Journey Of My Unsatisfied Mother – Part 2

Hi guys, I’m again back with my mom’s continuing story, which I left untold. Firstly I would like to apologize for the long delay. I was stuck with some personal issues and was not getting a chance to complete the story.

I hope you all will forgive me and read the story with the same enthusiasm where you left it. So without wasting any time, I will start with the story.

Here is a brief description of my mom and Subham, the main lead of the story. And just the character sketches of the other people involved in this.

So my mom’s name is Sumona, and her age is 54. But she looks like a fit 48-year-old woman, slim but with a little extra fat on her stomach.  Her size is 34c-32-36 with dusky colour, beautiful eyes, juicy lips, sharp nose, and soft plain cheeks. Her body is very soft, and she is very desirable.

On the other hand, Subham is a 6ft tall, fair and handsome muscular guy in his early 50. Subham is a very desirable guy who would be every woman’s dream guy. He had a huge dick size too. Tarun, Akshay, and Nikhil are all fair, smart, and hunk-looking guys with an average height of 5″11 in their late forties.

So after the last conversation, I told my mom that I was going to my friend’s place for the night. They can enjoy themselves without any disturbance and feel conscious. When I was leaving my society, I saw two guys standing near my society gate, searching for something.

Nikhil came to me and enquired about the address. To my surprise, it was my house address. I was dumb-struck as I got an idea of what would happen. It was a gangbang night which I thought to be a threesome night. I guided them to the address, and my heartbeat was so fast.

Tarun was already there with Subham as per the last story. Akshay and Nikhil were the two guys looking for the address.

Somehow I reached my friend’s place and went to bed. He asked me why I was there. I made an excuse that my mom was with her few friends partying, so I didn’t want to disturb them. But I was continuously thinking of what would be happening there.

I couldn’t control my anxiety, so I called mom. She didn’t receive the call, and this made me more worried. However, I calmed myself and called her again after some time. This time she received the call, but the voice was of a guy. It was Subham on the other side.

Subham – Don’t worry. Your mom is in safe hands, and we are taking good care of her.

Me – ‘We’ as in…I didn’t get you.

Subham – Come on, I know you met Nikhil and saw the other two guys.

Me – Huh!

Subham – Yes, and this was your mom’s plan for gangbang. She told me she is tired of one-on-one and needs a few extra dicks to fill her all holes together.

Mom shouted from the back, “Don’t worry, Rahul, I’m absolutely fine and in safe hands. I know you might be aware of the scene of gangbang, but this is how it is.”

I said ok, and enjoy your night to him and disconnected the call. Honestly, I couldn’t sleep the whole night and be thinking about what would be happening. It was around 3 am when my phone beeped with a WhatsApp msg.

Mom – Hi, babe.

Me – Hey, mom, is everything good?

Mom – Yes, baby. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed and this is not the end just got some time to text you.

Me – Oh really, means you fucked by all?

Mom – Yes, they all fucked me turn by turn and cum on my body. We all are now resting and will soon start again.

Me- Ok, so when should I come back?

Mom- I will text you then only you come. Even I’m eager to see you and tell you everything. Ok, bye, I think we are ready again.

Then she didn’t reply to my message. I understood, and I masturbated, thinking of all this that mom had told me.

The next day, mom messaged me to come back and, while coming home, get a Relispray as her back was hurting. I came back home, and mom opened the door. She was in her full-length t-shirt, which was on her thighs. Her hair was messed up, and she was tired.

After opening the door, she went inside her room and lay on her bed. I went near her and asked.

Me – What happened?

Mom – My back is in pain, and my ass too.

Me – Mom, I’m getting a hard erection from your situation.

Mom – What nonsense! Seeing me in pain you are sexually enjoying is ridiculous.

Me – Mom, I cannot imagine what all has happened, and thus I’m getting an erection. Mom, if you can, please tell me what all happened. Meanwhile, I will massage your back.

Mom- So after you left, the other three guys came. Subham went out to get them inside. Meanwhile, I was smooching Tarun inside the room. Suddenly I saw Akshay and Nikhil standing in front of me with Subham. I got a big smile on my face.

Subham nodded his head. Then they two took off their pants, and then all four were standing with their dick in hand in front of my face. I started giving them blowjobs altogether, and they started to gag me. Nikhil had the biggest dick in all of them, making it difficult to gag him.

Suddenly, Tarun came behind me and lifted me in his strong hands. He inserted his 8-inch dick in my pussy in one thrust. My eyes popped up, but I didn’t take out Nikhil’s dick from my mouth. Then his motion started to fasten up, and he was fucking me like a bull.

Then Subham decided to have double penetration, so they took me to the sofa. He put his dick inside my ass hole. I screamed with pain, but I enjoyed his thick dick inside me at the same time. I was continuously moaning, and the four were fucking me without any mercy and digging all holes in my body.

They were spanking and calling me slut. Subham was very happy watching me getting fucked like a slut, and he was also kissing me passionately. In between the session, he came close to my ears and said

Subham – You wanted this right, you bitch. I have been waiting for this day for so long. Get fucked by all of them.

His words aroused me so much that I started leaking like a waterfall. Then they all fucked me with their own time one on one. They all requested to cum inside me, and I agreed. So they all loaded their first cum inside me. My pussy was dripping with their white sperm.

Then we slept for some time. In the early morning, we started our next session again. This time they all fucked me hard in all positions and abused me, saying Randi, Behen ki Lodi, kutiya, etc.

I enjoyed it thoroughly, and this time they all cum inside my mouth and made me drink all of them. I enjoyed the taste, but my mouth was full of cum which was difficult to swallow.

Then after that session in the early morning, we slept on each other nude. We woke up around 1 pm, and then I messaged you.

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