Nandhini, My Slutty College Senior – Part 1

Hey everyone, I am Arshaan haling from the southern part of India, young and athletic 25 years sporting a 6-inch cock. This is going to be the first of my many adventures.

This story is split into 3 parts. Part 1 being the introduction, Part 2 being the action and Part 3 being the conclusion. All of my stories are true stories and there is no fiction involved.

Now, let’s get started with part 1.

This incident happened 6 years ago when I was pursuing my engineering degree in one of the most reputed colleges situated in the heart of Chennai city.

I was in my second semester and it was at the end of my symposium. After a hard day’s work, I was given the charge of doing the most boring job an executive member can do – collecting feedback.

This was the golden moment that fate smiled upon me. Sitting in the last row and brushing her long and silky hair that was being displaced by the wind gushing through the window, I had laid eyes upon my goddess Nandhini. She was my senior in the college and was the ideal dream girl of every boy.

Her stats are 36DD–30–36 (which I measured myself later).

She was the perfect girl, an amazing topper in studies, an excellent cook, extremely polite to everyone and always smiling and spreading positivity all around her. Only later that I came to know that she was a submissive slut that just wants her mouth and pussy to be filled by my hot cum every single day.

Now, let me not spoil the fun and get back to the story.

I went near her to submit the feedback forms but was at a loss for words as soon as I saw her. My hot senior girl kept smiling at me and my mind went blank. That’s when the wind blew in my favour and her saree pallu dropped. Man! Her deep-neck blouse and cleavage were a sight for my sore eyes.

I kept mum staring at those huge college girl boobs and didn’t know what to say. Then Nandhini yelled my name, “Arshaannnn..wake up! What are you staring at?” Just then she realized her pallu was shifted and said, “Sorry I was careless”. Then I apologized. “No Nandi (short for Nandhini). It was my fault for being ill mannered”.

She giggled and said, “I won’t accept any apology without a treat”. I felt that god has finally answered my prayer and said to her, “Tell me what you want”.

She sheepishly said, “I want a hot choco banana”. I was like whoa..huh.. Then she said, “Not today, kiddo. Meet me tomorrow after class and I will take you to the parlour”.

I said ok and just when I was about to ask her for her contact number, Deepika ma’am called her for an urgent meeting. (Deepika was a hot bomb for a teacher and I will narrate how I fucked her and how she begged me to make her pregnant in another spin off).

Now it was already 5 pm, I finished my work and left home.

Next day was as usual, slacking off in the day and sleeping in the class. Finally, in the evening just as I was about to start my R15, I heard a sweet voice calling from afar. I turned back and was greeted by one the best sights a guy can ask for. It was Nandhini, she was running towards me and her boobs were jiggling in that tight white top.

She came near me and stood panting, her boobs still bouncing. She said, “Leaving without me, mister? Did you forget that you have to treat me today?”. I said, “I am so sorry, I didn’t get your number yesterday, so I couldn’t ask you where to meet up after class”.

The senior hottie was a little bit upset. She snatched my phone and punched something on the keypad and said, “There you go, happy now kiddo? Now you can stop making silly excuses and call me.”

I said thank you and we started off on my bike. Now, guys and girls, imagine my bike R15 V2 and Nandhini sitting behind me with 36DD soft cushions.

I tried to avoid many potholes on the way, just to make a good impression and we finally reached our destination. I ordered a strawberry ice cream and she got a hot choco banana. She asked me, “Why strawberry?”.

Me, like a complete idiot, replied, “I like the pink texture and fruity flavor.” She giggled and then laughed it off.

Later Nandhini told me the reason for her laughter and how I replied like an idiot (referring to her pink pussy). She ate the choco banana slowly, looking at me with shy eyes while licking and sucking the hot chocolate off the creamy banana ice.

Suddenly, her phone rang and she was bit startled. Now the fun begins. Some of the choco banana ice fell inside her bra and the mixed feeling of hot chocolate and cold banana ice cream between her warm melons were driving her nuts.

She rushed off to the was room and got it cleaned up. When she returned, every eye in the room was on her purple bra clearly visible through her white churidar. I was thanking my stars for such a sight.

Nandhini became embarrassed and asked me to drop her home. Since her top was completely visible, she was clinging on to my back throughout the way to avoid further shame. I on the other hand was enjoying the pleasure of 2 mountains.

I dropped her back home and said thank you for the treat. She smiled coyly and said, “Naughty, kiddo. See you tomorrow at college” and locked the gate.

This ends the first part of the story. In part 2, I will narrate how she cleaned my pipe when she invited me to her home for cleaning her pipes.

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