It’s Time For A Family Swap – Part 6 (Hot Families, Cool Friends)

This is a fictional story based on complete family swap sex. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 19. I prefer stories with a plot that gets us involved in the story, leading to sex, rather than stories with just wild sex.

My stories are a bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, group sex, and mainly incest. Enjoy the story. You can give me feedback at

So far, we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal their feelings towards each other’s moms. And then how they end up finding out about their parents’ secret and end up watching them in group sex. Rahul convinced Akram to have gay sex with him, and Rahul ended up having sex with his father.

Then Rahul, Raghu, Akram, Akbar end up having a gay orgy. Rahul and Akram convince their dads to help them to fuck their moms. Rahul’s family and Akram’s family end up in a wild sex session.

Rahul and Akram plan to seduce each other’s sisters and end up having sex with them.

The story continues.

Over the next couple of months, I and Pari, Akram, and Sona have been having sex regularly. At least 3-4 times a week. They loved it. We have got them addicted to sex and made them crave it. While we were having sex, we were also slowly tuning their brain towards lesbian sex, group sex, and incest.

Poor Pari and Sona were under the impression that our parents had no idea about our sexcapades. But Akram and I were keeping them posted about everything.

Like our dads changed our moms, our girlfriends were also changed by us, from innocent little girls to sex craving bitches. Both, Pari and Sona were now enjoying giving blowjobs, having anal sex and all. We even tried little BDSM and all. After a few months, Akram and I decided it was time for our next step.

So one day, we let Pari and Sona know that we had to go to another city for a month on some work. They were sad on hearing the news because they would miss us. When they realized that they wouldn’t have any sex for a month, they got upset.

I could see the desperation in their face, and I was happy about it. I was hoping our plan would work. Though we told Pari and Sona that we were going to another city, we just went to our farmhouse and relaxed. Our parents would visit us now and then to have our sex sessions.

We were making up for the last few months, during which we had to neglect our mothers to keep our girlfriends satisfied. But on the other hand, Pari and Sona were not having any sex and were missing it very much. They were getting very desperate.

Akram and I would do sexting with them. We would make them desperate by telling them how much we enjoyed having sex with each other. We would also give hints, encouraging them to have sex with each other. After two weeks we finally heard the good news we were waiting for. Pari texted me one night.

Pari: Guess what happened today?

Me: What is it, my love?

Pari: One of your fantasies has come true.

Me: Awesome. Which one?

Pari: Sona and I ended up having sex with each other.

Me: What! That’s crazy. How was it?

Pari: It felt weird to be doing it with a girl. There was no cock involved and too many boobs. But we both were desperate and were drunk. So what started as a kiss ended with both of us having sex with each other.

Me: That’s good to hear. Finally, you are exploring more stuff. So did you enjoy it?

Pari: It was strange initially, as we were confused about the roles. But once we figured out things, I enjoyed it. She was amazing with her tongue. Like you, I also used all my experience to give her an awesome orgasm. She loved it.

Me: That’s amazing. I hope you guys will also explore more, just like your brother and I do. Sex is meant to be enjoyed without any boundaries. I just hope you guys don’t forget us now. Haha.

Pari: Don’t worry, my darling. We won’t. No matter how much we enjoy ourselves, we will still be missing cocks to keep our pussies happy. But you better come here fast and make me happy. I am missing you and your cock so much.

Me: Soon, baby. We will be there in another two weeks. Until then, you enjoy your newfound love.

As it was the weekend, even our parents were with us in the farmhouse. I ran to everyone else and shared the good news with them. They were happy that there was some progress. However, we decided to starve them of our cocks for another two weeks. That will make them even more desperate.

After two more weeks, Akram and I finally went back home. We went to Akram’s place as everyone was there. Pari and Sona were excited to see us again finally. They came running and hugged their boyfriends and didn’t even bother that our parents were right there.

Our parents were happy with what they saw. Then all of us chatted for some time. Then our parents left the four of us and went out on some work. As soon as our parents left, Pari dragged me to her room, and Sona dragged Akram to his room. We knew our sisters were eagerly waiting for their boyfriend’s cocks.

