Salwar Kameez to Bikini – Part 4

Hello All, Priti here again with the final part of my story. In the last part, we saw we had landed in Cuba. Rizwan and I fucked thrice on the flight, and the air hostesses saw us too. I was nervous thinking of meeting Viresh. Now let us see further.

While moving to Cuba, I came with only one handbag. It had dresses that showed 60% of my boobs, ended just at my ass, and exposed my apple-shaped ass. All were either backless or a few kinds of spaghetti. It had a few wrap-around dresses.

All dresses were made of thin material. It made them semi-transparent, and people could see my naked body. Rizwan was kinky. He would have made me roam the world naked if it were up to him. He loved my naked body, and his hands touched my boobs, bum and pussy the entire day.

While getting down, he made me wear a halter neck string dress. It was hanging to my neck with a string. A knot covered my nipples and had frills at the bottom. It ended halfway through my ass. It would show my G-string, too, and my entire thighs were seen. I was a bit skeptical.

R: Relax. Viresh will have a boner looking at you.

Me: He has not seen me like this.

R: He has already seen a lot. He saw you taking my dick in your cunt, mouth, and naked pictures, so relax.

We went and stood at the arrivals. Rizwan’s hands were on my ass, rubbing them. He was turning me on now. He turned me and kissed me on the lips. It started with a peck. We got into the mood and kissed passionately for a couple of minutes.

He had pulled my boob out and pinched my nipples, making me wet down there. We were like that for ten minutes. I was there shamelessly exposing my boobs and ass in front of people at the airport. We heard the car honk and saw Viresh pull in.

Rafia got out of the car and came running to hug her mother. She was hot. Rafia was older than Viresh by five years. But she had nice big melons, 34DD-30 -34 figures. She had worn just a shirt with the top 2 buttons open and a thong below. She came straight, hugged me and kissed me on the lips.

R: That is how we welcome people at home. What took you so long?

Rafia: Your horny SIL’s dick. He was fucking me in the parking lot pretty wild. She turned towards me and said,  He tore my dress, and he has been hard since yesterday thinking about meeting his sexy mom. And damn, he will be hard as a rock looking at you.

Me: Yeah, I can see the marks on your neck.

Rafia: C’mon, hop in. I will show you more.

When we got in, I saw Viresh sitting only in his shorts and topless. There were nail scratches on his back and bite marks on his shoulder. Since we could not wait at the pick-up point, we just drove straight home.

Cuba has beautiful beaches. Rafia and Rizwan kept showing me around on the way. I was mesmerized looking at the house. It was a big house with a pool inside, sea facing, with a jacuzzi in our room. The bathroom was made of glass, so we could easily see outside.

Rafia was showing me around the house while Rizwan and Viresh were down. She showed me my wardrobe, which had all kinky short dresses. Looking at them, you would feel they are kid’s dresses.

Everything was already made ready by Rafia, from bikinis to cover-ups, to makeup kits to stilettos. We were still in the same dresses.

Rafia: And that is all for you, Mom. I am so glad, Dad, and I found you two.

Me: Yes, I love Rizwan a lot, and I am glad to have a daughter-in-law like you.

Rafia: Yes, and I love Viresh and his cock. See how wild your son is. She removed the shirt she wore and showed me her body which had marks of licking and biting too

Me: He is biting you? I will scold him.

Rafia: No, mom, I only told him to do it. I like him and loved to be dominated and treated like a slut. Your son knows how to do that. Plus, the stamina he has matches mine.

Me: How much time does he take before he cums?

Rafia: He fucks me for at least 35 minutes. Earlier it was less, but then I gave him the juice. Since then, it has increased to 35 minutes at least per session.

Me: Yeah, even Rizwan fucks me for at least 25-30 minutes, which is great considering his age.

Rafia: Yes, dad and I are sex addicts. We need cocks and pussies all the time. We have fucked with many people, but we could not get satisfied. Dad dated a new girl every month, but none could take his sexual appetite. The same is with me. I married thrice and divorced thrice.

Rafia: The men left me for my sexual addiction. I demanded sex every day, and they couldn’t take it. Since our appetites matched, I was depressed and fucked with dad for years. But he would have to travel a lot for work. I also had a few one-night stands, but the guys wouldn’t last long.

