Sirisha Reddy Seduced by an Artist

Hi, this is Sirisha Reddy Hise. I am a housewife. I’m rich enough, educated and well-mannered. I’m here to share my story through my friend Prathap’s ID due to privacy issues.

I love paintings. So, I frequently check different paintings at different art exhibitions and stalls. And I buy them if I like them. This is the only happiness in my life. I don’t say that I have nothing. I have everything but happiness.

In the meanwhile, I got news about an art exhibition in Hyderabad. So, I went there to check. I had gone through a lot of paintings with different artists. I got my eyes stuck on one painting, which is named Art by Prathap.

This portrait was as accurate as that artist read my whole life till now. It is about a man who has everything, but he has nothing!

I said, “What a painting!” Unknowingly.

“Do you like it?” a man from behind asked me. I turned around and found a man about 5 feet 8 inches tall with a smile on his face.

I replied, “Yes,” with a smile. “But sorry, it is not for sale, madam,” he said. “I love to have it at any price. Can I have the artist’s contact number? I will contact them,” I said. He smiled at me and gave me a visiting card. That evening, I returned home and started to think about how to grab that painting.

On the very next day, I called the number given. I got switched off on the other side, so I contacted them through email. After about an hour, I got a reply with an address to reach.

I reached this thinking this would be an office. But it is a house with a good garden around. I rang the doorbell, and “Come in” was all I heard from inside. When I went in, I saw a good-looking man with shorts and loose tees drawing a picture with concentration. He wore nothing underneath his tees and shorts.

He looked at me from top to bottom. His eyes got a spark like they were enjoying my presence. I usually wear sarees that are plain and transparent with sleeveless deep-cut blouses as I can display some cleavage.

You guys haven’t seen me, right? I will describe myself. I’m 5 feet 2 inches tall with 34dd-32 -36 as my measurements with an Indian dusky complexion. I know that I’m hot and can make any guy’s dick hard just with my looks. But here he is, eating me with his eyes.

“Hello,” I greeted him. “Hi,” he replied. He pointed me to sit on a couch nearby and started finishing his painting. After a while, he attended to me. “Tell me, why are you here?” he asked me.

“I like the painting you displayed at the exhibition yesterday. I want to buy it,” I replied.

“OK, buy, why are you buying it?” he asked me.

“That painting is reflecting my life,” I replied. “Oh really? How?” he asked. I first thought that I wouldn’t tell, but after asking another question. I started saying my life as well as the meaning of the painting.

“I got married into a conservative family. My hubby is a good-looking guy with a decent size of dick. But he is very reluctant about having regular sex. I sometimes tried to seduce him. But you know… ”

“So, how long ago did you have your last sex?” he inquired. “Maybe about 45 days,” I replied.

He came and sat by my side and gave me a side hug. I felt his hug a little hot. I Don’t know what made me hug him tightly. His fingers were moving on my back. I started feeling hot. I don’t know whether my wait for sex made me weak or his fingers. I started feeling him.

“Do you want to feel better now?” he asked me, and I nodded my head, saying yes. He took my lips between his lips, sucking. I couldn’t hold myself back, so I just went with the flow. I kissed his lips. We both were getting hornier.

But somewhere in my mind, I felt it was a betrayal. So I just interrupted myself and said are we doing non-loyal for that, he nodded with his head no. I was confused, and I couldn’t control my desire. I’m kissing his every inch and sucking it without hesitation while he is also doing the same.

I don’t know when my pallu went off from my body. He didn’t know when his tees went off from his body in no time. I am in my blouse and petticoat and he with his shorts. I sucked his chest and pinched his nipples. I sometimes bite them.

He is like pulling me in his chest. He made me lay on the bed and started kissing over my belly and navel. He was biting me. “Ah oh, shh,” are the words coming from my mouth now. He came onto me and started pressing my tits while sucking my lips.

He was pressing my tits and releasing my blouse hooks one after another and kissing between my tits. I was trying to control my moans, but I couldn’t. Every pressing of my boobs was loosening every hook of my blouse he finally removed all of them.

By that time, my panty was wet, and my pussy was dripping. He turned me and pulled the blouse off me. I think now he will unhook my bra, too. But he slid his hand into my panty and started feeling my pussy while he was kissing my back. Moaning sounds were coming out of my mouth.

All of a sudden, my petticoat left me. Now I was in a bra and panties, and one of my boobs was in his hand. The other was getting crushed against the bed. He started fingering me. He pulled my bra hooks with his teeth, and my bra fell, disclosing my sexy hot 34 hot tits.

He inserted a note there into my pussy and started ramming it. His fingers were going in and out while my moans were filling the room. My hands were showing the fingering intensity over his chest. He pushed another finger into my pussy.

“Oh my God, now I feel like getting fucked with a huge dick,” I screamed. After about five minutes of fingering, he released my pussy. It was like a heavenly feeling then he pulled my panties off and adjusted me to the edge of the bed. He laid on me in 69 position.

He started sucking the juices of my pussy, taking one after the other lips of my pussy. I thought of sucking his dick, too. So I pulled his shorts down, and a 7.5-inch hardened rod came out and hit my face. Before saying anything to him, he put his dick into my mouth.

My mouth could not hold it fully. It was a fully erect dick with a 3-inch girth. It went into my mouth and touched my throat. That made my breath choke, and I started tapping his thighs. He was slowly removing and re-pushing. It made me better than before. He started moving it in and out.

That was hard, and I didn’t ever find that hard dick with my hubby. He is eating those at my pussy, and as a result of intense lust, I am sucking his dick. After a while, he suddenly stood up with his dick in my mouth. His dick went directly into my throat.

He started dancing and jumping with my pussy lips between his teeth. He fucked me like a bitch in 69 position. Then he made me bend like a bitch and fucked me in front of a mirror. My pair of bouncing boobs with screams and echos are the best match ever.

He was pulling my hair and pinching my nipples while fucking me in doggy style. We made love like this for about 10 minutes. Then we shifted to cowgirl, in which I danced like crazy over his dick. That was the best pleasure. I cum 3 times in this fucking.

He then pulled me by my hair and made me sit on my knees. As his dick reached my face, he slapped my nose with his dick and cum on my face. That was the thickest cum.

I went into the bathroom to clean myself and sucked his dick to clean it. I wore my clothes on. He gave me that portrait.

“Thanks, you got my stress off and satisfied my lust. Thank you,” I said. “You are hot. My black dick will always wait for you,” he smiled. He was still nude, so I kissed his dick and returned.

Firstly, I was hesitant to think non-loyal, but now I don’t know how to name it. I enjoyed it thoroughly.