you miss your mother and I can sympathize with you. When I lost my father, I was heartbroken and then I was also married the next year. But after marriage, I met my father-in-law. And basically, he became my father figure.

Alok: That is good, aunty. But who will become my mother figure? One will say Mati, but Mati is more of a maid. Whatever she does, she does out of duty, not out of love.

Mother: Well, then I can become your mother figure. I can do things out of love for you. Tell you what you can come to our house at any time. Or if you need anything from me, just ask, and I will do it for you. But you have to promise me to be more communicative and meet more people. Otherwise, you will stay an introvert forever which is not good for you.

Alok: Ok aunty, I will do that. So, as a first request, can I call you ‘mom’? You look a lot like my mother.

Mom: Sure, you can call me ‘mom’. But not in public as it can cause confusion and gossip. But when we are alone you can call me anytime.

Alok: Then mom, can you hug me? It’s been a while since I have hugged my mother.

Mom: Sure, come here.

Hearing this, I carefully peeked into the room and saw Alok was sitting on the bed and mom was standing. He hugged mom by wrapping his arms around her waist. His face was buried in her belly and on her navel. Suddenly, I saw his hands moving downward to my mom’s ass. Mom also felt something and she gently pushed him away.

Alok was flustered, his face was all red.

Mom: Well then, I shall be going. See you soon.

Alok: Wait! Will you not give me a good night kiss?

Mom: A good night kiss?

Alok: Yes, my mother always used to kiss me to bed. Will you do this for me?

Mom: Ok a kiss, I can do that.

Then she bent down and kissed his forehead. I noticed in that brief time Alok’s hand pressed against her boobs. After the kiss, my mother turned around and came out of the room. I pretended that I had not seen or heard anything.

Mom came out and said, “Let’s go”.

I noticed her belly was shining which means it was covered in saliva. We came downstairs. Dad was waiting for us near the door with Kali Babu.

Kali Babu: Now that we are a family, boudi, you must visit us often. I want to get to know you better. And if you need any help with your household chores, just ask for Mati.

Mom: Thank you, but we can’t hire Mati or any house help for that matter.

Kali Babu: Who said about hiring? Mati will work for free. There is no money involved in a real family, isn’t it?

My parents protested a little bit.  But Kali Babu didn’t listen and called Mati and said to help mom with any chores whenever she asked.

We said our goodbyes and as we left. I looked behind and saw Kali Babu had his hand around Mati’s waist and she was standing very close to him and her face was also a little flustered.

To be continued.