So we decided not to starve them any longer. I locked the door as soon as Pari and I entered her bedroom. I pulled her towards me, hugged her tight, and began kissing and biting her lips.

She was wearing a top and jeans. I removed all her clothes and got her naked. Then I sucked her boobs for 2 minutes. As I was kissing her waist and navel, she made me stand.

Pari: Come on, you bastard. I can’t wait any longer. I need that cock of yours. I have been missing it so much. Though I enjoyed very much with Sona, Cock has its pleasure.

With that, she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my underwear and jeans. My stiffened cock was hanging in front of her. She took my cock in her hands and started rubbing and stroking it.

Pari: Ah. How much I have missed this cock of yours.

After stroking for a few minutes, she took it into her mouth and sucked my cock like it was her last day on earth. She sucked my cock until I cummed in her mouth, which she gladly swallowed.

She licked my cock clean and started sucking it again until it gained its full strength. Then I moved my head towards her pussy to kiss it and lick it. But she stopped me and looked at me.
Pari: Your sister did an amazing job tongue-fucking me for the last two weeks. I want your cock now.

With that, she pushed me onto the bed. Then she positioned her pussy on top of my cock and, with one movement, took the whole of my cock in her pussy. Then she rode me like a wild horse for a good few minutes until she orgasmed.

Then we changed into a doggy position. I fucked in her pussy until both of us cummed. Once she orgasmed, she fell on the bed tired.

Pari: Ah. I missed that so much. I missed you and your cock so much last month, my darling. Promise me you will never go again for so long.

Me: I will try my best, Pari. I also missed you very much.

Pari: Don’t lie. I know you didn’t miss me that much. You had my brother’s hole to satisfy you.

Me: No, baby. I missed you. Even you had a lot of fun with my sister. I think even you are lying then.

Pari: No. Even though we had fun, the pleasure of getting fucked by a cock cannot be matched.

Me: Maybe you are right. Regarding that, I have something in my mind.

Pari: What is it?

Me: I think it is time for us to have threesomes and group sex. You will have access to more cocks when I am away.

Pari: What! I don’t know. It is one thing to look at videos, but it sounds weird to think to be a part of group sex.

Me: Don’t worry, baby. It will be alright. You will enjoy it very much.

Pari: Maybe. Let’s see. Do you have anyone in mind?

Me: Actually, yes.

Pari: Who is it? Someone, I know?

Me: Yes. They are in this house, in the next room.

Pari: What? Do you mean my brother? Are you crazy? How can I do it with my brother?

Me: Why, baby. There is nothing wrong with it. We have seen so many incest videos and read so many incest stories. It is very common in a lot of families.

Me: Akram and I have been into incest for a long time now. He is crazy about you, and ever since he saw the nude pictures you sent me while we were away, He has been dreaming about you.

Pari: What? My brother saw my nudes? And he has been fantasizing about me? That’s awkward.

Me: There is nothing awkward in it, baby. It is very common. Almost every brother lusts for his sister, especially in their teens. If he doesn’t, then he is probably gay. Even I lust for my sister.

When I saw her nudes, which Akram showed me, I couldn’t believe she had such a figure. I always underestimated her. I have been fantasizing about her more and more since then. So while we were coming back, we decided we wanted to enjoy group sex.

Pari: I don’t know. I am a little tempted after all the stories I heard about my brother from you and Sona. But would Sona accept?

Me: I hope so. Akram is on it right now. You have to convince her, too, in the worst case.

With that, we dressed up and went into the hall to see if Akram and Sona had come out. They joined us after another 10 minutes. My sister was staring at me with little anger on her face. Then she called Pari, and both of them went into another room. I looked at Akram with a question mark.

Akram: She is a little confused. I am sure she will say yes, but she wanted to discuss it with Pari.

Pari and Sona walked in again. There was a smile on both their faces, which relieved me.

Pari: Alright, you bastards. We realized that you have been preparing and training us for this since day 1. So we decided to give it a shot.

Akram: That’s lovely, my sister. We will see to it that you enjoy it.

