Return to Office in Style

Hello Reader,  I hope everyone is doing good in the current situation. I will share the

I work in the information technology sector. I have been working from home for the past two years. My office location is Chennai, but I moved to my native place Hyderabad.

There were a lot of changes in my company because of work from a home model. I have seen good staff has moved out of the organization. My Project manager has left the company, and they hired a new project manager. Her name is Meena.

Daily we used to talk about project details and other office stuff. But I didn’t get a chance to see her face to face. I searched her Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram profiles, but I didn’t find her profile. Her voice is sweet, but I don’t know her body shape.

One fine day, I received an email from HR on my Return to the office. The email is clear that every staff needs to visit the office for 5 days in a row. But the employee’s count should not exceed 30%.

Meena has instructed all the staff to visit the office. She informed all the staff that two employees would work for a week and it would be rotational. Initially, no one was interested in working from the office. But it was a big push from the management side to work from the office.

I decided to go to Chennai alone and visit the office. I started to work from the office along with another colleague. I thought of meeting Meena. But unfortunately, she is not visiting the office during that week.

On the next day, Meena came to the office. She looks beautiful, and her age should be around 42 years. Her boobs are big with a medium-size waist and a nice valley of ass cheeks. She wore a black shirt with jeans.

Finally, I met her in the office. It was a relief for me as I saw a girl after two years. We had a little conversation along with another colleague Sunil. During the day, we went to the cafeteria for lunch. Sunil and I were sitting side by side, and she sat in front of us.

Suddenly, Sunil and I got the opportunity to see her cleavage while she was having her meal. My dick has raised from inside my boxer, and it’s a heated moment for me.

Sunil started to sight her cleavage, and he started to face the heat. Later, we spotted her cleavage during the day. It was like a refresh for me, and we left the office.

The next day Sunil didn’t come to the office. Meena and I came to the office. She wore a casual dress like a deep-neck tee and jeans. I understand it’s a side effect of work from the house. Her casual tee makes my dick hard because I can see her bra and her brown nipple.

Sometimes I saw her panty and bare waist as her tee is small. But Meena wasn’t concerned about her dress and worried about work only. We completed the office, but she disturbed me with her boobs and ass size. I started to think about her on my bed. I masturbated about her and slept nude late at night.

The next day, I woke up late and rushed to the office. Meena was in the office by the time I reached the office. But no one is there on the floor except the other 4 staff and us.

Meena wore an orange dress, but she didn’t have a bra inside the dress. My dick had raised to the highest point when I saw her boobs. Meena was standing in front of me. Her facial expression has changed because I forgot to wear boxers.
I wore tight pants, and Meena could easily see my elevated dick.

She didn’t say anything, but I saw her lustful eyes. She inhales and puts her head down. She started to focus on the work, but her lustful sight changed my mind.
I got a huge boner, and intentionally I sat beside her to spice up her mood.

I started to talk with her. But she was cautious and did not look into my eyes while responding to me. I started to stare at her big boobs, waist, and other body parts. Meena was not stopping me and encouraged me with her deep-cut dress and shyness on her face.

After a few hours, she removed her dupatta. I saw a clear view of her boobs. She made me hard with her gesture. I started to move closer to her and touched my elbow with her. She smiled but did not stop me, then I moved my elbow further and touched her boob intentionally.

Meena sobbed with ahh and had an angry look at me. She inhaled and said.

Meena: Stay away from me. You crossed the line!

Me: You are beautiful.

Meena: Yes, I know I am beautiful. Stay away from me.

Her voice was rude, and luckily no one was around with us. I changed my place because I didn’t want to disrespect her. I started to concentrate on my work, but it was not easy. She had lunch, but we both did not visit the cafeteria together. I had my lunch alone, and post-lunch, I concentrated on my work.

Finally, I was able to crack the nuts of the work and find the solution to the project work. Suddenly, Meena said bye to me, and I noticed it was 6 in the evening. I turned back and said bye to her. Meena didn’t cover her boobs with a dupatta, and I noticed her nipples were hard.

Her eye contact is not with me. She watched my boner, had a naughty smile, and said bye to me. She left for the day, and I stayed back in the office because of pending work. After some time, I got a call from Meena.

Meena: Hey, sorry to disturb you. Did I forget my charger at my workplace?

Me: Let me check.

