ISS Reader Met Me And Took Me Home

One of my readers Sandhya contacted me after reading my story in ISS. Initially, it was on hangouts. I suggested Whatsapp and soon we were texting, sexting. After a few days I openly asked her if she was interested in meeting me for fun, she agreed and we decided to meet.

I reached the coffee shop and saw her. She had deep brown eyes, voluptuous lips. she was wearing black tights that hugged her curves and a big, loose top. “Are you Sandhya?” I asked her. She nodded and extended her hand. I took her hand. “Nice to meet you, I am Rahul. So, we finally meet.”

Her hand was warm, soft. “You’re very attractive,” she said, “When I saw you come in, I hoped you were the one.” I was overwhelmed, I thanked her for the compliment. We ordered coffee and, slowly the conversion led to my experience and hers.

She had told me earlier that she was married. About the sex with her husband and all other things. From the conversation, I came to know that her husband was not interested in her pleasure. He would just enter her pump a few times and cum, leaving her frustrated. She confided that she never had an orgasm.

She only got fucked by her husband in her life. But it was not passionate and romantic. It was sex without any flavor. It was this that led her to read sex stories on ISS and our meeting. Since our conversation had reached its pinnacle, I asked her if she would like to have sex with me.

She reached over, squeezed my hand slightly and replied that her husband was away on a business tour. She had decided that if she liked me she would definitely do the deed. Not wasting any time, I paid the bill. We took a cab to her place.

She asked me to go into the apartment building alone and to join in when she took the lift. That way no one would know that we were together. I agreed and was loitering in the lobby until she came in. I followed her in the lift. Luckily one lady who was with us got down before. So we had no issues getting to her floor.

She led me to her apartment and it was tastefully done. I settled on the sofa while Sandhya said she will get water for me. It was quite a while when she came back with water. I noticed that she has changed into comfortable home clothes. I drank water and she sat next to me.

Soon we began to kiss. A few moments later, slowly, deliberately, she unbuttoned her gown, whipped it over her head and threw it down. Beneath, she wore exquisite lace lingerie. Her black bra barely contained her tempting breasts. Her brown areolas spilled above the low demi-cups.

I had an immediate hunger to see more. Were her nipples large? Small and pointy, I leaned forward. I was breathing hard and my mouth felt sucked dry. Would she unhook the bra? Would she show me what she had? Yes, she wanted me to see. She ran her hands across the black lace.

Yes, she released the hook, removed her bra leaving me with a view of her nipples. They stood out like grapes. I felt my dick rising. She plucked a nipple between her fingers and twisted and tugged. Twisted and tugged. She stood up, her bikini panties rose high on the delicious curve of her hips.

“Like what you see, Rahul?” I could only gasp and say yes. “Would you like to see all of me?” She parted her legs and ran her finger along the lace border of the panties. Hair teased from beneath the lace. The panties stretched tight over the thick bulge of her lips. I was certain her sex would be bulky and lush.

Oh yes, yes, yes, I wanted, needed, had to see it all, I moaned. Her fingertip grazed the center point of her crotch. It was difficult to be certain, but the material seemed to be wet. Like a desperate kid, I crawled across the floor towards her. Sandhya was laughing. The room was spinning.

I yanked those panties aside, pulled that flimsy lace out of my way, and buried my face in her soft charms. She was slippery, hot, submerged in a dark desire. I found clit with my mouth and sucked, sucked, sucked. She was all over me. She reached down and cleaved her lips open. Ravenous to see more, I pulled back.

Her clit dangled like a dark pink ornament. I licked it once, lapped it again. Wanting more, needing more, I grabbed them between my fingers and split them wide, exposing her swollen pussy. Her wetness shimmered. I dipped my finger, put my finger into the soft indentation.

Sandhya was squirming and was grinding her hips. I burrowed into her smooth velvety pussy. Her clit strained forward. Her lips wrapped around the base of my finger and her pussy clamped hard. As I finger fucked her, I flicked my finger across my crotch. I was super hard.

“Rahul, please lick my pussy,” she said in a whisper. Those are the magic words for me. I am a pussy lover and love to eat pussy. I stood up removed my shoes. I then pulled down my jeans and jockeys, stepped out of them. My dick was stiff and pointing straight up.

“It is beautiful,” she said with a look of pure lust. “It is different than, my husband’s. It is big. Do you think it will fit inside me?”

“Why we don’t try?” I replied, “I am sure it will fit. But first I want to get you ready for me.” I sank to my knees in front of her and plunged into her pussy with my tongue. I licked her pussy. All the while she was moaning as if I sucked her soul through her pussy. Then I stopped.

I started kissing her and fingering her pussy at the same time. I rubbed around the clit. And then I stuck my middle finger in the pussy. I rubbing the clit with my thumb and sucking her tits simultaneously. She moaned and said she was ready. She would cum anytime.

I continued until she had her first orgasm. She was literally shaking as if I had given her an electric shock. She had a eutrophic orgasm. She kissed me passionately thanking me for giving her the experience of her first orgasm. She asked me if she could suck me now. Who would say no to that?

I made her kneel in front of me. She smiled once, took my dick mouth and sucked it really well. I allowed her to do her thing. I just enjoyed the feeling of her lips, her tongue, and her warm mouth on my penis. She was again smiling. I grabbed her and kissed her lips and bit them gently too.

I made her lie on her back and took my dick near her wet pussy. I rubbed my dick over it to tease her till she begged me to fuck her. I pushed my dick in her pussy. It was tight and very painful for her. So I kissed her forehead and pushed my dick in further. I started moving very slowly.

After a few gentle strokes, she started feeling pleasure. I fucked her like that for a while. I also fondled her breasts, sucked and bit them. I spanked her boobs and she seemed to like it. Then we changed into doggy style. It was her favorite position. I fucked her from behind and spanked her lovely ass.

She moaned and asked me to fuck her harder. She absolutely loved it. She once again had an orgasm, which triggered mine. I shot ropes and ropes of my hot cum inside her. We lay tired and exhausted for some time. She led me to her bathroom where we playfully soaped each other and had a shower.

We dried ourselves and lay on the bed, her head on my shoulder. She was using her nails to circle my nipples, and pinch them. The sensation led my dick to rise again. She played with my dick and once it was in its full eternity. She went down and gave me an awesome blowjob.

After that, I kissed her goodbye and left her home discreetly. We have been meeting often now, whenever she is alone. I am writing this with her permission and knowledge. She wanted to see how I would relate it. I live in Chennai. Any women interested can connect with me at .