Sona: But we have a condition.

Me: What is it?

Sona: You will have to fulfill all our wildest dreams too.

Me: Of course. We will, my little sister. We are here for that. We will do anything and everything you ask us to do.

Pari: Then what are you waiting for? Come here, you pervert. Fuck your sisters

Both I and Akram ran towards them. I hugged Sona and lifted her, and took her to the bedroom. Akram followed us with Pari. They were surprised to see all of us going into the same bedroom. Once we were in the bedroom, I started undressing Sona.

I removed her shirt and unhooked her padded bra. I was not disappointed at the size of her boobs. Though they were smaller than Pari’s, they were perfectly shaped and big enough to fill my hands. I cupped them, kneaded them. Then took her erect brown nipples in between my fingers and played with them.

I knew it was her weakness, and she started moaning. Later, I took her tits into my mouth and sucked them till I was satisfied. Then I made her lie down on the bed. Pari was already naked and Akram was already eating away her pussy on the other side of the bed.

One of his hands was kneading Pari’s boobs, and the other was around her thigh. I leaned on to Pari, kissed her but her boob, and turned my attention to Sona. I placed my head in between her legs and started tongue fucking her. My hand was playing with Sona’s boobs and the other with Pari’s leftover boob.

I tongue fucked Sona till she orgasmed, and I licked all her cum. Then I proceeded to kiss Sona to share her cum with her. Even after two orgasms, my cock was stiff as an iron rod to fuck my sister. I wanted to fuck her in the doggy style. So I got her into position.

I placed myself behind Sona and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. I started stroking her gently. Pari, lying on the bed, was already being fucked by Akram, who was standing at the end of the bed on the floor. Sona and Pari started kissing each other.

As I continued stroking, Pari moved a little and started sucking Sona’s boobs. After stroking for a few good minutes, Sona had her orgasm. I continued for few more minutes and then shifted my cock into her asshole. After fucking her asshole for few more minutes, I ended up cumming in her asshole.

On the other side, even Akram and Pari were done. All of us were very tired and fell asleep. We woke up the next day morning. Our parents were back. Sona and Pari kicked Akram and me into Akram’s room, fearing that our parents might catch us. They didn’t know what was in store for them.

We freshened up, went and informed our parents of the stuff that happened the previous night, and asked them to be ready for the night. Then, we relaxed for the whole day.

Our family decided to stay at Akram’s place. Sona and Pari were happy as they knew they would get action. After all of us had dinner and everyone went to sleep, Akram and I sneaked into Pari’s room. They were waiting for us eagerly. As soon as we entered the room, Pari was all over me and Sona over Akram.

Pari and I kissed for some time. Then I kissed Sona for some more time. After that, I asked them to get naked, and all of us removed our clothes.

Me: Guys, I have something on my mind.

Pari: What is it, Rahul?

Me: What if we also involve our parents in our group? Then we won’t have to hide and do it anymore. We can do it in front of everyone, whenever and wherever.

Sona: What? Are you crazy? Doing it with brothers is only crazy. I can’t even imagine involving our parents. I am sure even if they find out about us, they will probably kill us.

Me: Don’t worry about that, sister. Just imagine, if we involve them as well, wouldn’t it be awesome. We can have sex all the time. And guess what, you will have two more cocks, four in total. So you can fulfill all your desires.

Pari: And you will have two more pussies’ right? You are not going to leave our moms too, you pervert! But I guess if they join us, it will be awesome indeed. We don’t have to hide or fear anything. And I am already getting fucked by my brother. So I won’t mind if my father joins.

Me: And what about you, Sona?

Sona: I guess I won’t mind either. I hope they won’t kill us.

Me: Haha. Don’t worry, silly. They are not going to kill us. They have been waiting for it.

With that, I shouted, “Come in, guys. Your daughters are ready for you.”

Pari and Sona were shocked to hear that. Before they realized it, the door to the room opened, and Ruhi aunty, Mom, Akbar uncle, and Dad entered, totally naked. Pari and Sona were stunned and were still trying to process the things happening around them.

