Intimate Sex With Married Colleague Asha

Hi readers, I am a great fan of the ISS forum. Today, I am going to post an encounter from my life.

I am Shravan from Mangalore, Karnataka. This story is about a casual encounter during a training session related to our job which was held a few years ago.

During the training sessions, I was attracted to a lady named Asha. She was a good looking married woman.

During the last day of training, all my colleagues had left for their respective places, but I stayed back due to heavy rain, expecting the stoppage of rain soon. I was waiting in my car. The rain was jittery.

Suddenly, someone was knocking on the window of my car. It was Asha! When I lowered the window, she asked me for a lift as no cabs were available to her place. I was happy at the moment and let her in.

On the way, I could get her details. She was a mother of two and her husband lived in Udupi looking after the business along with children.

As the journey continued, the conversation eased up. She opened up much and told me that she had caught me staring at her many times during the training. I was baffled.

Later, her home arrived and she invited me in. I was joyed and went in. She served me a cup of coffee. I said I would depart as it was late night by then.

Suddenly, the power went off due to a lightning strike. Due to the sound, she was scared and hugged me tightly for a while. Her face was looking beautiful in the moonlight. I lost my control and planted a kiss on her lips to which she resisted a bit in the beginning but later she too started responding.

We kissed for around two minutes. Her blue saree made me more excited. I undressed her saree and blouse slowly inside which there stood those beautiful boobs tucked in by a blue laced bra. Shockingly, Asha undressed me after licking my body. It was a marvelous feeling.

Asha unzipped and removed my pants and started smelling my dick over my boxers. I undressed her bra and started licking her milky boobs. “Aah”, she moaned. That voice was so erotic.

I put my hands inside my married Indian colleague’s pantie. She started moaning again. I then licked her pink pussy. It was wet and shaved. What a fragrance her pussy had! I started fingering to which she started moaning again.

After vigorously fingering my colleague for about ten minutes, Asha gushed out her juices and pushed me. She then hugged me and started kissing me. I was feeling so erotic at her warmth.

Then she took my dick in her hands and admired the length of my 7.5-inch tool. She started stroking my dick to and fro. It was amazing feeling as she was playing to and fro and took my dick in her mouth. My god, the blowjob was sensational! After a while, my cum gushed in her mouth and I hugged her tightly.

After some time, my dick was getting an erection again. Soon, Asha guided it into her pussy and I fucked her hard on her sofa for a good 10 minutes..

It was a great pleasure making love to my hot married co-worker. We both had our orgasms within a few minutes and she fell on top of me. But she did not want to end the game. She continued the erotic session again after a few minutes. This time, Asha was moaning very hard and ordered me to fuck her hard at a faster pace.

She even let me cum inside her. She also told me that her husband doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes in bed. She said she was very happy about this casual encounter and she wanted to have it again whenever there was a chance.

After that, we went to her bathroom for a shower wherein we had another round of sex. This time I fingered Asha’s asshole. She moaned loudly at that time. I licked her ass and fingered her pussy at the same time. She was trembling and shouted to fuck her in her asshole. Then she bent forward.

The next moment, I placed my dick near her asshole. She shouted to go slow as it was her first time. But at the same time, she also wanted to feel my dick in her ass.

I slowly inserted my dick into my colleague’s asshole. was a tight asshole. She shouted in pain. But she asked me to continued.

I continued slowly but soon both of us caught the rhythm. It was a heaven-like feeling. Asha started moaning wildly. Finally, I cummed inside her asshole.

While taking my dick out, she moaned as it was paining. But she said she enjoyed it as well.

Then we both slept together naked in her bed. The cold weather outside was giving a chilling experience. She planted a kiss on my lips. We then smooched for a long time, maybe around twenty minutes. Later, she was exhausted and slept on my shoulder.

This encounter paved a way for us to have great sessions further during our training sessions at Mysore and Bangalore – the ///”>sex stories of which I will upload later.

So, how did you people find about this incident? Kindly give me feedback.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, especially from female readers from Mangalore. Please send your comments or feedback.

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