Unexpected Sex With My Crush

This is actaully expected sex with one of the office crushes recently. Why I said expected because it’s 2019 and sex is everyone’s need.  Before the story let me tell about her, she’s 5’3, fair, a bit modern, importantly introvert. She doesn’t have big boobs neither I have a big dick.  My dick is like 5.5 inch and her boobs maybe 32b. I didn’t bother to ask her and medium butt.

Well, I know her from my office. She works in my company but in another project so definitely another building. But we get our drops together sometimes and that’s how I know her. I used to be the last drop and she was second from the last. Still, I get a little time with her because we are all living close to each other.

On the cab way home, I used to talk a lot, not with her but with another girl who’s married. But I had no intention towards her. My crush, I will name her Sunny. Sunny used to be silent and talk very rarely. One day I asked her number and she was hesitant but gave me. I didn’t text her and I haven’t till now.

The story begins here:

I live with my dad in Mumbai. One day he had to go to my hometown for some functions so I was left alone. While I was returning home with my friend and my crush I said that now I’m all alone since my dad has left me. I had to cook and do all the things alone.

I didn’t know my crush, Sunny was listening to this. Nothing happened that day and the next day. On the third day as I said I would be the last drop. She was before me we were left alone with the driver. She asked me about staying alone and I told her.

She with a shy or hesitant asked me for help, and I asked her what, then

Sunny: Can I come to your home?
Me: Now?
Sunny: Tomorrow
Me: Okay but when and why?

S: From tomorrow, after the shift, atleast to get some sleep.
Me: Okay, but what happened?
Sunny: My roommate’s parents have come so it’s a bit congested in there to sleep.

Me: That’s not a problem. But if you wish you can pack your stuff and stay here atleast for the next 3 weeks. My dad won’t be here until then.
S: No that will not be an issue. I will come to get some sleep.
M: Okay. I’m not forcing you. But if you bring your stuff you don’t have to wander everywhere. It would be easy for you.

Then her drop came. She said I’ll think about it and left. The next day in the afternoon I got a call from my friend. She said to me that Sunny is outside the building since she doesn’t know my building and floor. I went down and there she was standing with a bag. I called her in and took her to my flat.

I offered her lunch but she said no thanks. I had to leave to go to the gym (which I have recently started). Then I came back and went to have a bath. I forgot she was there and came out only with the towel around me. I saw her and covered myself and went inside the room.

I changed and came out. Then I asked her sorry. But she said that’s okay. She said to me to behave normally like me staying alone. I immediately said that would be hard and smiled naughtily. She understood what I was saying and said please don’t do like that. She also had no intention over me at that time.

Then we got ready went to the office together and came back together. I told her to sleep in the bed. But (not like let’s share the bed) she said that she’ll sleep on the floor. We had no sofa also it was a single cot bed. But I insisted as she’s a guest and I love sleeping on the floor. So she did and I slept on the floor.

The next day morning she woke up early and cooked and somethings happened. I don’t wish to make it lengthy. We got ready. She went to take a bath and came properly dressed and so did I. And we went to the office again and came together. After reaching she asked me if I sleep without clothes.

I said yes and she asked me won’t that be annoying and hard. I said no and said that’s good for health. She with a shy look told me to sleep in my inners. I said I’ve no problem but is she sure? She said to me yes because she doesn’t want to make me uncomfortable because of her presence.

So I said thanks and she asked me today to sleep in the bed. We would take turns daily. I agreed and slept.

The real story begins here:

The next day I woke up and went the same. Again today after coming from the office she changed first. Then I went to change. I found her bra and panty lying in the hanger. I smelled it a bit it was not new. So I took it my hand smelled it again for a few minutes and went out.

She without hesitation asked me why am I not in my inners. I said I’ll change it later as she might get uncomfortable. She laughed and said to me that she saw me in my inners in the morning. So there is nothing more for her to get uncomfortable and laughed again. I didn’t know how to react.

Now I asked her if she’ll sleep without the bra and panty? She immediately said no and asked me why I asked like that. I said I saw her bra and panty in the hanger. She immediately ran into the room did something and came out and said sorry. I understood and said that’s okay.

I insisted her to sleep without those. She said she can’t as she never had. She said she’ll wear those before going to sleep. Ahe removed it since it’s a bit itchy down there. I didn’t say anything about that but said let’s got to sleep. Today I’ll sleep down. She said okay and I went changed into my shorts with no inners.

She asked me what happened today. I said I can’t sleep with just inners on the floor so I removed my inners and wore the shorts. She said okay and went to sleep. After a few minutes, I saw her rubbing near her pussy. So I told her again to remove those things and try to sleep.

So she got up but I said it’s dark so just remove it here. So I saw her removing her t-shirt and shorts and then her bra and panty. But I didn’t see her wear her dress back. I didn’t say or ask anything. After half an hour I stood up and switched on the light. I was shocked as she was naked.

But she was awake so she immediately covered her. But I saw her for a good few seconds and turned off the light and said sorry. She wore her dress and shouted. She asked me why did I turn on the light. I said my mobile is missing. So she said now turn on the light. But I said I got it.

The next morning, as usual, we did everything and nothing changed. Two days went like this. One day when it was my turn to sleep in the bed. She told me to sleep naked as she’s okay with it. She is also going to sleep without anything inside and only a long t-shirt as it’s itching her again today.

I knew the moment has come. So I asked if she wants any help, but she said no. We went to sleep. After an hour she has moved to a place where there was low light reflecting from outside. She kept her pussy there and was moving her t-shirt up and was rubbing her body.

I again asked her if she needs my help. She got shocked by my sudden voice and said maybe I could. She said to me to move to the side as she’s also coming to the bed. She came up, also inside my blanket a bit bent with her back towards me. She said to me rub her back.

I know the time has come and I rubbed her back and also butt slowly and she bent more so I went near her. Now I placed my dick touching her pussy and rubbed her both in front and back. But not her boobs and pussy because I wanted her to ask me.

After some time she removed her t-shirt and said to me to rub properly. Still, I didn’t touch her boobs and pussy. She got frustrated and asked me why am I not rubbing her boobs and pussy. I laughed and said because you didn’t ask me to. She now said to me to rub there also and I did.

I said to her I have something to rub inside her pussy, she said to do anything. So I inserted my penis inside her and she was about to moan. I stopped her by kissing her. Then, as usual, the sex happened for like 20 minutes. I cummed in her boobs and we slept together in the bed.

The next day when I woke up she was all dressed and was cooking. I went to the gym and came back. She just came out of the bath only with a towel. I went to bath and came out just with a towel wrapped. I went inside the room to change. There she was standing naked and drying her hair.

I asked her why did she pretend as nothing happened in the morning. She said because someone from the outside might see us since the kitchen and hall window has a transparent glass. Now I pushed her to the wall and started to suck her pussy and things went like that.

Please give me your comments on . What should I change and what to improve. That will really help me. Thanks in advance.