Jayanagar’s tall Hourglass-shaped model Samyuktha – Part 2

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Continuing from the first part. After firing loads of cum with the thrill of her outstanding blowjob, I cleaned up. We sat opposite each other with our hands entangled. We started talking with our eyes locked onto each other.

She sat just in her bra with her sexy nipples hidden and pants hiding the yummy thigh. She explained all about her youth. A story of a model on how she missed all her opportunities. She told me about some prominent names in the film industry who asked for bedroom favor for a chance.

She told me about one of the top heroines of the industry who was a best friend during her modeling days. She even disclosed some of the chats with her. I was blessed to have her in my arms.

After some talks, I woke up, walked to her, cupped her tender cheeks, and placed a lovable kiss on her forehead. I bent and placed a hand under her lower back and another under her legs. I gently lifted her off the chair to my chest.

She circled her arm around my neck with the side of her fleshy boobs squeezed on my chest. She rested her head over my shoulder, and her eyes stared right into my eyes with a blush. There was romance flowing through our eyes.

I walked slowly, savoring every moment around the king-sized bed, and threw her over the bed. Samyuktha giggled with loud laughs and crawled back away from me. I grabbed her creamy feet and rubbed/massaged them, feeling her bare feet which were very adorable.

She stopped giggling the moment when my hungry lips placed a kiss on her bare feet. I sat beside her feet and started to suck her toe fingers. My lips sucked her pinky toe longer. Samyuktha started breathing loudly with slow moans.

I continued sucking all her toe fingers, moving my mouth from one toe finger to another. I sucked from her big toe finger to the pinky toe finger of both feet. When my lips were sucking the last finger of her feet, one of my hands moved to her pussy over the jean.

I started massaging her pussy with the flat of my hand over the pant while my lips continued sucking her pinky toe. She started calling out my name, “Madhan.” I lifted her right leg, and my tongue licked the middle of her feet.

Samyuktha started giggling and moaning with a tingling sensation. I hurriedly unbuttoned and pulled low her tight jean away from her milky thigh. I threw the jeans away. She is lying in her deep red colored micro G string thong and a red bra.

Samyuktha has shiny creamy legs with heavy thighs which were wrinkles-free. I tilted her around to see her sexy round ass cheeks and made her lie on her belly. She had a mosaic-like creamy body. I slowly sucked with my lips, starting from the back of her feet towards her thigh.

I sucked the side of her thigh, reaching toward her pussy. She increased the volume of her moan when my lips sucked hungrily, the cake-like buttery ass cheeks massaging her pussy over the thong. She moaned. I moved my sucking lips to the back of her navel.

There was a heart symbol and design tattoo, which was sexy. I slowly kissed all around her back. I stuck my body over her, and my lips caught her long ears. I started sucking the top of her earlobe.

I removed the silver earrings dangling and placed them on the side table. Samyuktha, “Beda and tara aagthide Madhan.”(Hey no, this is tingling Madhan). I continued sucking her ears, drenching them with my saliva.

I sucked them wildly and hurriedly to the sounds and moans of the giggling of Samyuktha. I caught the strap of her red bra with my teeth and removed it. Samyuktha instantly turned around with her huge, firm boobs with a pretty nipple.

Samyuktha: Lick madalva nange? lick maado. (Won’t you lick me? Lick me.)

She started pleading with me to lick her pussy.

Samyuktha: Naanu ninge ond olle blowjob kotte, nanna tullana lick maadu. (I gave you a nice blowjob, lick my pussy too.)

I kept quiet, smiling at her words, but inside me was craving to gulp down her pussy. But I waited. She asked me again, “Lick maadu.” (Lick me). I tossed her around again and pushed my lips, sucking her round ass cheeks and all around her thong. I teased her warmth by not touching her pussy.

Samyuktha was slutty when she turned again and said, “Hey Madhan nan tullna nekko bega.” (Hey Madhan, lick my pussy fast). Nan tullna nekko nanagoskra bega.”(Lick my pussy for me, faster).

I smiled and sat next to her. The horse climbed over me and asked, “Nan tullu ninge ista aaglilva, yaake neenu nekthilla?” (You did not like my pussy, why are you not sucking then?)

I grabbed her neck, and my lips went closer to kiss those angry, hungry lips. She pushed me away. After a few minutes of tempting Samyuktha to the peak of the heat. I grabbed her legs, parted them, and lifted them. I impatiently pulled away her wet thong out of her legs.

There it was, the neatly shaved sexy pussy waiting for my lips. She lifted her head and saw me with wild eyes.

I asked, “Hey Samyuktha in tullna naanu nekbekaa hele?” (Hey Samyuktha, you want me to lick your pussy?) She said, “Haudu kano nan tull rasa bara tara nekko bega Madhan.” (Yes, Madhan, I want you to lick and juice my pussy.)

I held her jaw with my hand and inserted my fingers into her mouth to drench them in her saliva. I started rubbing her pussy with drenched fingers slowly, increasing the speed slowly. Now I am rubbing rigorously. I rubbed her pussy lips which were like a flower.

I held her white thighs with my hands and dug my face over her juicy, creamy pussy. I licked the tip of my tongue, traveling from the lower end of her pussy lips to the clitoral hood. Samyuktha grabbed my hair and lifted her back to a loud moan, “Ahh.”

I toyed with her pussy using the tip of my tongue in more repetitive strokes. The scene was wild, a tall model’s dripping pussy getting eaten by a stranger, a never-before opportunity. I locked my lips into the pussy lips and started sucking them.

The lock and suck were breathless. I could smell and taste the salty fluid of Samyuktha. She was shouting to the core of her voice like a slut. I stopped the long suck off her pussy. I then parted her pussy lips and moved the thick of my tongue, licking her clitoral hood.

She jerked her hips when I finished moving the tongue over the bean hood. I grabbed her thigh tight and licked the clitoral hood in rigorous fast moves. Samyuktha continued shouting louder with her hands pressing my head into her. I licked her in a long continuous run until she jerked to shoot cum.

Upon cum, she pushed my head away and ran to the washroom. She returned after some time and went straight into the blankets covering herself whole. I gave her water to drink. My dick was once again ready for this slutty Model.

After a small gap, I pulled her out of the blanket. I made her sit on the single sofa chair. She was blank with expression with no hint of what I was trying to do. I took a condom packet from the bag. I bought a special dotted condom which gives the partner more pleasure.

I wore the condom over the dick and walked into my slut Samyuktha. I adjusted her body and lifted her legs high. She applied saliva over her pussy and lubricated them for me. I kissed her lips and rubbed my cock over her belly and boobs. I rubbed my cock over her pussy lips.

I positioned my cock to the pussy lips, held her thighs with both hands, and drove my cock into her pussy. Samyuktha gave an audible moan. I dug my cock deeper into her dry pussy till it was fully consumed.

I started stroking my cock into her pussy with my hands holding her legs. I started pushing my cock hard inside the pussy. I increased the pace of my drilling, hitting her pussy, and creating a sound. The position was perfect. I was able to hold and bang her long.

I inserted my thumb into her mouth. When she sucked my thumb, I grew hornier and hit her pussy much harder. With her moans and shaking boobs, finally, I shot cum.

In the next and final part, I will explain our small discussion, drinks, lunch, and then foreplay (Her yummy boobs) in the warm shower. I then fucked her in a standing position in the shower. We bid goodbye with doggy-style sex.