Rafia: The ones who did could do just one session a night. But Viresh keeps going. On weekends we never wear clothes. He fucks me at least five times a day. I love him for the person he is.

Me: Wow, I am amazed to hear this.

I was wet hearing about my son, and they both walked in, only in their shorts. Viresh came and hugged me. We hugged each other tightly, feeling each other’s bodies for a while. We broke the hug.

I kissed him on the lips, which turned into a nice lip lock for a few minutes. I touched his hard dick over his shorts.

Me: You were right, Rafia. He has a nice boner here.

Rizwan: Don’t worry. It will be inside you tonight.

Hearing this, I blushed at first, but, at the same time, I was confused too.

Rafia: Yes, mom, It is our family tradition. The girl has to have her first nuptial night before her parents. The parents should guide the girl and ensure she satisfies her husband. They can join if they want to. So since we are getting married tomorrow, we all will have the chance of an orgy tomorrow.

I was horny as hell thinking about it.

Me: Wow, are you ready to fuck me and become a motherfucker?

I looked at Viresh and said.

Viresh: Yes, with a sexy mother like you, I will be a motherfucker.

And he came forward and kissed me again. This time, he felt my ass and rubbed my boobs too.

Me: Easy tiger. Rafia, why don’t you take care of my son’s prick while I take care of your horny father. It’s been a long since his dick met his pussy.

Rafia: Even my pussy needs some cock.

It was already night, and they both went. Rizwan pounced on me, making me naked and fucking me. He did not even lock the door. I was on my fours, and he was fucking me from behind.

I saw Viresh standing there naked and stroking his cock. Our eyes met, and we gave each other sexy stares and expressions. I saw his dick standing like a pole. I released my orgasm, and a few minutes later, even Rizwan released his cum inside me. I heard loud moans of Rafia and even had an orgasm.

The next day Rafia woke me. She was naked.

Rafia: Mom, get up. It is already afternoon, and time to get ready for the wedding.

We both had a bath together. While bathing, Rafia came forward and kissed me. That made me hot, and we had a lesbian session in the jacuzzi. This was the first time I made love with a woman, and I loved it. We both had a squirting orgasm. We cleaned ourselves, and she gave me my wedding dress.

It was like a bikini top, halterneck held by a string and knot at my neck. It covered only 30 percent of my boobs. That top was connected to the skirt below, a thin transparent cloth wrapping me around the waist and open from the front. She did not let me wear any undergarments beneath it.

Rafia was dressed in a transparent white tank wrap dress, which displayed her boobs and legs. We had bridesmaids who were dressed in pink bikinis with a cover-up. They did make up on us and made us look like whores.

When we reached the marriage officials, he had Viresh and Rizwan standing almost naked with a thin cloth around their waists. Their rock-hard dicks are poking out.

Two girls were on their fours, wearing netted dresses with dog belts around their necks. The straps were in the men’s hands, licking their dicks and balls.

First, Viresh and Rafia took their wows.

Rafia: I love you, Viresh, and I will ensure that this stiff cock releases every drop of cum in my pussy. I will open my legs for you whenever and wherever you want me.

Viresh: I love you too, Rafia. I will keep banging your wet pussy with this stiff dick and satisfy your sexual appetite forever.

The marriage officiant declared them as man and wife. Then as per tradition, they kissed. Then Rafia took his dick in her mouth and started sucking it.

Then it was our turn, and Rizwan took the vow first.

R: I will ensure the thirst of this pussy is quenched with as many dicks as possible. I will make you the whore you want to become and ensure both your holes are fucked all day.

Me: I will ensure to become the whore you want me to be. I will fuck with you like a bitch, even on the streets of Cuba, in front of anyone, and everywhere.

After the marriage official declared us man and wife, Rizwan kissed me. Then as per tradition, I gave him a blowjob. They both made us naked from the top with the boobs hanging. Rizwan opened the bottle of champagne. She sprayed it all over us, and we drank it too.

We were naked in front of 10 couples and dancing with our men rubbing their pricks against our pussies and rubbing our asses. We had a room full of naked people in a few minutes, and they hooted for us. We were supposed to participate in the daughter’s nuptial night.