Meena: Please check. I will be online.

Me: Yes, I see your laptop charger at your desk.

Meena: Ok, leave it there. Thanks, bye.

I disconnected the call and completed my pending work. I was about to leave. But my mind and heart instructed me to keep her charger inside her workplace drawer.

I reached her place and unplugged her laptop charger. I folded her charger, opened her workstation drawer, and put it inside her drawer. I saw a cover inside her drawer, and I checked the cover. It was a surprise. It’s a panty inside the cover. It’s a brown colour and slightly wet.

It seems that she did fingering in the washroom and removed her panty, and kept it inside the drawer. I took her panty and put the cover on my workplace.

That night, I masturbated and dropped cum on her panty. On the next day, I intentionally wear tight trousers without boxers. I reached the office a little late. Meena had already reached the office. She wore casual pants and a shirt.

She looks hot in that dress, and my dick has raised after seeing her on the floor. She understands that I have taken her panty away. I sit beside her, and intentionally I touch her hair, tighs, and knees. She was watching my boner and not stopping me.

After some time, she tried to stop me. She was taking my hands off her body. But I see the lust in her eyes. After some time, she was on a call with a higher manager. I started to massage her palm during her call. She tried to escape from my massage, but I didn’t release her hand.

She was trying hard to release her hand, but suddenly. I placed her hand on my dick over my pants. I heard sexy inhaled from her and her eyes became lustful. She holds my dick, and I unbutton the first button from her shirt. She didn’t stop inhaling for some time.

She took off her fingers from my dick, and still, her hands and legs were shuddering. Her forehead started to sweat, and she could not see my eyes directly. I put my hand on her belly button, and she moved away from me.

She quickly picked up her laptop and moved to the meeting room. After some time, I went inside the meeting room. Meena was on a call. I can see the sweat on her forehead. Soon her call was completed.

M: I am married with two kids.

Me: You are hot and making me burn.

M: Am I hot? I have a fatty figure.

Me: I love fatty old girls.

M: Haha, stop flirting.

Me: I love your panty smell. I sniffed it the whole night.

M: Felt shy. Her face becomes red with shyness. Hmm, how do you feel?

Me: Can’t explain in words.

M: Liar! I know you didn’t feel anything about me.

Me: I removed my pant and showed my dick to her.

M: Oh! Madhan, what is that?

Me: See my dick, it’s standing like a tower because of you.

She inhales heavily. I wore my pant and reached her place. I looked around, and no one was there. Meena is inhaling, and I put my hand on her belly button.

Meena: Madhan! Please, it’s enough.

But I removed her belly bottom and zip chain. I touched her pussy over her panty.

Meena: Ahhhh! Leave me.

M: Let’s do it once.

Meena: Ahhhh, not now.

M: Let’s go to my place. Your pussy is wet.

Meena: Don’t make it wet. Please leave me.

M: Let’s go.

Then I forcefully shut down her laptop and took her to the parking area. I pushed her to sit in my car, and then we both left for my flat Meena was nervous. I didn’t leave her. I understand Meena is horny, so I started to push her romance.

I have forced her a little bit to take my place. We reached our place and entered my flat. I did not waste any time. I hugged her back and kissed her neck. She was nervous, and her heartbeat was fast. I see her nervous face and shivering legs.

I removed my shirt to make her hot. I started to unbutton her shirt button. She was stopping me and not allowing me to unbutton her shirt. I managed to remove her first two buttons. I pushed her towards the wall, and I kissed her lips.

She was not expecting it immediately, and she was in shock with a lip kiss. I didn’t leave her and pushed my tongue inside her mouth. She didn’t resist and started to support liplock’s kiss. Our tongues got twisted with each other, and we were kissing passionately.

We both have reached the peak point and kissing very passionately. Finally, we broke our kiss, and I saw shyness on her face. I started to remove buttons from her shirt, and suddenly she stopped me and said No.

M: No. Stop it!

Me: I can’t, darling.

M: I have to control my feelings. Please stop.

M: Please, let’s do it once.

She pushed me and started to wear her buttons back. She reached the door and tried to unbolt the door. But I hugged her from the back and bit her earlobes slowly. And at the same time, I removed her belly button. She didn’t try to escape and started to have a little moan.

I understood she needed a dick, so I started to give a dick massage to her ass.