As they were staring, Mom came and kissed me. Then, Ruhi aunty proceeded to kiss Akram. Our dads were standing at the door watching us. Mom and Ruhi aunty exchanged places after kissing for a few minutes. Then, mom and Ruhi aunty exchanged places, and Ruhi aunty kissed me, while Mom kissed Akram.

Pari and Sona were still in a state of shock and looked at us with a question mark.

Me: Don’t worry, girls. We have been banging moms much before we started fucking you. We wanted to involve you in our group as well. But mom and Ruhi aunty put a condition that you will join us only if you like it.

Me: So Akram and I had to plan all of this. Dad and Akbar uncle can’t wait to explore you girls. I will tell the whole story later. Now enjoy yourself with them.

With that, I and Ruhi aunty, Akram, and mom made space for dad and Akbar uncle. I started making out with Ruhi aunty and playing with her boobs. Akram started sucking my mom’s boobs. Dad came close to Pari, and Akbar uncle came close to Sona and started making out with them.

After kissing Ruhi aunty for a while, I made her bend and pushed my cock into her pussy while still standing. I was stroking her while I was observing my surroundings. Dad continued kissing Pari while fingering her. After kissing her for a while, he moved towards her pussy and kissed and licked it for some time.

After tongue fucking her for some time, he got in position over her and pushed his cock into her pussy. He was stroking his cock in her while playing with one of Pari’s boobs. But his eyes were on his daughter, who was getting fucked by his best friend next to him.

After kissing Sona, Akbar uncle didn’t waste any time on Sona’s petite boobs and started eating away her pussy. Then, after kissing and licking her pussy lips, he made her go into a doggy position and started fucking in her pussy. With his every stroke, Sona was shouting louder and louder.

He was cupping her boobs and was being wild and scratching on her back. Akram was fucking my mom on the couch. Ruhi aunty and I moved closer to them. Mom and Ruhi aunty started kissing each other. Pari and Sona were shocked to see this.

After a good few minutes, all of us reached our orgasms one by one. First, mom and Ruhi aunty licked their daughter’s pussies to clean them of all the cum. Then dad and Akbar uncle licked their wives’ pussies to clean them of the cum.

We took a break and sat down and explained everything, from starting to Sona and Pari. They were angry at first but later got very happy and excited to join us. Once we were done chatting about it, it was time for round two.

This time, my dad started kissing Sona, and I started kissing Mom. After kissing Sona for a while, dad lay down on the bed and asked Sona to ride him, which she gladly accepted. As Sona started riding Dad, I enjoyed mom’s boobs for some time and then joined Dad and Sona.

I pushed Sona onto dad and pushed my cock into her asshole. Sona was getting sandwiched between dad and me. She loved her first double penetration by her father and brother.

On the other side, even Pari was getting sandwiched between Akbar uncle and Akram. Seeing my girlfriend getting sandwiched between her father and brother made me hornier. So I started stroking Sona more vigorously.

Our mothers were enjoying the show of their daughters getting sandwiched. They were fingering each other. After a good few minutes, all of us orgasmed again. This time Ruhi aunty licked Sona’s pussy, and Mom licked Pari’s. The licking slowly led to the four women getting involved in lesbian sex.

Mom was in a 69 position with Sona and Ruhi aunty with Pari. We four guys took a break to enjoy the beautiful love-making session in front of us. After looking at them for a while, we also got horny. I started fucking my dad, and Akbar uncle started fucking Akram.

After getting an orgasm and cumming in their assholes, I gave Akram a blowjob, and Akbar uncle gave dad, a blowjob. After having three orgasms, all of us were tired already and slept in different bedrooms: I, Ruhi aunty, Akram, and mom in one, and others in another bedroom.

From that day, we started having sex with each other whenever we wanted in front of everyone. Even our families moved into two adjacent houses to be easier for us to have sex. All of us started going on trips together again.

For the outside world, Pari was my girlfriend, and Sona was Akram’s girlfriend. But in our homes, we did not have the concept of partners, and we would enjoy sex with each other openly and freely. We had become style=”color: #3366ff;” href=””>lustful family friends.