But they did not tell me we had to do it in front of all these people. The idea of fucking in front of people made me horny as hell. We both were on our knees naked, sucking our men side by side. Then Rizwan spread my legs and started fucking my pussy, while Rafia brought Viresh’s dick and asked me to suck it.

I was getting fucked in one hole and sucking my son’s dick. She was kissing her dad while he was fucking me. Then Rafia took my position with Viresh fucking her, and she was sucking her father’s dick. I put my boobs in my son’s mouth, and he was pounding Rafia.

Me: What a fucker you are. I love your dick, son. Yes, keep sucking my boobs. Thank you for this life. I love you.

This went on for 10 minutes. Then Rizwan pulled me over him. Rafia was applying oil to my butt hole while she was getting pounded by Viresh like a bitch.

Rizwan: Is my whore enjoying? Loved to take your son’s prick in your mouth, eh!

Me: Yes, honey. Thank you for this fucking life.

R: Don’t thank me yet. Now it is time to enjoy your son’s dick in you.

And I felt Viresh’s dick touching my butt.

Me: I am a virgin in my ass. I have never done it.

Rafia: Don’t worry, mom, you will love it.

Viresh entered his dick in my ass, and I was screaming with pain. Rizwan was sucking my boobs and Rafia my pussy to relieve me of pain. A few minutes later, it felt ok. Viresh started moving his dick in and out. I started moaning.

Me: Aahh. This feels so good.

They both started moving their dicks inside me. I was getting double penetrated by my son and husband. They fucked me hard for another 10 minutes. I had my orgasm and collapsed on Rizwan, kissing him.

Me: Thank you, honey.

But the men were not done yet. Now they both mounted Rafia, and she took it quite easily. I was kissing her and pressing her boobs while her dad pounded her ass and my son her pussy.

R: Don’t be surprised she has been double penetrated by many quite a few times. I always wanted to fuck your ass. But I left it a virgin for your son because he wanted to fuck you.

I was horny again. Rafia, too, had her orgasm. The men were about to release. We both sat on her knees, and the men released their cum on us. We kissed each other and shared the cum, and the crowd applauded us for the wonderful fuck.

That night I got double penetrated again. But this time, Rizwan did me in the ass and Viresh in my pussy. We were tired and went to sleep at 5 in the morning. The men were hard with the juices and kept them going. The next morning I was up early, but Rizwan was still sleeping.

I went out naked and stood on the porch smoking a cigarette when I felt a hand on my boobs. It was Viresh.

Me: You are not satisfied yet.

V: How can anyone ever be satisfied with these boobs and juicy pussy?

Me: Thank you, son, for this life. I love it.

V: I know, mom. Now enjoy your sex life like you always wanted.

Me: Yes, but before that, I wanted my wedding gift.

I held his dick. He got the hint, took me to the pool and lapped my pussy.

Me: Ahh! Harder, son, I love it. Keep doing it.

He licked me for five to seven minutes and stopped. I was so horny that I wanted him inside me. I gave him a quick blowjob and rode him like a cowgirl.

Me: Aah! Rafia was right. You are like me. Even after a tiring night, look how hard your dick is. Come on, pound your slutty mother. You wanted this right. You wanted me to be a slut. Now see how many dicks go in this pussy.

Viresh: Yes, I knew there was a slut in you waiting to get you. Now let her out and enjoy the sexual freedom you always wanted. I will make you a whore and even get you fucked on the streets now.

He turned me over and started pounding me in missionary and biting my boobs. Viresh fucked me for a good 35 minutes and made me cum twice. We both cum in at the same time, and I made him cum inside me

That was the beginning of my newly wedded life. After that day, all four were naked at home and fucked and fucked.

Rizwan opened a massage parlor for me.  It was nothing but a high-end brothel where girls gave naked massages and fucked with clients. I took fucked a few handsome studs, but none could replace the satisfaction from my son’s dick.

We both saas- bahu would wear the skimpiest clothes, roam the entire city, and run the massage parlor. Rizwan would take me to orgy parties, and I would take 3-4 dicks that night.

That is all, folks. Thank you.