M: Leave me, please. (with horny voice)

Me: No, baby, just once.

M: I can’t.

Me: You can. Your panty is wet.

M: Leave me.

Me: Ok, one lip kiss.

M: No.

Me: Just one. Then we decide.

M: Ok, just once.

We started our lip kiss again. Her fingers moved inside my hair. We were kissing passionately. My hands were around her waist. We kissed for some time, and saliva was exchanged. She broke the kiss and said let’s go.

Me: Lip kiss has not been completed yet.

She: Madhan! Please…

Me: I know you are horny.

She: Yes! But the deal is the deal.

Me: Haha! Lip kiss yet to complete.

She: It’s done. Let’s go.

Me: I want to kiss your pussy lips.

She inhaled loudly. She was in shock after hearing my words. I removed her pants zip and touched her pussy over the panty.

She: Ahh! Madhan, no. Please leave me.

Me: Just one kiss.

She: Ahh! (closed her eyes) No, dear.

I was on my knees and started to pull her pant down. She holds my hair. I pulled her panty down and saw her clean treasure.

She: Fuck! (inhales loudly)

Then I removed her pant and panty from her body. I pushed her towards the wall and wider her wall. She closed her eyes and made ahh moans. I started to kiss around her pussy. Her fingers were doing massage to my skull.

I can understand her desperation. But I purposefully tease her and do not kiss her pussy. After some time, she said, “Madhan! Don’t tease. I can’t wait for long. Kiss my cunt. I am wet.”

Her voice was horny, and I started to kiss her pussy. I rolled my tongue over her pussy. Then I started to lick her upper pussy lips passionately. Her moans were loud. She was rubbing my hair with her fingers. I didn’t stop licking her pussy. She was moaning badly and pushing my head towards her pussy.

I love her moans, and she makes me wild. Finally, I stopped licking, but her eyes spoke a lot of lust. I understood she needed sex, and I started to remove my clothes. I was in the nude and showing condom to her. She felt shy, and I started to remove her dress. She didn’t stop me from removing her shirt and bra.

I kissed her brown nipple and touched her pussy. After that, I started to suck her boob one after the other, and with another hand, I rubbed her pussy. She held my dick and started to moan again. Her sensitive touch made my dick hard, and I was sucking her boobs.

After that, I sat in a crouch, and I pushed her to sit on her knees. Without wasting any time, I pushed my dick inside her mouth. I understand she was surprised by my actions, and she did not lick my dick. She just kept it inside her mouth.

I started to push and pull her hair hard. Her tongue started to roll my dick. I started to increase the pace. Soon she started to lick my dick like a lollipop.
Her licking was so good, and my legs started to shiver. She was making noise and licking my dick. I cum inside her mouth, and she enjoys the cum taste.

She: Let’s do it fast! I can’t wait.

M: I want to lick your pussy from doggy style.

She: Please, fuck me. I can’t wait long.

M: Doggy lick and 69 position.

She: Fuck! Make it fast.

Then I moved her to the doggy position and licked her pussy from the back. After that, we had 69 position on the floor. After that, we moved to the bed. She was ready for a missionary position. I spread her legs wider and pushed my dick.

Her pussy was wet, and my dick moved easily inside her cunt. I started to and fro shots. Meena was moaning. I increased my pace, and equally, her moans became louder. We both fucked for 5-7 minutes in missionary position.

Meena looks relaxed after the missionary position. After 5 minutes, I asked her to move doggy style.

She: You will do it again?

Me: Yes! Why not?

She: My hubby does one time only. I never had a second chance in my life.

Me: Your honey pussy deserves more chances.

She: I can’t take it. I am done, Madhan.

Me: Let’s do it one more time.

She: Umm! It’s the last one.

Then she moved to the doggy position. I pushed my dick inside her cunt. I started to pull her hair hard and fucking her cunt hard. Her moans became horny. I moved my hands over her boobs and fucking her cunt at a good pace. I started to press her boobs hard and fucking her cunt.

Meena was moaning, “Stop, stop. It’s enough for me.” But I fucked her for the next 10 minutes, and she stumbles onto the bed with deep inhales. She relaxed for 10 minutes, and then she wore her dress.

I requested another round, but she is not in a position for the next round. I dropped her in the office. Again, we both fucked at my place the next day, and I stole her ass virginity.

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